The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 22

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 22

Ursula’s Tales — Part 2

The feel of her father’s powerful cock plunging in and out of her, the scent of his aftershave, the grip of his hands on her fleshy hips, all of this combined to drive Ursula into a panting, gasping frenzy of an orgasm.

“Oooohhh, aahh, oooohhh, Dadddyyyyy!” Her cries of climax echoed in her father’s living room. He had her bent over the arm of the sofa, the very same sofa where twenty years before Reginald Killibrew had first taken his only daughter as his lover. In the years since, father and daughter had mated on a regular basis.

“Oooohhh, yes! Daddy, yes!” Ursula begged as her father continued to drive his ever ready manhood deep into her from behind. Ursula was a 41 year-old university professor at Regal Bay, nearing her 42nd birthday, and the mother of an adult son. Yet still she went to her father and became a young woman for him and his insatiable lusts time and again. Her father made her feel beautiful, desired, and sexy. Emotions few men ever displayed for her.

Ursula wasn’t an ugly woman. She was just plain by any standard. She was a bit chunky, though not really fat. Right at five foot tall, she appeared heavier than what she actually was. Combined with the fact that her breasts, which were a hefty 37ee-cup, rode high on her chest (thanks to the expensive bras her father bought for her), Ursula gave one the impression of a stout woman. Her butt was round and firm, a feature her father likened to her late mother. Reggie often told his daughter how he enjoys taking her from behind because it gives him the thrill of once again having her mother with him.

Even as she trembled through her orgasm, bent uncomfortably across the arm of the sofa with her feet an inch above the carpeted floor, Ursula knew her father was thinking of her mother, and that was fine with her. Giving herself over to her father’s sexual needs had never really been about her needs or their incest, but about his undying love for her and her mother.

“I love the way your pussy vibrates around my cock, Panda-poo,” her father panted as he worked his long shaft in and out of her. “I can feel your muscles rippling up and down my entire shaft.” He slowed his pace until he was barely moving within her. He held himself deep for a long moment, and then slowly withdrew until only his head remained wedged inside her opening. He looked down to see the glistening juices she had left along his shaft. He also saw the winking brown ring of her anus. He felt a craving to pull free of her cunt and ram himself hard and deep into her guts, but again he held himself back. Reggie had never sodomized his daughter, in all of the years they had been lovers. Nor had he performed the filthy act with his wife before. It was an act he considered disgusting and degrading, and reserved for the whores he paid for up by the truck stop.

“You make me feel so beautiful, Daddy,” she purred. “Oooohhh,” Ursula moaned as he slowly fed his length back into her, until she felt his heavy, hairy scrotum press against her clit nub once again.

“And you make me feel so alive, Panda-poo,” he replied. He stroked his rough, rugged hands across his daughter’s round ass and halfway up her naked back. He took hold of her long, dark hair and pulled ever so gently. She turned to look back at him, a smile on her lips and a sparkle in her eyes. She had climaxed on his manhood once again, and the beauty of her features in the afterglow made his heart skip a beat. She looked so much like her mother in those precious moments, he thought.

Reggie’s cock twitched and his balls tightened after a final thrust into his daughter’s warm depths. “Uuuunnngggg!” he growled as his orgasm hit him. Growing ever weaker with age, his cock nonetheless pulsed within his daughter’s vaginal grip and deposited its thin load. “Ooohh, that’s it, that’s it. Take Daddy’s cream,” he moaned. He dug his fingers into her hips and held himself tight to her for the minute his cock throbbed and spit. When it had passed, Reggie sighed deeply and stepped back, his cock already withered and limp as it fell from Ursula’s slot.

“I’m going to grab a shower,” he told her as he gave her ass a caress and then bent down to kiss her on the cheek. “I won’t be a minute.”

Ursula eased herself from the arm of the sofa as she watched her father stagger towards the hallway to the bathroom of his small house. She dropped into the sofa, sitting bare-assed on the fabric while pulling her bra back into place. She hefted her breasts back into the cups and then tugged her sweatshirt back down as well. Her slacks and panties remained on the floor where her father had dropped them after stripping them off of her. The television was on across the floor and the evening news was into the sports segment. It had only been just over fifteen minutes since she’d arrived at her father’s house, having stopped by on her way home from work.

It was the start of another work-week, escort hikayeleri Monday evening, and her father would be heading for the bowling alley soon. It was something of a ritual for them these days. She’d stop in after work on Monday evening on her way home, and her father would take her, usually in the living room. These meetings weren’t for her, but for him. She usually got off, though. She nearly always did when her father’s cock was working her over.

Ursula was working on giving up cigarettes, but still felt the urge after having sex. She retrieved a Marlboro Light from her purse and lit up, blowing the smoke up towards the slowly turning ceiling fan. Her cell phone rang a moment later.

“Hello?” she answered. She had recognized the number, but it wasn’t one she had expected.

“Ursula? Hi, it’s Pam.” It was her friend, Pamela Walker. Pamela was an English teacher at Regal Bay High School and often they would discuss curriculum or courses of study that would assist high school students who were looking towards college. Usually, they would meet and talk over coffee on campus. “Do you think we could get together this evening?” Pamela asked. “I’ve got some things I need to talk with you about.”

“Anything serious?” she asked.

Pamela hesitated. “Not really serious. Nothing work-related, either. It’s something more personal. I’d really like to talk to you about it.”

Ursula was suddenly concerned for her friend. She knew that Pamela was having issues at home, with taking care of her invalid husband taking its toll on her. Like Ursula, Pamela also had a young adult son, and it was possible he was giving her problems as well, she speculated. “Sure, I can meet you. Where would you like? Do you just want to come over to my house?”

“No, no. Let’s meet at Starbucks, for coffee,” Pamela insisted. “I really need to get this off of my chest, Ursi.”

“Well then, tell me now,” Ursula insisted. Her father had finished his shower and walked past wearing gray sweat pants. His thick chest hair, going as gray as his pants, still glistened with dampness. The swing of his manhood beneath the loose pants was obvious as he walked, and she knew he was going commando. She wished he’d just walk around the house naked, if only for her benefit.

“I’d rather not,” Pamela said. “It’s really too personal to talk about over the phone. We need to be face-to-face, I think.”

Ursula checked the time. “I guess I can head there, now.”

“That would be fantastic,” Pamela replied. “I’ll see you there, in about fifteen minutes?”

“I’ll see you then.” Ursula hung up and told her father that she was leaving to meet Pamela. He was in the kitchen, fixing himself a bowl of cereal. Her father had taken to eating more cereal of late, even for dinner.

“Alright, you go take care of your friend,” he told her. Watching from the counter as he ate, Reggie had his eyes on his daughter as she pulled her underwear and slacks back on. She liked him watching her, whether she was stripping for him or dressing afterward. Still, she was worried about her friend and only gave her father a quick kiss before heading out.

The drive to the only Starbucks in town took Ursula past her own house. She saw her son’s eight-year-old hand-me-down Chevy Malibu sitting in the driveway. A check of the dashboard clock showed it to be nearly five o’clock. She’d only been off work an hour, she realized. Normally, she would be pulling in to park beside his car and heading inside to start dinner. However, as she drove past, she made a mental note to give Freddy a call when she got to Starbucks to let him know not to wait for her, to go ahead and make himself something.

As usual, the parking lot was packed as the after-work/after-school crowd stopped in to socialize over a cup of one form of coffee or another. Ursula managed to find a spot further down, in front of a Kinko’s, and walked back. She found Pamela sitting outside at a small umbrella-shaded table. She already had a tall cup of coffee in front of her, thick with foam.

Dropping her purse into the free chair, Ursula touched Pamela’s shoulder and said, “I’ll just go grab something. I’ll be right back.” Five minutes later, with her Latte Blanco in hand, Ursula rejoined her seemingly distraught friend.

“What I’ve got to tell you,” Pamela began, “I don’t want it to affect our friendship. I don’t really want to say that I made a mistake, but sometimes I feel that I did.”

“You’re beginning to worry me, Pam,” Ursula replied. Both women sipped at their drinks, an awkward silence between them as the din of voices all around them seemed to place them on an isolated island. Finally, Ursula said, “Whatever it is, Pamela, you don’t have to worry about me. I won’t be upset with you, if that’s what you are worried about.”

Pamela set her coffee down and looked hard into Ursula’s eyes. Ursula noticed then that Pamela’s usually grey eyes were somewhat gaziantep escort hikayeleri darker, and the lids looked puffy, as if she’d been crying. “I really don’t know how to say this, but I guess the best way is straight out.” She took a breath. “I’ve been seeing your son Freddy for a few months now. And by seeing him, I mean, we’ve been having an affair.”

Ursula gasped. She was shocked. Of everything her friend might have said to her, this was the absolute last thing she would have ever imagined would come from her lips. She didn’t know how to respond, let alone what to say.

Seeing the look of utter disbelief on Ursula’s face, Pamela continued. “It was entirely my fault. I went looking for…something. I don’t know. I posted a profile at one of those on-line dating sites. I was shocked that I even got an answer. We chatted, exchanged e-mails and the like. Eventually, we made plans to meet at the motel out by the truck stop. I swear that I didn’t know it was Freddy I was flirting with on-line until he opened the motel room door.”

Pamela paused, waiting for Ursula to say something, anything, before continuing. “I guess I should have stopped myself, right then and there. Instead… oh god, I’m so sorry Ursi… Instead of backing out, I let my emotions take control of me. Rather, I let my libido get the better of me.”

Pamela was very near to tears as she related, with shadowed detail, how she and Ursula’s son had first made love together, and then continued on with their affair in the weeks after.

Ursula had yet to reply when Pamela moved on. “I know it was wrong, but damnit Ursi, it felt so good, and I really needed what Freddy had to give me. It made me feel so much better, about myself and the feelings I have for…” Pamela stopped herself short. Pamela sipped at her coffee and then said, “I need to tell you something else, but I really don’t know how.”

“You’ve got something else? Something even more shocking than fucking my son? What the hell could that be?” Ursula responded in a low, quivering voice.

Pamela made a quick glance around to insure their conversation was only between them before she continued. “That first night, Freddy said something to me, something I found very shocking, and yet now that I think about it, it was there all along.” Again she paused. “Freddy called me “Mommy”, several times in fact, as we made love. He was imagining that he was making love to you, Ursi. He told me so, after.”

Again, Ursula was shocked speechless. Pamela continued. “And at some point, I called him Johnny. Ursula, I called your son by my son’s name as I climaxed. Oh, shit shit shit shit shit! Ursula, I wanted so much for Freddy to be my Johnny in that moment! I wanted it to be my own son giving me an orgasm, Ursi! Having Freddy there made it so clear to me. And you know what, Ursi? Do you know what I did? I finally got up the courage to do it.”

Pamela drank coffee, and then continued when Ursula didn’t reply. “Freddy told me, one night after, you know, that Johnny had talked about it with him. Freddy told me that if I wanted to, all I had to do was tell him, to tell Johnny, that I wanted to. And I did it. I went to Johnny one night, and I told him, and we made love, Ursi. I made love to my son, and it was the greatest thing I have ever done. Oh, god, Ursi! I had sex with my own son!” Pamela gulped at her coffee then, her hands shaking as she held the cup. She had a tear rolling down her cheek, but she was smiling in her eyes, Ursula noticed. She wasn’t ashamed of having had incestuous sex with her son. She was ashamed that she’d had sex with Ursula’s son.

“Did you say that Freddy wants to have sex with me?” Ursula asked, again in a hushed voice. Pamela nodded in response. “I can’t believe it,” she said, rejecting the idea. “Freddy would never think like that. I don’t believe anything you’ve said, not about Freddy!”

Ursula was furious, mostly at Pamela for even considering having an affair with her son, but also insinuating that her son would think about having sex with her, his own mother. And yet Freddy was at the same age she had been, when she had first given herself to her father. Ursula loved her son very much, as much as she did her father. And Freddy didn’t have a father in his life, a man to take care of his mother’s needs. Just as her father didn’t have a woman there to take care of his needs. And as Ursula fulfilled that role for her father, was Freddy to fill the very same role for her? Ursula loved her son very much, even more than she loved her father. Could she love him in that way, she asked herself?

“I can’t believe you had sex with Johnny,” Ursula admitted a moment later. “What were you thinking?”

Pamela smiled. “I was thinking that if I can get laid in my own home, that if I can get laid by a hot young stud, then why shouldn’t it be with my own son?” Pamela leaned forward and added, “Johnny really knows how to escort gaziantep hikayeleri get me going, too. I can’t remember George ever getting me off so hard, or so many times.” She licked her lips seductively then, giving Ursula a shiver.

After a moment, Ursula asked, “Are you suggesting that I might want to give Freddy an opportunity to have sex with me? That’s ridiculous!”

Pamela shrugged. “Maybe you could start with Johnny? I think he likes you and with Freddy and his being friends who obviously talk, I wouldn’t be surprised if it hasn’t already been discussed between them. I wouldn’t mind you having my son once or twice. It’s only fair, since it was Freddy that turned me. Why not have my son turn you?”

Ursula was shaking her head. “I can’t believe what you’re suggesting, Pam!” Ursula gasped. “I don’t want to have sex with your son, or anyone’s son! Especially my own!”

Pamela reached out and placed a hand on Ursula’s. She asked, “So, you’d rather just have sex with your father, is that it?”

Ursula nearly exploded. Her face went beet-red in that moment, out of shock and rage. “Where did you hear that?” she asked in a hushed though insistent voice.

“Freddy told me,” Pamela answered. “He’s known for some time that you’ve been having sex with his grandfather, your own father. He told me that he’s been spying on you for years now. Why do you think he wants to have sex with you anyway? He’s been watching you and jacking off to you since he first started getting hard, or so he told me.”

Ursula was now getting mad. Mad at herself, her son, and her friend. “This is all bullshit, Pamela! I’m going!” With that, she stood sharply and grabbed her purse up from the floor at her feet. She didn’t look back, nor did she dispose of her cup. She left it on the table for Pamela to take care of as she raced out of the patio area and headed for her car.

Freddy had left by the time Ursula arrived home. He had texted her at some point during her meeting with Pamela that he was called in to work and wouldn’t be home until late. Somewhat relieved, since she had no idea how should would be able to face her son knowing what she now did, Ursula made herself a microwave diet plate dinner and sat in front of the television to eat it. After “Wheel of Fortune” had finished, and not feeling up to watching any more television, she showered and went to bed. With her conversation running repeatedly in her mind, it took more than two hours before she finally fell asleep.

The next day was equally as stressful for Ursula. Tuesday’s were her heaviest workload, with three morning and three afternoon classes scheduled, as well as an English Department staff meeting at five in the afternoon. So it wasn’t until nearly seven in the evening that Ursula pulled her blue Toyota Prius to a stop in her driveway. Her son’s Malibu was there as well.

She was aware that Freddy only had a couple of morning classes scheduled for Tuesdays and with the stormy weather they had been experiencing most of the day, he must not have been needed out at the Golf Club. He had texted her earlier in the evening to inform her that he would be staying in that night, basically letting her know that he would be home for dinner. Ursula had stopped at the grocery on her way home from work, and carried the three bags in from her car. Freddy was sitting in the recliner, watching television, with a beer in hand. He was only twenty, but as he was only weeks away from his birthday Ursula didn’t forbid him drinking a beer or two at home.

As she walked past, she had to wonder how her little boy had grown up so fast. And with all that she’d learned over the past 24 hours, seeing Freddy in a new light was unavoidable. “Hello, dear. How was your day?” she asked.

“The usual,” Freddy responded. He tossed back the last of his beer and followed her into the kitchen. “Let me help, Mom,” he said.

“Thanks,” she responded. Even though they lived together, they seldom talked, and it would appear that this was going to be a similar evening, she thought, even though they had so very much to talk about. Freddy put away the milk and cheese slices, and then retrieved a fresh bottle of Michelob Light beer from the refrigerator. He popped the cap and headed back into the living-room. Ursula put the rest of the groceries away in the cabinets, and then retrieved a bottle of beer for herself. Dinner could wait until she’d relaxed a little, she thought.

Joining her son in the living room, Ursula settled onto the couch to relax and watch a little television. Her son had the History Channel turned on, and a documentary entitled “Sex in the Bible” was playing. She was surprised and just about retreated to the kitchen. Instead, she took a deep drink of her beer and watched the program with her son. They didn’t talk until a commercial came on.

“What would you like for dinner?” Ursula asked Freddy as she got up and headed for the kitchen, and a fresh bottle of beer.

“Anything’s fine,” he replied. “I’m not really all that hungry.”

Concerned, she asked from the kitchen, “Why? What’s wrong? Are you feeling okay?”

Freddy had also finished his beer and replied, “I’m okay, just tired I guess. It’s been a rough week, at school and work.” He got up as his mother returned to the sofa and passed her by on his way to retrieve another beer.

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