The Marriage of Martin Hastings Ch. 06

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Chapter 06

Martin begins his journey into the strange world of marital traditions. The Three Days of Consummation have begun.

Martin was startled awake as the curtains were opened and the sunlight hit the room. He was wrist still strapped to the bedrails, he was sitting in a chair with his head on a pillow on the rail.

“Good morning Mrs. Vargos. I trust your wedding night was blissful?”

It was Leanne. She was busy about the room as she spoke to him. He squinted as the sun brightened the room. He lay his head back down and ignored her.

“Time to get up Mrs. Vargos. You have a busy day today. We have to get you prettied up and dressed. Your mother is coming to see you this morning. And what a beautiful day in the garden it is.” Leanne looked at him again.”Get up! We must get started,” she now shook Martin’s shoulder.

“Fuck off. I’m tied to the damned bed,” he said half mumbling his words. Martin yelped as Leanne pulled his head up by his hair.

“Oh no you don’t, ” she said undoing the wrist restraints. “We’ve got much to do.”

After releasing his hands, she told him to bend over and undo his own ankle straps. Martin bent to release his ankles from the bedrails. His butt was so raw and tender. He winced as he bent over to undo the straps. The site of his legs encased in white stockings, and the peeptoe high heels with his red toenails straining to get out of the shoes, brought back all the reality of the previous day. His feet and toes ached from being perched in such high heels overnight.

“OK, Stand up and let’s get you undressed,” she said pulling the nightie over his head. He pulled off his heels, per her instructions and he then removed his garter belt and stockings with the dried semen on them.

“Turn around,” she motioned and she removed his bra for him. The impression of the bra straps was left under his arm and around his back as she removed it. .

“That’s good,” she said looking at Martin standing there naked, hair a teased up mess, makeup smeared, and his nails all painted red.

“I’m assuming you need to go to the bathroom first,” she smiled as she showed him the way.

“I can go by myself, thank you,” he said as he tried to walk past her.

“No ma’am. You can’t. I will go with you to make sure everything is taken care of,” she smiled.

“It’s OK Mrs. Vargos. I’ll only be a bystander.”

“Get away from me,” he hissed. Leanne grabbed his arm and pulled him over to the large window looking out over the back of the estate.

“See that quaint little cottage out there?” she pointed to a small 10×15 building about 200′ from the house.

“See it? All the pretty flowers around it?” she asked again more pointed.

“Yeah. What about it,” he said trying to focus his eyes.

“That Mrs. Vargos is the equivalent of your wood shed,” she said looking at him.

“That is where you are to be “Persuaded” if it comes to that,” she paused so he could take it in. “You don’t want me to take you out there, ” she lectured him. “You will cooperate with what I say,” she looked out at the shed with him.

“Like hell I will,” as he pulled away from her.

“Let me explain it to you just this once Mrs. Vargos. All I need is for you to cooperate with me. I am a woman and I can’t manhandle you. I just want to do my job.” She looked at him.

“Understand? If I say you need to be disciplined….You will be disciplined. If security is needed to drag you to the shed or secure you once there, five strokes will automatically be added,” She smiled.

“Now Mrs. Vargos, you may object to anything I do. You can cuss, scream, even call me names, though I would hope you wouldn’t, as long as you sit still and let me do what I must do,” She looked at him as he stared out the window.

Leanne walked over to the nightstand and picked a board that was leaning next to it. It was 3″ wide and 1/2″ thick. It was 24″ long over all. The board was painted a bright lacquered pink, and the name Marcia, in large letters was engraved down it’s length on one side.

Martin was stunned at the willingness to use force of this type just to make him cooperate with their little project. He stood there completely naked becoming more and more distressed.

“I’m really tired Leanne. If I could just go to the bathroom and then get a little sleep…..”

“NO. Over here to the end of the bed. Hands on the rail and bend over and put your chest on the rail.” she walked over herself.

Martin moved toward the bed defensively asking, “What have I done now?” He acted insulted but continued. “I will do it,” he said like nothing was out of the norm.

“Hands on the rail ma’am.” Leanne nodded as Martin gripped the rail and slowly bent trying to look back at her as he did as she pushed him down.

“Mrs. Vargos, I have decided to give you a taste of the paddle so you will know what awaits you when you resist me. The cane is not used when the Baron is around as it leaves marks. The paddle is the main instrument, that will……..”

Martin interrupted, “Just xhamster porno shut up. I don’t need a history on how my ass is to be beaten you Bitch,” he said as he turned away.

“SMACK!!!!!” Leaanne had pulled the paddle back and hit Martin almost as hard as she could.

“OWWWWW!!!!!” Martin went right to his knees grabbing his ass with both hands.

“You CUNT!” He grimaced from the intense stinging and burning sensations now in his butt cheeks. “That hurt. I hope your enjoying your sick game,” he hissed at her.

“Now, Stand up,” she said. Martin grabbed the rail to pull himself to his feet. “That was just one. I promise you no less than ten, if we go to the shed. Understand now?”

She held out a pair of pink 4″ spike heel pumps. “Put these on,” she said as he took them. Martin raised his foot up and slipped one of the heels on then the other.

“So is this how your husband dresses for you on those romantic nights in your house? You have him wear high heels?” he said using a degrading tone.

“No Mrs. Vargos. My husband doesn’t wear women’s clothes,” is all Leanne said to his remark. She pointed at the treadmill.

“Time to do your morning walk ma’am.” Martin looked caught off guard.

“I thought I was going to the bathroom first?” he looked at her.

“I’ve changed my mind,” she pointed the paddle at the treadmill. “Get on.”

“You’re sick,” Martin sneered at her as he stepped up on the treadmill. Martin stood there naked in his pink high heels.

“Arms straight down at your side. That’s it. Palms facing the floor. Fingers straight out, spread your fingers.” Leanne posed herself how she wanted him.

“Now one foot directly in front of the other as you walk, like this,” as she pranced in a small circle in front of him. Leanne turned the machine on and it slowly put Martin to a slow gait. “KEEP THOSE ARMS STRAIGHT,” she yelled.

Martin looked at her. “Bite me,” he scowled.

“See this?” she said holding up a large black butt plug. “This is part of a reward system for the treadmill.” she grinned.

“Why would I want that for a reward. You’re nuts. You really think I want that up my ass. Fuck off,” he gasped as he pranced even more.

“You don’t understand how it works. If I have to, I will put this in your ass Mrs. Vargos. You will then walk properly, the way I say, and for as long as I say. The reward will be, when you have completed your walk, to my satisfaction, the plug will then be removed. Not a second before.” she smiled.

“Now, put those feet in front of each other as you walk. DO IT!! she snapped. “Point those toes as you step,” she insisted. He glared at her, his anger showing. He hissed at her,

“Suck my dick,” he hissed again.

“Oh my! Mrs. Vargos, I can’t do that, You’re a married man,” she smiled as she accelerated the pace.

Martin was moving his arms frantically back and forth to keep his balance in the high heels. Martin’s anger subsided into humiliation as the full length mirror that was attached to the treadmill directly in front of him showed a desperate young man, wearing pink high heels, completely naked, his dick flopping as he hustled his walk. His red fingernails out to his side made for quite the image. Martin continued the walk, his feet aching in the high heels. His shins burning from being perched up on his toes. And most of all he was now sweating and breathing heavily.

“Leanne….. Slow this down. I can’t do this.” he gasped.

“You’re fine Mrs. Vargos. Keep walking.” She was getting things together for Martin’s hair.

Martin’s walk had a slight swing in the hips to it now, as he pointed his toes as he stepped letting his hips loose to keep his balance.

“Move your shoulders a little with your arms, ” she encouraged him. “That’s it. Now. That’s so much nicer. See how easy it is to keep that plug out of your ass,” she said as she turned the speed up a little more.

Tears of frustration ran down Martin’s face.

“Is everything OK Mrs. Vargos?” she asked seeing the tears, holding the butt plug so he could see it.

“Slow it down Leanne………’s too fast.” he whispered trying not to burst out crying.

“You look very sweet walking like that Mrs. Vargos. I think it’s a nice pace for you. Keep your head up,” she coached him.

“That’s it. OK dear, another 10 minutes and we’ll get you off that thing for today.” Leanne stepped out of the room for a moment.

All Martin wanted to do was set down when the treadmill stopped. His legs ached from the walk in the high heels. He was breathing heavily as he was taken to the bathroom. Leanne turned him around with his back to the toilet.

“Well? Sit down,” she said pushing down on his shoulder as he sat on the toilet seat. Leanne was messing with his hair while he sat there not able to pee.

“I can’t pee with you standing there,” he said

“Get over it Mrs. Vargos,” she said taking a couple of bobbi pins out of his hair, from the night before out of his hair.

“C’mon. Just give me a minute,” yaşlı porno he insisted. Leanne looked at him.

“Can’t pee with me in here?” she said obviously losing her temper a bit. She had grabbed his ankle and spread his feet apart, leaving each high heeled foot flat on the floor. She then took his penis and stuck it between his legs into the toilet. He flinched at her touching him so abruptly. She then pushed his knees together and made him stick his arms straight out and rest his hands on his knees. She cupped his chin and raised his face to look at her.

“Now you set there just like that. Don’t you dare move.” She snapped his head back when he tried to look away.

“Look at me. I want to hear you peeing in that toilet.” she glared at him now. “Anytime,” she said as she turned the water on in the sink. The sound of running water made the urge to pee stronger.

“Mrs. Vargos. If we are going to have this problem every day with you using the bathroom, I swear I will put you in a diaper, and we will bypass the bathroom for you all together. Understand?” she was agitated with him for sure.

“Now, look at me.” Martin did with an attitude of his own. “It’s time for your morning tinkle,” she said smiling.

There was a stare off that lasted a couple of minutes, then Martin slowly lowered his eyes as the sound of him peeing into the toilet now filled the room. He was physically relieved, but so humiliated being made to pose like some bimbo taking her morning tinkle. Martin was required to pat dry his penis with toilet paper. He looked at her.

“Are you happy now?” He said sarcastically at her.

“Yes. We will have a couple of assistants help with your bathing needs Mrs. Vargos. I will shampoo your hair and get you set in curlers first.” she said leading him from the bathroom.

“Oh great. I can’t wait.” he said following her a little reluctant.

Martin was led back to the room with the styling chair. The straps hanging limp waiting for him to be seated. Leanne shampooed Martins hair and wrapped a towel around his head before leading him back to the chair. Martin was still naked wearing the pink heels as he took a seat. Leanne pulled a strap around his waist and buckled it behind the chair.

“What’s the deal. You afraid I’ll fall out of the chair?” He watched her fastening the straps.

“Do you have to strap me in this damn chair every time?” he said while she strapped his legs and arms to the chair.

“You have to be strapped in the chair Mrs. Vargos,” she said putting a plastic cape around his neck and taking the towel off his head. He tried to turn his head against her, but she grabbed his hair and yanked his head back straight ahead.

“Oww! You work for me. Stop being so rough.” he spat out.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Vargos. I’ll try to be more gentle with you,” she said smiling at him in the mirror. She turned the chair around and began winding rollers in Martin’s hair.

“What’s with this roller thing? You going to roll my hair every day?” he asked as rollers were being wound tight on his head and pinned.

“Yes ma’am. Everyday. Your hair must look it’s best for social functions and foundations you will be working with. So, yes for the most part we will do this each day,” she said as she pinned another of the brush rollers in his hair. He looked at the pink high heels he was still wearing, as the back of his head was set in rollers.

“When the Baron is out of town on business, we will have a little more time for hair prep. Most of your social events will be luncheons, so you will be done by 2:00 on most days. I can shampoo and set your hair in curlers before I go home, and it will be ready to be styled in the morning when I get here,” she was rolling the sides now.

“You plan on leaving me with curlers in my hair overnight? You expect me to sleep in these things? C’mon Leanne! That’s 14 hours a day in curlers. Get real!” he looked up in the mirror, but she kept on working.

“That’s right. It’s a lot, but until you are able, and willing to set your own hair in curlers at night just before bed, you will have to endure the extra time in curlers that results from me doing it.” She patted his head.

“There…….done.” She placed her hand on his forehead and pushed his head back till he was looking at the ceiling.

“Now just relax.” she said as she dipped her fingers into a jar of cold cream and began spreading it on his cheeks. She applied the cold cream heavily over his entire face. He looked at himself in the mirror. His face a solid mass of white cold cream with the eyes and lips the only real visible features on his face, and his hair in curlers.

“What are you doing?” he asked as he watched her put away the cream and wash her hands.

“I’m about to call in the two assistants in to bathe you. They are not allowed to see your face during the consummation period. I thought the cold cream would be more comfortable for you than putting a pillow case over your head and taping it. Besides, I think cold cream works just fine,” she aldatma porno said removing a bit of cream off his ear with her finger.

He looked away. “I guess bathing myself is out of the question since I can’t even piss by myself.” he huffed. Leanne gave a little chuckle.

“Just for the consummation Mrs. Vargos. After that you may bathe alone or with your husband, however you want.”

“Stop saying that,” he said with anger. “Don’t call that man my husband. OK!” he looked up at her through the cold cream. “I’m not his wife. I’m a man being held against my will. You are forcing all this on me, and I don’t like it.” he hung his head as he shook it back and forth.

She bent over and removed the pink heels he had used for his walk. “Can’t be seen wearing any color yet either,” she grinned as she put the shoes away.

“I’ll bring them in now.”

Leanne went to the door and opened it.

“You may come in now,” she said.

A young man and woman entered the room. They were both younger than Martin, seemed to be in early twenties. They seemed to know their job as they went straight to the tub and ran the water. Martin was unstrapped from the chair by Leanne and he stood up. Leanne removed his cape leaving him once again naked in the room. He was taken to the tub where he was asked to step into the water.

Martin glared at the two that were waiting for him He stepped in and stood in the tub. He was sponged down by the pair and made to hold his arms out and spread his legs. The man was soaping Martin’s legs as the girl did his arms, shoulder, and back. As Leanne watched for a moment, Martin jumped as the young mans hands attempted to soap Martin’s crotch.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Martin looked at him.

“I’m sorry ma’am, just doing your bath. Did I hurt you?” he asked.

“Let her do that,” he nodded at the girl.

“Mrs. Vargos!” Leanne chimed in. “Let him do his job.”

“I don’t need a guy handling my dick,” he said, his cold creamed face looking at her.

“He’s washing you. Stand still. We don’t have all day here,” she gave him a look.

The young man again approached Martin’s hairless crotch with a bar of soap and rubbed between his legs, under his testicles and finally around Martin’s penis. Martin stared at him trying to make him feel uneasy, but using his hands he had Martin’s penis and testicles soaped up and was stroking on the limp thing to get it clean.

“You enjoying yourself you little faggot?” Martin spit out.

“Mrs. Vargos! That is not appropriate, and is uncalled for,” Leanne scolded him. “You want that bar of soap in your mouth when he’s done?”

“He’s playing with my dick.” he was angry.

“He’s bathing you.” she insisted.

“Looks like he has soaped it up and is jerking me off.”

“Mrs. Vargos. That’s enough. You can’t be jerked off, you aren’t capable of an erection. I assure you this is for your personal hygiene purposes only.” She stared him down.

Leanne turned her back to do a few things.

“You bastard!” Martin said under his breath as the young man held Martin’s dick up and rapidly stroked his large, limp, dick and massaged his balls as if he was trying to masturbate him. Both he and the girl giggled as he continued till she finished soaping Martin’s body.

“Fuck you both!” Martin said as he just stood there and allowed them to have their fun.

Martin jumped when the guy soaped between his butt cheeks, but he just stared off again. Martin felt deeply humiliated as the dried cum was being witnessed and cleaned form his butt cheeks. Martin was now all soaped up. Each assistant took an arm and helped Martin to sit in the tub. Martin laid back and tried to relax, but he was too tense. They brought in the dress he was to wear on a rolling rack. It was all white of course, as he was not yet allowed to wear any color, everything was still white except for his nails. His undergarments and then the mask was brought in and set on the vanity. It was on a Styrofoam head. Martin stared at it from the tub. Leanne looked the garments over as Martin was sponged by the two assistants. He tried to ignore them, like they didn’t exist, but he couldn’t help making eye contact off and on with them. They had pleasant smiles on their faces as they worked. He hated them already.

“Ok Mrs. Vargos. Please stand and step out of the tub.” Leanne wrapped a towel around him and took him back to the chair.

“I’ll call you two back when the mask is in place. Thank you so much,” she said to her assistants.

“Ma’am, have a seat.” Leanne held out her hand. She removed his towel just before he was seated. Martin sat down and once again the straps were fastened on the chair. Leanne cleaned the cold cream off his face and quickly lathered his face with shaving cream.

“Be very still now.” she said. She took a straight razor and shaved Martins face. Martin was very nervous during the shave, his red painted toes curling under each time the razor pulled across his face and throat, only to relax again as she wiped the blade.

“We’re almost done Mrs. Vargos. I just want to do the back of your neck right quick.” Leanne lathered and shaved the back of his neck. She pulled the razor across the the dark brown spots on his neck. Hickeys, courtesy the Baron. Leanne smiled to herself as she looked at them. Martin didn’t notice.

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