The Lecture

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It was only after some old biddy in middle management complained that somebody had looked sideways at her and sued the company, that the company took sexual harassment in the workplace seriously. That was the reason most of the company were attending a lecture on how they should behave at work. Peter and Linda were presenting the lectures which lasted just over an hour. At the end a few people asked questions. When all of those people had gone and Peter was by himself Shannon approached him. She did not want anybody else to hear what she said.

“Do you know your ideas have made my life a misery? I grew up and went to a country high school where the boys were all over me. My boyfriend went to college and I came here to work at a big insurance company because it had a big social club but you and your ideas have made life very difficult for me. Your company has been sending messages to all staff for months now and none of the boys are game to touch me. I study accounting at night school and none of the boys have even made a pass at me.”

“I’m sorry about that. I guess it’s just one of the unintended consequences of the new rules that govern the workplace these days. Nothing to do with me personally.”

“Some of us have a drink after work but the boys keep their distance. How do you think I’m going to get a boyfriend?”

“I’m happy to talk to you more about this but not now. I want to go for a run around the lake before the sun goes down.”

“I could drive you to your hotel and go for a run with you. I’ve got my gear in the car. Is that okay?”

“Sound good.”

Shannon was attracted to Peter in a motherly sort of way. He seemed to be very gentle and had handled all the questions to him in a very respectful way. Last but not least, he seemed to be a gentleman.

The hotel was on the lake. Shannon went up to his room and changed into her running gear and they were soon jogging around the lake which was the highlight of the city. It was very picturesque and there were many other joggers. They chatted as they ran. It was a warm afternoon and the sun was still quite warm. The more they ran the more they sweated. Shannon had not been touched by a boy for quite a while and the smell of his sweat turned her on. The more they ran the more she became obsessed with the idea that Peter could solve her drought problem. In the hotel she would let him have a shower and she would walk in uninvited. She didn’t know one boy that she had been with who would object. They would all leap at the possibility.

After two circuits they were done and went back to the hotel. Shannon could have picked up her gear and gone home but she was a rather forthright young lady for her 18 years and asked if she could have a shower.

“Sure. After that we can go downstairs and have a bite. What do you think?” They were getting on well while keeping their distance.

They went into his room in the hotel and he went into the shower first. You can imagine his surprise when he realised that Shannon was in the shower with him. His first reaction was to cover his penis with his hand and he said,

“What are you doing here?”

“I’ve always wanted to have a shower with a boy and this was my first chance and I took it. I didn’t think you’d mind. In fact I thought you’d like it.”

“I think you have got a nerve. You can’t do that without asking.”

“I thought you would like it. You spent your lecture talking about men harassing women and I just thought it would be really interesting to see how you responded to a woman harassing you. All the boys I know would be delighted”

“”It’s hardly the same thing.”

Peter fled the scene as fast as he could. Shannon was left wondering what had happened. How could she have chosen the only man in the world who didn’t want to have a shower with her??? She certainly had not expected him to do that. As the water cascaded over her body she wondered whether she had made a mistake. She could not think of any boy that she knew who would have done what Peter did. Every one of them would have been delighted to see her naked and to be in a shower with her. Her hope was that by making the first move he would respond and she would be manhandled for the first time in months. It was so frustrating that none of the fellows in the insurance company would even make a pass at her and now she had seemingly messed up her chance.

Maybe he had a girlfriend. It didn’t seem likely. He seemed genuinely embarrassed by the whole situation. Shannon got out of the shower and dried herself and determined to walk out into the room naked. Maybe that would grab his attention. It was not to be. Peter was already dressed and absorbed in his phone when she walked through the door. He did not bat an eyelid or even acknowledge that she was in the room. That wasn’t going to stop Shannon. Just in case he looked up, he would see her getting dressed — first her bra, then her panties and her dress and shoes. The atmosphere was decidedly cool Alanya Escort escort — nobody spoke.

“I’m dressed. Do you want to go down and eat now?”

Peter got up and headed for the door and Shannon followed. They went to the coffee shop in the hotel and ordered their food in silence. Peter had been totally thrown off balance. Shannon was the first to speak.

“When we were in the shower, why didn’t you touch me?”

“Can you imagine the headlines? Sex harassment lecturer attacks girl in hotel. Can you just imagine that? That would be the end of my job.”

Shannon opened her purse and took out a piece of paper and wrote on it, “What is happening between Peter and me is consensual.” She gave it to Peter.

You could feel the tension lift from Peter’s shoulders when he read it.

“Tell me, have you got a girlfriend?”


“Have you ever had a girlfriend?”

“A long time ago. We never did anything like this. She was very shy.”

“What happened? You seem like a nice guy to me.”

“I’m really shy. I disguise it very well but I am basically very shy with girls.”

“Did your parents ever talk to you about sex? Most guys your age have a lot more experience with girls than you have had. I haven’t met a gentle guy like you before.”

“My parents are very prim and proper and they never talked about sex — ever. They both work in church administration but are not preachers or anything like that. They pray a lot.”

Shannon was a smart girl and could see that things were turning out very differently to what she’d expected. Peter had a good body, looked strong but he was very immature and it seemed that he could be easily manipulated. Shannon had never had a boyfriend like this before — she was always resisting their advances and now she seemed to be the one in control. In one sense she liked it because she liked to be in control of things around her but she was also used to the boy being the aggressor. Who cared? She was frustrated and she wanted the physical satisfaction that only a man could bring to her. It seemed that he was held back by his religious upbringing. Perhaps if she communicated with him in Godspeak or religious babble she would get through to him better. It was worth trying.

“How did you get your job when you seem to have so little experience with women?”

“I had to write an essay and apparently mine was the best one of all the applicants and I got the job.”

“I think it’s time you learnt something about women. I like you. I would like to go back to your room and have a shower with you again. Do you trust me?”

“Yes I trust you.”

They went back to his room and Shannon gave him a quick peck on the lips and undid his shirt and took off his singlet and loosened the belt on his trousers and allowed them to fall to the floor and then pulled his underpants down. The whole time Peter was frozen in shock at what was happening. Shannon moved her hands up and down his chest and arms to try and relax him. It worked.

“Breathe. Breathe. Relax. Breathe. Relax. Now I want you to undress me. Take off my dress. Here, I’ll show you how. Now, undo my bra. Breathe. Relax. Now, pull my panties down. Now look at me. Relax. I’m not going to bite you.”

Shannon was almost as tall as Peter and pulled his body close to hers so that her breasts were squashed against his chest and her arms clasped around his back.

“You still haven’t looked at me. Peter, we’re both God’s creatures. I want you to look at my body. It’s completely normal. Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden. Don’t be shy. Nothing bad will happen.”

Shannon pushed herself away from Peter and revealed herself in all her glory. She was pretty enough with a beguiling smile and largish well-formed breasts which captivated Peter’s eyes. He glanced down at her pubic patch — that was a really daring thing to do.

“Put your hands on them. Squeeze them. I like it when you do that. Aren’t they nice and warm and inviting? Give me a kiss. Give me another kiss. I like you. Now look at me down here.”

She knew he would never touch her down there and she led his hand to her pubic mound.

“Breathe. Relax. It’s okay. Rub you fingers through the hair. Put your finger in here. It’s nice and wet. Smell your finger. Feel a little hard bump? Just rub it. I like that. Do you like doing that?”

“Yes. I always wanted to do it but I never had the chance. I never had the courage to touch a girl. I love the smell. It’s turning me on.”

“Come on. It’s time for a shower.”

Shannon held his hand and led him into the shower. She knew to take it slowly. He had to get used to her. He was probably still in shock. Shannon really had no idea what turmoil was going on in his mind. Years of guilt, shame and shyness were being lifted faster than she could have imagined. He was enjoying the human touch and the sight of her body and her reassuring words. With every passing minute Alanya Escort bayan he was getting used to the situation and enjoying it. Who knew what tricks she was going to teach him?

He would soon find out. The water cascaded down on his body and she stood behind him and lathered his back and his legs and then wrapped her arms around him and lathered his chest getting lower and lower with each movement. Peter knew her hands were getting closer to his dick. Was she really going to touch him? It felt good and the tension as he waited increased as her fingers got closer. The electricity in the softness of her skin caused him to start. He had to get used to her and soon her hands were lathering his dick and balls. Peter was really enjoying the softness and gentle touch of her hands and fingers which soon wrapped around his dick which was getting harder by the second. Shannon’s soaped hand slipped easily up and down his shaft. It felt so much better than when he did it.

“Close your eyes and enjoy this.”

It felt so good to be touching a man’s dick again and especially one as hard as this. It wasn’t especially big but that didn’t matter. Her fingers remembered all her moves to get him even more excited. She cupped his balls and returned to his dick. She didn’t want him to come and positioned her body in front of his.

“Now it’s your turn to lather me. Soap my back and now my front. I like it when your hands touch my breasts and squeeze them. Squeeze my nipples gently. They are very sensitive. Keep doing that. Now you can move your hand down. I’ll show you how. Do you like that? Now put your finger in there and keep rubbing. I really like that. Keep doing that. Don’t stop. Put your finger in there.”

Shannon swung around and gave him a big kiss. A really big kiss. She turned the water off and grabbed a towel and started drying Peter and he began drying her. The towel dried her breasts and her body and then he hesitated to dry her pussy.

“It’s OK. Go ahead. “

“I wasn’t sure.”

“Don’t worry. I am enjoying it. Is it OK if I dry you? It looks complicated.”

“You’re doing OK. “

“I hope this hotel has a hair dryer. I want to see if you enjoy the sensation of the hot air on your dick. I love it when the hot air dries my pussy. We’re in luck.”

After some minutes with the hair dryer, they were both completely dried. It was time for some religious babble. “I enjoyed being in the shower with you so much. You gave me pleasure and I gave you pleasure. It’s just like the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden because God said that a man should please a woman and a woman should please a man. Your body is designed to fit into mine and my body is designed to receive it. That’s God’s will. That is God’s design.”

“You’re right. I enjoyed that a lot. I was waiting for a bolt of lightning. It never came. I never imagined it could be so good and I like looking at you and touching your breasts and feeling your bottom. It feels so good and I like seeing that you enjoy it so much. I didn’t know that women enjoyed it so much when men touched them. My whole course was sort of based on the premise that women didn’t like being touched. “”

Shannon kept looking at Peter and wondering what to do next. It was obvious she would have to take the initiative. He didn’t know what to do, or if he did, he wasn’t doing it. The fingering in the shower had excited her immensely and she was wondering whether she should take the opportunity to have sex with Peter right now, tonight. Every time you looked at his erection the thought kept running through her mind that he could soon be making love to her. It wouldn’t be a case of him taking her virginity but she would give it to him and be in control. When would she get another opportunity like this? Who knows, Peter might not want to see her again. He was here now. Do it.

She reached down and felt his penis again. It was still hard. She pushed her body against him so that his penis was resting between her legs just below her slit. She kissed him again and looked into his eyes wondering if that would give her the answer. She felt confident she could lead the horse to water and she could make him drink. He didn’t seem to have the same hesitation that he had just a short time ago. He was fully relaxed and enjoying the familiarity of her closeness and being touched. She really wanted to suck his penis and for Peter to go down on her but she thought that it was a step too far — he might get frightened. It was better just to introduce him to straight vanilla sex.

“Peter, you know how it says in the Bible, “Go forth and multiply”. We could do that now. I’m sure you will like it. It will be much more fun than what we did in the shower.”

Shannon was still a virgin but any hesitation that might have existed was more than overcome by the opportunity at hand. Forces beyond her control were urging her to join her body to his. She was in a state Escort alanya of excitement that could only be relieved by one thing. She could feel that she was wet and ready to have Peter’s delicious cock inside her.

Peter had some vague idea in his mind what having sex meant. The Bible kept hinting at men and women doing things but even when he found out exactly what the words meant, he found it hard to accept them. It couldn’t be true that he was going to put his penis into the girl next to him. It was just unimaginable. If he believed that, he had to believe that his parents were doing it. He must’ve misunderstood. It was better not to think about it and just get on with life.

There was no point in waiting for an answer. She led him to the bed and pulled the covers back and they lay down together. Shannon kept talking to him and caressing him with her hands and talking to him in a very caring tone. Peter was fascinated with her breasts and kept rubbing them and tweaking her nipples which Shannon liked — it made her wet. She wondered whether he would like to kiss her breasts. Only one thing to do — she lifted her breast to his lips and he sucked. God that was good. She reached down to feel just how wet she was and decided she was ready. She reached down and held Peter’s penis to make sure it was hard and then rolled him on his back.

Shannon stood up with her feet on either side of Peters hips. This was it. The moment she had been looking forward to. She looked down — she wanted to see Peter’s face and watch his eyes as he entered her. At first they were concentrating on her breasts but now as she lowered herself, his eyes were concentrating on her pussy. When she stood up all he could see was a nice hairy triangle and some hair between her legs and a black line. Shannon was very proud of her pussy — she thought it looked neat and there wasn’t too much hair. As she got lower and lower, her lips separated revealing her clitoris and then she was right down on her haunches revealing everything.

“Where’s the hole? Where do I put it in?”

“Just push and it will open up for you.”

Shannon positioned her vagina right above his penis and lowered herself gently until there was not a millimetre of his penis outside.

Shannon was surprised at how quickly and easily it happened. It wasn’t supposed to be like that but it was and it felt good. This is the way it was meant to be. He must be at least half way in. There’s still more. Oh God. At last I am sitting on his body. He looks like a cat that has swallowed a canary. Don’t worry about him. It feels great to feel full. Shannon looked down at Peter’s chest as if looking over a battlefield and she was the victor. There was an inner glow that came from feeling as if she had triumphed over all those boys who had one aim in mind — to get their fingers round her panties and into her slit and get her to let them put their dicks inside her. She had stopped them and done it on her own terms. Peter’s penis was not bigger or smaller than all the ones she had held in her hand but it certainly felt big inside her. She knew he was right inside as far as he could go but she still couldn’t feel how deep that was.

It was all very well to have a stiff penis inside you but nature had planned things so that this was the way a man got a woman pregnant — he ejaculated inside her. Nature was telling her that she had to move and create that friction on his penis that would cause him to come. The same message was being carried from Peter’s brain to his body — time to move in and out. Time to simulate what your hand did to make you come and come inside this delightful warm moist receptacle that was surrounding your dick. They began to move, at first not in sync, but soon developed a rhythm.

Shannon thought, I’d love to have an orgasm but I think it’s too much to expect. He’s only a beginner but I think I can teach him and I think he’ll learn. “The Bible talks about being united in one flesh and we are now joined together. It must be God’s will.”

“But we are not married.”

“If God didn’t want us to be doing this, it wouldn’t be happening. You can touch me here with your finger. I like that. I enjoy that very much. Just keep rubbing gently. Just pull the skin back and rub on that hard little bean. Oh God.”

“You are right. It feels so good. I have wanted to do this with girls for a long time but I was too shy and it never happened and I gave up and here I am. It’s nice and warm inside you. Nobody ever tells you it’s going to feel so good. I’ve got this urge to move in and out. I can see myself moving in and out of your body. I can see your other bits too. I thought your hair was only in the front. I can see it goes right down between your legs. I am so turned on to see your bottom like this.”

“Go on. Do it. You know what happens when you do it with your own hand. You are going to come inside me. It’s so nice when you move and you feel so hard. Don’t worry — I won’t get pregnant. It’s the safe time of the month. Go a bit faster. How does that feel?”

“I’m going to come. I can’t stop myself.”

“Just let it happen. This is why the Bible prohibits self-pollution. It wants you to do this with your partner. Wasn’t that good? It was the first time for me.”

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