The Lift

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Big Cock

As the lift doors open, I see you standing there waiting for the passengers to leave. As the last one departs and the doors move to close, I slip between them watching you as I do so…pushing the stop button as it gets between floors. You watch me move closer to you, reaching out for your zipper as I do.

My hands move to take you from your jeans, gently stroking as I do so, while watching you, I suck my finger into my mouth before moving it over the head of your cock, lightly tracing around the head…mmmmmmmm….moving my other hand to my blouse to unbutton, so that you can see my breasts as I lean down to flick your cock with my tongue….pale skin peeping out over black lace… hand brushing down over my breasts and down to my pussy as my other hand continues to stroke you…I start to lower my Adana Escort head as my hand moves further between my legs, feeling the rasp of pussy hair as my fingers slide over my wetness and between my lips, making my eyes close and a moan escape my lips.

My hand grasps you firmly as it moves in time with my mouth, my tongue sliding down the underside of your cock reaching your balls as my lips close over the base. My fingers sticky with my wetness, slide into my pussy, as I slide them out again, I take your cock from my mouth and rub the head with my fingers, before placing my lips over it again and sucking your cock into my mouth, again I slide my fingers into my pussy coating them with my juices before taking your cock out and sucking my fingers into my mouth, sucking and licking Adana Escort Bayan them clean…mmmmmmm…

Moving them into my pussy again, coating them again, making them sticky and tasty, I reach up and rub them across your lips before letting you suck them into your mouth…. Sliding my lips from your cock, I lick down the underside, sucking your balls into my mouth…mmmmmmm… fingers gently brushing between your balls and ass……licking back up your cock.

I rub your head over my lips, flicking my tounge out to taste as it slides back into my mouth, leaning over you again, I slide my mouth up and down your cock gripping firmly with my lips…my hand moving in time with my mouth, I stop and lean back, my mouth still over your cock and look into your face to Escort Adana see if you are enjoying this as much as I am…..seeing you watch me, sending tingles racing down my body, making my pussy wetter.

Taking you from my mouth I turn and lift my skirt higher, moving your cock to the lips of my pussy before feeling it slide into me,….mmmmmmm…… body arches and my head falls back, moaning out loud……letting you move in me, before moving away and taking you back into my mouth, feeling your cock touch the back of my throat as I slide all the way down over you…..making me moan deep sending vibrations through your cock.

I start to feel you jerk as you start to cum in my mouth, feeling your cock spasm more as you spurt into my mouth, spilling down my chin, catching with my fingers as I swallow all that you give, sucking until all drops are gone from you, sucking my fingers into my mouth, licking them clean, I move to straighten my clothes, before pushing the button to move again, getting out on the next floor, licking the last drops from my fingers as the doors close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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