The Migraine Cure

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I shut the door to my little room and turned off the lights. Shit! The throbbing in my head was coming back full force and I tried to massage my temples, trying to ease the pain. I knew it was a futile attempt but still I had to try. The pills I took five minutes ago hadn’t kicked in and I cursed under my breath. Outside, I could hear the nurses shouting.

“Where is Dr. Mackayla? Should we shift the patient into the theatre?”

“I saw her go into her room. I think her migraine’s acting up again.” Somebody answered in a softer tone.

Fuck! There was no way I could put off this surgery. The patient had acute appendicitis and I was the only surgeon in the building at this time of night. I should’ve sent the patient away to another hospital but I’m pretty sure the Chief Surgeon would literally disembowel me with his bare hands if I’d done that.

“Never turn down an emergency case, Mackayla. I don’t care if you are dying. The patient’s life is more important and who knows, if you save his life you might even end up in heaven if you die soon after the surgery.”

The Chief Surgeon had a very morbid sense of humour.

Maybe I could inject myself with Tramadol or maybe even Morphine. Nobody cares if I’m as high as a kite while I perform the surgery as long as it is successful right? Plus, I know I could perform an appendectomy in my sleep. So, doing it while stoned probably wouldn’t hurt. Right?

The door opened and light streamed in showing me a silhouette of a person standing there. I whimpered as the bright light hurt my sensitive retinas. Fuck you, pain causing stranger!

“Dr. Mackayla, are you alright?”

The soft voice belonged to Dr. Robin, the anaesthetist. I screwed my eyes shut as I replied.

“Dr. Robin, I need a favour,” I croaked out.

“What do you need?” he asked, concern lacing his tone.

“Can you please shut the door?” I whispered.

He quickly complied and I heard his careful footsteps come closer. After he settled on the chair beside me, I felt his hand rest on my shoulder and squeeze comfortingly.

“Talk to me,” he said in a quiet demand.

“I need you to inject me with morphine,” I stated while clutching the sides of my head. Why won’t this headache disappear? Stupid brain vasculature!

Robin cleared his throat.

“Do you often take drugs before a surgery?” he asked in the clinically neutral way, we doctors use to address patients.

Did he think I was an addict? Shit!

“No!” I yelled and then groaned.

“I have a migraine and my usual medication doesn’t Kurtköy Escort work. I need something stronger. Please help me!” I pleaded. I was well beyond the point of caring about my reputation. I just needed this pain to go away. Preferably now.

I heard him move his chair closer and felt his arm encircle my shoulders, gently pulling me into his embrace. I hoped he wouldn’t notice the tears on my face but I’m sure the thin blue scrubs he wore would easily absorb them. My shame would be painted across his chest. My inner monologuing was confusing my pain addled mind.

“I cannot give you opioids for your pain.”

“But I need to do this surgery! His appendix might rupture and-“

“Shh!” He quieted my rambling by placing a finger on my lips.

“There are other ways to mitigate the pain of a migraine,” he stated calmly but I could sense some hesitation in his tone.

“What is it? I’ll do anything!” I cried out, clutching at his scrubs.

“My friend who is a neurologist mentioned this to me. Apparently, an orgasm is quite effective in curing migraine pains,” he explained in that even tone of his.

I was speechless. An orgasm? How was I bring myself to an orgasm just a few minutes before a surgery? I can’t even think properly much less fantasize while masturbating!

“I’m not sure if I can do it.”

“I could help you,” he offered.

I thought about it. I was a single, 30 year old woman. Hookups were no big deal in my book. But I usually kept my professional life away from my personal life. Plus, I knew Robin was in a serious relationship.

“I can’t ask that of you,” I said.

“Nathan will understand if I said I’m helping a fellow doctor,” he stated. Dr. Nathan, his boyfriend was a General Physician. With Robin’s blond hair and dazzling green eyes and Nathan’s dark hair and smouldering brown eyes, the two were the star couple of the hospital that everyone fawned over. All the women, including myself, had secret fantasies about having sex with either of them or sometimes with both of them. I wouldn’t lie. I was tempted. But I also didn’t want to get in between their relationship.

“Nathan won’t mind. I’m helping a friend in need. If I let you perform a surgery in a drugged state of mind, your license will be revoked. You are too good of a surgeon and I won’t let that happen to you,” he said firmly.

I was still hesitant and the drums pounding in my head weren’t helping me think.

I was suddenly lifted off my chair and placed on Robin’s lap. My legs were on either side of Maltepe Escort his so that my crotch was firmly in contact with his overly excited penis.

“I thought you were gay!” I blurted out without thinking. Oh, sue me! I’m in pain!

Dr. Robin chuckled.

“Nathan and I are bisexual and we both have been eager to find a woman to complete our relationship. We were discussing about you just this morning. I said that you will be the one and I was planning on talking about it to you today,” he said and ground himself against my parted legs. I could feel the blood rush to my vagina and my graphic mind provided me with such an image. I wasn’t sure if it was useful to imagine how turned on I was getting by his words. My fantasies were coming true.

I traced my hands up his chest, to his neck and into his hair. Positioning his head the way I wanted, I brought my lips closer to his and captured them in a kiss. I pulled back.

“I would love to talk more about this later. But for now, I want you to fuck me hard!” I growled and he groaned.

“I knew you were meant for us!” he growled as he viciously kissed me back, taking control. All our reservations flew out the window and we were pawing at each other, desperately holding each other like we were each other’s life support.

He pulled the scrub top over my head and I did the same with his.

“Wish the light was on,” he grumbled.

I wished it was too but the bright lights hurt too much. Instead, I let my hands feel the planes of his hard body and visualise it in my mind. He was doing the same to my body and his big, warm hands covered my mounds and he squeezed. I moaned and he searched for the clasp at the back and pushed the bra off. He buried his face between my breasts and he kissed his way to my nipple. He lapped his tongue around the pink nipple and suckled like a babe. The sensation was shooting shocks of pleasure to my core and I cried out. I rocked my hips against his hard on, hoping to find some relief. He bit my nipple in reprimand and I hissed.

“Don’t make me come before I’m buried deep inside you, you temptress,” he growled as he lifted me up and pulled my pants and panties down. The cool air caressed my sensitive cunt and I shivered. But Robin wasn’t done torturing me yet. He pulled me closer and kissed my bare mound. I sent a silent prayer for the presence of mind to shave last night. He parted the lips of my labia and I felt his warm tongue lap at the vaginal juices.

“I told Nathan you pussy would taste sweet,” he mumbled to himself Tuzla Escort and continued to taste my juices. I held onto his hair and tugged at them.

“Please! I need you in me now, Robin!” I cried out when I felt his finger probe my sensitive walls.

“Impatient woman! But you’re right. We have to hurry this time,” he said sounding frustrated and I trembled imagining how he was going to torment me in the future. I still couldn’t believe that these two handsome guys wanted me!

When Robin tugged my hips, I pushed back the day dream I was in. He brought my hands to cover his cock and I was surprised to feel the length of it. Perhaps it is true that gay men have bigger cocks. I traced the veiny ridges and wiped the precum off of its tip. I tasted it.

“Mmm. You taste good as well,” I said cheekily.

“You naughty minx. You deserve a spanking for tempting me like that in the dark,” he groaned.

Not willing to waste any more time, I positioned his dick and slid onto it. We both groaned at the contact and I felt like this was absolute perfection. None of my previous lovers had ever filled me so perfectly. I kissed him again and I felt his hands find their way to my large breasts. He seemed to be quite taken with my globes, squeezing and rubbing circles over my areolas. I rode his cock and he also met my thrusts with his own. His warm hands traced their way down to my ass and I felt his fingers trace my asshole.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“Darling, you didn’t think we’ll have a threesome and never double penetrate you,” he chuckled and continued exploring uncharted territory. He continued to rub circles around the hole, trying to relax the sphincter and slowly plunged one finger in.

“Fuck!” I cried out as my orgasm hit me without preamble and I felt sparks of pleasure shoot up my spine. I could feel my vaginal walls clamp down on his engorged, leaking dick and I felt his own orgasm as he shot his warm cum into my wanton pussy. I held onto Robin, experiencing aftershocks from the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had.

Robin chuckled.

“I knew you were an anal whore,” he said with a laugh.

“Shut up!” I swatted at his chest. Perhaps anal sex wouldn’t be too bad.

“Doctor Mackayla? The patient is ready for surgery,” a voice called out.

“I’m coming,” I shouted back.

“You already did,” Robin snickered like a school boy.

“Dr. Robin, we need to go right now. We will most definitely continue our previous conversation after the surgery,” I informed him trying to sound collected and professional. Not that it worked.

“I agree Doctor. I eagerly await the long detailed conversation in our immediate future,” he stated and swatted my ass.

I ignored his teasing and quickly got dressed.

“How is your migraine?”

“It’s gone.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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