The Meetup: A Few Hours Later

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Running water sprayed from the showerhead onto the man and woman below. Soap running over their wet bodies in rivulets down to the tile flooring to circle in the drain. Their lips were locked, arms entwined, both lost in each other’s embrace. It had been an amazing evening as this had been the culmination of months of talking, flirting, and sexting. The last 4 hours saw them having the most incredible sex either had had in a while. Fucking and enjoying the pleasure of each other at long last. Even now, as their tongues swirled in each other’s mouths, the heat of their passion began to rise again. She could feel him, his hard cock pressed against her as he held her close, his hands cupping her ass. One of his hands began roaming around and up her thigh, his fingers finding purchase on her clit. She gasped as he began rubbing it softly, kissing her neck at the same time in a way that made her knees want to buckle.

“Oh my god stop!” she said breathlessly, as she pulled his hand away and stepped back out of his arms.

“But I want you one more time.” He said looking at her lustfully.

“Look”, she said smiling at him with her cute smirk, “as much as I would love to have you bend me over and fuck me right here, my husband expects me home soon and I’m already cutting it close.”

“I know”, he said almost petulantly. “I have to call my wife soon as well and check in with her but I think we can spare a few more minutes.” Having said this, he closed the short distance one more time to kiss her only to find her hand up, palm out on his chest, gently pushing him away.

“Sorry, but I have to go get ready”, she said with a giggle as she opened the glass sliding door and stepped from the shower into the steamy bathroom.

He watched through the glass as she grabbed a fluffy white towel from the hook and began drying off her body, studying the way the water droplets ran along each curve as she ran the towel along her legs, and arms and across her back. “God you’re so sexy!”

“You’re just saying that cause you want to fuck me again,” she said teasingly. Looking back at him, she winked and then loosely draped the towel around her waist as she faced the brightly lit mirror. She opened her purse and began laying out the various makeup utensils she had brought along with her. Sighing in frustration he shut the water down in the shower and stepped out, closing the glass door behind him. Grabbing bursa escort his own towel he began drying himself off. Unbeknownst to him, she watched him in the mirror as she was starting to apply her makeup. She smiled as she watched him run the towel through his short cropped hair and along his chest, stopping to dry his shaven balls and cock, still still semi hard like a flag at half mast. He walked up behind her, placing his strong arms around her and kissed the back of her neck. Pulling her close, his hands began running up her thigh one more time as he whispered in her ear “are you sure you don’t want this again?”

Though he didn’t know it, his attention was definitely having the desired effect. She could feel the heat rising up from her groin and knew she was starting to get wet again. Still, she steeled herself, and playfully elbowed him in the ribs. “That’s enough! Get out of here you horny bastard” she said in mock frustration.

Laughing to himself, he grinned and stepped back rubbing his side. “Fine!” I’m gonna go lay in bed and wait for you to finish. With that, he turned and walked out leaving her alone to finish applying her makeup.

A few minutes later, her face freshly painted, she ran her brush through her hair one more time to ensure it was in place and collected her makeup to place it back in her purse. Turning around she walked out of the bathroom into the main hotel room to find a very interesting site! Looking over she immediately saw him, laying on his back in the middle of the large bed, legs slightly spread apart, chest heaving. His eyes closed, he moaned softly to himself while his hand was wrapped around his thick cock. He was slowly working his hand up and over the bulbous head, then back down again to his balls, moaning a little bit more each time. “Just what do you think you’re doing?” she asked in shock.

Eyes popping open he looked at her and grinned. “Well, as you just said, I’m a horny bastard. You have to run. So I figured I’d take matters in my own hands so to speak.”

She shook her head in exasperation. “And you couldn’t do that after I left?”

“Nope!” he said with a wicked smirk. “I figured I would give you something to think about on your way back to your husband.” Through this whole exchange, he continued to slowly work his hand around his hard veiny shaft. Shaking her head again, she walked across the room to the table bursa escort where she had placed her clothes at some point. She picked up her black lace thong and put them on, pulling them up and over her hips just right. The whole time she watched him from the corner of her eye as he continued to rub his hand along his shaft, stopping just below the head to rub the sensitive underside, bringing more soft moans from his lips.

“Oh he’s definitely putting on a show for my benefit.” She thought to herself. “God that is hot though! I mean, it’s one thing to see it on camera, but seeing it in person? Fuck!” Once again she felt the heat rising from her loins, and reached down to trace her pussy over the lace of her panties feeling the fact that she was starting to soak through them. She couldn’t stand it any longer. All of this was too much for her. She wanted to cum so bad with him, but at the same time, she had just done her make up and her hair! That’s when a great idea suddenly came to her.

“God damn you.” She said in mock anger. “Fine! I guess we have time for one more little game.”

Sitting up in the bed, he beamed in excitement. “Oh? Are you going to come over here and fuck me then?”

“Nope. I’m not going to touch you.” She said with a smirk. With that, she pulled over a chair close to the side of the bed and sat down upon it. Spreading her legs she started tracing her finger over her wet panties with one hand while using her other hand to squeeze one of her breasts, rolling her nipples between a finger and a thumb with a soft whimper. “Do continue.” She demanded of him.

Seeing her intention, He grinned wide in pure bliss and moved to sit up on the edge of the bed facing her. Watching her hands move across her body, he grabbed his cock again, and began pumping it up and down a little faster. “Fuck yes baby!” that is fucking beautiful.” His words were like music to her ears, and she slipped her fingers under the waistband of her thong and began rubbing her clit in time to the pumps of his cock, pulling them aside for his benefit so that he can see exactly what she is doing. Her breath immediately went heavy and she began to moan softly as her fingers worked her little rose bud.

Seeing her wet shaven lips and watching her fingers dance over her swollen clit, he started pumping a little faster. He worked one hand up and down the shaft, timing bursa eskort himself now with her fingers as she was doing with him. With his other hand, he reached down and started massaging his heavy balls while moaning louder. “Oh god you look so good doing that! Rub that clit for me!” He said with an almost growl in his voice.

Locking her eyes with his, she followed his instruction and began rubbing her wet clit even faster. She then spread her legs wider and placed two fingers inside. Curling them inward she started pumping her fingers in and out with a wet squelching noise as her juices began dribbling down her inner thigh. “Oh god yes! Don’t stop.” he moaned and started working his fist fast and hard along his thick cock. Suddenly he could feel his balls tighten as a familiar sensation began to build within. “I’m going to cum!” he announced. “Come over here and kiss me.”

Once again she followed instruction, and stood up while furiously rubbing her clit. She leaned into him still sitting on the edge of the bed and kissed him hard on the mouth, one hand on his shoulder for support. With that kiss, he began moaning loudly and she felt his body tense up. He then suddenly pulled the waistband of her panties forward as he grunted loudly. She felt his hot sticky cum splash onto her fingers and down her bare pussy into her panties. She started rubbing his cum into her clit and her own orgasm, which had been slowly building, hit her hard. Rocking through her body as she moaned loudly. Her knees nearly buckled underneath her so she held onto him as he finished shooting his load into her panties.

“Oh my god you ass!” she said, again in mock anger. She walked over to the table where her clothes were at and she could feel his cum squishing on her pussy as she walked.

“You know you wanted that!” He said teasingly. “Now you can go home and kiss your husband with my cum on you”. She laughed and began dressing herself. He watched from the bed as she put her bra on and then dropped her light dress over her head, pulling it down to its full length so the hem rested just above the knees. The whole time, she was cognizant of his cum stuck to the inside of her soaking panties. She walked over to him still sitting on the edge of the bed. “I have to go. I’m going to be late now as it is.”

“I know” he said almost mournfully. “I will be in town for work for a couple more days. Will I see you again?”

“Maybe. I’ll make sure to text you this time” she said with a giggle. With that, their lips locked and they shared one final kiss. With a smile and a wink, she walked out of the door of the hotel room, leaving him to wonder if he would ever see her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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