The Live-In Chef Ch. 01

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“Kasey, right? This way,” Jason said, waving her inside his house. No hello, no hi, just ‘this way’.

Kasey followed him into the large office where he motioned for her to sit in one of the comfortable-looking wingback chairs. He sat in the other one, a small end table separating them. He tapped at his phone, no doubt pulling up their brief email correspondence.

“So you’re a sophomore at Stone Academy. Have you chosen a specialty yet?”

“Culinary Arts with an emphasis in nutrition. I’m kind of a health nut.” She smiled. Interviews usually stressed her out but there was something about Jason that put her at ease despite the so-far brief interaction.

Jason nodded and looked at his phone again, smiled, and pocketed it. He turned his full gaze to Kasey.

“We’ve had problems filling this position with a quality candidate. There seems to be a miscommunication with what we’re asking. So, tell me what you understand the job to be.”

“Well, the ad said you’re hiring a personal chef in exchange for use of a guest house?”

“Exactly. Very simple.” Jason smiled. He was a handsome man. No grey in his hair and distinguished in that older gent sort of way despite clearly being under forty. “You’d get, rent-free, our guest house. My wife, Charlotte, and I get to use your developing culinary skills. We’re both very busy and often don’t have time to cook. Eating out is both unhealthy and expensive.”

“Makes perfect sense.”

“There’s a second part. We also need some housework done. Vacuuming, tidying up, sweeping, laundry, and the like. Nothing too crazy as it’s just the two of us and we’re generally pretty neat. About ten hours a week workable around your school schedule. In exchange, we’ll pay you three hundred in cash each week.”

“That sounds more than fair.” Kasey did a mental backflip. An actual job cooking, a rent-free guest house, and cash in hand. This sounded like the perfect job while she finished school. “That sounds great, actually. I can’t imagine why you’d have trouble with a deal like that.”

“Don’t agree to anything yet.” Jason stood abruptly. “You still need the tour.”

He led her to the large open kitchen. It was as beautiful as the rest of the house. Kasey thought it was more inviting and functional than opulent. Bone white granite countertops, large island, modern stainless steel appliances.

“My wife and I are going to need lunches four times during the workweek and dinner another four. Sunday is your day off as that’s our date night and we usually eat out. And about once a week we order take-out or pizza. We both wake up early for our jobs and usually grab breakfast on the go. Keeping fruit and muffins stocked and the coffee maker ready to go ought to handle that, though we’ll let you know the night before if we have any special requests. We’ll give you a credit card for shopping and whatever other errands you’d run on our behalf.”

He waved her across the large living room he called the great room and through glass double doors to the patio.

There, next to the modest swimming pool, was the guest house. Kasey did another set of mental gymnastics. It was beautiful.

“It’s small but cozy.”

The guest house was a classic carriage house design, meaning it was an apartment over the detached garage. Stairs on the outside led to a private door.

The front door led to a modest living room, with enough space for the couch and TV already there. On the far wall was the tiny kitchen and dining area, a vastly scaled-down version of the main one but sufficient for her needs. The single bedroom and bathroom were on the far side of the building, opposite the main house for added privacy.

Kasey agreed, small but cozy. And a vast improvement over the dorms from last year. She’d have more space here than in any roommate situation she’d find in town.

She couldn’t help but smile.

“Of course,” Jason began, “I’d draw up a formal rental agreement. Normal landlord-tenant rules would apply. You’ll have your own key, your own entrance. And you may bring over whomever you’d wish provided that they don’t go into the main house.”

“Does that mean you’re offering me the job?” Kasey asked.

Jason grinned, “Almost, there’s one last thing.”

Kasey waited.

“We’re going to have to test your cooking skills.”


Jason gave her the option of leaving and coming back the next day but Kasey didn’t want to miss the opportunity. She wanted this job. It was almost too good to be true. Live in a guesthouse of a young successful couple in a nice suburb, five miles from school. Part-time housekeeping would put enough money in her pocket to give her a great little nest egg at the end of it all. And all this while her classmates fought claws out for underpaying line cook jobs at faux trendy burrito and burger joints.

No way was she letting this opportunity pass.

If Jason’s instructions of just cooking something, anything, wasn’t intimidating enough, the random contents of the kitchen made it a true test.

But Kasey put on her game face.

She was Escort İstanbul at home in the kitchen and once she got her bearings, exploring the fridge and pantry for options and ideas, she slipped into her comfort zone. After ten minutes she had a chicken breast out and lightly seasoned and was chopping garlic and onion.

Jason sat silently, watching from his seat along the outside of the island. She tried her best to ignore him, to pretend he wasn’t watching her every move. It didn’t feel creepy or untoward, not like that handsy professor from last year. No, she wanted to impress him, wanted him to like her.

With the garlic and onion roasting in hot oil, she threw in the chicken breast whole and smiled when it sizzled.

In a pan, she laid out some asparagus with salt, pepper and a dollop of sweet cream butter, covered it with foil and threw it into the double deck oven at high heat. The salad was easier; she found a bag of fresh spinach, along with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. She assembled those with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Everything came out at the same time and she plated it with flair.

She set the plate in front of Jason and, instead of watching him eat, started cleaning up.

“I say to make anything and you make chicken and vegetables?”

“You want to eat healthier, right? Just try it.”

Jason forked the first bite.

“I must say, I’m impressed. You managed to make the most boring dish imaginable not bland and awful. I may be looking forward to eating healthy. “

Kasey curtsied, “There’s a plate for your wife in the warmer.”

“She’s going to love you.”

“So I have the job?”

“I’ll have to consult with her of course, but I’d say it’s yours.”

“When do I start?”

“You just did.”


Kasey moved in that weekend. She brought with her two suitcases, a small desk, a short bookcase, a box of cookbooks, and her bicycle.

It felt liberating to get out of her mom’s house. Her mom and stepdad weren’t bad people but they had two boys now and needed the extra room. Along with some student loans, they were helping pay for culinary school. She was grateful but that house was insane most days with two boys under 10 wreaking havoc.

She met Charlotte for the first time as she wrestled her small desk up the stairs to the guest house.

“Need help, dear?” A pleasant voice called from the yard behind her.

“Oh no, I got it… Maybe.”

Charlotte ran up to help her, grabbing one end and rebalancing it. When they put it down, Kasey got her first good look at her employer.

She was gorgeous. She was in her mid-30s, with dark hair, tan skin, and full lips. She was wearing a sports bra and yoga pants that showed off a toned body. There was a slight sheen of sweat on her skin.

“You didn’t have to interrupt your workout on my account,” Kasey mumbled.

“It’s okay, I’ve just finished.”

Kasey stuck her hand out, “I’m Kasey Rayne.”

Charlotte took her hand and looked her up and down, “Charlotte. My husband said you were pretty but you are downright gorgeous.”

Kasey blushed, “Oh no, I’m such a mess right now.”

“Nonsense. You are lovely.”

“Thank you.” Kasey pushed a lock of chestnut hair behind her ear, feeling strange that this amazon was calling her gorgeous. People usually called her ‘cute’. “Can I make you something? Post-workout snack?”

“Not a chance. You settle in. I’m going to hit the shower. My darling husband has surgery this afternoon so how about we do dinner?”

“Oh, is he okay?”

Charlotte laughed, “No, he’s performing the surgery. Didn’t he tell you?”

Kasey shook her head.

“He’s a surgeon. Orthopedic, and still modest, apparently.”

“I didn’t exactly ask. What do you do?”

“I do consult work mostly. Brand management.”

“Must pay well.” Kasey made a vague motion around the guest house. “You have a beautiful home here.”

“We do alright.”


The first few days were busy but almost dreamlike for Kasey. She got up early, dressed, and went to the big kitchen to make sure she saw the Lances off for the day with reasonable breakfast and lunches. Then she’d tidy up a little, grab her backpack, and bike to campus. Her classes were great and she was already distinguishing herself as a top student. After, she’d bike back to the suburb and do an hour or so of chores. Then she had several hours to herself until Charlotte came home. She’d start dinner then, trying to time it to Jason’s arrival. Occasionally, they invited her to eat with them but usually, Kasey retreated to the guest house where she studied and relaxed. Around 9 pm she’d come back to fix their lunches for the following day.

That weekend she was to go shopping for that week’s food using the credit card they were to give her. They hadn’t given her it yet, though. Together they would come up with a meal list together and the Lances were open to trying new creations based on what Kasey was learning.

It was a Thursday when this routine, this beautifully simplistic and easy İstanbul Escort Bayan routine fell apart.

Kasey had just arrived back from class and was sweaty from the five-mile bike ride. She unlocked the back gate and parked the bike behind the garage. She entered the guest house and immediately started striping, making a beeline for the shower.

All she wanted was to stand under the shower and let cool water flow down her naked body.

She stepped in, turned the knob, and… nothing. No water came out.

Just great, she thought. A broken shower.

It wasn’t a huge deal, she’d just tell the Lances about it and they’d have a repairman out the next day. But that didn’t help her now. Right now she needed to shower and get on with the day.

They wouldn’t be home for another few hours, she could just slip inside the house and shower there. Surely, they wouldn’t mind. They trusted her with their laundry, she folded Charlotte’s panties for fuck’s sake.

Clad only in a towel, she let herself into the master bathroom. The shower there was otherworldly–all smooth stone and glass. One massive shower head on the ceiling, when she turned it on, was like heavy rain. There were jets along the wall too and soon Kasey soaped up her naked body enjoying the luxury of water hitting her from multiple angles. She was about to leave when she saw it next to a cluster of shampoo bottles.

A pink vibrator.

She picked it up, instinctively curious. Then realized she was holding Charlotte’s sex toy. Of course, Charlotte would own sex toys. That’s normal. But the idea of her employer in the shower, fucking herself with this was a tantalizing one.

She turned it over in her hands several times, considering it. Taking some soap, she washed it thoroughly, letting her hands slip and slide over the rubber shaft. She turned it on, curious, smiling at how perverse it was. Whatever, she thought, they’d never find out.

She worked the buzzing vibrator down to her clit, going in small circles, teasing herself, feeling the heat rising in her abdomen. Soon she was slick and ready and she pushed it inside her. She sat down on the stone shower seat and spread her legs wide, giving herself better access. A moan escaped her as she fucked herself, shoving the vibrator as deep as it would go, her free hand alternating between pinching her nipple and rubbing her clit. The sensation of pleasure rose and rose until finally reaching a crescendo. She came hard, in a tense shudder, her toes instinctively curling.

Breathing heavy, she took a few moments to regain her composure. Wobbly-legged, she cleaned off the vibrator and put it back in the exact same spot. Ending her shower with a bang, she thought.

Kasey grabbed her towel and went on with her day.


The next day she found the video.

She was putting away laundry, Charlotte’s underwear specifically, in the top drawer of the dresser, when her hand hit something hard in the corner.

It was a stack of DVD cases, five of them. The DVDs inside were unlabeled except for a date. How had she not noticed these before?

She put them back. Obviously, they were private, why else would they be there? They were either something cheesy, like a wedding video, or a home sex tape.

It took a whole hour before her curiosity got the better of her.

She felt guilty for snooping and guilty for picking out the DVD labeled, 07/04/18. She decided to watch it on the big flatscreen in the main living room.

The shot opened on Charlotte, she was smiling and wearing an American flag bikini. She was outside, next to a pool, and there was party music playing. Other people in bathing suits were barbecuing and swimming and drinking.

“Oh, so you’re gonna film this?” she asked the camera in mock surprise. Her sultry eyes saying something else entirely.

She sauntered over to the person holding the camera and dropped to her knees. She ran her hands up and down his thighs, biting her lower lip, and giving fuck-me eyes to the camera. There was no hesitation when she pulled down the cameraman’s shorts, revealing his dick, surprisingly large for being semi-erect.

Charlotte gave it a few long tugs and then engulfed him whole, eliciting a moan from the cameraman.

Kasey was stunned. She expected a sex tape but this seemed so dirty what with other people in the background, seemingly oblivious to Charlotte’s wanton behavior. Watching Charlotte on her knees sucking cock like a whore made Kasey wet almost immediately.

Then the real shock came.

A voice from off-screen, “I see you started without me, greedy girl.”

The camera moved to show Jason, smiling down at his wife.

Oh my god. Charlotte was blowing some other guy!

Charlotte slurped the cameraman’s dick, removing it with an audible pop. “Mmm, I just couldn’t help myself,” she said. “Come here.”

She pulled Jason over, yanking his shorts down and wasting no time in taking his cock in her mouth.

Kasey opened her jeans and stuffed her hand brashly down the front, her Anadolu Yakası Escort clit aching to be rubbed. On-screen, Charlotte alternated between the two cocks, sucking with abandon. She had an assertiveness that Kasey didn’t think was possible in that situation. It didn’t hurt that Jason had a great body for an older guy.

“Give me your cum,” Charlotte ordered the cameraman. She buried him to the hilt with ease and when she came up he moaned and shot his load in her still-open mouth. It dripped down her chin as she slurped it up greedily.

Her husband came quickly after, shooting rope after rope of cum on her face. She laughed as it hit her, loving it. She scooped it into her mouth.

“God, you guys taste good. You spoil me.”

Kasey came too. It was just so hot. She screamed into a pillow as she came, afraid a neighbor might call the police if she let loose.

The doorbell rang.

Kasey froze. She yanked her hand out of her pants and buttoned them. Charlotte was still licking the cum off her fingers and Kasey turned off the TV, kicking the DVD case under the couch. She straightened herself out as much as she could and went to answer the door.

She opened it to reveal a blue-clad man holding a toolbox. A van was parked on the street, and a cartoon dog wearing a similar uniform was saying “Call Woof Rooter Today!”

“Hi, I am here about the broken shower. I’m Andy.”

Crap, that was today. Of course. She’d told the Lances about the broken shower and they made the appointment.

“Hi, yes, I didn’t think you’d get here so fast.”

He smiled, “Yeah, we try to be punctual.” He was quite handsome, older than her but not by much.

Kasey led him to the guest house shower, explaining what the problem was.

“So it just wouldn’t turn on?” he asked.

“That’s about the size of it,” she replied. “And I’m horrible with this kind of thing so I have no idea what it could be.”

“I’m sure I can find the source of the problem.”

She left him to his work and rushed back to the main house. There she popped the DVD out of the player and returned it and its case to its home in Charlotte’s underwear drawer, feeling a little like an extra in a spy movie.

A few minutes later Andy came back inside the main house. “I’m done,” he announced.

Kasey followed him back to the guest house shower to inspect his work. Sure enough, it was fixed.

“Well done,” she said, reaching in her purse for the signed check Charlotte gave her for this reason. “What do I owe you?”

“It’s going to be $280.”

Kasey blanched, she was glad she wasn’t the one paying for it. She quickly scribbled in the amounts.

“Here you go,” she held out the check.

He looked at it like it was an alien artifact. “Sorry,” he said finally, “They usually tell people when they call, we don’t take checks.”

“What do you mean?” she said.

“Well, I don’t know how to tell you this, but it’s 2019. I think people stopped using checks ten years ago.” he smiled, trying to take the brunt out of an awkward situation.

“Of course, yeah.”

“We take credit, debit, and cash.”

“Of course,” Kasey smiled, hoping that would conceal the fact that she had none of those forms of payment. “The 21st century, duh. No one uses checks anymore. That’d be totally silly.” She felt like a supreme idiot. She could already imagine the disappointed looks the Lances would give her when she told him. “Thing is, I don’t have any other way to pay you. I’m just their live-in chef. I certainly don’t have that kind of money.”

“Listen, you seem nice. But my boss doesn’t mess around, if I leave here without payment, the bill is going to go straight to collections. Are you sure you can’t pay?”

What would Charlotte do in this situation? Kasey thought. She always seemed so confident, so self-assured. Charlotte wouldn’t let something as trivial as this get the best of her. She also knew the Lances wouldn’t want to be bothered by something as trivial as a plumbing bill. They hired her to get rid of day-to-day trivialities, not add to them.

“Tell you what,” Kasey said, gliding over to Andy. “What can I do to get this balance taken care of today?” she looked up at him with the best sultry look she could muster.

Andy smirked. “You’re joking.”

To show that she was not joking, she put her hand on his stomach, pleasantly surprised to find it hard and flat. She ran her hand down lower, and then lower still. “How about if I blow you, right here and now? That ought to be payment enough?”

Andy’s smirk turned into a playful grin, “No blowjob is worth 280 bucks.”

Kasey ran her hand lower.

“But three blowjobs might do the trick.”


“One now. Then I’ll come back tomorrow. And the next day.”

“You drive a hard bargain.” Feeling him stiffen through his pants made her grin. “This is harder though.”

Kasey smiled and pushed him against the kitchen counter, pulling down the zipper of his pants and kneeling before him.

He eagerly undid his pants and she pulled down his boxers to reveal his already semi-erect member. Without letting herself think twice, she gripped it and ran her hand up the shaft. It was a good-sized cock and Kasey stroked it, fascinated that it was growing still larger. She paused just long enough to ask herself what the hell she was doing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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