The Long Weekend Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – The New Corset

Adel pulled into the train station to wait for the 5.10 train. She’d arrived early to find a place in the car park and Adel wanted to be ready on the platform ready to meet him. Scot had sent a text to her phone about 30 minutes ago to let her know that he would be arriving on time. Adel had taken extra care that morning to dress ready to meet Scot. She had opted for black silky underwear that she had bought earlier in the week, knowing full well that it was his favourite colour. Adel then wore her sexiest black dress. She had taken care in applying her makeup so that the whole ensemble looked sophisticated and alluring.

Adel had known Scot for what seemed years although they had only met up a handful of times. They had mainly talked on the phone and on the Internet for hours and hours on end. Scot had been the one to suggest coming down on the train for a visit and had booked himself into a local hotel. Adel had told him to not waste money as he could stay with her. Adel had said that she would make up the spare room so that there was no pressure.

Adel felt very conspicuous standing amongst the general mêlée at the terminus. It was mainly people commuters coming home from another boring day at the office. So many people filed past her on their way home. Adel scanned the people for Scot. He was nowhere to be seen. Her heart dropped imagining that he had chickened out of meeting up with her. She checked her watch 5.20pm. Adel looked around one final time before picking up her phone “Where are you? I’m standing on the Terminal and I can’t see you!”

Scot told her to turn around, which she did slowly. He explained that he had been watching her for 5 minutes and had been nervous about approaching her as she’d taken his breath away. Adel hugged Scot and they kissed not caring who was watching them. ‘I’ve bought you a little present. I know that it’s something that you’ve wanted for a while. I just hope that you like it?’

Scot fished in his black hold all and produced a plastic bag, which he held tentatively towards her. Adel extended her fingers and accepted the bag eager to know what Scot had gotten her. She put her hand inside the flimsy plastic bag and her fingers found something rather soft and fluffy. She grasped whatever it was and brought it out. What had Scot brought her? She grinned broadly as she realised it was a long black feather boa.

Giggles exploded from Adel as she thought of all the times that she’d spoken to Scot about being wrapped in such a boa. Her eyes lit up. In all the scenarios she’d always been wearing a corset. Had he got her one? She’d never had one and they’d always been a fantasy of hers. She put her hand back inside the bag this time her fingers found something smooth and rigid. Adel fished out the most exquisite thing that she had seen in a long time. It was a black under bust corset with Kurtköy Escort tight sections with bones sewn inside each section.

Scot was obviously pleased with her reaction to his little gift. ‘I just hope that I can see you in it at some time. I’ve been thinking about all those times you’ve talked about being tied up and I thought we could try some out later. I want to fulfil every fantasy that we’ve talked about.’

‘Oh I’ve got a few more besides!’ Adel grinned looking in Scots eyes, ‘but lets get you in and settled first. At least let me get you a drink after your long journey.’ She put the corset and the boa back into the bag. ‘Come on you, lets be having you!’ she winked at Scot as she led him to her car. Adel’s mind swam with thoughts as she drove the short distance to her home. They chatted small talk however the tension between them was filled with anticipation.

Scot’s eyes were fixed on her butt as she got out of the car. He quickly followed Adel with his hold. If the sway on that arse was anything to go by this was going to be a very long week indeed. ‘Let me show you where to put your stuff so it’s out the way!’ Adel led him upstairs to the bedroom. ‘I’ve made some room in that wardrobe for you if you need it. He liked the way she was acting so prim and proper.

‘Come here you!’ Scot put his hands on her waist and drew her close. He hugged Adel; she wrapped her hands around his waist and breathed in his aftershave whilst dropping her bag to the floor. He smelt so god. It had been so long since they had last spent any time together. Scot pulled away slightly and bent his head to kiss her soft red lips. ‘ Are you going to try out your present now? I want to help you into your corset. You know how long I’ve waited for this moment. I want everything to be perfect.’ Scot sat on the edge of the bed. ‘I want to watch you strip! Nice and slow.’

Adel felt self-conscious standing there with him sitting eagerly waiting. It was stark standing in her bedroom the sunlight flooding into the room. She went to close the curtains to stop the neighbours getting an eyeful but Scot stopped her. ‘I want to see everything and the sunlight’s making your hair look amazing.’ He smiled at her and Adel’s legs started to feel like jelly.

Scot leaned backwards onto his elbows keen to view the exhibition about to unfold in front of him. The glint in his eyes and the lazy smile gave her the confidence she needed. Her fingers found the top button of her dress and slowly she undid the buttons until her bra was starting to show. Adel reached up and undid her hair letting it drop down past her shoulders. Scot had always liked long hair and the simple action stirred him. That coupled with the briefest sight of the outline of her bosoms made Scot’s cock strain against his trousers.

Adel turned her back slowly on him. She took her arms out from the dress Pendik Escort letting the fabric drop to her waist. Adel held Scot’s eye whilst she dropped the dress to the floor. Scot gave out an audible sound at that point he was obviously enjoying the display. She stood there in her black bra and panties. Adel was glad she had worn her best black ‘hold em ups’ and her shoes with a decent heel. She reached around and undid her bra before letting it drop to the floor. Adel bent forward and fished into the bag by her feet and pulled out the corset. Luckily Scot had brought a front fastening one.

Adel put the corset around the back of her body and brought the fastening sections around to the front. How did this thing do up? She was glad that Scot couldn’t see. The rigid bones felt good against her skin. Adel threaded the ties around the hooks pulling the two sections of material to fit her. The tighter the corset got the thinner her waist became. She finished tying the threads into a quick bow. This corset felt amazing. Cupping her breasts in her hands Adel turned to see Scot undoing his trousers.

Scot stood up next to her leaving his trousers fall to the floor. He kissed her lips one hand cupping the back of her head and the other moving around the material at the back of her corset. Adel kissed him eagerly opening her soft lips to receive his probing tongue. Her hands dropped from her breasts and went to his waist to steady herself. Scot eagerly moved his right hand to her breast and began teasing the already pert nipple.

Scot then pulled away from the embrace to see her standing in her full glory before him in that delightful corset. He steadied himself briefly but her nipples looked too tempting. They were so large and erect and without thinking Scot’s mouth found them with his tongue licking and caressing each of the nipples in turn whilst his hand teased the other. The breasts were sucked with such vigour that Adel dropped her head back and let out a long moan.

Scot moved her so that she was sitting on the edge of the bed. He lowered himself to the floor. Scot started kissing each leg up from the ankle swapping over momentarily. Alternating from short brief touching of his lips on her stocking covered legs. Scot’s eyes looked over at her crotch, as he got closer. He could see just how excited Adel was. Her black panties glistened as her juices filled the silk garment. He kissed her naked flesh at the top of the stockings. Scot’s hands moved to Adel’s panties and lowered them down her legs as she arched her back he moved the fabric quickly. Scot moved them down her legs and picked up each foot until they were freed of her.

Scot’s eyes were fixated then by her crotch. Adel was trimmed of hair but the few that remained glistened with juice. She was so wet. Scot moved closer smelling her musky perfume. He kissed her stomach moving down Mutlukent Escort slowly to her pubic mound, then lower to her vagina. She tasted so good. He licked and sucked and put his tongue deep inside her. Scot sucked as much of the juice as he was able from her labia. Adel’s clit became harder and he flicked his tongue rapidly over it. She moaned as her juices flowed into his mouth. Scot kept teasing her until she came. Adel’s body shook violently for what seemed minutes.

Scot stood briefly to remove his shirt before lying down on the bed next to her. Adel turned to him and kissed him. Tasting her juices on his lips. ‘Now let me thank you!’ she said. Adel stood up all her inhibitions gone. She removed his shoes. Scot’s cock was erect and she knew that he wasn’t going to be able to last too long. Scot liked to please a woman and could remain erect for long periods of time without ejaculation. She loved that in Scot, as no one had been able to keep up with her. Scot could easily tire her should he want to. Today was such a day.

As Adel sucked and licked his hard cock he remained firm. Her tongue licked rapidly at the eye of his penis. She licked down his shaft to his throbbing balls. Adel sucked each one at a time pulling it gently from his body. She was not taking it as a challenge to make Scot empty his load. Adel worked through her repertoire meticulously now there were only two things left that could make Scot cum, rimming and fucking.

Adel told him firmly to roll over. His tight ass was now visible. She bit into his fleshy cheeks before letting her tongue circle his tight hole. Adel made her tongue rigid and slowly penetrated him. She then leaned back and slowly inserted her finger briefly into his hole. She vibrated her finger in the tight socket. Adel then sucked and licked the soft skin between this arse and his balls.

It was now starting to darken in the room. Time had become unimportant. Scot needed release and her orgasm seemed a distant memory. Adel moved away from Scot and stood up. ‘Sit up!’ she ordered him, not knowing where this sudden strength came from. Scot smiled he liked her dominant side and sat up in bed supported by pillows leaning back against the wall.

Adel straddled Scot, his cock slipped inside her wet folds easily. She looked deep in his eyes as she rode him faster and faster. Scot’s cock hit her clit and each time caused floods of cum to run down his balls and onto the bed. ‘Cum for me! I want you to cum inside me!’ she whispered to Scot. Scot pushed deeper and deeper inside her. Adel’s wetness and warmth felt good around his cock. He was close to cuming, he could feel it. As Adel leaned back, her hands resting on his lower legs Scot pulled on her corset and pumped deep inside her. Adel bounced on his cock until she came repeatedly and then and only then did he release his cum deep inside her.

Shortly after Adel dismounted carefully and collapsed onto the bed next to Scot. ‘Feel better?’ Scot asked her. Adel was exhausted and could only muster a gentle nod. He leaned towards her and kissed her tired lips and quickly undid her corset to let her rest naked in his arms.

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