The Massage

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Melinda walked into the Day Spa in Salem, Massachusetts to see about getting some relief from her arduous 4 hour flight from Texas. She tells the attendant at the front desk that she needs a deep tissue massage and was quickly ushered to her room. The smell of patchouli incense attacked her senses and gave her quick flashbacks of several of her erotic encounters, exciting her body, as it was the same incense she used in her bedroom. Looking around the room, she notices what spears to be a small peep hole in the wall. The shift of light in the hole tells her that she is being watched.

She starts to undress and notices the dark nipples on her 34B tits are erect and sensitive from the voyeur display that she is giving. Her excitement is confirmed as sure removes her panties and sees a wet spot from her already dripping pussy.

She quickly glances at herself in the full length mirror, several tattoos adorn her light Hispanic skin and her silky black hair cascades below her breasts to the bottom of her rib cage.

No sooner than she climbs aboard the table there’s a soft knock at the door.

“Come in” she says.

“Melinda? Hi, I’m Jay.” Says the cute guy that walks into the room. His light blue eyes smiling at her, causing her pussy to dampen even further. “So what are you looking for today?”

“Your dick inside my pussy.” She thinks: “A deep tissue massage, please” She says as she sprawls out, face form into the table.

“Normally I play some light instrumental mood music, but that just doesn’t seem like your style.” Jay says as he puts a cd into the player.

Melinda’s ears are rewarded with the first few chords of Poison’s “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”.

Jay is explaining the steps he’ll go through during the course of the massage but Melinda is not listening, all she is focused on is Jays hypnotic blue eyes, the tattoos poking out from his short sleeved shirt on his tanned arms and the nice package he seems to have in his pants.

Jay turns away to apply some warmed oil on his hands and Melinda gets a nice view of his shapely ass, exciting her more. Jay turns back around and starts to rub the knots and tension out of her shoulders from the long flight. The towel covering her is lowered to expose more of her back so he can massage her shoulder blades and the relaxation of her muscles is having an exciting feeling in her loins. Jays hands start to work the sides and middle of her back and Melinda is trying to will Jays hands to slip on the oil and fall between her ass and thighs.

The cd switches to KISS’ “Forever”.

A soft moan escapes her lips and Jay asks “Feels good huh?”

Being lost in the moment, Melinda didn’t quite hear and rolled over unthinking “Pardon?”

Jays porno hikayeleri eyes go wide as he see he pert tits with the eraser hard nipples. Realizing her front is exposed; Melinda quickly covers up and lays back down. When Jay returns to the side table to reapply more oil to his hands, Melinda notices the bulge developing in the front of his shorts.

Jays starts kneading the muscles of her calves and is amazed at himself, he has done easily 100 massages and has never had the least bit of arousal, but this exotic beauty seems to be having quite an effect on him. When he moves higher and starts to rub the muscles of her thighs, a moan and a sigh escapes from her again. From his vantage point, he can see under the towel to her steaming sex and suddenly he can hear his heartbeat drumming in his ears.

Warrants “Heaven” starts to play.

“Can you hear me?” Melinda thinks, “We ARE in Salem, a place of magic. You must hear my thoughts. I want you. I need you. I want you to oil me all over and take me and fuck the shit out of me.”

Sliding her towel back up higher on her, Jay stammers “Um… You can uh…. Ya know… Roll over”

Melinda smiles at Jays obvious nervousness, and rolls over.

Jay starts to work the muscles on Melinda’s shoulders again from the top. The heat of his hands on her already sexually aroused skin causes her blood pressure to rise and pussy to dampen further, even though she didn’t think that that was at all possible.

By the time Motley Crues “Without You” plays, Melinda is so turned on that she can’t take anymore. She reaches up, grabs Jay by the back of the neck, pulls him down and plants a deep kiss on Jays lips. Caught off guard, Jay gives a muffled gasp and soon lets his tense initial reaction soften and lets Melinda kiss him.

After a few moments, her grip on the back of his head lessens and Jay is able to stand more upright.

Realizing what she had done, Melinda starts to blush slightly and says, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know what came over me”

“It’s fine.” He says, trying to hide the bulge in his shirts that has become noticeably bigger.

An awkward silence hangs in the air as they stare into each other’s eyes. The heat and passion burning in Melinda’s eyes is obvious and just land back in and kisses her, this time snaking his tongue into her mouth. Melinda is now lost in his kiss and starts to suck on his tongue, pulling him back in closer.

Jays right hand slides down her body and cups her drenched pussy through the towel, causing her to moan into his mouth.

Moving his body around to a better position next to the bed, Jay uses his left hand to grab a handful of Melinda’s hair, while leaving farther into their kiss. Breaking their kiss and sex hikaye pulling her hair back, Jay buyouts his face into the nape of her neck and begins to nibble on one of her many erogenous zones.

The cd switches to Cinderella’s “Nobodys Fool”

Standing up quickly; he whips the towel off of her to reveal her amazing naked body. Pouncing again onto her, Jay takes her left nipple into his mouth sucking it eagerly, while again cupping her shaved pussy, pressing his palm firmly onto it.

“Unh… Oh yes” she moans, feeling the electricity rocket from her tits to her pussy and back again.

Jay easily slips a finger into her sopping wet hole and feels the heat of her insides. Switching to her other breast, he nibbles on the erect nipple, while inserting a second finger into her.

Jay curls his fingers and brushes the tips against Melinda’s G-spot causing her to arch her back and moans deeply as her first orgasm floods her body. Her juices gush from her pussy soaking his invading fingers and running down her ass, pooling beneath her.

When Great Whites “Save Your Love” begins, Jay slides Melinda farther down the table and props her feet near the edge, bending her knees, opening her up wide. Leaning down into his elbows, he takes a long lick along the entire length of her pussy making her breath in sharply. Using his thumbs, he opens her lips to see the glistening pink inside as he buries his face between her thighs. Pushing his tongue deep into her hole, he tastes the sweetest nectar he has ever tasted in his entire life. Sucking her clit into his mouth and trapping it between his lips, he starts to flick it rapidly with the tip of his tongue, sending shock waves through Melinda’s body again.

“Oh fuck that feels so good. That’s it, suck my clit. Harder. Oh god. You’re gonna make me cum again. Unh. Unh. Unh. Oh god, oh god, oh god. I’m… I’m… I’m coming.”

Melinda grabs Jay by the hair behind his ears and pulls his face in tighter to her pussy as the first wave of her orgasm shoots through her body. Her vision goes dark an instant before fireworks blind her as she experiences thee most mind blowing orgasm she has ever had.

With her hands grabbing handful of hair behind his ears and her thighs clamping down on the outer side of her hands, Jay has his mouth and face drenched in the geyser of pussy cum that explodes from Melinda’s cunt, which he readily drinks down. Not letting up on any of his clitoral simulation, Jay feels her body start to go into orgasmic convulsions.

After a few minutes, she has come down from her euphoria enough to sit slightly up and smile at the gorgeous man that had given her the most wonderful orgasm she ever experienced. Pulling him up towards her, she wraps her seks hikaye arms and legs around him and again kissing him deeply. Grinding her wet pussy against the bulge in his shorts lets him know that she is still ready for more.

They break their kiss long enough for her to pull his shirt up and over his head. She reaches down and pushes his shorts down over his hips, releasing his rock hard member. Not wanting to waste any time, she guides him to the entrance of her steaming pussy, and digging her heels into his ass cheeks, jams his cock into her up to hilt. The two both gasp loudly as their coupling explodes their senses and they just state into each other’s eyes.

Slowly, Jay starts to pull out of her dripping snatch, almost all the way, before slamming back in with a satisfied grunt. Quickening the pace, Jay pounds into Melinda’s pussy, his heavy balls bouncing off of her still wet ass.

Wrapping her left arm around Jays neck, Melinda leans back onto her right hand and grinds her pussy up and down while he pistons in and out.

Pushing her farther back onto the bed, Jay mounts her, pulling her legs around his neck to get deeper in.

“Fuck, you’re so tight. Your pussy feels so good wrapped around me” he groaned.

Melinda slides her legs down and wraps them again around Jays waist, fucking her hips upward to meet his thrusts. Starting up at his beautiful face, she ironically is thanking the plane ride for being so stressful. She reaches up and pulls his face down to hers to kiss him fully and deeply again.

Whitesnakes “Is This Love” starts to play.

Jay lifts her up and flips them around so Melinda is on top, riding his cock. She starts to grind her pelvis on him, rubbing her clit against him, feeling his cock nestled deep inside her. The feeling for both of them is pure heaven and feels so natural.

Jay takes hold of her breasts while she is riding him and starts to knead the flesh while using his thumb/forefinger combo to pinch the already sensitive nipples. The extra stimulation is too much for Melinda and her third orgasm of the hour starts to rock her body.

“Oh, oh, oh. Fuck me, I’m Cumming again. Right, right, right now….” She screams.

The wave overtakes her and her body starts to spasm again, inside and out. The clenching of her pussy muscles are too much for Jay and with a grunt and a push up with his hips, he empties his seed into her willing hungry pussy.

Collapsing onto him, Melinda tries to catch her breath, still feeling the fullness if him inside. As her eyes scan about the room, she notices a shift of light in the peephole and realizes that their coupling was watched, exciting her more, causing her pussy the spasm again.

Feeling the tightness around his cock again, squeezing more semen from him makes Jay grunt again.

“So, how long are you going to be in Salem? Is there anything else I can do for you while you’re here?”

Melinda just smiles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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