The Mechanic’s Apprentice

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Ok 5:30. Time to pick up the car from the mechanic.

The thought makes your heart pound. You’d planned this moment. Left it until closing time so you could get Sean on his own. Put on that tight singlet under your work blouse (the latter you planned to remove) so you could be certain he was paying attention. You also picked a nice short skirt. God, I’m like a teenager sneaking out of the house with my slutty little skirt stuffed in my bag. You laugh at yourself. What am I playing at? Still, you can feel the tingling between your thighs at the thought of him squeezing your nipples between his firm fingers, pushing you up against the hood of the car, feeling his arousal…

Ok, let’s go. Before you leave the office you slip your knickers off and stash them in your bag. Won’t need these, you giggle. When you get there, you find his apprentice at the front desk dealing with some customers, and your heart sinks. Shit, suppose it’s the vibrator again tonight. You wait in line behind the last few late arriving customers. They seem to take forever, always asking questions, trying to show off their car knowledge. You’re the last in line. By the time you get to the front you’re bored as hell.

“Where’s Bostancı Escort Sean,” you ask, casually.

“Oh he had to go early,” says the apprentice, looking up from behind the desk. Hello, you think. Nice eyes. Good lips. Clean hands… Must be about 18 or 19.

“That’s too bad”, you say adjusting the strap of your singlet. You do it instinctively, like flirting is part of your DNA. The apprentice’s eyes flick almost imperceptibly to your hand, and you adjust your footing so that your breasts jiggle ever so slightly. The apprentice coughs and looks down quickly at your receipt and starts to read out what’s been done on your car. “It’s no good,” you say. “I don’t understand that stuff, you’ll have to show me.”

“Show you?” he asks nervously. “Ah, ok I guess,” he says. “It’s still in the shop. Come through.”

You follow him through the door behind the desk into the workshop, taking the opportunity to check out his ass. Not bad. The apprentice opens the hood of your car and begins to explain things that you haven’t the slightest interest in. But you lean forward to look at the engine from the other side of the car as he’s talking, feigning interest, cleavage Anadolu Yakası Escort in full splendour. The apprentice looks up at you and stammers mid flow. He looks awkward.

Virgin, you think. 100% This is getting better all the time. “What’s this thing over here?” you say, leaning further over and pointing at some random part of the engine. He must have a pretty awesome view now, you think.

“Where?” he says, moving around beside you. “Oh that’s the carburettor. Mixes the gas with air so it burns nice and hot.”

“You don’t say. And what about that,” you say, pointing at some other nameless piece of dull grimey metal. Your forearm brushes against his.

“That’s the oil pump,” he explains. “Forces oil under pressure into the engine.”

You squeeze in front of him now, leaning into the engine, making sure your ass pushes into his groin. You can already feel his arousal and you push yourself more firmly onto him.

“And what about that,” you say, grinding your ass against his stiffening rod.

“Aaah,” the apprentice hesitates. Come on for fuck’s sake, you think. Finally he clicks into gear, instinct taking over from inexperience. He puts both hands Pendik Escort on your hips, pushing his now rock hard cock against you, surprising you with his size. My lucky day, you think. His hands move around to your tummy and then up inside your singlet. He’s breathing so deeply now. Tentatively he slides his hands upwards taking both breasts and squeezing, finding your hard nipples.

“Drop your pants,” you command, breathing heavily, and turning to watch as he fumbles with his belt. His pants drop to the floor and you hold up your hand. “Wait.”

You grab the front of his trunks and stretch the waistband, reaching in to grasp his impressive cock. Jesus, you think. Hope he’s got stamina to match. Still holding him, you turn back around and lean once more over the hood of the car. With your other hand you pull your skirt up at the back, glad that you’d taken off your knickers before you got here. You position him at your dripping wet opening.

“Now be a good boy and fuck me. Don’t stop until I tell you to.”

He actually says “yes ma’am,” which makes you laugh to yourself. Then the laugh turns to a gasp as he thrusts his full length into you, thumping you up against the car.

You’re driving away 15 minutes later, satisfied that both you and your car have been fully serviced. That apprentice is a fast learner you think, replaying the scene in your mind. His come still drying on your thighs as you find yourself getting wet all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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