The ‘L’ Game Ch. 02

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After school, we got up and walked towards the gates.

“Do you wanna come over to my house?” I asked “Paige is always nagging me about not bringing friends over, and she’ll be over the moon if she notices you after only a day.”

“Yeah, sure, I’d love to come to your house!”

“Cool, but please remember to call her ‘Paige’!”

We laughed.

“Ok, I’ll do my best.”

“Sorry I didn’t bring my car today because of the induction day, so we have to wait for Paige to pick us up.” I said

“Sure, that’s ok.”

Surprisingly, Paige was only 5 minutes late.

“Hey babe, sorry I’m late. I got a tan and it took a tiny bit longer than I thought it would. Is my tan noticeable?” Paige asked

“Don’t worry, you’re only 5 minutes late, and yes, your tan is noticeable.” I muttered

“Oh, I’m sorry hun, I didn’t see you then!” Mum exclaimed, just noticing Courtney “What’s your name?”

“Hey, umm…I’m Courtney, you must be Paige, I’ve heard a lot about you from Brooke!” Courtney told her

“Heya Courtney, yep I’m Paige!”

We got into the car and drove to our house. When we got out, Courtney smiled.

“Wow! This is an awesome apartment!” She cried

“Yeah, well, with my job and everything we make ourselves comfortable, don’t we babe?” Paige said, rubbing my shoulders

“Umm…yeah.” I murmured

We went inside and flopped on the sofa.

“What’s that?” Paige asked Courtney, noticing the magazine she was holding

“It’s a…a magazine.” Courtney replied, handing it over to her

“Cool! Is this the new edition?”

“Yeah, it makes me so horny!”

I couldn’t believe Paige and Courtney were discussing porn magazines! Ewwwww!

“Do you wanna come up to my room?” I asked Courtney (I just wanted to get her away from Paige)

“Yeah, sure.”

So, we went up to my room and sat on the bed. We talked gaziantep escort about our lives and Courtney looked around. She looked in my lingerie drawer and pulled out my thongs.

“Wow, these thongs are SO sexy!” She said, pulling out my black and hot pink lace thongs

“Thanks, and by the way, they come with a bra and a night gown.”

“Really? That is so cool! Hey, I just got the best idea ever: we should have a ‘Lingerie Sleepover’. We both have really sexy lingerie and could have sleepovers in them. We could go to each other’s houses every Saturday and do dares and stuff!”

“Ya, that would be awesome!” I yelled

“Yup, and we could start with me this weekend, cos you’ve never been to my house. Actually, I live in a flat by myself, so there are no annoying parents to deal with!”

We sat down on the bed again and talked. Courtney edged closer to me, put her hand on the inside of my thighs, her other hand in my hair and made out with me. She curled her tongue around mine and nibbled my lip. I felt myself kiss her back for like, a second, but then I drew back.

“Sorry Courtney, but I’m not a lez, or a bi, and I’m not really into this.”

“Yeah, ok, Brooke, I’m sorry, I just felt like experimenting on you, you have a great tongue.”

We laughed and rolled back downstairs. When we went downstairs, the backyard patio doors were open, the beach umbrellas were open and put in the holes in the tables, Paige had set the table, and had 3 ice creams and cocktails.

“This looks cool!” Courtney exclaimed

“Yeah, it does.” I agreed

“Thanks girls.” Paige said, sitting us down

“Paige, we’re gonna do this ‘Lingerie Sleepover’ every weekend at each other’s houses.” I told Paige

“Cool, that sounds fun, can I join too?” Paige asked

“Only when it’s here, and only for a short time, and not for the whole time!” gaziantep escort sitesi I said sternly

“You’re so pushy, but ok.” She agreed

When Courtney went, Paige flicked through the magazine that Courtney had left.

“That girl, Courtney, she’s nice, ain’t she?” Paige said

“Yeah, she is.”

“And she’s my type of girl: slim, sexy, busty, down for whatever and really pretty.”


“You like her?”

“Yeah, but guess what she did.”


“She made out with me!” I exclaimed

“If that was me, when I was your age, I would’ve been so excited!”

“But I’m not bi, Paige!”

“Ok, ok!”

The next day, I woke up and got dressed up in my sleeveless hot pink mini dress, with a big black belt and black pumps. I put on a few black and hot pink bangles. I went downstairs and told Paige I was leaving for school.

“I’m leaving Paige!” I called

“Ok, I’ll see you later sexy!” Paige giggled, coming over to kiss me on the neck (she does this a lot; I know it sounds lesbian-y, but I DID explain that she is kinda bi. I think she just gets a sudden rush of horniness).

I went outside, to the back, and got in my silver convertible Porsche Carrera. I drove to school to see Courtney just getting out of her car.

“Hey baby!” She smiled, slapping my ass

“Hi Court!”

She linked arms with me and kissed my neck (I know! ‘Is this some sort of bi sign?’ I don’t know!)

“Toilets?” I asked

“Yeah, let’s go”

We walked to the toilets and looked in the mirror. Courtney stood up close behind me.

“You know…your hair looks better like this…” She whispered seductively in my ear, putting her arms around my waist.

We walked out of the toilets and went to our lesson: drama.

That Saturday night, I got into the hot pink and black gaziantep escort tanıtımları thongs that Courtney said looked sexy, put the seductively night gown over, got into my glossy black stilettos, put a jacket over it, and went downstairs.

“Paige, I’m leaving!” I shouted

“Ok, tell me all about it!” Paige said, opening my jacket “Ooh, you look SOO sexy, I wish I was a teenager again, so I could do stuff like that!”

“Well, you kinda DO act like a teenager!”

“I know, and I look like one too!”

“Ok, I’ve gotta go now; Courtney will be waiting.”

“Ok, see you tomorrow.”

I walked to Courtney’s flat and when I got there, I rang the bell.

“Hey B!” Courtney shouted cheerfully

“Hi Court!”

“Come in!” She cried, grabbing my hand and pulling me in

Her house was so cool! The hall was huge and had cool black furniture. The walls were red and black.

“Nice place.” I nodded


We went to her (AWESOME) room. The bed was all set and there were fluffy pillows and bean bags on the floor.

“So…what do you wanna do?” Courtney asked me

“Umm…anything really.”

“Ok, let’s play ‘Truth, Dare, Kiss or Swear’!”

“Ok, I love that game.” I giggled

“Ok, me first.”

“Sure…umm truth, dare, kiss or swear?”


“Have you ever had it with a girl?” I asked slowly

“Yeah, loadsa times! It’s way better than having it with a boy, trust me!”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Whoa!” I cried

“Ok, truth, dare, kiss or swear?” Courtney asked


“Ok, swear on your life that you have never kissed a girl.”

“Sure! I swear on my life, that I have never kissed a girl — except Paige, and my family — in my life.”

“Jeez! Ok, me again!” Courtney said

“Truth, dare, kiss or swear?”

“Truth please.” Courtney pleaded

“Ok, tell me who you have a crush on.”

“I…I have a crush on y-you.” Courtney stammered


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Thanks, Brooke x

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