The life of Linda – Chapter 1 – Training the body to break the mind

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Chapter 1: Training the body to break the mind

Linda, I need you to calm down, try to focus on your breathing. That’s it, well done, your heart rate is slowing down a bit, we don’t want you to die, we just need to train you, that’s all.

Linda was fixed to a vertical metal plank; her legs were spread open and her knees were flexed towards her abdomen. Her hands were fixated at the level of her ears and both her feet and palms were immobilized using a small wooden board. Each of her fingers and toes were tied down with a soft metal wire completely hampering any movement. A curved steel rod was placed over her abdomen, regulating her breathing and forcing her to take short shallow breaths. Her mouth was mechanically kept open using an open-mouth gag and medical tape prevented her eyelids from closing. Every joint in her body was kept in such a way that flexing or moving was impossible; she could move her eyes, flick her tongue, scream, tighten her pelvic muscles, and clench her asshole, but that was it. The puddle collecting under her in a metal bowl, a mix of her saliva and pussy juice, suggested that she had been restrained for at least 30 minutes. The bowl was halfway full (about 100ml); the liquid was thick and cloudy and felt viscous and sticky to the touch, forming a thin coating and little syrupy strings between the fingers. To the trained nose, it was evident that Linda was ovulating, and her sweet, earthy, and slightly salty scent was intoxicating. A hint of pee was also present in the air as she had been releasing her bladder in small burst during the procedure. However, her pee was being diverted by a funnel to a glass jar, which kept it from mixing with her saliva and vaginal fluids, after all, they were going to be used in different moments. The jar held about 250ml of her pale-yellow and clear pee.

While the process of mounting Linda in this manner was painstaking and long, the purpose was not merely to expose her in the obscenest of ways and have her endure an intense and precisely executed orgasm denial procedure. Her breathing was regulated so that she could not take deep breaths and every single of her joints, eyes, and mouth were fixed to increase sensory overload and impede her from using muscle response to regulate her emotions and suppress her anxiety. Her body was just a means to an end, it was the doorway to break her mind in a very specific way and transform beautiful 5”2’ (165 cm.) Linda into a servant of Himeros; a lustful being with an unquenchable sex drive and an unstoppable pursuit of gratification.

For the last five minutes, Linda’s legs and little bubble but were trembling ever so slightly and her vaginal opening was spasming, releasing and clenching, in synchrony with her tiny asshole. Every time she was about to cum, her eyes would focus straight ahead, and her pupils would dilate. Her asshole would open-up as if asking to be filled and her pussy lips would part invitingly, releasing more of her viscous essence and delightful scent. Her tongue would stop flinching and would stick out slightly, causing her drool to trickle down between her small ripe breast all the way to her pussy, where it would mix with her vaginal fluids and ultimately end up in the bowl under her. As the combination of electricity and vibrations stopped stimulating her long pinkish nipples and her clitoris precisely before she could cum, her eyes rolled backwards trying to hide inside her skull, the anal and vaginal spasms grew deeper and her holes dilated more, revealing her reddish insides. Her breathing became erratic and short and her throat would make repetitive dry choking sounds, something between a gasp for air and a timid cough. You could see she was trying to keep her mind under control, attempting to subjugate her despair and overwhelming desire as her body trembled and vibrated out of her control; suddenly her lower back pushed forward and her pussy opened-up as far as it could, as if rejecting an invisible intruder. A delicious white and thick fluid started to seep out of her, coating her asshole and accumulating at the end of her butt before falling into the bowl that held her precious nectar. 40 minutes had passed, and she was losing control; to think that we were a bit over halfway through the first session of the day.

The vibrations and electricity resumed with equal force, but this time her reaction was different; her eye movements were disorganized, her breathing resembled an animal in heat, she was trying to clench her hands, her pussy was leaking a thick transparent fluid, and she had lost control of her bladder, which was quickly filling the jar. She began to make repetitive sounds, not screams, more like the sound of a wounded animal, something between a cry for help, a gasp for air, and a plead for mercy. After four-minutes of being kept on the edge, Linda finally lost complete control of her mind and as result of her body. Her asshole distended 2 inches (5 cm.) and allowed part of the mucus that coats her anal cavity to drip to the floor. Her pussy expanded so much that her cervix was clearly visible, and her pupils were fully dilated, her mind was lost. She began to convulse to the point that the restraints that kept her head in place became unfastened, causing her head to sway uncontrollably, making her saliva fly everywhere.

Linda… Linda… Linda, come back to me, listen to my voice, remember, focus on your breathing, come on you can do it. Linda, it’s okay, you are okay, just breath through it. Slowly, Linda regained enough control to calm down. The process of keeping Linda on edge was repeated two more times. When the final edging was completed, Linda had been restrained and stimulated for 52 minutes and had produced a total of 550 ml of pee and 150 ml of saliva mixed with vaginal fluids. That was the first session of the day.

Every day, Linda would wake up at 7 a.m., be fitted with a catheter to impede her form peeing, and then be allowed to empty her bowels while her hands were chained above her head. Immediately after, she is washed with a hose and fitted into chastity belt. Afterwards, she has a healthy breakfast, is allowed to hydrate as much as possible, and is left alone for two hours to watch videos of women being made to cum. By the time the two hours have passed, Linda has left a wet spot where she is sitting and has a very strong need to pee. It is at this point that the first, of three, training sessions begins.

Linda’s ears are still ringing when I remove her gag and the tape that keeps her eyelids from closing. She mumbles incoherently and attempts to lick any part of my body that comes into contact with her, a futile attempt to plead for an opportunity to cum. As she slowly regains her ability to speak, the only word that she can muster is “cum”. She repeats it over and over again, cum, cum, cum. I bring a tall and small table and place it under her chin, directly in front of her. I then bring the jar of piss that she has produced over the last 52 minutes and insert a straw and bring it to her lips. Linda speaks again: “Bitch, no spill, drink; bitch, no spill, drink”. She is slowly coming back and is now able to speak a bit more clearly. After a month of training, she remembers well what she has been taught, bitches drink all the piss and never spill. As she sucks the straw, the jar slowly becomes empty until only a little is left and Linda continues to suck, making slurping sounds. I remove the straw from her lips and with a joyful energetic voice she says “cum, cum, cum”. I gently place a hand on the back of her head.

– Not yet, remember? Two more sessions to go and then if you have been good you get to come once.

– Cum, cum, yes, I’ll be good.

– Wonderful! Your speech is back

– Yes, I feel better now.

– Open up

Linda raises her head upwards and opens her mouth wide. I toss the remaining piss from the jar that she was unable to suck. She swallows and then licks her lips.

– Look what I found here…

I brazzers pick up the mucus that had dripped from her asshole and onto the floor and bring it to her lips, she licks it like the good bitch she is. As I go to reach the bowl under her, I can see that her pussy, asshole, and thighs are covered in her fluids; her clit is still protruding from its hood and her pussy is continues to spasm. Her scent is everywhere, and it is hard not to fuck her right there, but that would ruin the experiment. As I raise the bowl, Linda immediately attempts to jump towards it, stopped only by the restrains. She has been trained to associate the smell of the mixture of her pussy fluids with an impending orgasm and she can only achieve climax after drinking the mix.

Linda is hosed down to clean up the mess she has made and is then asked to open-up her asshole. After a month of training, she can willingly dilate it 1.5 inches. She is then coated with a copious amount of lubricant and slowly fitted with a 2 inch (5 cm.) thick and 4 inch (10 cm.) deep dildo. Once the anal dildo is fully inside, she grunts and rolls her eyes while her pussy spams and drips. Linda realizes what comes next and dutifully pushes her pussy open, exposing her cervix and the grool that is still inside of her. The dildo is curiously shaped, with a shaft that directly stimulates her G-spot, while the rest of the dildo being quite thin (1 inch or 2.5 cm.), and ending with a ball-shaped head of about 2 inches (5 cm.) that applies pressure right on her cervix. After the dildo is resting on her cervix, she gasps and sticks out her tongue and pants a few times.

– Ready?

– Yes, I am ready, I promise to be good, please let me cum

– You know the rules, you must complete the training sessions and then we can determine if you were a good little bitch.

– I am, I swear, I am good little bitch, all I want is to cum, I will do anything.

– I know, I know, let’s get you ready for your recess time.

Linda is taken to a gym that is specially fitted for her needs. She will do a workout session of an hour and half and then have lunch. During lunch she eats a well-balanced meal, hydrates, and for dessert she is fed 75 ml of dog cum extracted from the four animals that guard the compound that hosts her. As she eats the cum, a vibrator is placed over her chastity belt, which gently stimulates her clit and generates a positive association. After she is done with her meal, she is collared, and her wrists and ankles are chained forcing her to spread. The chastity belt is removed, and the vaginal dildo is extracted carefully to impede her from cumming. As the dildo slips away, she tosses her hips back and forth. The anal dildo takes a bit more time to remove, as it stretches her to the limit and any sudden motion can make her go over the edge. Finally, the dildo is out, and both her pussy and anus provide a clear view of her insides. She is placed back into chastity and is taken to her quarters, were se watches any type of porn she wants for two hours; she is kept from peeing by the catheter but allowed to empty her bowels.

After two hours have passed, Linda is taken back to the experimental chamber. She is continuously grinding her thighs, a clear liquid has seeped from her pussy, the porn-watching session has maintained her arousal and her mind is fixed on cumming. Her heart is already pounding, and her hands are sweaty, as she approaches the metal plank where she will be fixed for almost an hour, her legs begin to shake. She cannot fully make out what it is that she is feeling, but I know; it is fear, anxiety, anticipation, shame, desire, and desperation. All these emotions are perfectly natural, but when presented simultaneously and continuously over fixed schedules, they begin to destabilize her self-perception and autonomy and increase her submissiveness. Locked-in, immobilized, delightfully spread open, and with her pussy already moist and pulsating, she is now ready for her next session.

The afternoon session is slightly different, her pussy is spread open with a medical speculum and vibrating/electric pads are placed inside her vagina; one on her G-spot, two on her vaginal walls and three smaller ones around her cervix. A fucking-machine with a 2.5-inch x 5-inch dildo is aligned with her anus, for now it rests at the entrance, waiting to be turned on and completely fill Linda’s anal cavity. Her clitoral hood is retracted and kept in place by a metallic shield, exposing her clitoris. Her urethra is catheterized and connected to a thin plastic tube that bifurcates with one division flowing towards the pee-jar and the other to a dropper-like device that rests 2 inches (5 cm.) above her clitoris.

After the mouth-gag is adjusted, a tube attached to a medical suction pump is placed inside Linda’s mouth and the other end of the tube is placed inside her anus. As Linda produces saliva, it will be pumped into her anal cavity and lubricate it, allowing for an easier entry of the dildo that will be fucking her in a moment. Noise cancelling headphones are placed on her ears, they will continuously alternate between reproducing white noise and one of the following 5 sentences: I am bitch in heat; I drink all the piss and never spill; I am a cum slut; I am complete when my asshole and pussy are filled; I am a slut and I have no control. A small microphone is placed near Linda’s mouth, every time she hears any of the sentences, she must immediately repeat it as many times as she hears the words, otherwise the pads inside her vagina will shock her with increasing intensity. Finally, an eye mask is used to leave her in complete darkness. As the mask covers her eyes, you can see she is trying to overcome the gag’s impediment on her speech: “Please no, not the mask, please, it’s too much.” Her hands and feet are immobilized, and the metal bowl is placed right under her pussy, all preparations are complete, she is ready for her second session of the day.

The pads inside of her vagina come to life and begin vibrating, stimulating her expertly. It is not long before Linda feels she is close to an orgasm, her pussy is already moist and a thick fluid has begun to build-up inside her vagina, slowly mixing with the white chunks of grool that are resting inside of her. As she is kept on the edge, Linda begins to make a guttural sound, like that of bird, and while we cannot see it, she is desperately moving her eyes up and down, left and right. As she is maintained in this state for nearly 4 minutes, her asshole begins to expand attempting to eat the massive dildo that is resting near it. Five minutes pass and she loses control and just when she is about to cum, the pads stop, her pussy distends forcing her vaginal fluids onto the bowl and causing her to release a big squirt of piss into the tube. She produces a gargling sound and begins to cry. The piss flows through the tube and a large amount goes into the jar, while the rest goes into the dropper.

Small droplets of piss begin to fall on Linda’s clit and while under normal circumstances this may not feel like much, after her sustained denial and extreme arousal, each drop feels like her clit is on fire, not nearly enough to make her cum, but sufficient to keep her on the edge. Unexpectedly, the headphones start to repeat “I am a slut and I have no control”, Linda’s attention is withdrawn from her clit and quickly repeats “I am a slut and I have no control” three times. This process of redirecting her attention and surprising her with sudden changes, generates strong feeling of uncertainty and lack of control, increasing her mental unsteadiness and weakening her ability to regulate her arousal and thoughts.

Linda has not yet realized that the medical pump has started working and her asshole is being filled with her saliva. As she finishes the last of the sentences, the anal dildo begins to push inside of her. She already knows from previous sessions that it is futile to resist, and so she relaxes her cuckold porno asshole and lets the dildo fill her completely. As the dildo fucks her in a slow deep pace, she begins to grunt and exhale with every thrust. As her orgasm nears, the headphones start reciting new commands, Linda obediently repeats “I am a cum slut”, seven times. Every time she is about to cum, the headphones have her repeat one of the sentences and shift her attention, causing her arousal to diminish just enough to prevent her from cumming.

The dildo is now accompanied by the pads, which begin to vibrate and stimulate her G-spot, vaginal walls, and cervix. As her pussy spams and her anal passage grips the dildo with force, her piss begins to flow again and the slow drip over her clitoris resumes. As Linda feels her very soul is about to break, her mind can only scream “no no no no no no no”, and when she is about to cum, all stimulation stops. She begins to pant like the bitch she is and before she can catch her breath and recompose herself, the devices continue their work and Linda is again lost inside her mind. The headphones begin to repeat “I am complete when my asshole and pussy are filled”, but Linda is dazed and cannot pay attention. The pads shock her, sending a painful jolt that spreads through her pussy and into her uterus, she screams, the pads increase their intensity, she fully releases her bladder, filling the entire jar in a matter of seconds. Linda’s survival instincts kick-in, she regains enough clarity to understand what is going on and repeats: “I am complete when my asshole and pussy are filled”. The shocks stop, the vibrations resume. She repeats the sentence eight more times as the dildo retracts almost all the way out and then impales her fully.

Linda feels a strange sense of satisfaction, a notion that she has survived and that she is a good bitch. She stops, herself, she realizes that she is calling herself a bitch. The vibrations force her to break hear focus as another orgasm builds inside her. She can never fully reflect on what is changing inside her mind, she has no time to think carefully, she is always too full, aroused, and desperate, causing her mind to never be able to fully process what is happening and cope with the situation. Sexually breaking someone cannot be done overnight, it is a painstaking process, but in the end the tiniest cracks become the black holes that eat away at the slave’s personality and individuality. Fifty minutes have passed, and Linda has produced 213 ml of piss and a remarkable a 241 ml of her pussy juices. At this point she is no longer fully conscious; she can feel but no longer think and her holes are continuously pulsing. The last of her fluids trickles down, her vaginal cavity is something of beauty, with her walls contracting suddenly and juice dripping from her upper walls and creating tiny strings that mimic a spider web. As the dildo retracts, saliva gushes out of her anal cavity. The stimulation and denial are too much, Linda passes out.

When Linda wakes up, she is impaled on a dildo that fills her pussy completely all the way to her cervix and in front of her there is a plate of food and next to it is the pee-jar from her previous session. After a month of training, her cervix has slowly begun to dilate and accept more of the dildo. Her legs and feet are locked to the sides of the dildo and she cannot move. All she can do is use her hands to enjoy her meal. As she eats, she can’t help feeling how her cervix slowly accepts more of the dildo. After 20 minutes, Linda is lifted from the dildo and as soon as she is free from its intrusion, she feels empty. Her pussy has left the dildo covered in grool and slime; all she can think of is licking the dildo from top-to-bottom. After her snack, Linda is taken to her quarters, where she is fitted with her vaginal and anal dildos and then locked in her chastity belt. During her two-hour rest time, she is show videos of the two sessions of the day, emphasizing on how she squirts, drools, drips and pisses uncontrollably over and over again. What impacts Linda more, however, is seeing herself repeat the five “mantras” from the afternoon session. It always gets to her, it causes fear and lust, and every week she feels a bit more aroused as she listens to herself make an effort to articulate through her gag that she is a piss drinking, out-of-control slut, dildo-fucker bitch.

After Linda finishes watching her two sessions, she is enraged with pleasure, she cannot bear it anymore, but more than anything she is terrified of what is to come. For her final session, Linda is taken to the quiet room. The quiet room is a perfectly squared space, with spikes protruding from each wall and ceiling and in the center a stone table awaits Linda. This room is an anechoic chamber, designed so no sound can be heard, even if you scream as hard as you can, you will not be able to hear anything. In this space, the person becomes the sound; Linda’s heartbeat, lungs, bowels, bones, moist pussy are the only sounds she can hear. Generally, after 45 minutes people begin to destabilize, become scared and desperate and ultimately leave their sanity behind. But Linda is special, she visits the anechoic chamber every day for 52 minutes; she can’t speak for about 40 minutes, mind you, but she has not become completely deranged. After an entire day of stimulation, mind control, orgasm denial, and pleasure torture, even the slightest breeze causes Linda to feel tremendous pleasure.

Linda is restrained in a x-shaped formation, with her legs spread revealing her throbbing pussy, a small feather is attached to the end of a steel rod, which is then lowered just above Linda’s clitoris. Trapped in the anechoic chamber, as Linda tries to adjust, she grazes the feather atop her clit, and she begins to feel aroused. The stimulation is never enough to make her cum, but the combination of sexual stimulation, frustration, and sheer fear from the lack of sound, produce a unique psychological effect impossible to replicate in any other way. After 52 minutes, Linda cannot tell what is real and what is inside her mind. Her day is almost over. Linda is left alone for 40 minutes to allow her to readjust, at which point the first thing she always asks is: Can I cum?

– You have been a good bitch today

– I am good bitch, I love to be a good bitch

– Please let me cum

– Very well, you have earned it.

As Linda approaches her quarters, her pussy immediately begins to drip, she can smell the cumulation of her vaginal fluids, all her hard work. Two dildos mounted on a fucking machine wait for her and in front of them a large dog bowl with the words bitch in heat is filled with her secretions. Linda requires no instruction, she falls to the ground and bends her elbows and knees, spreading them to the side and holding her head straight. She hears the command “begin” and she furiously begins to lap her vaginal fluids; the tangy, sweet, salty, pungent taste are the best thing in the world to her. As she is halfway through the massive bowl of her fluids, the dildos being to invade her. She stops and dutifully repeats what she has been taught. “This bitch is ready to be filled, this bitch needs to cum.” As the dildos invade her further, she continues: “I will not clench my pussy and asshole until I am about to cum, I will make sure that the dildos are deep inside me and I will not produce any resistance”. As the dildos fuck her, they touch her deepest parts, and while she is desperate to clench, she knows better and obediently lets the pleasure wash over while keeping her pussy and asshole relaxed.

As she nears her climax, she speaks with a broken voice: “This slut works hard every day to be allowed to cum, her only purpose is to obey every single command in hope that she can cum at the end of the day”. As she is about to burst, she asks for permission to cum and as she hears the word “granted”, she pushes back on the dildos further impaling czech porno herself and all the while reciting “I am cumming because I am a bitch in heat, I am cumming because I am a cum slut, I am cumming because I love to drink my own piss.” After her final words, she loses all control and begins to scream, her eyes roll back, she sticks out her tongue, and squirts everywhere. Before she can cum again, she is forcibly removed from the dildos and allowed to calm down, she screams “Noooo! please, argh, hugh, No, More! Please, I need more”. Her entire body is fighting to return to the dildos, she kicks the air and attempt to sink her nails to the floor in a futile attempt to continue cumming.

After she has calmed down, she is hosed down, dried, and prepared for bed. She is laid down on her back, her wrists are cuffed to each side of the bed and her legs are spread open and locked on each side. A machine is brough near her pussy, it has three dildos. One is fitted inside her urethra, the other inside her pussy, and the last inside her anal passage. The objective is not to keep her on the edge, but to keep her aroused, to disturb her sleep, and to produce a snowball effect; with each passing day she is more and more aroused and that single orgasm she is allowed to experience at the end of each day becomes more and more insignificant, her desperation will increase exponentially and her mind will eventually break completely.

The lights are turned off and the machines begins to work slowly on Linda. “Wait, no, please, I can’t take it, it’s too much. Please, not tonight, I feel like am going insane, please.” She hears no response and as she feels the three dildos drive deep into her, something inside her mind tears and she begins to scream “Please! Please! Stop!! Oh god, oh god, I am going crazy”. Tears run down her cheeks as her pussy begins to make a puddle under her tight little butt. As the dildos continue, Linda lays limp, her eyes closed, her asshole and pussy devouring the dildos and convulsing at each thrust, her sanity and control a pale shadow drifting away in silence. Seven hours to go until everything starts again, or as Linda would put it, every day is the same and all that changes is how much of a slut she is becoming.

After four more weeks of training, Linda continuously has vivid and recurrent sex dreams nearly every night. She can now dilate her asshole 2.2 inches (5.6 cm) on call and the stimulation of her pussy together with her continuous clenching and releasing have caused her cervix to slowly open-up. During the breaks, Linda is frequently forced to stop what she is doing and fall to the floor, the pleasure is unbearable. As she is overloaded with sensations, she places her elbows and knees flat on the ground like a bitch in heat, sticks out her tongue, rolls her eyes and begins to slightly sway her head back-and-forth as she pants. Her hips thrust up and down as pussy juice flows down her tights. Inside her chastity belt, her anal passage is rhythmically squeezing the 4-inch intruder and at the same time her pussy forcefully contracts pushing the ball-shaped head of her pussy dildo up her cervix. This marvelous display occurs five or six times a day and lasts for about 4 minutes each time; it’s the little things that remind me of the pride I feel for my work.

At 7 a.m. Linda is already wide awake, her hips thrashing, trying to fuck herself a little faster.

– Good morning little bitch

– Good morning, I am ready to get my asshole and pussy fucked. This bitch needs to feel more.

– Today we are going to do something different.

Linda does not understand, nothing else exists, at nineteen years old, all she can think of is to produce as much pee and pussy juice as possible and be a good slut. Her only dream in life is to cum and her purpose is to be a perfect bitch, an animal ready to fuck anything for the sheer pleasure of being filled and feeling useful.

– No, we can’t stop, my pussy is ready, please, I need it.

– Don’t worry, today you will get to cum three times.

Linda’s heart almost stopped, three times!? How is that even possible, is that allowed? What has she done to deserve this?

– No, I can’t, a bitch must only come once a day and only if she is good.

– I know little one, but today is a special day, today is your graduation.

Without knowing it, Linda is unconsciously dilating and clenching her asshole and pushing her pussy open at the same time. Her anal passage and twitching cervix are clearly visible and grool begins to flow down her thighs.

– Look at that, already making a mess.

– Would you like me to produce some more? I can share, I have lots.

– No time for that now, come with me.

Linda is taken to a room she has never seen. In the middle there is a smooth black dildo of about 5 inches long and 3 inches thick. Without hesitation Linda approaches the dildo and begins to mount it.

– A bitch is always wet so she can be ready to fuck at any time.

Linda slowly eases her pussy onto the dildo. As she eases her weight, two straps rise from the floor and restrain her ankles. She is now standing with her legs spread, her pussy stretched to its limit, her erect clit is pulsing as blood flows towards it, and 4-inches of the dildo are impaling her all the way to her cervix, she cannot escape.

– Little bitch I need you to open-up that asshole for me.

Not a moment passes and she begins to dilate her asshole, when it reaches two inches wide, left-over saliva from the previous day drips out. As it falls, I place my palm and catch it and bring it to Linda’s mouth who licks every drop. When her asshole is at its maximum dilation, I use a 3-inch-wide plug on Linda, who grunts and pushes back in an attempt to fuck herself further. As soon as she is plugged, the dildo that is lodge deep in her pussy, begins to gently push against her cervix.

– Okay little one, time to open-up as much as you can

Linda begins to expand her asshole and pussy and as she does, her cervix slowly begins to accept the massive dildo. As she feels the dildo enter her cervix, she panics, but I place my hands on her shoulders and push down.

– There’s no turning back now, keep pushing, keep opening-up, don’t clench, it will be over soon.

Linda obediently accepts and lets the dildo slip past her cervix and into her uterus at which point she orgasms furiously.

– That’s it, good girl. Keep going, there still a few inches left.

Linda feels more and more of the dildo entering her uterus and cums again. Linda spasms and forces the butt-plug out of her, along with more the saliva from the previous day, what a sight. Finally, the entire dildo is impaling Linda and the tip is perpendicular to her fallopian tubes. The head of the dildo projects two tiny antenna-like wires, which start to enter her fallopian tubes. Linda starts to panic and attempts to pull the dildo away from her, but her ankle restraints keep her in place.

– It’s okay, lats part of the procedure, be a good bitch and stay still.

Linda tries to speak but can’t. The dildo begins to vibrate, making Linda cum immediately, but the dildo does not stop and continues to stimulate her deeply, causing her orgasm to last for two whole minutes. As she is orgasming, she can feel the tiny antennae reaching her ovaries at which point she loses consciousness, only being held upright by the massive dildo that is impaling her. I pick-up the butt-plug from the floor and smear as much of the left-over saliva on her tongue before pushing it back into her asshole. I press a button at the bottom of the dildo that is deep inside her uterus and it detaches and locks itself inside Linda, I grab her and lay her on the floor. My work is done, she is ready for phase two of her training.

Linda is placed inside a small crate, her butt-plug and the strange device that invaded her pussy all the way to her ovaries still in place. In 12 hours, she will arrive at her new home, where new challenges await her. I am very proud of Linda; she is a great specimen and I believe she will excel and demonstrate that she truly is the perfect bitch.

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