The mom next door

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After years of living abroad, I have recently moved back to my hometown of Pittsburgh.The timing could not have been more perfect.After years of working my way up the corporate ladder,my stock options with my company were worth enough for me to live comfortably the rest of my days.And with my nine year relationship(if you could call it that)to Daphne having finally run it’s
course,it seemed there was nothing to keep me in Dublin.

It was unusually warm for late April.I had picked the perfect weekend to move into my new house.I had bought a modest three bedroom within walking distance to the University.I had decided to accept a part time teaching position,just enough hours so I wouldn’t be bored.It was in an upper middle class neighborhood,mostly young families and middle aged divorcees.

It was getting close to 8:00 P.M and the move was mostly complete.I was sitting on the front porch enjoying a cold beer when an SUV pulled into the driveway of the house next to me.I was filthy and exhausted from moving(not in the best condition to meet my new neighbor)so I ducked into the house to leave introductions for another time.As I closed the door behind me and walked past the picture window I saw a woman struggling to get a small child out of a carseat.It was dark,but the silhouette was enough to be intrigued.She took the child inside and ,exhausted,I went to bed.

Monday morning I had a meeting at the University.Although I wasn’t scheduled to begin teaching until the fall semester,the head of my department wanted to introduce me to the faculty and give me a tour of the campus.I had spent six years there as a student,but I nodded and smiled as he showed me around.I was finally done around 11:00 A.M and headed home to continue unpacking.

When I arrived home,I was pleasantly surprised to find a basket of muffins on the front porch with a note attatched.It read “Welcome to the neighborhood.Looking forward to meeting you.Hope you enjoy the muffins. Heidi” As I was finishing reading I heard a woman’s voice call out “Hey neighbor.”I turned in the direction of the voice and saw her. It was the woman I had seen earlier in the SUV.She was stunning.She looked to be my age(early to mid thirties)and had the most beautiful red hair.She looked to be about 5′ 5”,most of it legs,and had large full tits,at least a C cup.She was wearing blue jeans and a tight green top that accented her form perfectly.I was suddenly aware that I had yet to answer her.

“Hello” I called out “my name is Finn.If you are responsible for the muffins,thank you.”
“Oh,it’s no trouble.And yes, I’m Heidi.”

I strode across the lawn to greet her.The closer I got,the more I liked what I saw.She was breathtaking.Her bright green eyes sparkled in the mid-morning sun.We exchanged a handshake and she asked where I was moving from.I explained to her that I had spent the past ten years working abroad in both London and Dublin,but that I had grown up in Pittsburgh.

“Finn is an unusual name,”she said

I explained that it was short for Finnegan, and that I was named after sikiş izle a grandfather I never knew.
As I was reciting the answer to this question I had been asked a million times, I found myself staring at her chest.When I finally looked up she had a wry smile on her face.I was busted.She asked if I was married and I told her I was recently out of a long term relationship.She said she had been divorced about four years.When I asked about boyfriends she said she found it difficult to date with two small children.I said that since I had been overseas for so many years,it would be nice to have someone to show me all the things that had changed since I had been gone.

“If you’re free for dinner Friday,I could use a night out,away from the kids”,she said.
“You have yourself a date”,I said smiling like a butcher’s dog.

Waiting for Friday to come was nearly painful.I hadn’t had sex since I split with Daphne almost two months ago.It wasn’t helping that I was having the most impure thoughts in recent memory about Heidi.I’m not ashamed to say I stroked myself to climax more than once while fantasizing about how the date would go.

Friday finally came.I had made reservations for 7:30 at a middle eastern restaurant that got a good review in the Post-Gazette.I went over to Heidi’s door at 7:00 sharp.When she answered the door I was sure I must have resembled a retard-mouth agape and drooling.She looked phenomenal.She was wearing a strapless green dress that stopped just above the knee and had her hair up.I followed her long legs to the floor and saw the sexiest pair of black heels.After regaining my composure, I took her arm and led her to the car.

Dinner was exceptional.The food was good and conversation flowed easily.It was a clear night,so we drove up to Mt. Washington to look down on the city, the lights from the buildings reflecting off the river.It was a bit cold,so I gave Heidi the jacket from my suit.She put in on and huddled close to my body.The combination of the way she felt and the smell of her hair was driving me crazy.I couldn’t wait any longer and leaned in to kiss her.I brushed her lips softly with mine then gradually increased the pressure.I was trying to be gentle(first date and all)but after a few seconds she attacked my mouth with hers and began to kiss me feverishly,darting her tongue in and out of my mouth.She took my tongue in her mouth and began to suck on it,slowly increasing the pressure.I also felt the beast in my pants increasing in pressure, and suggested we continue at my place.

Heidi,it seemed, couldn’t wait that long.In the car on the way home,she began to fondle my cock and balls through the material of my trousers.I,in turn,began to stroke her thigh.Her legs were silky smooth,and as I inched my hand upwards I was surprised to learn she wasn’t wearing panties.I ran my fingers along her slit and was thrilled to see she was soaked.I pulled my hand away and sucked her wetness from my fingers

Seeing me do that seemed to push Heidi into overdrive.She leaned across and unzipped my fly.Her hand dug in brazzers my pants and pulled out my rock hard cock.She let out a small whimper when she saw it and stroked it gently.She bent down and I could feel her hot breath on the head.She started to tease the head with her tongue,first licking the underside,then swirling her tongue completely around the tip. She finally took the head in her mouth and sucked it hard while continuing to stroke the shaft.She kept that up for a few seconds and then without warning took my whole cock in her mouth until her lips disappeared into my fly.I gasped and damn near drove the car off the road. She began to suck me hard and fast.Her mouth was so wet and warm.I hadn’t had a blowjob like this in years!I looked over and saw she had pulled down the top of her dress and was pinching the nipple of her right breast with her free hand.She stopped and moved her hand under her dress and began to furiously rub her pussy.

The sight of her frigging herself was more than I could take. That coupled with the slurping noises from an increasingly wet blowjob sent me over the edge.
“Fuck Heidi, I’m gonna cum.”
She didn’t stop-if anything she picked up the pace.I let out a low groan and shot stream after stream of thick white cum into her mouth.She tried her best to swallow,but it was too much for any one person,and I soon saw my spunk dripping from her mouth.She was still working hard on her pussy, and I soon heard the beginning of her own orgasm.She began to shudder and convulse like an epileptic and then began to scream.
After her orgasm subsided she shoved two fingers in her pussy and brought them to my lips.I greedily sucked them dry.

We finally got back to my house.I was not even close to being finished with her,and was elated to hear her kids were spending the night with her sister.I went to the kitchen to open a bottle of wine and poured two glasses.I couldn’t have been gone but a few minutes,but upon returning I found she had stripped down to nothing but her heels and was again rubbing her nipples between her fingers. This was my first clear look at her tits and they exceeded my expectations. She had one leg on the floor and the other on the couch giving me a clear shot of her pink pussy, still glistening with the remnants of her orgasm.
“Take off your clothes”,she whispered breathlessly.
I certainly needed no further prodding and stripped bare.
“Come stand in front of me.”
I walked over to her until my re-hardening cock was inches from her mouth.She again took it in her mouth,but without teasing it as she had before.She began to deep throat me again.I was loving the sensation and began to vigorously massage her ample tits.She began to moan her approval sending pleasant vibrations through my cock down to my balls.

I loved the way she gave head and wanted to return the favor.I layed her back on the couch and starting with her stiff dark red nipples,licked and sucked my way down to her cunt.The smell was intoxicating. I started by taking her swollen labia between fake taxi porno my lips and gently pulling and sucking.I then started tracing small circles around her opening before plunging my tongue deep inside her.I continued working on her hole and lips while I started to rub her clit with my thumb.This was met with moans of approval,so I moved up and began to lick and suck her clit.
“Please Finn,suck my pussy.Suck my clit hard.I want to cum all over your face.”
I started to suck her clit hard,until it swelled up to an enormous size.I would compare it to the tip of my pinky.She started bucking her hips,grinding her pussy into my face with such force I found it hard to breath.She was bucking so wildly I found it difficult to find her opening with my fingers.I finally lined my fingers up and rammed two fingers into her flooded canal.That’s all it took.
“Finn,I’m gonna cum,I’m gonna cum,I’m gonna cum!
She unleashed a torrent of her juices onto my hand.I withdrew my fingers and tried to swallow every ounce of her girl goo.When I finally came up for air,my face and goatee were drenched with her juice.

I needed to be inside her.I flipped her over into the doggy position and plunged my full length into her sopping wet pussy.This was no time for slow,sensual lovemaking.I grabbed a hold of her hips and fucked her with long, powerful strokes.She had her arms up over the back of the couch and was looking back at me begging me to fuck her harder.I increased the pace,and the sound of my nuts smacking her ass was like a symphony.Her pussy was so soaked it sloshed with my every thrust.I was nearing another climax,when she looked at me and said-
“Finn-fuck my asshole.”
I had only had anal sex a couple of times, at my request.I didn’t really enjoy it because my partner complained about the pain the entire time.Being asked to fuck someone in the ass was a welcome change.

I pulled out of her pussy.I thought about getting some lube,but her cunt was so wet I greased her with her own juice.I eased the tip my dick into her tight ass and she encouraged me to go further.I slowly worked in another inch or two and started to pump in and out of her wrinkled star.I kept fucking her with half my cock,feeling her ass accept it more readily with every stroke.
“Put it all the way in!”she cried. “I want it all.”
I buried my prick balls deep and left it there for a moment to let her get used to it.
“Your ass feels so tight baby.”
Oh baby, fuck my ass” she pleaded.
I began to fuck her,slowly at first,then building to a furious pace.My cock had never felt so good.Heidi was busy shouting encouragement and violently rubbing her clit.Then she stopped frigging her clit and stuffed two fingers in her pussy.I could feel her fingers through her rectal wall. I could begin to feel my impending orgasm building.
“Finn, I’m cumming-cum in my ass please!
Hearing her in the throes of orgasm was more than I could take. My orgasm started in my toes and washed over me like a tidal wave. I exploded in her tight ass. After my earlier eruption I was amazed at the volume of spunk I pumped in her ass. She pulled herself off my tool and began to gently clean the mix of bodily fluids from my worn out cock.

I think I’m gonna like this neighborhood.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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