The Last Jar–Tim and Grace Ch. 03

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Tim looked over at Grace. She was filing her nails, a rare event because they were normally so chewed up from her job. The past few days she’d been able to pamper herself like it was a vacation. She even went to the hotel spa and had a massage and facial. The effect was immediate—it took 10 years off her face, erasing all the minute wrinkles that seemed to collect when you neglected yourself. She wondered—was she babying herself for Tim? She typically didn’t go in for the ‘girly’ pursuits of shopping, pampering, or anything else. Her whole focus was solving cases.

It wasn’t in her plan to start going to spas just because she was the object of a man.

She perked up after he and Greg disconnected. “So now we get to talk to the famous Greg Turner.”

“Yep. You’ll be in the observation room, just like with Jill. Flo will be there too, like before.”

“Ok. You know, you Reno cops aren’t bad.” She tickled his chest, drawing a trace around his pectoral muscle. It looked like it was carved from solid marble.

“Neither are you big-city cops from Seattle.” He reached over her back, dragged her to him as if she were a rag doll, squeezed her hard around the waist. She gasped involuntarily, not expecting any physical contact before the interviews.

He mashed his mouth to hers, thrusting his tongue inside. She shivered, sucking on his mouth as if it were her last source of oxygen. They stretched on the bed, winding their legs around each other. Grace ground her pussy along Tim’s leg, leaving a wet track on its surface. She began to pant, as their kiss intensified. She could feel his erection growing alongside her pussy. She moved to rub her clit against the tip of his cock, knowing it could set off an orgasmic explosion without warning.

Tim maneuvered himself so that he was kneeling between her legs. She slowly slid her pussy up and down his shaft, drenching it with her cream. She was close to coming, but wanted it to last awhile. Teetering on the edge of a peak was a trick she learned to heighten her responsiveness. But this time it wasn’t going to wait as long as she wanted it to. After just a couple of minutes, her legs were quivering in anticipation of a huge climax. Her muscles flexed, her stomach tensing, preparing for the explosion.

Tim moved forward, placing just the tip of his cock at the entrance of her drooling tunnel. The change in position pushed her over the edge. “Mmmmmmmm, uh huh, wow….” Her spasms began at her vagina, flowed down her thighs, then up her torso to the center of her chest. Her breathing was uneven as her climax blasted through her brain. Her pulse raced as her vagina throbbed in unison with her heartbeat. She clawed at his chest and back, completely out of control. “Fuck me now, deep!” she said, gasping.

Tim slowly entered her fully, watching her face as she continued to climax. Her eyes closed as he scraped the inside of her body with his long stick. She seemed to be in another dimension, babbling uncontrollably, blinking back tears as she soared to a place she had only dreamed about. Many times she’d awakened, sweaty, wet, out of breath, sticky and swollen, after experiencing hot sexy dreams. When she dreamed like that, it took a long time to calm down, usually with a lengthy masturbation session. This was the first time she had felt that way while she was awake.

“Ttim, I’m…still coming…” she stammered, continuing to throb without stopping. She was a mass of nothing but gerçek sex hikayesi sensation as her body responded as if she were a teenage boy.

Tim was trying to keep up with the Amazon, and lost control when she soared aloft for the fourth time. “Get ready, I’m coming now!” He yelled, pounding into her with all his strength. The room reverberated with their mutual howls, elemental in their lust.

After several pulse-pounding, torso-twitching minutes, they calmed down. Grace was still vibrating, quivering with post-orgasmic bliss. “I didn’t think we’d have time for sex before the interviews…” she stammered, trying to hold herself together.

“There’s always time for sex, interviews or not,” Tim said. He stretched, flexing as Grace reached for a cigarette. They were both quivering, but knew they had to bring themselves back to center—to become cops again. Slowly, they both came back to earth.

Grace spoke first, with a quaver in her voice.

“How do you want to handle this?” She asked.

Tim replied, “Just like we planned. Greg will probably be lawyered up, and I wouldn’t be surprised if all of his crew used the same attorney. Just respectful, but insistent. I’ll do the questioning—boss’s orders.”

“No problem here. I still think they’re flight risks, though.”

“Not likely. You saw how they hovered around Jill in the hospital. The family connections run deep here, even for transplants. No, they’re not going anywhere, as long as she’s laid up.”

Grace blew a cloud of smoke into the center of the room, away from Tim’s face. “I hope you’re right. It would suck big time if they didn’t show up today.”

Tim replied, “Well, then we could get warrants right away for failure to appear, and then we’d have something to hold them on. Like I said before, I don’t think this Turner guy is looking to escape from this. If he’s as rich as you say he is, there’s too much at stake for him to toss it off for the asshole. Even if he did hate the guy.”

“Well, let’s get ready for this. I didn’t bring a uniform—figured it wouldn’t be any use down here. But let me update my boss on what’s going on. Just take a minute.”

“Sure thing. I’ve got to do it too.”

They each retreated—Tim to his laptop, Grace to her iPad.

Grace wrote:

Found the guy who was in the room when Davis was killed. Name is Greg Turner, superrich trader. Same guy who was in Seattle with the widow, Jessica Davis. I spoke to him while he was in town, but didn’t think he was involved in the Reno death. The people in the car fleeing the scene were Jessica, the widow, Turner, Jill Davis, the daughter, and Paul Pendleton, a college kid from Seattle. Jill was in a bad car wreck after her interview; she’s laid up in ICU, out of touch for a few days at least. Gave an interview just before the crash, said she wasn’t in the room when the fatal shot was fired. Also said that Rick attacked Jessica. Turner and Pendleton backed them up. Turner wounded Davis twice, non threatening. Interviews with the other three are scheduled for this afternoon starting at 1 PM. Reno PD did a good job on the scene. No footprints, but good forensics work with slugs, trajectories and piecing together the sequence of shots. I’m actually getting along with their lead dick. They didn’t know that Davis put Turner in jail. Turns out the charges were bogus. I’ll report back once the interviews are done.

Dan Fuller, Chief of Detectives for the Seattle PD, answered porno erotik hikayeler her rambling post in one sentence: Good work, keep me posted.

Grace stared at her screen. Shit. That’s what you get to do when you’re Chief of Detectives? I want that fucking job; it looks like less work and more pay to me.

Tim wrote:

A curious case. I’ve met with the Seattle police, and they didn’t know that Davis put Turner behind bars because of his court testimony. The rest of the story tracks pretty well. That BOLO we put out was for the daughter’s car; she came in for an interview but was in a crash right afterward. She’s laid up at Renown in the ICU, out of touch for at least a few days. Interviews scheduled with the other three witnesses today starting at 1. Probably will all come with lawyers—the main guy is a billionaire (with a big B), so he’s probably got top end representation. More than likely lawyered up everybody involved. I’ll get back to you after the interviews are done. I don’t feel real comfortable charging this guy with anything if it’s not man one, at least. But since he didn’t fire the fatal shot, he’s probably in the clear. What do you think?

Joe Schatz replied,

Greg Turner is a big wheel in Reno politics. Lots of campaign contributions, well connected all over the world, not a street hood with a snoot full of shit or a meth head with no teeth. If you want to take him down, be damned sure, and I mean DAMNED sure, you’ve got enough juice to nail him and put him away. Otherwise, we’ll look like idiots, and all the goodwill we built up taking down the rapist-murderer who killed Brianna Denison will come crashing down. You’re lead on the investigation, and I trust your judgment, but consider what would happen to your career if you got egg on your face with someone who has the governor, half a dozen heads of state and the President of the US on speed dial.

Tim sat back, nonplussed. Greg Turner was that powerful? My God, what had he stepped in to deserve this?

Grace peered over Tim’s shoulder, looked at Joe’s response. “Turner has you guys scared? He doesn’t scare me. I’m taller than he is.” She lit another cigarette.

“You know, you smoke an awful lot,” he said. He didn’t know whether it was habit or addiction; either way, she was stinking up his clothes. “But that’s not the important thing. The important thing is getting through the interviews and figuring out whether there’s enough evidence to charge this Turner guy with a crime that’s more substantial than firing a gun in the city limits. Right now, that’s all I’ve got.”

“Ok, but I hate crooks, even really rich ones.” She could tell there was a split in their viewpoint—she had a more proscribed sense of justice than Tim did. Tim seemed to think that perps were frail humans who just needed a second (or third) chance. Grace saw perps as germs that needed to be stamped out.

It kept her isolated from her contemporaries, but also meant that her cases were usually bulletproof.

“Can we agree to disagree, just this once?” Tim wasn’t going to back down, but he didn’t want to get completely shut out of the bed of his lanky lover.

“Well, I guess so,” she teased, sticking out her tongue. “I don’t like it, though, not one bit. The only reason I’m doing it is because you’re so goddamned good in bed.” She paused, reflecting on the last two days. “And fucking big. And handsome. And strong.”

“Whatever your reasoning, it works porno hikayeleri for me.”

Tim continued, “Well, it’s just about time. Can I shower here?”

“Of course. As long as I can join you.”

The two naked lovers stepped into the shower, jockeying for position. “Let me wash your back,” Tim said, playing the spray across her face and breasts.

“Sure,” she said, reeling from his touch. She felt his arms behind her, soaping her back and shoulders. He dipped his arm across her shoulder blade, dripping soapy water down the center of her chest. “Mmmm, that feels nice,” she sighed, leaning against his body. The shower sprayed both of them, stimulating them in different ways. The stinging needles aroused his skin, making it tingle. Grace, by comparison, was relaxing from the slower velocity of water sluicing off his body and slipping down her torso. A rivulet of warmth traveled between her legs, arousing her in spite of the work ahead of them. She wriggled, squeezing her thighs together, as their mouths searched for each other under the showerhead. Tim’s cock pushed between her legs, sliding between them and catching her off guard.

“You know we have to go to work soon,” she gasped, trying to calm down. “Don’t do that, you’ll make me want to fuck you again.”

“But I want you to fuck me again,” he said, sliding back and forth. “What’s wrong with a quickie in the shower?” His stick was fully engorged, and he felt her pussy lips open around the tip.

Her wetness mixed with the water, her tunnel swelling and opening, delicately beckoning him. “Please, fuck me now,” she begged, pulling him inside.

“With pleasure,” he said, balancing her body on his thighs. He held her like she was weightless, the water continuing to drench them. She ground her hips into his torso, opening her mouth to him, scratching his back. He thrust against her, pinning her against the shower wall, until she was whimpering with her climax.

“Goddamn it, you are a fabulous lover,” she hissed, almost losing her balance. Her orgasm surprised her with its intensity—she nearly passed out, it felt so good. Her whole body throbbed with the delicious sensations.

Tim held on through her first climax, but couldn’t wait for her second. “Ahhhhhhh,” he sighed, pushing into her. He thrust so hard he was afraid he’d break her in half. Luckily, she was strong enough for him.

“Nice shower, eh?” he said, kissing her dewy face.

“Yep, I’ll say,” she replied. She was still feeling the spasms in her thighs, quivering with pleasure.

They emerged from the shower relaxed and ready for the day’s activities. Tim dressed in the plainclothes he’d worn; Grace slipped on a pair of slacks and a short sleeved blouse. She strapped her holster on, then donned a light jacket. “I need to get my guns from the safe downstairs.”

“I’ll get the truck while you get your guns, Annie Oakley.”

“Sounds good, sheriff,” getting into the swing of Reno life. It wasn’t Seattle, but not a bad town altogether.

Grace stepped to the hotel counter. “I need my firearms from the safe.”

The desk clerk, oddly enough the same one who checked her in, was manning the counter. “Right away, ma’am. Are you enjoying your stay?” She was trained to ask, even though she was terrified of the response.

But luckily, she needn’t have worried. “Yes, very much. Reno seems like a nice town.”

“I am glad.” What a relief! This woman could probably step on her like a bug and she’d never notice.

Grace stepped onto the porte cochere where Tim had pulled up. “Ready?” he asked.

“Yep. Let’s do it.” She wanted to know exactly what happened in that office. And now she’d finally get a chance to find out.

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