The Maid’s Tale Ch. 06

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The next morning Mary lay in bed listening to the sounds of the house stirring around her. She had crept out of the West Wing bedroom only scant hours before, her Master explaining that he had organised with Mr Barlow and the housekeeper that Mary was to get the day off after serving so late. Mary was beginning to realise that Mr Barlow knew exactly what form the service had taken, but at the moment, her mind was too dazed to dwell on it.

Her limbs were heavy and aching pleasantly; the pain in her bottom was still present, a reminder of what had gone on before. They had taken her all night in different ways, one after the other until she had lost count. She had also seen something that she knew for certain was a sin; the two men had caressed each other, had sucked each other’s cocks in the way they had demanded of her. Thomas had also tried to….no, it was too shocking to even think about it, but her mind drifted back to the look on her Masters face as he had felt Thomas’s fingers playing with his entrance, and how excited she had felt when she saw Thomas’s rigid cock sliding between her Masters buttocks as he knelt submissively in front of the bigger man. In all her 18 years, she had never heard tell of such a thing, and yet her mind kept returning to it.

It was strange staying in bed but she turned over, thumped her pillow into porno izle shape and settled down to catch up on sleep.

She awoke near noon. Not able to stay still any longer, she washed and dressed and went downstairs. Cook gave her some meat and bread, gossiping excitedly about the new arrival, the handsome buccaneer that was to stay for a few days. She asked Mary how he had enjoyed the food, and marvelled over his capacity for wine and port. Eventually, Mary managed to excuse herself. She decided to go for a walk to clear her head, feeling slightly guilty that she didn’t take up her duties. She told herself firmly that she had the day off, a notion that was alien and unfamiliar, but she was determined to enjoy herself and set out stoutly.

The weather had taken a turn for the worse, and she soon realised that this was no day for walking. She decided to stay close to the house, maybe to go around the gardens and enjoy the winter roses, but as she rounded the kitchen yard past the stables she saw Jack. He was busy with a horse, a bay gelding, looking worried as he ran his hands over the horse’s legs. He didn’t notice her at first, but the horse shimmied a little at her appearance and he turned to see the disturbance.

Jack gazed at her, stunned into silence by the sudden appearance of the woman he had been dreaming about for porno the past few weeks. Then she smiled, her sweet face lighting up as she said hello. He mumbled back, nervous of her at first, but soon they were talking, house gossip mostly, for Jack found it hard to approach the subject that was uppermost in his mind.

Mary grew annoyed; it wasn’t for her to ask him to go walking out and eventually she turned to go.

‘Please’ he said desperately, not knowing what to say once more.

Mary looked at him, running her eyes over his body, slim and taut. ‘What do you mean?’ she replied, confused by this.

‘Would you come walking with me next Sunday after church?’ he stammered, astounded at his own forwardness. She smiled; yes, of course she would and they made arrangements to meet up. Sunday afternoon was the house servants’ only free time. Mary had been used to staying in the House, she had no family to visit and she made use of the time by reading her Master’s newspapers, given to the household staff after he had finished with them. It was good to practice her reading and she liked to learn of events. But now the prospect of walking with Jack seemed much more interesting. She had only to tell her Master of it, and was suddenly scared, wondering if he would approve.

She thought long and hard about how to approach the subject, rokettube and eventually decided that House gossip would be the best way. She confided in the Cook on her way back through the kitchen that Jack had asked her to go walking, knowing that very rapidly this would filter through to Mr Barlow. If her instincts were correct, she knew Mr Barlow was the master’s link with the downstairs goings-on.

The next morning, she resumed her duties and sure enough, when she went to the study her Master was waiting for her. She murmured a swift good morning and set to work on the fire. ‘I hear that young Jack isn’t just content with gazing at you now, Mary’ he said, a tone of amusement in his voice. She turned to look at him, and then bowed her head. ‘Yes, sir, he asked to go walking.’ Hesitantly she carried on, ‘if that’s suitable….’

‘Of course Mary’ he laughed openly, ‘you enjoy yourself’ and with that he turned back to his news sheet.

Mary was a little confused. She knew that her Master couldn’t acknowledge what was going on between them, but shouldn’t he have objected to another member of the household seeking her company? Then she realised, as she had done before, that her Master regarded her as a toy for his pleasure, something to be used when the feeling took him. With this realisation, she decided to do exactly as he bid, and enjoy herself with Jack.

What Mary didn’t know however, was that her Master currently wasn’t interested in her. Thomas’s presence had opened new vistas of pleasure to explore and he wanted to do exactly that…

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