The Morning After

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Bedsheets strewn aside, thin shafts of morning sunlight filtered through the blinds and streamed over her sensuous curves. Our bodies were nestled together, spooning, as I soaked in the sight and feel of her silky smooth warm skin against me. My senses slowly aroused, feeling the soft warmth of the back of her thighs and firm ass pressed against my awakening cock. Savoring the scent of her hair intermixed with the light aroma of the massage oil we had spread over each other last night. The subtle musk of our sex ignited erotic images of last nights storm of sexual passion, causing my cock to warm and swell, softly pressing against her ass, seeking her attention.

I gently pulled her hair away from her neck, lightly kissing below her ear, I couldn’t resist nuzzling against her neck, my lips grazing softly down her neck, tracing over her shoulder. I caressed my hand over the curve of her hip, then lightly massaging over her thigh and leg, enjoying the warmth and feel of her smooth skin. Her legs clasped together, my fingertips could only brush over the top of her mound, softly circling, wanting to rub over her pussy, arouse her heat, feel her wetness. I slowly caressed my hand up her stomach, cupping over her breast, gently trapping her nipple between my fingers. Lifting my hand from her breast, I licked two fingers and lightly teased my wet fingertips around her areola and nipple, grinning as I watched her bud rise and harden to my touch.

Teasing her nipple, my cock twitched and swelled against her ass, and the erotic memories and sensations of last nights sex play reeled through my mind…the feel of spreading and massaging warm oil over each other, exploring and tantalizing each others erogenous zones…the sight and sounds of her playing her vibrator over her swollen wet pussy and clit, while feeling her lick and suck my cock as I teased her nipples…her thighs tightening against my head, grinding her slippery pussy against my lips and tongue…the lust in her eyes as she straddled me, riding my cock, her pussy sliding and clenching around my hard shaft as I rubbed and squeezed her nipples…the sound of her gasps and moans as she trembled against me in orgasm, soaking my cock and thighs with her cum…her sexy grin as she looked up into my eyes, licking and massaging my cock, while she strummed her clit…the gleam in her eyes, lusty enthusiasm and sultry voice as she coaxed me to cum for her…the intensity of her excitement as I thrust against her in orgasm…the sight and feel of her milking the cum from my cock, then continuing to stroke and suck me back to hardness as she rubbed her pussy against my leg…the feel of her pussy as I pumped my cock into her from behind, my balls slapping against her lips, hands over her hips driving our rhythm…the passion in her eyes as she looked over her shoulder at me, spanking her ass, urging me to fuck her harder, faster…feeling her shiver against me in orgasm, her hot juices flowing over my cock…my hips thrusting against her ass, her hand between her legs fondling my tightening balls, feeling my cock pumping against her pussy wall…the electric surge of my orgasm shooting through me as my cock pulsed, spurting cum for her.

The memories of last night caused the warm pleasurable ache of my lust to flow through me. My balls feeling heavy as my hardening cock strained, pushing firmly up against her ass. She sighed and stirred slightly, slowly Anadolu Yakası Escort shifting her thighs, pushing her ass against me, pressing against my shaft, squeezing out pre-cum. I kissed her neck as I wrapped my arm around her, caressing over her breast, once again capturing her nipple between my fingers. Her eyes still closed, she smiled lazily and subtly tilted her head to expose her neck for me as I nuzzled and grazed my lips down her neck and over her shoulder. Arching herself against me, she moaned softly and rubbed her ass against my cock, teasing “Mmmm, is that for me?”

My lips at her ear I smiled and whispered, “Shhh, it’s your present.”

She giggled, then slowly gyrated her ass against me and whispered “I think I know what it is…when can I have my present?”

I didn’t answer as I kissed down the nape of her neck, slowly sliding my hand down from her breast, tracing over her ribs, then teasing my fingers between her thighs and over her mound. Massaging over her clasped thighs and hips, then caressing the back of her thighs, my fingertips explored over the moist folds of her pussy lips, exposed between her thighs. She moaned softly as I lightly traced over the length of her slit, then teasing a finger around her rim, she inhaled sharply as I nipped her earlobe, and I finally replied, “When you’re ready.”

Grinning seductively, she rolled back slightly towards me, looking into my eyes as she parted her thighs, spreading one leg over mine, I slid my hand over her moist pussy, massaging over her slit, moaning softly at my touch she whispered, “I’m ready for my present” as she reached behind her and grasped my cock, throbbing for her.

I couldn’t resist teasing, “Hmmm, I’ll be the judge of that”, as I caressed my fingers over and around her clit, circling her mound, she raised her hips to meet my touch as she stroked my cock. Our lips pressed in a deep kiss, I eased a finger into her slippery pussy. She playfully nipped my lower lip, pushing against my finger, coaxing me deeper, grinding her pussy against hand.

I slowly pumped my finger into her wet hole as my hand massaged over her pussy lips, spreading her juices, brushing over her clit, her hips thrusting and gyrating against my hand as she stroked my hard cock against her ass. My other arm was wrapped around her, hand clasped over her breast, fingers circling and teasing her hard nipple, squeezing and pulling her bud between my fingers.

Our tongues played wildly between our lips as I dipped two fingers into her, massaging against her pussy walls, thrusting deeper, she moaned, squeezing her pussy around my fingers. Fucking her with my fingers, my palm rubbed and bumped over her clit, sending hot shivers of pleasure through her, her pussy grinding against my hand.

She raised and shifted her hips, freeing my cock and spreading her legs further, then reaching over my hand she guided my pre-cum slickened cock between her thighs, pressing my hard shaft against her lips, stroking my cock against her pussy.

I slowed my pace and eased my fingers out of her pussy, she drew in a sharp breath at the loss of my touch and quickly plunged her own fingers in, finger fucking herself with one hand and stroking my cock with the other. Our eyes locked as I licked her juices from my fingers and with a wicked grin she arched up and kissed along my neck, pumping her fingers deeper into her pussy. The taste of her essence fired my lust for more. Leaning over her, I kissed over her neck and cheek to her lips, then teasing my tongue over her lips I whispered deeply, “I want to taste more of you.”

Her eyes widened and she playfully nipped my lower lip, moaning “Mmmm, yessss!”.

I slid down alongside her and lifted her legs up, pushing them back towards her, and she reached up behind her knees, pulling her legs back, spreading herself open for me. Kneeling in front of her, I leaned over to kiss and lick down the back of her legs, massaging my hands over her hips and thighs, my hard shaft rubbing over her pussy. Tracing my tongue down from behind her knees, I kissed and licked over the back of her thighs and over her ass, teasing closer to the heat of her pussy, playfully nipping her ass.

Massaging her ass, I licked along the crease between her thighs and pussy lips, then rubbed my thumbs over the glistening folds of her slit, fingers spreading her wetness down to the rim of her ass. Teasing my tongue along length of her swollen lips, I pushed her legs back further and she leaned back, her knees pressed against her breasts, she raised her hips as I tucked a pillow below her.

Admiring the beauty of her wet pussy, I rubbed my hand over her slippery lips, fingers brushing over her clit. Our eyes locked as I slowly lapped along the sides of her lips, then broad tongue strokes over the length of her slit, occasionally flicking my tongue around the hood of her rising clit, but not touching. She moaned, “Mmmm, yess babe, lick my pussy!”, gasping softly with each tongue stroke as she watched me lap over her pussy, pushing her hips up, spreading herself open further for my touch.

Tracing my tongue down the length of her slit, I flicked over her sweet spot between her rim and pussy while lightly circling my fingertips over her clit, her hips shivering at the sensation, she moaned out “Ooooh, fuuck yeeaahh…feels sooo goood!”.

Licking up to her clit, I teased a wet finger against her rim, circling her asshole, pressing against her rim as I flicked my tongue around her clit, alternately kissing and sucking over her slippery pearl. She drew in her breath sharply at the feel of my finger rubbing her rim, her hips grinding, trying to push her pussy against lips and tongue. Flicking her clit, I firmly grasped her ass, spreading her cheeks wide, pressing my thumb against her wet rim with one hand, stroking two fingers into her pussy with the other.

Rolling her hips against the rhythm of my fingers and tongue, she groaned as her breathing became rapid and shallow, closing her eyes she tilted her head back, still holding her legs spread, juices flowing down her ass. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her vibrator laying within reach. Keeping the rhythm of my tongue flicking and finger fucking, I grabbed her vibrator and turned it on, the pressed the tip against her wet rim. She gasped sharply, pushing and squirming her ass against the vibrator, moaning “Mmmm, yesss…oohh don’t stop!”, as her wetness flowed.

Her warm juices lubricating the tip of the vibe, she groaned deeply as I eased it into her ass, gently inching it deeper with short rhythmic strokes. My tounge flicked passionately over her reddened clit, fingers stirring her pussy, I felt her body tense, then she suddenly shuddered against me, groaning as she releasing her grip on her legs, pushing her hips up, arching against my face, cum gushing, the vibrator slipped out of her ass as she rapidly ground her pussy against while squeezing and pulling her nipples. I wrapped my arms around her hips, lapping her flowing juices, savoring the essence of her hot swollen pussy. Lust surged through me at the thrill of her orgasm, my hard pre-cum covered cock throbbing, aching to fuck her.

Her orgasm still subsiding, I rose to my knees, lifting her legs up to me, then spread her legs as I rested them against my chest and shoulders, rubbing my cock over her slit. Our eyes locked and I leaned forward over her, pushing her legs back, then spreading them as I lowered myself over to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me down to her lips in a deep passionate kiss, moaning as she tasted her juice on my tongue.

My hard shaft pressed against her cum soaked pussy, sliding over her swollen lips, teasing against her still sensitive clit, she wrapped her legs around my ass, pulling me tighter, grinding against my cock. I broke our kiss, then kissed over her neck to her ear, I whispered, “I think you’re ready for your present now.”

She giggled, then grinning as she squeezed and pulled her nipples, she teased, “Oooo, I can’t wait…how are you going to give it to me?”

Nuzzling against her neck I whispered, “I need to slide it inside you…fuck you with it.”

She nipped my earlobe, kissing my neck and ear, and whispered, “Mmmm, my favorite kind of present…give it to me…fuck me…I want to feel you cum.”

Pushing myself up, I slid back and knelt between her legs as I said, “Roll over, on your knees.”

Her face flushed, she smiled luxuriously as she rolled over and raised her ass to me, looking back into my eyes with a nasty grin she spread her legs, pulling her nipple with one hand as she rubbed her other hand over her pussy and murmured, “Give it to me.”

My stiff cock ached for her pussy, throbbing as I grabbed her hips, pushing my tip into her slit, her hand cupped my heavy balls and I couldn’t resist my urge to thrust deep into her. She moaned out, “Ooo, yeah babe, fuck me…fuck me hard!”

Her words stoked my lust and I pumped hard into her, my hips slapping firmly against her ass, thrusting deep into her, feeling her squeeze around my shaft, my cockhead bumping against her pussy wall. Her hand reached between her legs, massaging my sac and coaxing the cum from my balls, I pumped faster, feeling the hot ache of my orgasm boiling, she pressed a finger against the rim of my ass, passionately urging me on “Mmm, yeah, fuck me…Oooh, feels sooo good…come on, cum for me!”

Her wet finger pushed into my ass, sending me over the edge. The white heat of my orgasm rushed through me as my thighs shuddered against her ass, I let out a deep groan, thrusting hard into her, my weight pushing her ass down onto the bed, swollen cock pumping cum deep into her pussy. Slumping over her, chest heaving, pressed against her back, my hands clasped over hers I nuzzled and kissed over her shoulder and nape of her neck. Hips slowly grinding against her ass, feeling the heat and wetness of her pussy around my cock as my orgasm ebbed, cum flowing from her slit, soaking the sheet.

Easing my weight off her, my semi-hard cock slipped out of her, we both sighed at the loss, then laughed together at our reaction. I nestled alongside her and she turned to spoon against me. Bedsheets strewn aside, thin shafts of morning sunlight filtered through the blinds and streamed over her sensuous curves.

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