The Mistress Ch. 10

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May 20, during my daughter’s game break, I went out to get food. I noticed Emman’s van. He was there waiting for me.

“What are you doing here, Emman?”

“I want to watch your daughter play. I’m going to record her game so you have a souvenir, Joy.”

“Wow, that’s so sweet of you, Emman. She’s on a game break right now. Do you want us to get a take out?”

“I have food here, Joy. Let’s eat here in the van.”

We shared chicken Caesar salad and Coke. We’re feeding each other while talking about what had transpired the previous night.

“You made me horny the way you ate that banana this morning, Joy. Care to do that to me?” He asked after eating.

“I’ll give you a pleasurable moment after my daughter’s game, Emman. She’s got another game break after this. Come on, let’s go, it’s time.”

He was on the other side of the volleyball court while recording my daughter’s game so he could catch me on camera as well.

The game finished quickly since my daughter’s team won 2 games in a best of 3 match.

The next game would start in 15 minutes so Emman and I hurried to the parking lot and got into his van.

I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I was tracing his penis thru the fabric of his briefs. I was massaging his entirety until I could feel its wetness. He took off his pants and briefs up to his ankles and I started licking his tip, his shaft, and massaging his balls. When I was about to put his penis inside my mouth, his cellphone vibrated.

Lorna texted him saying that she’s got a vertigo attack.

Emman pulled my hair to get me off him.

“Joy, Lorna needs me. I’m 1.5 hours away. I have to leave now.”

He opened the door frantically without saying another word. I got out feeling so sorry for myself. I felt like a whore, like Hugh Grant’s whore that he just picked up on the street, gave him a blowjob until the police caught them. Good for that whore, at least she got famous.

Teary eyed, I went to the washroom and stayed there for a while. How could he treat me that way? He put me on a pedestal and then dropped me in a snap of a finger.

When the games were over and the girls were all settled in at the hotel, I wrote Emman a note:


I don’t think you’re ready to leave her. I’ve told you it was okay to be your FUBU, to be the 5th best in your life, next to Lorna and your kids. You’re the one who wanted to get serious and told me that I’d be your only one. You made me fall for you. I should have backed out…I should have backed out…we shouldn’t have started this in the first place…Go back to her. She needs you. Pretend we didn’t happen. I just don’t know what excuse you’re going to say if she noticed that your wedding ring is missing. GOODBYE.

I sent it at his work address thru snail mail.

May 21, the entire team flew back to Winnipeg jubilant since we took home the gold. While everyone kept on chattering, I was staring by my window holding back tears.

May 22, he must have received my letter as I got countless texts, emails, and voice mails full of his cries and begs. But just like with his phone calls, I just ignored them all.

Voice mails:

Please talk to me or text me. I love you, honey. It’s only in your arms that I felt true love. It’s like heaven when you hug me. Now it’s all but a dream because I’ve hurt you. I need you now and forever. I need you to know that you’re the only one I truly love. All I wish is to be with you again.

Mama, honey, I miss you so much, Joy Talan. Joy Talan, where are you? Please text me back. I love you.

Hi, honey. I miss your sweet voice. I really miss you. I love you. Please call. You’re the one that God gave to me. You’re the answer to my prayer so all through time and each moment you’d be the one Escort Bayan Esenyurt I’ll love. You are the light of my world and half of my heart. No one would ever replace you even for half a second. There’s only you, now and forever. From now on you’ll be the cause of all my actions. If there’s a future that I am looking forward to, it’s because there’s you. Forever is not enough to love you each moment again and again.

I’ll wait for you forever. I miss you so much. I won’t give up, honey. I love you. I hope our memories are still alive in you.

Hi, honey. Good morning. I love you so much. I can’t sleep. I’ve been crying. I hope to see you again. I’ll never tire calling you…texting you…leaving you voice mails…emailing you… I came to realize that I’m now alone. I’m still in pain. I know I’ll be happy with you. This time I will offer you all my love and time.

Hi, honey. Good Friday morning. I miss you so much. I want to hear your voice. My life started to change when you came back. I’d wake up each day feeling alright because I knew you’re just right by my side and made me feel things would work out just fine. I needed someone like you in my life. Now there’s an empty space in my heart. I’ll never forget how you brought the sun to shine in my life and took the worries and fears that I had. It’s not everyday that someone like you comes my way. No words can express how much I love you.

Hi, hon. Hi. I’m sorry. Where are you? Please text back. My love is only for you. I’m loving you once because once is forever. Please listen to my begging heart. I promise you, you are the only one. My love is only for you.

Hi, honey. I love you so much. I love you forever. This is for you.

He’s singing Forevermore (Side A).

As long as rhythm is everywhere, I’ll keep on singing songs for you. As long as music is still within my heart, I’ll be with you. I will stay with you forever. For whatever it takes don’t ever think that I’ll lose faith.

Hi, honey. Please call. Please. I’m sorry. Or text me back. Please. I’m sorry. I miss you. Please don’t be mad at me. Sorry for what I did. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please call.

Honey, please call. Please. Please. Honey, please. Sorry.

Sorry, honey. Please. Please. I can’t sleep. I’m sorry. I always stare at your photo every time I’m alone.

Hi, honey. It’s me again. I forgot good night kiss. Tsup. I love you. I want you to know that my heart is shouting for you. I dream of loving you and to be with you for the rest of my life. You’re the only thing that’s missing in my life. I hope you still want to be with me and to love me. I’ve waited for so long hoping that I’d be given a love that’s true and unfading.

Good morning, honey. I love you. Lots of kisses. Have a good one.

He’s singing Always On My Mind (Michael Buble).

Hi, honey. Good morning. I love you. I’m sorry. Please call.

He’s singing The Best Of Me (David Foster).

Good morning, Joy. I love you very much. I hope to be able to make up for all my shortcomings.

His texts:

Please wait for me, honey. You know I’m just preparing myself. You know it’s us against the world.

I love you, honey…I miss you…your lips, your touch, your body…

I love you. Can’t stop thinking about you, even for a moment can’t get away from you…I miss you so much truly…

I can’t concentrate on my review… you’re on my system…can’t live without you even in my mind, dreams, thought…

I really love you, Joy…even if our situation is hard…you’re the best thing that happened in my life…I never felt this love so intense with anyone but you…I love you till I die…and to the next life…sorry if I’m a bit emotional…

I really want to Escort Bayan Avcılar hear your voice, honey. Please answer my calls.

I miss you so much. I love you very much, Joy! You can count on me now…I’ll change for the better…I’ll devote all my time to you…

I want you so much…

I’m so in love with you, pumpkin, love you every moment…miss you every second…

I love you truly…deeply…madly…

Please don’t make me cry…I can’t help but cry…I’m just here in the van…Please text me…

Sorry, if you think I’m shallow…if it’s about us…I can’t help but cry…

I need you, Joy…I want you, Joy…I miss you, Joy…I love you, Joy…

Hoping to be with you again…

I miss you so much. Wish we could be together again…

I can’t sleep, hon. Please talk to me. I miss you so much. I love you, Joy.

Teary-eyed…wish I’m with you…

I love you, Joy! I won’t give up on us…From now on, I’ll appreciate and cherish your love and affection…everyday I’ll show and express my love and gratitude to you…I’ll devote my time to you…

Good morning, hon. I love you so much. Please answer my calls.

Please answer my calls, pumpkin…I love you…

I need you…I want you so bad…wish we’re fucking here…

I love you…I promise to make you happy every moment…near or far…

I’m yours, hon, truly…I’ll make the most of your time when you’re here…don’t worry…I love you…Please dissolve all those fears… I’ll change for the better…

…you’re a part of me…half of my heart…you’re with me and in me…

…can’t sleep, can’t eat, always thinking of you…

Aside from his ignored phone calls, texts, voice mails, and emails, he had chocolates and flowers delivered at my work. The flowers went straight to the trash bin, the chocolates given away. With no exaggeration, I received those everyday for three weeks. That’s how Emman was just to win me back. With the money he spent on those, he could have just bought a plane ticket and flown here.

June 12, I got a Skype group invite from my university classmates. When I got home, I was hearing my eldest talking on speakerphone. The voice on the other line sounded familiar. It’s Emman’s. It seemed like they’re talking about setting up Skype on Emman’s computer. Aha! Maybe he got an invite as well.

“Tell your mom I love her very much.”

“She’s here. Wanna talk to her?” My daughter said while looking at me.

I shook my head.

“Oh, I thought it’s mom, but it’s not. She’s not home yet.” She fibbed.

It’s the reunion of WEJAIL and JAJA’s and those who could not make it were sent a Skype invite.

After 23 years, no one has changed. They’re still a-swooning over Emman. No one knew that he and I reconnected.

“All these years I’m still hurt because you left Emman, Joy,” Wil confided. “What would have happened then had you ended up together?”

Emman was just there smiling. His eyes were obviously tired from crying, but they thought that he just woke up.

Then they noticed that when Emman would seem like texting, I’d look at my cellphone as well. They suspected that we’re texting each other and that something was going on between the two of us. They realized that I didn’t seem interested.

“Emman, you have to move on.” They kidded.

We all Skyped for about 4 hours then said our goodbyes.

So now, Emman had another way of communicating with me…thru Skype. He begged me no end thru texts to see me thru Skype.

I gave in.

Between stifled sobs…

“Joy, I promise you, I’ll devote all my time to you. I’ll never hurt you that way again…I’ll never hurt you ever again…I miss you so much…I want you Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü so bad…I need you now…please…”

I knew what he wanted when he’d say those things to me…

Three weeks without phone sex with him got me going.

“Don’t you ever ever be a bad boy to me again…” I said lustily while taking off my shirt and my bra. I kept my panties on. He kissed the screen then started pulling down his boxers. He barely touched his penis, but he came off.

A slight giggle bubbled over me and I got excited. I didn’t know I missed seeing him jerkoff. I knew he could cum back to back so I started teasing him.

My fingers played with my nipples, pulling, twisting, pinching, keeping them hard and sensitive…while saying…

“I want to crawl through the screen and do dirty things to you. I want to run my tongue all over you. You make my inner slut come out whenever I see you jerkoff. Look at my hard and sensitive nipples, do you want your hands and your mouth on them?”

“Yes,” he moaned while stroking his cock lightly.

“That’s what I want. I want to feel you pin me down, engulf your mouth around one nipple and suck it hard! I want to squeal out and tremble with a lusty need.”

I was moaning as well…my fingers caress over my panties…rubbing against my clit…

“Fuck me to hell, Emman…”

“I want to bury myself inside you, Joy…be it your mouth or pussy…I want to do it everyday for the rest of forever…go on, touch where you want me to touch you…”

I took off my panties and began to caress my vagina…

“I am so wet, Emman.”

I let out a low moaning whimper…

I showed him my dripping pussy…

His strokes became a little faster…

I began to moan…trembling with excitement…caressing my clit…my other hand still pinching and pulling my nipples…my hips began to grind against myself…working a little faster…

“Pretend I’m there with you, Joy. I’m hovering over you…my lips on yours…kissing you deeply…My cock on top of your vagina…grinding you slowly…teasing you…I could hear your gasps against my lips as I kiss you deeper…your entire body trembling with need…to finally be penetrated by my cock…”

We were just staring at each other’s screens…our eyes locked on each other…loving the way we looked at each other while masturbating…his hand sliding over his shaft…working his own need as he teased me with words…

“Don’t slow down, honey…I could see your pussy glistening…can you smack your butt cheek a bit?”

I turned slightly to give him a view of my ass, still fingering my clit with my free hand. I landed a smack on my butt cheek and let out a moan…thinking of his hands doing them for me…

I laid down flat on my back, spread my legs wide, and continued fucking my fingers deeply while offering him a full view…moaning his name…my toes curling hard…

“Come on, Emman, jerk off to the same pace as me…moan with me…fuck me harder…”

We convulsed into a hard orgasm…my bed sheet was soaking wet…Emman sprayed all over his chest and wiped it with his shirt…

Slowly stroking ourselves still…I was groping my breasts…He’s stroking his cock…No words had to be said…If he was here right this moment, he’d still be inside me… kissing me…

“I really hope we can still do this in actual, Joy…I really want to be inside you…I want to feel you, Joy…I want to fuck you properly, Joy…”

Whatever they said about the meaning of a mole on a man’s penis must have been true with Emman. From this day up to Aug 7, before we agreed to meet again, he jerked off 45 x. We had sex over the phone, sex texted, and sex Skyped. He’d even leave a voice mail while masturbating describing what he’s doing and letting me hear the sound of his strokes and moans. The most was on Jul 15 wherein he did it 4 x. I could never orgasm these many times.Although I could fake the calls and texts, I could never fake on Skype.

He’d send me the unwashed blankets that he used to wipe himself off when it had 10 excretions already.

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