The Meeting

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She sped along the busy highway. Top down, music blasting, the wind whipping her hair. It was times like this that made her feel free. Free from the responsibilities and pressures of everyday life. Today was not like any other though, she felt reckless, nervous, excited, even wild.

“This is crazy!!” she thought, smiling and shaking her head. She was on her way to meet “him”. He had been her confidant, her friend, her mentor, her fantasy lover. She felt as giddy as a school girl with her first crush, but hungered for him as only a woman could. They had started as pen pals, then progressed to phone friends, sharing each others joys and triumphs, sorrows and heartaches.

Sex had enter the conversation on more than one occasion with innuendoes and promises of wild passionate love making. Her body ached for him, anticipation coursed through her veins like liquid fire. She wondered if he felt the same.

She would find out soon enough, she thought as she pulled into the parking garage of the airport. His plane was due in 30 minutes. She wanted to be waiting at the gate when he arrived. Hurrying through the terminal she barely noticed the admiring glances and smiles she received. She had carefully dressed for the occasion. The short denim skirt and high altyazılı porno heeled sandals made her legs look long and sexy. On impulse she decided not to wear a bra under her white snug fitting tank top. She could feel her nipples straining against the fabric with every step she took. Sexy yet casual, she hoped he’d approve.

He looked for her as soon as he stepped off the plane. Searching the crowd, scanning the strangers for that one familiar face. He saw her before she saw him. His blood stirred at the sight of her, the pounding of his heart became deafening as he gazed at her. He was already so hard from the plane ride over, all he had thought about was her and how much he desired her. Now there she was, in the flesh. Not only would he hear her sweet voice but he would also feel her sexy body. He hurried toward her ignoring frowns and grumbles as he pushed through the crowd. When she saw him her face lit up and a dazzling smile came to her lips. No words were spoken as he took her in his arms and kissed her. Holding her tight, he pressed his body into hers, not wanting to let her go. She was the first to break the embrace.

“Come on,” she smiled “let’s get your bags and get out of here!” Hand in hand they walked to the baggage claim. Struggling mobil porno with the other passengers he hurriedly looks for his luggage. Frustrated in more than one way, he guides her to the back of the crowd. Wrapping his arms around her waist, drawing her against his chest, as he backs into corner.

“We’ll wait here for a bit.” he whispers close to her ear, before caressing her neck with his lips. A soft moan escapes her lips as she presses her hips into him, feeling his rigid manhood nudging her backside. Cautiously looking around, she slips her hand behind her and rubbing his hardness through his pants. His hand, which was on her leg, rises to caress her buttocks. A growl rumbles from deep in his chest as he realizes she is naked beneath the thin denim fabric. With out hesitation his hand goes between her legs, finding her very wet and so hot.

Her breath catches in her throat as she feels his fingers at her honey spot. Nervously looking around, her pulse racing, she wonders how much longer he will continue this torture in public. As if to answer he inserts two fingers into her pussy, pressing upwards before adding the third. Her legs tremble from the intense pleasure, she looks around and is convinced no one has noticed. Slowly he moves sex izle his fingers in and out, feeling her muscles stretch as her juices coat his hand. Her breathing is light and shallow as she focuses all her strength on her legs, determined not to give into the urge to go down on her knees.

He had only meant to hold her close, to smell her loveliness, as they waited for the crowd to disperse. He should have known that he wouldn’t be able to control the urges that overwhelmed him. Sliding his hand over her smooth silky skin, gently coaxing her thighs apart, he was not surprised by the moisture he found at the entrance to her love tunnel. Entering her with his fingers, he can feel her tremble, tiny shock waves of pleasure running through her system. Gripping her tightly about the waist, preventing her legs from collapsing beneath her, he strokes her quivering pussy, reaching deeper with each upward thrust.

She closes her eyes and bites her lower lip, her body begins to tremble as his fingers continue pumping into her, harder and further with each stroke. Her hot glove greedily grasps at his fingers as her muscles start to spasm uncontrollably, her juices filling his hand and running down her thigh. Shakily she leans back against him, he supporting her weight as she recovers from the orgasm. As her breathing returns to normal she turns to him and places a soft kiss on his lips, excusing herself to the ladies room. On the way she giggles to herself, this is going to be a week to remember!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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