The Librarian

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Cindy was a cute neighbor of ours in Nashua, N.H. and although I attended Northeastern in Boston, Mass, I would often meet her while home visiting my parents on weekends. Cindy was going to modeling school in Boston and was a lovely, long-legged brunette who definitely loved to strut her stuff, and did she ever have the right stuff to strut.

We had previously had a short but rather hot affair and we were definitely attracted to each other. Frankly her body drove me crazy, as I had once managed to have those beautiful long legs wrapped around me and couldn’t quite get them out of my head. Cindy was a hot lady who was willing to show it when or where ever she chose.

I was home for the weekend, and needed to do some research at the local library. I Had been there for some hours, and feeling a bit bored with the project when Cindy showed up. It was about 4:30 and the library was due to close soon, so there were literally no people about, just Cindy, Myself and the librarian. She was busy doing last minute clean up stuff at the other end of the library.

Spending a Saturday at the library was not my idea of fun. I liked the old place though as it had an aura of conservative decadence about it. It had apparently been willed to the town by a wealthy local family and its marble floors, and pillars along with rows of large oak tables and book stacks gave it a look of solid stability.

I had tucked myself into a secluded corner with lots of old reference books spread about my large oak table. Diffuse light drifted through the high windows and bathed the whole area in a surreal aura that reminded me of an old Gothic Church. Some libraries are like that. Sort of a place where talking aloud would surely bring the dreaded “Shhh” from the conservative high collared Librarian. Stuffy decadence at its best.

My mind had been on high all afternoon and was now tired and feeling in need of rest. But then Cindy came gliding toward me from between the stacks, she was candy to my tired mind, and visions of sugar plums began to dance in my head.

“We are closing soon”, the librarian announced in a firm voice.

“Oh, I’ll just be a few minutes,” replied Cindy. The words dancing on her lips.

She sat on the oak table I was working at. I’m sure she was aware that her dress had moved up, as she hiked herself up to sit on the table, showing off her sexy long legs. As she spoke, my eyes wandered to her legs, and I noted as she moved back on the table, that her skirt was riding higher on her legs. I still had fond memories of those luscious legs wrapped around me and it was causing some sweet fantasies to replay in my mind. I

She pulled me back to reality with her questions.

“So how is school sex hikayeleri going? Do you like being away from home?”

“My major keeps me busy, and the city is a nice change from this small hick town.”

“Yeah I bet. I like modeling as I can get the hell out of here too. Have you met any girls there?”

My eyes traveled to her pristine white panties that were barely visible below the edge of her short skirt. It was obvious she was aware that I had this view, but she only smiled when I raised my eyes back to hers. We continued our discussion and she repeatedly moved her legs about seeming to me to strike one pose after another all of which had the effect of making me want to rip her clothes off.

Her legs opened even further as she pretended not to notice and made some point or other, all of which at this point was beginning to totally escape me. I continued to stare at her sweet little panties and she kept up her teasing demeanor. I suspect, hoping I would ask her out and we could renew our previous erotic experiences.

Little did she know, she didn’t have to speak at all. Her cute little panty show had gotten my full attention. I couldn’t help but think to myself this hot little lady wants me tonight, but I had other ideas – I wanted her now.

I soon tired of her teasing, and as she moved herself in front of me on the table, I grabbed her ankles and pulled them apart; looking up and smiling at her as I did so. I ran my hands slowly and provocatively up the outside of her legs. The whole while smiling at her and carefully gauging the effect it was having . Her legs were already warming and even more so as I switched to her inner thighs.

She smiled back and gave me one of her “do me baby” looks as I raised her ankles forcing her to fall back upon the oak table. Her back now nestled amongst my book clutter. Her clogs fell off and her beautiful feet in the air, even furthered her sexy image.

Her legs were trembling now, as I slowly rubbed her inner thighs, as she moved herself in front of me on the table, again opening her legs for my benefit, I further pulled her ankles apart, and she smiled and reaching down to run her fingers sensuously over her panties.

Starting at her ankles, I very sensuously ran my hands along her inner legs moving up towards her inner thighs. opening my lips with my tongue and traced my tongue across my bottom lip. Yes, I wanted her to remember how my tongue felt on her. I wanted her to want it again. She pulled up her dress hem and cocked her legs back even further giving me an even better look at her panties. She knew that her pretty, white cotton panties were my favorites. She remembered.

I slowly bent over and placed a long sensuous kiss on porno hikayeleri her inner thigh and she smiled seductively, while her legs moved even further apart. Slowly kissed the other thigh. Her breathing, which had been coming in pants, seemed to catch in her throat at this point, and I was pleased to note that sweet little panel at the base of her panties was already beginning to show wetness.

At this point, her pretty, little crotch was in plain view and those beautiful indentations at the inside top of her upper thigh just beckoned to be kissed. I settled my lips against them and I could feel the edge of her panties and their wetness against my cheek as I kissed her there.

“We’ll be seen”, she breathlessly cautioned.

With out answering I slowly lowered my head and pressed my lips against the base of her panties. Their warmth, aroma, and slippery wetness now began to envelop me and she felt hot against my lips. Her sexual heat was familiar, enticing. I wanted more.

Cindy began to speak with her maker, uttering his name several times, as I repeatedly pressed my lips against her panties. It was not long before my lips were sinking into her and pressing deeper into her warm sex. I slowly moved my head from side to side, and as I did so, her hands pulled me even closer to her. She soon uttered those words I always loved to hear, “Please, please don’t stop.”

The aroma and taste of her drove me wild.

“Show it to me,” I demanded, Show me your pretty little wet pussy right here and now.”

She reached down and slowly pulled her panties aside, as her face flushed and her hands trembled. Slowly, she revealed to me her most intimate treasure.

“Open it for me” I insisted. “I want to see all of you. Open your sweet little love hole”

She pulled her love hole open for me. I leaned over, took one after another of her lovely wet lips into my mouth, and pulled gently on them. In effect opening her up like a beautiful flower.

“Say it,” I demanded.

“Say what?” she breathlessly queried.

“Say kiss my hot wet love hole.”

“Kiss my hot wet love hole!”

“No”, I said. “Say please kiss my hot wet love hole.”

She repeated it, this time with a pleading tone.

I savored her wetness and loved the way she pressed her wet pussy against my lips. Her hips lifted off the table, pushing harder into me, with each flick of my tongue across her slit. Her moans were still low, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before she would grow louder. Her legs spread wide, and her toes curled. The Lady was out of control but loving it.

I felt her heat under me and while I knew this wasn’t the place, I could not help it. Her sweet dripping cauldron beckoned to me. Seldom sikiş hikayeleri had I seen a women wanting it as badly as she did now.

“Say Please kiss my hot soaking wet cunt.”

She repeated it, emphasizing the word cunt just as I had.

I first made her open it farther but gladly agreed to her request to place my lips against her sweet hole. By now I was all but standing on the chair in front of her and I was as much on fire as she was. I pulled my belt open and with one deft move unhooked the top button on my jeans and feverishly ripping my fly open.

My cock leaped out, its head rising like a cobra. It swayed in front of her and she gasped, “Yes please give it to me.”

I supported myself on each side of her and slowly ran my ample shaft up and down her beautiful hot wet open lips; starting low and running it all the way up and down her wondrous hot slit, my shaft rubbing along her wet open pussy. Its head now appearing at the top of her slit like a plow breaking through mother earth.

“Stick it in me please.” She pleaded.

She raised her hips and spread her legs even further, which caused her pretty, hot, and very wet hole to open fully and shamelessly displayed before me.

It glistened invitingly and I nestled my precum coated and engorged cock against it. Teasing it. I pressed my cock ever so lightly against her straining open hole, only to withdraw it again. She pushed her open hole toward my cock, raising her bottom off the table, chasing my cock with her beautiful open mouthed love hole.

Tired of the teasing, I pressed my stiff cock against her.

“It’s yours darling and I’m going to slide it all the way up inside of you, one wonderful inch at a time.”

As I began to press it against her fiery cauldron, fully intending to make my promise a reality, I was halted by the sound of the librarian, who now stood right behind us.

“Excuse me”

Her harsh and loud words rang out across the library. I picked up my head to see the librarian, hands on her hips, and with a total bitch look upon her face. She had the pleasure to view my ass poised over Cindy’s widely splayed legs with my cock now pressed into her.

“Uh oh”, I exclaimed, grabbing Cindy to her feet. With her panties in one hand and my other trying desperately to pull my jeans up. The Librarian watched disapprovingly at my wiggling butt as we bolted down the hall and out the library door.

We laughed uncontrollably as we ran out the door with me still pulling my pants up.

I still have those panties that Cindy had worn, in one of my memento boxes, packed away in the attic and still smile when I affectionately think of Cindy and her sweet wet crotch. We spent 6 wonderful years living together in Boston and playing in the lakes of N.H. before splitting up, but I often think affectionately of that day at the library, and wonder were sweet Cindy is now?

But strangely, to this day, I hate librarians.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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