The Man with Magic Hands Ch. 10

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Chapter 10


Humans are an extraordinary species in a myriad of ways, but one thing that stands out is our incredibly diverse range of attitudes, desires and preferences when it comes to sex. I’m not saying that monkeys, or camels or sparrows don’t have a bit of fun in the sack (although it seems unlikely to me), it’s just that sex for 99% of the animal world is, well, kind of ‘vanilla’, if you know what I mean. For most creatures there’s an interminable amount of flirting and foreplay, following by a quick ‘wham, bam, thank you m’am’. In some cases that’s the end of it, for the rest of their lives! And in a worst-case scenario the female then eats her mate, which always struck me as rather drastic, especially for him. I’m all in favour of getting my rocks off but if I knew it was a literal ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience I’d probably be a bit more selective!

As it was, I was now entertaining about 20 different women over the course of an average month. Some weekly, some monthly and the occasional ad-hoc appointment (NB: this a technical term for “when my husband is out of town”!) What started as an intriguing, fun and care-free way of making a bit of extra cash had become a steady career.

Most of my ladies were quite lovely, and my ‘magic hands’ made it very easy to satisfy them. In some cases, I just gave them a straight Swedish Massage. Others liked me to use my fingers and hands to bring them to a satisfying happy ending. There was plenty of oral action and shagging of course, but it didn’t bother me if they didn’t want full-on sex. My attitude has always been ‘whatever floats your boat.’ I’m pretty easy-going.

But there were just a small number of clients whose demands were more complex. Amanda Clay was one of those.

I’d been seeing Mandy right from the start. She was married but her husband was something in sales so travelled extensively. He clearly made a small fortune. The house was a large detached Georgian affair set in several acres. Mandy herself was a lady of leisure or perhaps ‘lady of pleasure’ might have been more appropriate. I’d crossed paths with her gardener a couple of times, a mid-twenties, ripped Pendik Escort and rather dashing young man. He’d be leaving just as arrived and he’d grin and nod as we passed on the drive. Given Mandy’s flushed state when I entered the house, It seemed very unlikely that my massage was the first bit of ‘personal treatment’ she’d had that day!

For the first couple of weeks, I just gave her a Swedish massage. She squirmed and cooed under my hands like most women do and she clearly enjoyed it. But with hindsight she must have been testing the waters a bit. We chatted while I worked and she would describe her lifestyle. They were fortunate enough to have quite a few ‘helpers’ around the house, as she called them. There was the gardener of course, plus a cleaner, personal trainer, mobile hairdresser and chef. And it sounded like they were all youngish, and male. I guess I was being added to her cohort of personal servants (aka: harem perhaps? LOL)

“Your massages are wonderful,” she said around the third or fourth week. “I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

“Thank you,” I replied meekly. “It’s a pleasure to do it.”

“Oh, that’s certainly true!” she replied, winking. I blushed a little. Then she hesitated. “And do you offer anything else?”

I knew exactly where she was going, of course, but decided to tease her a little.

“Not sure what you mean?” I said, pausing for effect. “My gardening skills are pretty shite.”

She stared at me, momentarily confused. I grinned and leaned a little closer, whispering. “Unless it’s your lady garden that needs cultivating.”

Her eyes sparkled. “I think we’re going to get on just fine,” she laughed.

I guess this was my first true experience of what you’d define as nymphomania. She was ravenous. Once the ice had been broken, every massage would end with a vigorous shag, often in several positions. She especially liked it doggy-style and would bend over the end of the massage couch, her pert little derriere ripe and inviting. She’d turn her head towards me and give me her big, watery come-on eyes. “Do whatever you want,” she’d moan. So naturally I did, grabbing Kurtköy Escort her hips and ploughing her cunt until I shot my load into her pussy or over her arse cheeks.

Occasionally she’d usher me out of the house after our session. “Need to get ready for my personal trainer,” she”d say breathlessly. “He’s due any minute.” I doubted very much that he was booked for a short cardio session and some stretching exercises, although I guess that depends on which parts of her deliciously sexy body were being stretched. It amused me that the PT would probably be pounding a hole that I’d already stretched and filled 20 minutes ago. But then it occurred to me that maybe I’d also had sloppy seconds from one of her other ‘helpers’ earlier in the day. She’s fucking insatiable, I thought with a wry smile.

We were mid-massage one afternoon, chatting as usual.

“Rick,” she started hesitantly after a short pause. “I wonder if you’d like to explore a little?”

I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about, although it seemed unlikely that she meant some form of outbound camping trip. She must have sensed my confusion.

“I mean sexually,” she purred. “Try some new things.”

“Sure,” I chirped. “Always up for new things!” I was massaging her buttocks, one hand stroking around and down her crack into her crotch, dragging my fingers firmly across her labia. She shivered each time I touched her vulva.

“You can play with my anus,” she said, hesitantly. “If you like?”

I don’t have many inhibitions in life, and I was fully aware from my teenage porn viewing habits that anal play was a thing. Mandy was already very wet so I moistened my thumb and rubbed her anus, circling it slowly. She moaned. I pushed it in gently. There was a little resistance and then it slid through her sphincter. She gasped.

“Oooh. That’s nice,” she cooed.

I thumb-fucked her for a couple of minutes, continuing to stroke her buttocks and thighs with my other hand.

“You can lick it if you want?” She said suddenly.

Well this was new territory, I thought. But you know me – “you only live once!” I let my thumb slip out and spread Ümraniye Escort her cheeks, then ran my tongue up the full length of her crack. I was expecting some kind of musty smell, but all I got was the feint fragrance of lavender massage oil. I pushed my tongue into her hole and she groaned.

“Yes, that’s it,” she cooed. “Do that and stroke my pussy.”

In what proved to be a somewhat awkward manoeuvre, I reached round with one hand and pushed my fingers between her labia to find her clit. She was sopping wet down there so my fingers slipped easily into her vagina. I continued to push my tongue in and out of her arse in time with my fingers pumping her twat. She was writhing and moaning with each stroke. Wow, I thought. Never realised how much pleasure this gives a woman!

After a couple of minutes she turned her head back towards me.

“Fuck me there,” she said firmly. To be honest, my jaw was getting a bit cramped, so it was a bit of relief. I slid up her body and positioned my rigid cock in the crack between her cheeks. It took a few fumbling attempts to find the right spot but then I gently pushed my cock into her anus. She gasped as it stretched her sphincter and I stopped for a second to let her adjust. Then I slid into her arse.

Wow! If you’ve never tried it, I recommend you do. Mandy slowly relaxed as I started ploughing her poop chute. Gently at first and then with more force as she guided me.

“Deeper,” she groaned and I pushed into her bowels. “Oh! Maybe not that deep!” We giggled as we explored the incredible sensations of my hard cock inside her tight virgin arsehole. I noticed that she’d slipped her hand under her body and was fingering her clit as I fucked her. As we both adjusted to new positions and sensations, the heat rose and I pumped her more vigorously.

“Yes!,” she cried. “Keep going! Cum in my arse! Please!”

What a lady! I thought, and duly obliged her very polite request, squirting my jizz deep into her bowels. She shuddered, her anus clamped around my cock, and I wondered if I would ever be able to get it out again. But then she relaxed completely and I pulled out, stumbling off the massage couch on to the floor.

We lay there, puffing hard for a moment and then she laughed out loud.

“Fucking hell! That’s was something else!” she squealed. I was still panting so stayed silent. What an extraordinary creature, I thought.

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