The LayOver Ch. 3

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…continued from chapter 2…

“Mmmmmmmm Baby” purred Miranda, “That was wonderful!”

I smiled, as I fell into her arms, letting myself be held, tightly to her breasts. As soon as I could muster the strength, I croaked, “I thought so too, incredibly wonderful.”

And with matching sighs, we fell into each other, as only satiated lovers can, and fell asleep.

Sometime later, when I awakened, and ran through the memory banks as to what had happened, I could feel that one of my hands was holding Miranda’s now flaccid member and balls. I marveled at the sensation of this, and actually got past most all of the stigmas my subconscious may or may not have had concerning this, and just enjoyed the moment, the feel of her in my grasp. I remembered how it had felt; in it’s aroused glory, in both my hand and in my mouth. This musing brought messages from my own cock, that gave me a wicked little good morning idea.

I slid down beside my sleeping beauty, and as softly as I could, let my mouth surround her “sleeping” penis. I wanted the feeling of it hardening inside my mouth. In her flaccid state, I was able to surround both her cock, and most of her balls in my mouth. With my tongue, I was able to run slow, steady circles, to caress both the penis tip, and create pressure against her balls and the roof of my mouth. I felt her legs stir, and a soft, sweet, “Darling?” escape from my sleeping Queen. As I was taught, never to speak with my mouth full, I could only grunt in reply.

“So, you naughty little boy, you want more of what Miranda can give you?” she said mixing a playful tone with her most throaty, vixen voice. As I nodded my head “yes”, I could feel my wakeup call was doing its job.

“You filled me up so very nicely last night, now I want to fuck your tight little asshole.”

She knew her erotically charged talk was exciting me, as I was not want to hide this from her. She grabbed my chin to lift me from her now rigid penis, “You have me ready, now let’s get you ready. Be a good boy, and run over to the bed stand and get my bottle of oil. We are going to have to lubricate sex izle that virgin ass of yours to make it ready for me. You have me so worked up, and ready to fuck you, I am not going to hold anything back. But I don’t want to damage anything, because I now own that pretty little ass.”

I went and did as I was told, wondering about this new inflection in her persona. This bit of domina had me thinking a bit, but with very little inner debate, I figured, what the hell, before last night I had never had a pistoning hardon cum in my mouth either. As I brought the oil over to her, she pushed me around, so my backside faced her, then she roughly pushed my head down, reached underneath me, grabbed me by my balls, and lifted me up, so my ass was sticking straight into the air, and her face. She poured a bit of the oil directly upon my ass cheeks, and with her other hand, began working the oil into my crack. I felt her body shift as she put the bottle down, and started working on her virgin target in earnest.

“Tell me what you want,” She said in a demanding tone.

“I want you to rub your oil onto, and into my ass. I want you to lube my asshole up, so I can feel your big, hard cock fuck me. I want to feel your hardness pumping into me, as hard as you can, and then feel your hot cum, flood into me.”

“Very good,” was Miranda’s satisfied reply, and her fingers worked the oil into my anal opening.

“God, Miranda, your fingers feel sooo good, but I want your red hot cock in me now!”

“Ok, now my little whore, bend yourself over the bed and I will pop that ass cherry of yours.”

Even in her “strong” character, Miranda was gentle (at first). As I stretched my hands as far as they would go along the top of the bed, I felt Miranda’s hands on my hips, holding me still (as if I was going to go anywhere!).

I loved the feeling of her hard cock, sliding up and down my ass, as she got some of the oil all over it. I held my breath as I felt it’s turgid tip, knocking at my door. She gently pushed,

“OooooooooooooHhhhhhhhhhhh,” I gasped. “Oh God Miranda, sikiş izle you feel good, please, please fuck my ass!”

She pushed herself into me a bit more, and that wonderful moment of first penetration gave in to a little twinge of pain. Her hard cock, was bigger than my virginal ass opening. She kept a gentle, but forward pressure on, until her cock head seemed to hit something in me, something that felt is what not going to give way, and was going to hurt me if she kept trying. I almost cried out in pain, when her voice softened, and she said, “Baby, you are going to have to relax those muscles. I want you to love this as much as I. Just close your eyes, relax, and imagine how wonderful my hard cock is going to feel when you let it all the way inside you.”

Her soothing tones, mixed with the pleasure I had felt as she first entered me, helped me do just as she had suggested. I moved my ass around a bit, as if to find that magical angle, and when I relaxed, she slid her hard prick all the way inside.

“Grrrrrrrrrrgh” was all I could make my voice do, but Miranda knew she was pleasing me, for I know was pushing myself back onto her impaling tool.

“Yes, baby, yes, now you have it. Now Miranda is going to fuck you like you have never been or did fuck before.” And with that, her hips began crashing into my backside, with deep, hard, strong thrusts, and I was learning (very quickly I might add) how to respond with my own movements to not only harmonize with hers but to actually increase their pleasure to me.

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass Miranda, fuck me raw!”

By now, she had forgotten the role-playing, and was just a sexual animal, feeding her own lust, and by so doing, feeding mine. Each thrust was a new and dizzying experience. I remember almost passing out a few times, but holding on for I did not want to miss any of this.

My own cock was now rock hard and loving the feeling that Miranda’s cock in my ass gave it. It flopped around with the heaving motions of our thrusts, and enjoyed each sensation this created.

“Oh yes, Oh yes, David, I am türk porno going to cuuuuuuuuuuum,” screamed Miranda. I could feel her thrusts gaining momentum as the pressure began to build in her very core. I met each one of her now furious thrusts with a “yes” and as I felt her body tensing, I screamed “Now baby, Now! Cum inside me, give me that hot cum!”

One final thrust, and Miranda pushed us both flat to the bed, with her inside me to the hilt, pumping my ass hole full of her cum, moaning in her own glorious ecstasy.

I thought I would be able to just hold her like this but almost immediately I felt her arm going around my side, and she used her topside leverage, to roll us both over, so she was now on her back on the bed, with me impaled on top of her. I felt her hands, holding her now softening cock as deep inside of me that it could go.

“Swing you legs around, while I hold myself inside of you,” she ordered. I felt a bit awkward in so doing, but we were finally able to accomplish what she had set out to do. There she was, with her knees bent up, my legs straddling her, and my back resting against her thighs. She lay there looking up at me, smiling a smile of shared, but victorious pleasure.

“I wanted to see your face, while my cock was still inside of you, and see my cum leak out of your ass hole,” she said with her eyes glued to our union. She then reached her hands down, filled them with some of the cum that had escaped, and put her fingers into my mouth, so I could taste her.

“Mmmmmmmm” said, and then exploded in my own joy, as she reached her hands back down to find my still un fulfilled hard on.

“I am going to pump you, so you shoot your cum on my stomach and tits,” she growled, but I wasn’t going to complain. It was a strange sensation to feel her own penis slipping out of me, while she hand fucked me furiously. Just as her penis slipped out of my anal opening, I felt my own jets shoot, as I shot load after load onto her stomach and chest..

“Now, get down here, and lick up that cum for me, I want you to put it into my mouth,” ordered Miranda, and I knew, my life had take a very large, yet wondrous corner.

I licked her stomach and tits clean,

filled my mouth with my own now cooling cum,

slid up her body,

and fed her,

our juices,


with my mouth.

… continued?

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