The Long Weekend Ch. 14

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Chapter 14

Saturday Night at the Club

Brice held the front door to the resort open for her and Annie walked in. She had never been to a place like this and while her dominance over Brice had been reestablished she was still nervous. She held back and let him lead her into the lobby area.

Brice walked up to the counter where a n elderly couple were selling tickets. “Hi, Bertha. Hi, Jim. This is Annie Sullivan, a friend of ours whose son is helping us up at our new cottage. Barbara thought she should meet some of our friends.” said Brice in a very cordial and friendly manner sweeping his arm wide to include Annie in the conversation “She’s never been to a clothing optional resort and is a little nervous, so I am not sure how long we will stay.”

“No worries Bull, it’ll be a fun night and we don’t bite. Still, its $25 each” said Bertha as she extended her hand not for the money, but to shake Annie’s. In doing so, her long narrow wrinkled breasts which were hanging close to her waist, swung like dueling pendulums. “All shapes, sizes and ages, no reason at all to be embarrassed and looking at you, you’ll be the hit of the party.”

“I’ll say!” exclaimed naked Jim as he took in the beauty of Brice and Barbara’s friend.

Brice paid the entry fees and with a wave to Bertha and Jim headed out into the 25 acre compound toward the multipurpose building. “We’ll find a clothes check and lockers when we get there.” he said as they walked through some gardens that in the height of summer would be lush and verdant. He pointed out the pool, horseshoe pitch, the camping area, the dozen or so cottages where he and Barbara frequently stayed before they bought the cottage. Each apparently had private patios and hot tubs.

Hearing the music, long before seeing the people, they arrived at the party. The double doors were propped open and decorated with streamers. Inside to the left was a large alcove with small lockers on one side and hanging space on the other. Annie saw a middle aged couple in the middle of the space undressing. The man was wearing long silk pajama bottoms, an open shirt and flip flops. The woman was adjusting her necklace and though her sheer top came down to mid thigh, it did nothing to hide her small breasts and delicate frame. She had on matching lace panties which showed a lot of her bum and like Annie, high heels.

Hi Brice, how are you? Who is your friend.?” the man asked as he left his wallet on top of his partner’s purse in the locker, locked it up and put the elastic strap on the key around his wrist.

“This is Annie a friend of ours visiting for the weekend. This is Nancy and Rick. This is her first time and she’s a little nervous about the whole thing.” Brice said with care in his voice as Annie looked a little self-conscious.

They all shook hands agreeing to meet up again inside.

“Shall we share a locker? It is usually the easiest thing to do.” Brice offered as he removed the lock and opened the door. “I’ll hang my shorts over here, so they won’t crush” he said as he unbuttoned his shirt, undid his belt and pulled down his zipper. He then nonchalantly slipped out of his trousers to reveal short royal blue boxers. His fat cock left a bulge in the front and held the fabric away from the front of his thigh. Annie thought that even in its soft state, she could see the outline of the mushroom head at the bottom of the boxers. She watched its heavy weight sway behind the sheer fabric as he turned.

Annie was a bit taken aback by the suddenness of everything but the relaxed nature eased her anxiety. She was worried about being here without Sr. or Jr. but, so far so good. She steeled herself and said out loud, “I guess this is it.” She said as she turned to put her purse in the locker. Before she did she opened it and Brice thought she was going to check her make-up. He was startled when she took a black collar and discreetly passed them to him. “I want you to wear this tonight” she said quietly but firmly.

He looked at her with trepidation but he put it on. His cock had fattened up nicely and she could clearly see the purple head extending beyond the bottom hem. She was starting to feel a little less nervous. “Shall we go in?” More of a statement than a question she said as she reached for his arm.

The hall was not large, it had a bar set up with bottles next to a folding table with food set out. escort sitesi There were a number of circular tables around the perimeter. The tables circled a area that was obviously a dance are in front of a DJ set up. There were maybe 30 people milling around in various stages of undress. Annie felt she was over dressed but as of yet was not ready to really commit to the scene. It looked like it was made of mostly couples, perhaps a few single men and women. They all seemed quite comfortable with each other as the conversations were sprinkled with unbridled laughter.

They seemed to be grouped around the bar and food with a few places at tables reserved with handbags, scarves and the like. Half were completely naked with only shoes on. Some even had socks, how weird she thought. The other men were dressed like Brice, either with boxers, shorty type wrap-arounds, or short robes, even one wispy sarong. Some of the older women had little cheerleader skirts over their not so dainty thighs. Some like Nancy, whom she had met, had only transparent cover-ups, some with garter belts and stockings underneath.

All in all, Annie found it was quite a sight. Age seemed to be immaterial as young were talking to old and to each other. Brice walked a bit stiffly to the bar to set down the drinks he had brought. To the left of the bar was a small table with name tags. “Most everyone knows everyone, but why not fill one out and put it on, while I pour you a wine?” Brice suggested.

Annie nodded and smiled and moved to the lower table. Bending over, her soft breasts spilled forward. Annie reached up to rearrange them and folded the top down for more support. This also showed off more of her chest and revealed the deep cleavage. Writing out her name, she peeled off the tag. She slapped it down firmly onto the fabric. It certainly drew attention to her left nipple she thought. Moving back to the group, she took the wine from Brice and began to feel part of the party.

The conversation was amicable, a few innuendo’s and racy remarks, but Annie was quite surprised at how normal and non-sexual it was. Just a party, but with naked and semi-naked people. About ten minutes later, she pressed Brice’s arm, “I need the locker key, please” she whispered to him.

“Your make up is fine Annie.” Brice offered.

“It’s not for my make-up” she replied.

Taking the key, Annie slipped away. A few minutes later, Brice noticed that many eyes were looking beyond him and he turned. He saw Annie had removed the bra and yellow top and now over her skirt she was wearing only the white cover up – unbuttoned. Her wonderful breasts sagged just perfectly. They swung with each step and her rampant nipples drew arcs in the light white fabric as she walked toward him. Her mild sun burn left white triangles over her nipples where the top had been and these were like two headlights coming toward you. Your eyes were drawn to them. She was magnificent. He was speechless.

She rejoined the group feeling that everyone was looking at her at her nakedness. They were. She handed the key to Brice.

“Can I get anyone another drink?” some one asked.

“I’ll have a red wine please.” Annie responded. A few more orders were given and the conversation picked up almost immediately, eyes returned to looking at faces rather than her chest. Yet, she stood a little behind Brice in an attempt at modesty. Annie’s nipples were still excited from their exposure to so many people and continued to grow to be framed by her wide bumpy areola. Shielded by the light top they were beguiling and intriguing not blatant.

She began to feel more comfortable and by the time the drinks arrived, she felt quite at ease. Sr. might like this she thought as she took her drink. “Shall we find a table?” Brice asked out loud. As a large group they started making their way to various tables. Annie and Brice were waved over to a table near the dance floor where by a couple in their early fifties. Sitting with them was a very young man. Attendees had to be eighteen to get in, so have been at least that age, but certainly not much more Annie thought. They were followed by two other couples from the drinks group. Now a more intimate table of nine, more introductions were made. Kathy and Bob Andrews, the couple who waved them over explained the young man was Dan. He was Bob’s nephew gaziantep escort sitesi who was living with them. Bob’s much younger brother’s wife died and he was working for a firm in Saudi, so Dan had been staying with them for the last year. Kathy, who appeared to be stark naked, wore her name tag directly on her exposed skin. It miraculously clung her pear shaped breast as if by magic. Annie leaned over to shake her hand and inhaled sharply as Kathy responded with a huge bright smile showing off pouty lips and perfect teeth. Kathy looked wonderfully rubenesque with a full curvaceous body and a big red nest of pubic hair. Bob stood up, his dangling penis popping into view, as he reached for her hand. Dan, wearing a white toga, looking overwhelmed, looked up and smiled.

Kathy piped up, “It was Dan’s eighteenth birthday last month and he said he had always wanted to come to an adult party here and he wanted this as his present. How could we say no? So here he is. He’s been here during the family daytimes but this is his first time here for an evening event.”

“Mine too.” Continued Annie, as she went on to explain her situation and that her son Jr. and Brice’s son Jake had gone into town, leaving them free to attend. Then looking warmly at Dan, Annie offered “I was nervous at first, but I am feeling better now. How about you?”

Looking sheepish, he said “It so different for me, ’cause during the day, everyone is mostly completely naked. I am feeling that a little bit of clothing sure makes things more sexy.”

“I agree, but I am not ready to take everything off just yet.” responded Annie.

“Me neither, I think I would be terribly embarrassed” Dan offered with a bit of nod to the lower half of his body hidden by the table.

Annie smiled indicating she understood what he meant.

The music picked up again and Brice asked if she wanted to dance. She said yes they moved to the open part of the floor. She was a good dancer but Brice was very good and complemented her style making her look even better. They were quickly joined by other couples and over the next hour, they spent time dancing, chatting at the table, wandering around getting drinks and meeting other people.

Annie, actually managed to forget, she was effectively topless. On the faster numbers, her loose top flew open, her breasts, swung and jiggled, completely on display. On slower numbers, the cover hid her charms as her breast swayed to the music. Once, she felt the head of Brice’s cock as it pressed into the back of her thigh. Another time, as Bob spun her around, she accidentally brushed Bob’s penis as she reached for his hand. A few gropes here and there, a little touching of her breasts as she was spun around in a circle on the dance floor. Nothing more than would have happened anywhere else. Very safe, nothing to worry about she thought.

Annie noticed that Kathy, who in her high heels, was at least six inches taller than Dan, danced mostly with her nephew. Dan’s demeanor and small slight frame made him appear very boyish. She thought what a difference between this eighteen year old still a boy and her nearly twenty-one son who was becoming a man. Kathy’s husband Bob, was engaged in a discussion about bass fishing and appeared happy Kathy was being entertained and the nephew was not being a drag on the evening. On the dance floor, she saw Kathy straddle Dan’s thin leg and emote against his thigh. He leaned back and she leaned forward, her breast meeting the fabric of his toga. He withdrew his leg, spun her around and pushed his pelvis into her and as she bent over, he reached under and took a quick feel of her hanging breasts. Oh my, she thought, that was unexpected.

Mainly people danced with their partners, but there seemed like a lot of friendly exchanges as both men and women sought to welcome the newcomers. Brice was in demand not only because he was a good dancer but the women obviously wanted to get closer to his sex. They rubbed their behinds against him and he held their hips, as they shimmied and flaunted their breasts to get his attention. He let them get excited without overplaying his assets.

Beginning to feel more comfortable, she adjusted her skirt that it now sat lower on her hips and the bottom to just above the top of her hold ups. Now she did need the towel to sit on, because when she sat her gaziantep escort bayan sitesi bare bum was in direct contact with anything. Dancing a slower number with Brice, he placed his hands on her hips. “May I?” he asked as he wiggled his fingers under the waist band.

Annie nodded and Bull slid his hands under the waist band of her skirt, cupped her ass and pulled her into his engorged package. She felt the root of it against her mons and the exposed head make contact with her thigh. Annie leaned back, pulled open her cover-up and pressed her nipples into his barrel chest. The red sensitive protrusions dragged casually back and forth as they swayed to the beat of the music. Annie danced with her hands on his shoulders.

Many people were now dancing either as couples or individuals. The floor was crowded with some noticeable coming and going on the far side of the room. After a few dances with Annie not allowing any more of Brice’s advances, she sat while Brice was up dancing with some older woman. Kathy suggested to Annie, they go to freshen up, pointing to the far side. “Why don’t you join us Dan?” Kathy suggested. “I think you’ll see why you have to be an adult to attend these parties.”

Dan and Annie looked at each other and followed Kathy. Weaving through the gyrating nakedness they reached a plain door on the far side. Opening the door, Kathy entered the corridor with washrooms on one side and a large theatre stage like curtain on the other. “This is the play room” Kathy said with anticipation as she felt for the opening. Finding it Kathy put her head in, then reached back to grab Dan’s hand, who in turn extended his hand to grab Annie. Stepping through the curtain they entered another world. Lit with only red night lights and red rope lights above a perimeter valance, they heard moans and sighs as they saw bodies silhouetted by the light of large LCD screen showing a MFM porn movie. Standing still until their eyes adjusted, they smelt the odor of raw sex. On a king sized bed, they saw BBW on all fours going down on an equally large man. Her hips were up in the air presented to the room as an invitation to a male, a female, a couple — it did not matter. A much older couple were fondling each other on the bench while, in the middle of the room flaunting their youth, a handsome young man was getting his cock sucked by an eager young woman on her knees.

Moving to their right and with their backs to the wall, the three new entrants watched the scene in front of them. Annie noticed that Kathy’s hand was casually brushing the front of Dan’s toga, while he stared in disbelief. With a smile to Annie, Kathy turned to Dan and covered his body with hers. She pressed her nakedness into him. She started at the top and finished with her crotch against his. She had a wonderful languid undulating motion like a belly dancer. Annie saw that while she was much taller and bigger than Dan, she was gentle and motherly to him. Kathy pressed her breasts into his small upper chest, she slithered away and pressed her stomach then scooped her pelvic region into his bulging toga to sweep her sex upward on his obviously hard pole. She saw Kathy reached between their bodies and slowly untied his robe. Kathy pulled the robe open and pressed her body into his very white slender body. Kathy, stepped to the side, presented Dan, with the hardest cock that Annie had ever seen, naked to the room and Annie. His small slight boyish frame, supported what appeared to be a vertical white rod of steel about five inches long.

“Keep watching, Dan, while your new mommy gives you the rest of your birthday present” whispered Kathy into his ear as she ran her hand over the front of his chest. She bent her head to lick his nipples then bending further she kissed the head of cock as she squatted in front of him. She knew he would not last long. He never did the first time. She grabbed his cock with both hands and taking careful aim at her name tag, she squeezed and twisted her hands, milking his cock. His palms went flat to the wall, his knees quivered and he thrust himself repeatedly into her hands. Within seconds he came with big creamy streams and gobs flying about, many landing on her chest. With tears of ecstasy in his eyes, he looked down to see her looking in his eyes and to see his cum run down to drip off her nipples onto her thighs. She stroked and stroked until he shuddered with completion.

Kathy looked up at Dan, took a finger and wiped a large dollup of cum off his cock and ran it, like lipstick, over her lips.

Annie stared at the lusty action beside her. She was so absorbed in the lascivious acts beside her she was not aware that she had begun to tweak her nipples with one hand and had cupped her sex with the other.

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