The Most Personal of Assistants Ch. 02

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Authors note:

This is part 2 of 16, for those that haven’t read part 1 i would suggest starting there.


It was about a week later before Jessica heard anything and she couldn’t believe her luck when, the request for an interview came through for the PA role advertised in the mysterious ladies paper. Jessica applied the night she met the woman in the coffee shop, she was determined to change her life for the better by whatever means.

The bad thing about Plainsville is that things like the coffee shop incident were soon known all over the town. Despite barely going out for the week she still had a few uncomfortable experiences when out and about, people seemed to be looking at her wherever she went. The most embarrassing incident was in the town’s only supermarket where the local gossip, Mrs. Jackson, accused her of being a whore in front of the queue waiting at the tills.

It seemed everyone was listening to Danny and was assuming the worst of her. Needless to say she had avoided the coffee shop from that day onwards, in fact she never planned on returning.

She had decided that even if she didn’t get the PA role, a fresh start in Capital city was in order. Packing up her things she headed for the local bus station with nothing but a large duffel bag full of her clothes, some toiletries and her trusty collection of sex toys, tattered erotic books and magazines.

Getting on the first bus of the day to the Capital she smiled as it pulled away and she hoped that she would never have to set foot in this town again.

The bus ride took a few hours, and to make matters worse the air con was faulty so by the time the city sky rise came into view most of the passengers had given into the heat and fallen asleep. Jessica however was wide awake and looking in awe as the scenery change from the dusty desert like terrain of inland into the sprawling metropolis of Capitol city. Finally the bus pulled into the station and the passengers disembarked, sweaty and tired from the uncomfortable journey.

Jessica stepped of the bus and went in search of her luggage. She grabbed her duffel bag and flung it over her shoulder, walking off into the crowded city streets in in the general direction of the hotel. She was being put up by the firm for a couple of nights as part of the interview and decided to treat herself to a few nights extra out of her savings. Once she knew what was happening work wise she would find more permanent accommodation.

It took a couple of hours for her to reach the hotel, she was too easily distracted by the sights of the city to head straight there. It was only early afternoon anyway, so she grabbed lunch and headed to the Central Park to eat. She was astounded by the shear number of people going about their business, and spent the best part of two hours just sat in the sun people watching.

Finally getting tired she headed for the hotel which was the other end of the park. It was only after 20 mins of walking she realised just how big this place must be and made a mental note to go for a run the next day. Finally the other side came into her sight making her stop and hesitate, it was a grand building looking out over the of the far end of the huge park, and looked rather posh.

She looked down at herself realising what a state she must look after the journey and the urban hike in the hot weather. The bus journey followed by the walk had made her sweat profusely and she grabbed her hair brush out of the bag and frantically began trying to tidy herself up.

After a few minutes she gave in, and walked up to the door where a uniformed man opened the door.

“Afternoon Ma’am” the young man said smiling.

“Oh, thank you” she said startled. Walking in she felt even worse given her appearance and made a quick dash for the check in desk. Despite the receptionists attempts at being friendly she rushed through the check in process in an effort to get to her room as soon as possible.

As she grabbed her key card she just about heard the man behind the canlı bahis desk ask her if she would like to book a table for dinner that evening. Brushing him off she headed for the lifts and the safety of her own room.

After a long, hot bubble bath and a short sleep she felt a million times better, and was soon getting ready for the evening. She looked at her figure in the mirror and smiled as she slipped on her black lace panties and matching bra. She wrestled herself into a pair of skinny jeans and low cut top and was soon heading in the direction of the bar. It was busy and she already knew what the answer would be when she enquired about a table, only to be asked if she had a reservation.

“I’m sorry ma’am, were are fully booked tonight. If you’d like to take a seat at the bar something may come up in a while but I can’t guarantee anything.” The waiter said pointing at the stools.

There was a middle aged man talking loudly at the far end so sighing deeply Jessica nodded and propped herself up at the bar as far from the man as possible. After ordering a large glass of white wine she turned and decided to continue her new favourite past time of people watching. She looked around the restaurant at the tables noting the variety of occupants, including a few people that Jessica found rather pleasing on the eye.

As she scanned the tables her eyes fell upon a young woman in the corner, she was probably only a couple of years older than Jessica and was a strikingly beautiful woman, with a head of vivid red hair that seemed to shimmer under the lights. She too was sitting on her own scanning the menu but at that moment she looked up straight at Jessica and smiled.

Jessica quickly turned away hoping she hadn’t seen her staring, and by the time she looked back the woman was once again thankfully absorbed in the menu.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing alone in a bar like this” someone blurted out from beside her making her turn back to the bar. The man from the far end of the bar had moved up next to her, he must have been somewhere in his mid forties. He sat down on the stool next to Jessica with his empty glass and called the bar tender over.

“Yo, barkeep. Hit me again with a scotch on the rocks, double! Plus get my lovely lady here a glass over what ever she wants.” the man said smiling sleazily at her. The stench of scotch was almost overpowering to Jessica.

“Thanks, but I’m not your lovely lady and I’m not interested in your drinks, or anything else for that matter.” Jessica shot back. This man reminded her far too much of Danny, she wanted rid of him fast.

“What, a man can’t even buy a pretty girl a drink at a bar any more? I mean, you gotta give me a chance.” the man said leaning over to her. He was struggling to even get his words out.

“I mean give me a chance wildcat, you might even get lucky!” the man slurred further.

Reaching up he went to grope one of Jessica’s boobs but a hand shot out and grabbed it, pulling it effortlessly behind his back whist another hand pushed the man’s face hard onto the bar. The entire restaurant seemed to freeze at the commotion, and everyone turned and looked at where Jessica was.

Jessica looked on stunned as the red head from the corner bent over and spoke venomously into the drunken man’s ear.

“She’s spoken for arsehole, so take a hike!”

Pushing him by the arm the red head shoved the man towards the door “unless you want me to get hotel security involved again!” she shouted and as the man staggered of he shouted at the two ladies.

“You fucking lesbo’s, you’ll pay for this!” They watched as he crashed into the bar door before disappearing round the corner. After a few moments the restaurant returned to normal and Jessica turned to her rescuer.

“Thanks” Jessica said to the redhead. “I guess I’ll give up waiting for a table and go find somewhere else to eat.” Jessica said glumly.

The redhead placed her hand on Jessica’s. “I said you were spoken for, join me for dinner?” She said kaçak iddaa grinning.

“Besides” she said pulling Jessica to her feet. “You never know, he might come back and i might need to save you again” she said giggling as she pulled a dumbfounded Jessica from the bar and over to her table.

“I’m Tessa by the way, and you are?” Tessa asked as they sat down.

“Jessica, Jessica Jones. Thanks again for saving me back there, I seem to have a knack for attracting weirdo’s like that.” Jessica picked up the menu and quickly selected a main dish as the waiter came over.

“You’re very sexy Jessica Jones, and unfortunately that attracts the weirdo’s. I mean, who wouldn’t want a piece of that!” Tessa said leaning over and looking Jessica up and down.

“She’s sexy isn’t she?” Tessa said looking up at the waiter.

Jessica froze with embarrassment, as did the waiter. He was totally unsure what to say and nervously shifted on the spot.

“Well?” Tessa pressed “is my young sexy friend here hot or not?” she pressed smirking

“Um, have you picked from the menu by any chance madam?” He said hoping Jessica would quickly give him cause to leave. Jessica was barely able to look him in the eye as she picked out the lasagna, the waiter thanking her and leaving as fast as possible.

Tessa sat there chuckling. “Well I think you are sexy, so did he. Just to scared to say it.”

“Does that make you a weirdo as well then? I mean, should I still be worried?” Jessica nervously said back, trying to gain bit of composure.

“Feisty as well, I like that! You ARE like a wildcat when you’re backed into a corner!” Tessa grinned making claw shapes with her hands. She laughed at her own joke and studied Jessica as she nervously looked around the room.

“What brings you to the city Jessica Jones?” Tessa said inquisitively changing the subject a little to keep Jessica off guard.

“I’m looking for a new life. New job, new friends, new everything…” Jessica trailed off.

“What went wrong in the old one?” Tessa pushed on.

“What makes you think something went wrong?” Jessica said defensively

“I have a sixth sense when it comes to people, you are running from something, or someone…” She said fishing for more. “So which is it?”

“It doesn’t matter, it was all a lie anyway. What brings you to the city?” Jessica said changing the subject quickly.

“Work. I’ve got a client who needs something very specific and the person I work for supplies just that.” Tessa said sighing as if it was the dullest question ever.

“What sort of things?” Jessica said, trying to keep attention on Tessa and not her.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out, if you’re lucky that is!” Tessa laughed at her own joke. She waved the barman over and ordered a bottle of wine to go with dinner.

Tessa spent the rest of the meal quizzing Jessica on her life, where she came from, why she was at Capitol City, family, and mostly past boyfriends (Jessica kept quite on that subject). She thought she had got through the worst of the examination when Tessa lent forward, with a serious look on her face.

“So, how long have you known?” Tessa asked as she poured Jessica a glass of the white wine.

“Known what?” Jessica said quizzically picking up her drink.

“That you’re gay of course” Tessa said loudly, giggling away. Jessica almost spat out the mouthful of wine she was taking and looked around. A couple of the patrons were looking at her but soon looked away when she looked around at them.

“B-b-b-ut, how did you…?” Jessica trailed off.

“Excellent!” Tessa clapped. “That line almost never works. I usually am eating alone again by now” she went back to eating her meal. Jessica blushed bright red and returned to hers.

“What do you mean almost never” Jessica said suddenly, “how many people do you chat up?” she said inquisitively.

“Just the pretty ones, the ones I’m attracted too” Tessa said smiling.

Jessica sat there dumbfounded for a while. kaçak bahis The food was a welcome break from the inquisition, but it didn’t last.

“S-s-s-so you are…you know,… as well?” Jessica said unable to actually say the words that define her sexuality.

“What gay?” Tessa said loudly again making Jessica nervously hush her. Tessa simply laugh. “Jessy baby this is Capitol City, nobody cares if you gay or not. In answer to your question yes and no, I can be what want to be, it depends on the person.” she said. Jessica looked puzzled.

Tessa leaned forward “I do love being with women yes, but have you ever been with a man?” she said smiling “not some collage boy that pops his load in 2 mins, I mean a real man. The sort of man with a cock as thick as your arm, that can literally fuck the shit out of you.” she asked holding up her arm and gripping the girth with her other hand. Jessica hesitated then shook her head, looking around to wonder if anyone was listening.

Tessa leaned back and closed her eyes as the waiter came over to collect their plates. “there is nothing quite like it Jessy, that feeling of fullness as you are some stud’s fuck toy” Tessa said closing her eyes as if recalling the very situation she was describing.

Jessica must have looked downtrodden as Tessa opened her eyes. Leaning over the table, she placed her hand on Jessica’s.

“Tonight though I am definitely looking for something more feminine – you know more feline…” she said smiling.

Jessica was starting to panic, was this actually happening, was she really think about hooking you with this stranger on her first night in Capitol City.

“I-i-i need an early night Tessa, I’ve got a big interview tomorrow.” she said trying to bail out the situation. Tessa was having none of it.

“mmmmmmm. An early night does sound enticing, I’ll get the bill.” Tessa said as Jessica stammered something undistinguishable.

Tessa put the bill on her room and soon pulled Jessica out the bar and towards the lifts. Jessica was panicking now, she had never actually been with a woman, and she was so out of control of the evenings events that she did know how to stop it. Not that part of her wanted to, a very big part at that. Tessa was an attractive, aggressive woman and Jessica starred at her as the lift doors opened and she was dragged inside.

As soon as the doors closed Tessa pushed Jessica to the lift wall, a single hand gripping tightly around her two wrists as they were pinned above her head. Tessa kissed Jessica deeply making the younger woman moan in pleasure. Using her other hand she stroked one of Jessica’s breasts feeling the raised nipple under the fabric. Her tongue explored Jessica’s mouth as she gave the nipple a slight twist causing Jessica to moan.

Releasing her lips from Jessica’s, Tessa grinned into her face as her hand slipped lower and it was soon rubbing her crotch through her jeans, making Jessica groan loudly as she looked into Tessa’s eyes. The lift chimed and Jessica could barely blink as Tessa let go of her and stepped out.

“Sweet dreams wildcat, come find me tomorrow night after your interview and we’ll have some fun. Shame you can’t play tonight” Tessa blew her a kiss as the doors shut, leaving a stunned Jessica speechless in the lift.

Jessica somehow got back to her room and closed the door. Letting out a huge sigh she grinned to herself. ‘Not even here for 12 hours and things are looking up’ she thought to herself. She decided that nothing was getting done that evening and quickly changed into a chemise and got into bed.

The chances of her sleeping however would have been less than zero if that was possible. She was far too horny so she reached down and grabbed her favourite vibrator from her bag. She didn’t need to warm up, her sex was soaked with juices after the lift encounter with Tessa and the rabbit vibrator slid inside easily her aching sex.

As the clit stimulator touched her most sensitive of places she screamed into her pillow, she had never felt so aroused in all her lift. Within moments she was overcome by pleasure as the orgasm flooded through her body, and before the high of the first could even fade Jessica felt a second building fast within her. It appeared an early night was not to be had after all.

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