The Maid’s Tale Ch. 10

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When Barlow announced at dinner that Mary was to present herself to the Master in his study Mary was shocked. She immediately thought that he meant to assert his Master’s rights over her again, and then realised he had no need to make his needs public. What did he want of her? She nervously asked Barlow if he knew why, and his sneering reply disturbed her more. ‘I believe disciplinary action was mentioned’ Barlow gloated. ‘You didn’t get permission to leave the House last weekend did you?’

At this, Mary’s thoughts immediately turned to Jack. If the Baron knew that she had been absent, then maybe he knew about Jack and their relationship. Biting her lip nervously, she looked down at her uneaten dinner.

The next morning at the appointed time, she stood waiting at the Master’s study door in her best uniform, freshly cleaned and pressed. She knocked gently, and heard her Master’s grim voice bid her enter.

In the study, his slim young body trembling almost as much as hers, Jack stood facing the Master across his desk. Mary came to stand beside him, knowing that their association had come to their master’s attention and they were at his mercy. Jack was 20, but beside his Master, he was as slim as a reed and looked younger.

Phillip, enjoying the young couple’s apprehension, sat calmly, his fingers steepled, looking at them both.

‘Well Jack,’ he spoke calmly, ‘did you see Mary in the woods last Sunday?’

‘Yes sir’ Jack relied, his voice pitched low to hide the tremor.

‘And did she have permission to absent herself from her duties?’

‘I don’t rightly know, sir’ Jack spoke honestly. Permission had been the last thing on their minds when they had met in the wooded copse, so hungry and impatient for each other.

‘She didn’t have permission,’ stated Phillip baldly, ‘She’s not a child. She knows what her duties are. She deserves to be punished, don’t you think?’

Mary’s head jerked upwards at the mention of punishment; she remembered her Masters last punishment session and how it had ended.

Jack was confused; he didn’t want to condemn the woman he loved, but he couldn’t risk his position. He looked at his Master. ‘If you think so, sir’ he said finally, avoiding Mary’s eyes.

‘I do think so, Jack. And you will be the one to administer the punishment.’ With that, Phillip stood up from his seat, and once again, Mary was struck by

the muscular leanness of his body, his long legs tightly encased in his britches, the cut emphasising the taut bulge of his crotch.

He motioned the young couple over to the chaise longue, and told Jack to sit himself down. Turning to Mary, he looked her up and down, and decided that the uniform would provide too much cushioning. ‘Take it off, Mary,’ he gestured to the bulky dress. Ignoring Jack’s astonished gasp, Mary undressed slowly, eventually standing in front of the two men in her shift and petticoats.

‘I said take it off Mary’ Phillip repeated, ‘All of it’.

Jack tried to rise in protest, but the Baron’s heavy hand on his shoulder stopped him, and he watched as Mary revealed herself to them. Dropping her clothes in an untidy heap on the floor, she stood naked, waiting passively for what was to come.

Despite his fear, Jack couldn’t help but admire the smooth line of her waist, the heaviness of her rounded breasts. Her nipples hardening under their gaze, Mary looked directly at her Master. ‘Now what should I do?’ she asked, and Jack realised that maybe this wasn’t the first time Mary had stood like this in front of the Baron. She was too familiar, too comfortable.

‘You need to be spanked again, ‘ Phillip replied, confirming Jack’s suspicions. He ordered her to climb onto the chaise, and kneel over sex hikayeleri Jacks knees, her buttocks comfortably in reach of Jacks strong right hand, her breasts falling into his lap.

Jack’s hand rose automatically to caress her plump buttocks. He could feel her quivering, and feel her quim pressed against his outer thigh. Despite his fears, despite the presence of their Master, his cock rose, half-hardening and stirring.

‘Punish her Jack’ said Phillip, positioning himself at the end of the chaise so he could see Mary’s bottom more clearly.

With that, Jack’s hand lifted and, half-heartedly, he spanked her lightly. He looked at Phillip, who insisted ‘Harder. She’s a bad girl and needs to be taught a lesson’.

Jack tried again, this time bringing his hand to her rump and leaving a faint reddening. ‘Again,’ demanded Phillip. So Jack did so, trying to be careful so as not to not cause pain, but watching the redness blossom on both cheeks. Suddenly, incredulously, he heard a faint whisper coming from Mary. ‘Again, Jack, again….punish me again,’ and he could feel her quim pushing against his thigh. He realised that Mary was enjoying this, that this wasn’t real punishment for her. Looking at Phillip, watching that cruel handsome face gazing at Mary’s luscious plump cheeks reddening under her lover’s hand, he was struck by their similarity, both of them lustful and sensuous.

Phillip watched Mary grind her sex on Jack’s thigh, and knew she needed to be taken.

Reaching across, he caressed her rump, smoothing down the curves to between her thighs. Jack could only watch as his Masters fingers slid inside her, her sex lips parting, the musky scent of her arousal reaching both of them. Jack’s erection continued to rise, and Mary could feel this nudging at her breasts. She lifted herself up slightly, and fumbling, she freed his cock from the tight confines of his britches. Her Masters fingers began to thrust inside her, slipping over and around her velvety lips. Mary’s mouth closed around Jack’s cock, caressing his shaft with her tongue, closing her eyes in enjoyment as she relished the taste of him, the tang of his juices and the smell of young sweat. Jack didn’t know what to concentrate on; the erotic sight of his lover being fingered by their master, watching the stiff fingers slick with Mary’s juices, or to enjoy the feel of her hot mouth and throat.

Then he realised that his Master had unfastened his britches to release his own cock. Jack saw the fat shaft of the man’s cock, the thick veins bulging along its length and the bulbous helmet already glistening with juices. Phillip took the shaft in his free hand, easing it up and down. He couldn’t reach Mary’s sex in their current position, and stopped fingering her long enough to seat her on the floor, kneeling in front of Jack, her mouth still working on his Jack’s cock.

Kneeling behind her, Phillip eased his cock into Mary with an effortless thrust, sliding into her tight sex. The two men were now in a position to watch each other, one fucking her, the other enjoying her mouth. Jack could feel her rhythms changing with Phillip’s thrusts, her mouth being pushed further onto him with each deeper thrust of Phillip’s cock. He felt disorientated; as the men looked at each other, it felt almost as though Phillip was thrusting in to him, so closely were the sensations matched. He could feel his head begin to swirl and knew that he was close to emptying his seed into her hungry mouth. Phillip knew from the changes in the young boy’s expression that he was close to his crisis, and he pulled out from Mary so that he could watch.

Mary moved her mouth away from Jacks cock just enough for Phillip to see the spurts of white seed erupting, sikiş hikayeleri some landing in her mouth, others on her face and throat. She had hold of Jack’s cock, controlling it, feeling it jerk under her fingers. Lovingly, she closed her lips over him again and sucked away the last few drops of his juice, giggling a little at his shivers. Jack leaned back and opened his eyes. He saw Mary, naked, still kneeling at his feet, her eyes glazed with passion, and their Master standing behind her, still fully dressed, holding his magnificent erection in his hand.

Half-dazed, he heard his Master’s voice as if from far away. ‘I think it’s time for your punishment now, Jack’.

He moved slowly towards Jack, still holding his erect cock firmly in his hand, and guided it towards Jack’s uncomprehending face. Holding the younger man’s head, he tried to ease his cock between Jacks lips. Jack, overcome by shame at this, resisting this intrusion, shook his head, but his Master clamped his hands on either side of Jacks face and forced his thick cock between his lips. Knowing that there was nothing else he could do, Jack began to run his tongue over the head of Phillip’s cock. He licked the cockhead, and then slowly ran his tongue down the shaft, trying to do everything that Mary had done to him, trying to please their Master. He could taste her on his Master’s cock, taste her juices coating the thick shaft now forcing itself ever more deeply into his mouth.

Mary watched silently, sitting close, so close that she could see the glisten of Jacks’ saliva along her master’s shaft, and see the crisp pubic hair at her Master’s crotch tickle Jack’s nose. Now determined to do his best, knowing that their future depended on pleasing their Master, Jack moved his tongue over the shaft, licking at the rim of the bulbous helmet, and down over the weighty sac. Philip closed his eyes: this boy was good, he thought, even Thomas’s practiced tongue hadn’t felt as good as this.

Slowly, Jack’s tongue made it’s way back to the tip of Phillip’s cock, and then he allowed Phillip to press ahead and ease the full length of his cock into Jacks waiting mouth. As he slid in, Jack continued to tease the shaft with his tongue, pressing it against his cheeks, teasing it with his teeth lightly until he heard his Master groan.

Phillip began slowly to pump his cock into Jack, sliding in as deep as he could get it. There was resistance at first, and Jack began to choke and gasp; Phillip slowed a little to allow Jack to get used to the feeling and then pressed ahead, wanting to bury his cock deep in this boy’s throat.

Suddenly, Phillip began to shudder and Jack knew that he was about to come. Automatically, Jack’s hands came up and clasped him tightly around the buttocks; forcing Phillip to erupt into the younger man’s mouth. Phillip let out a low groan as small white streams began to seep out around the corners of Jack’s mouth.

Jack slowly slid his mouth off of Phillip’s shaft, letting the come drip from his lips onto Phillip’s cock and balls.

He looked over towards Mary, her finger buried deeply in her sex, playing with herself as she had watched the two men in their private ecstasy. She leant across to him and kissed him on the lips, licking away their masters come from his mouth.

The two men realised that Mary needed a release-she had watched them in their ecstasy and now needed more than that, she needed to take part again, to take centre stage between the two men who drove her to heights of passion.

Phillip guided her over to his desk and laid her on it, her legs held high above her, forcing her knees back almost parallel to her chest. This position exposed her sex fully, and the dark mysterious erotik hikaye cleft of her buttocks. He could see her juices oozing from her, so excited had she been at the sight of the two men together. He ran his fingers slowly down her slit, probing gently between her engorged lips, then toyed with her tight amber rosebud, tickling gently until her ring relaxed under his fingertips.

He eased a finger into her, swiftly followed by another. She began rocking slowly trying to force deeper penetration, her need so great that she didn’t care that Jack was watching.

Jack’s excitement was growing again, his cock hardening in response to the images before him. Mary’s eyes were closed; her head thrown back and her hands were playing with her breasts, rolling her nipples between her fingers. Phillip was gazing down at her, then he looked up and over at Jack. Noticing Jack’s youthful erection, he ordered to come over to the desk. He reached down and held Jack’s cock in his left hand, smoothing down the length of his shaft. He knew Jack wanted to bury his cock in Mary, and slowly sliding his fingers from her, he guided the tip of Jack’s cock to nuzzle against the tight amber rosebud he had been ploughing, Jack knew Mary wanted this, and he eased himself inside. Her eyes flew open at the sudden sensation of fullness and she groaned in pleasure. Phillip began to play with her clitoris, knowing that this would send her over the edge into bliss. He probed delicately at the lips of her sex, and then drove his fingers inside her, matching the thrusts of Jack’s cock, feeling the wetness of heat of Mary’s velvet lined sex.

Mary was in a daze, her head was filled with a whirl of imagery, a mist of want and need and desire surrounded her, and then she felt the feeling rise from her pelvis, washing over her in a flame of pleasure. She heard, from a distance, the sound of screaming, then realised that the sound came from her throat, an animal shriek of lust and fulfilment. The two men watched as she pulled frantically at her nipples and rolled her hips to better force their fingers and cock deeper inside her until she could take no more.

Jack came in a rush, his seed erupting into her bowels in a burning flood and he slumped over her, both of them panting and slick with sweat.

Their master watched, envious of their youthful beauty and stamina. He knew that he would have to give up Mary soon; his wife had written from London saying that she and their daughter would be returning shortly after a successful season. It would be too difficult to carry on with Mary with more prying eyes around the House, and he knew that he should let her go with her chosen lover. He was jealous of Jack, that he should be given the honour of pleasuring this woman, but knew in his heart that this was right. Mary loved Jack; he had no illusions about that. Jack understood what type of woman Mary was, and that she wanted and needed sex as much as Phillip himself did.

He found it hard to maintain the illusion of a strict master as he watched them dress and excuse themselves; Jack had proved to be a surprise, throwing himself wholeheartedly into the game, enjoying the feel of a man as much as a woman and Phillip found himself wanting to plan future assignations with the couple to explore this further. He knew that he should begin to distance himself though, he had grown closer to Mary than any other woman he had had over the years and would find it harder and harder to break with her if this carried on any more. Yet he couldn’t quite find the strength to send her away; her gentleness, her sweetness contrasted so strongly with her earthly sensuality that she entranced him. May be it would be different when his wife returned and he had other distractions to occupy his time. As the young couple left his study, he held his hand to his face and inhaled the perfume of her sex that lingered there. He sighed, knowing that the end of this sweet interlude was close.

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