The Mothers , Daughters Foursome

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POV: Kat

Savannah calmly went to my smoking hot daughter, so I couldn’t resist going to Lena. We both sat on the edges of the bed and held each other’s daughters on our laps too. So we both made our with them for a few minutes and got reacquainted yet again.

“You’re one delightful step-daughter, Lena.”

“I know, step-mommy, but I think you should still make it clear to your wife who you love most, though.”

“Oh, I love you, sexy young lady,” I praised her, before she got off me.

I slowly got off the bed and went to Savannah. Rosalyn got off her as well, but then I noticed both of our daughters helping themselves to her melons.

“Oh, yes, who doesn’t love beautiful young ladies like these two?” Savannah moaned, feeling both of their heads. “Get my MILF cherry, Kat; you know damn well it won’t bite.”

I couldn’t turn her down, so I placed my hands on her thighs and began licking her snatch.

“Fuck yes, a triple threat; what could be better?” Savannah moaned, quaking the bed.

No one answered her, but we all knew the explanation. I watched both of the young ladies lick Savannah’s nipples slowly, but I kept myself focused on pleasing her the best I could. Needless to say, my head was spinning, and knowing all of us were this close was mindblowing.

So, regardless of anyone’s performance, everyone was gonna be one sexy and happy camper indeed. Seeing them both go at Savannah’s jugs, too, was undeniably wonderful. They both looked at me from time to time, but Savannah couldn’t force herself to glance down.

She was getting her triple shot of pleasure, so I understood. I couldn’t help, but to push her, though. So, I pressured her thighs a bit more and slathered her lips down there as much as I could, even after just a minute.

So, I had to close my eyes as well, and then I felt a couple of hands-on my head. I didn’t look to see who they belonged to, but I was confident both young ladies were. So, their hands followed my head around as I fucked the shit out of Savannah.

“Oh, yes, that’s the spot, Kat. That’s the reason I fell in love with you. Maybe you two helped, but you two know sex makes it so much easier to fall in love. How long did you two wait until you broke out the ‘L’ word?”

I failed to glance at them or stop, but I was listening.

“I told Lena I loved her that night, Mom.”

“You see, Lena, it was nothing personal,” Savannah added, before I heard kissing sounds.

Then I heard Savannah moaning again, but I still didn’t peek at them. I let my tongue all over her lips and bush down there because my feistiest side was unleashed, and there was no telling what all we’d do.

“Oh, yes, your lovely women, lick faster like your other mom down there. Look at some MILF on MILF action if you want; she won’t bite you.”

Needless to say, they couldn’t help, but to check me out up close. I didn’t see those ladies, but they both pushed their tits on my arms and smooched my cheeks. I didn’t stop for a second and allowed them to see what a MILF could do to another.

“Holy shit, Mom, you’re a fucking goddess,” Rosalyn complimented me.

“No kidding, step-mommy, I mean…”

Lena couldn’t finish her sentence, and I had Savannah going nuts too. I felt her vibrating nonstop, but that was certainly also due to our daughters watching so close too.

“Okay, get back up here, you hot chicks.”

“No, step-mommy, I’m gonna watch,” Rosalyn mentioned, before pecking my cheek. “Please my girlfriend. Now let me try, Mommy.”

I calmly backed away and let Rosalyn go down on Savannah. “Okay, show me your skills.”

She went right there and let me see her in action.

“Oh, yes, Mommy, lick my pussy as Rosalyn licks yours.”

I had to look up at her to confirm it. Lena stood up on the bed, but had trouble staying upright. Nevertheless, she took the pleasure with a grain of salt and enjoyed it the best she could with her hands on her mom’s head.

Then I glanced back at Rosalyn working her magic again, and I couldn’t resist, but to add another trailer to the train. I calmly moved behind my sexy daughter, placed my palms on her butt, and spread out her butt cheeks.

“Oh, yes, step-mommy, get your flesh and blood daughter’s pussy from behind. Get her, and don’t you dare go easy on her either. How else is she gonna learn to perfect the art of slit licking.”

“Hey, I’ve kept you satisfied, step-sis.”

“Hey, don’t rob your step-mom; keep your tongue and mouth going.”

No one said a word for a while after that. We kept that snatch munching train going slowly, but surely for a while. It featured both extra sweet mother/daughter incest, step-mother/daughter action, even with some step-sister action too, so there was no way it wouldn’t be hot.

I kept Rosalyn’s butt cheeks spread, and I got her lips back there well too. I didn’t get as much of her bush from that position, but it was still quite sexy, though. Especially knowing the steaming train we had going, I loved it.

I kept my eyes closed for the most part, but Magosa Escort I wasn’t gonna ultimately rob myself of seeing it in action. When I did, it was just mindblowing, to say the least. Seeing both Rosalyn and Savannah’s heads moving painted the perfect picture, but seeing the hands covering those heads was pitch-perfect as well.

I clutched Rosalyn’s butt cheeks hard, but not too hard. I was higher than space, but I kept my head on my shoulders, so to speak. I still wanted to make my sexy daughter feel good. So, I pressed my tongue and lips over hers back and there and certainly threw her off her game to not be perfect for Savannah.

My wife still had her hands on Rosayin’s head, but I knew she was still having trouble being perfect with me behind her. I also teased her with my tongue going in and out of her cunt. Still, on the other hand, Savannah had to deal with eating out Lena too.

So, everyone had their hands full even though Lena and I were only giving or receiving. So, the sick sexual tension in that room was ironclad, and in the end, I was confident we’d all prove to be better lovers for our time together.

All four of us had juice leaking out, so I even jokingly thought about us all drowning because of that, so I had to smile somewhat. Still, I wasn’t about to stop; I got closer to my daughter and step-daughter, and just like them, I intended to ride the roller coaster as far it would go.

“Holy shit, I gotta sit down,” Lena let out as we felt the bed maneuver somewhat. “You have an amazing tongue too, Mom.”

“I know, but I’ll prove it again,” Savannah added.

“Oh, yes, Mommy, get those nipples too,” Lean moaned.

I had to see to confirm it again. I shimmered a bit again because the drug just kept giving and giving. I made myself keep my eyes open then because I couldn’t help, but to milk that drug for everything I could.

Both Lena and Savannah made eye contact with me a few times, but didn’t speak to me. They didn’t need to, but I pressed Rosalyn hard. That made her get rougher on Savannah’s snatch, which pushed her to do it harder with Lena.

So, the train was in perfect shape, and there were no stops in sight. I let my tongue fling around inside my daughter’s slit, so I had her jiggling more and more. I watched the results occur, but I held back a tad if the progress was getting too good.

“You like yourself some MILF white pussy too, Rosalyn?” Lena asked, petting her head. “It’s okay, just don’t fall in love with her; you’re mine, remember?”

“Not until you both have rings on your fingers, Lena,” Savannah made clear, before kissing her. “Even then, don’t claim her; it’s a turn-off.”

“Okay, Mom, it won’t happen again.”

“Never underestimate the wisdom of a lesbo MILF, hun. Just be her partner, got it?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Good, now lie down.”

She did just that, and Savannah leaned down to go down on her daughter yet again. I couldn’t resist, but to watch them like a hawk. I managed to balance giving and watching somewhat well, but it was a constant fight, though.

I slapped Rosayln’s ass cheeks several times, but made it sexy, and she giggled because of it. “Oh, Mom, you’re a kinky lady.”

“I know,” I added, sticking a couple of fingers in there too. “Trust me, there’s a whole different side of me you got to check out today, but you still haven’t seen everything there is to see, pretty woman. I’m sure your step-mom would tell both of you the same thing about her.”

“It’s true, ladies, but don’t worry, we have plenty of time to tell each other everything,” Savannah added, bringing Rosalyin’s face to hers. “I’m sure I don’t know everything about you, but we will in due time, right?”

“Yes, step-mommy,” she added, before going to Savannah’s melons.

“Oh, I love your daughter, Kat. She’s an amazing young woman.”

“What about me, Mom?” Lena pondered, before going to her mom’s other nipple.

“Okay, new rule: no one gets jealous,” she stated, before pulling Rosalyn and me up with them. “We’re just mothers and daughters here that love one another in ways we shouldn’t, that’s all. Although, let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot with it, okay?”

“Yes,” both Lena and Rosalyn replied.

“Now kiss and make up.”

They turned to each other, wrapped their arms around one another, and kissed. I couldn’t help, but do the same with Savanah. So, both of us lesbo couples made out and let our hooters clash too.

“Okay, I love you, Rosalyn; we can share both of our moms, fair enough?”

“Yes,” Rosalyn answered, before kissing her. “But we don’t try to make each other look bad either, right?”

“No, that’s called ‘sibling rivalry,’ honey,” I corrected her, before kissing her. “It’s healthy, but don’t take it too far, that’s all. Now, show that you two can make it work by going down on your step-moms,” I implored them, before Savannah and I got on the edge of the bed.

From one second to the next, we had each other’s daughters licking our twats. We both let one hand on their Kıbrıs Escort heads, and in no time, they exercised the ability to try to one-up each other. No two vaginas were the same, but we both still had MILF pussies to deal with, but that seemed to make them want to please us even more.

Both Savannah and I looked at each other, our daughters and each other’s daughters too. So, we were set and ready for all the special love we got. Lena licked me in between my lips and ventured deep in there too.

So, I was well taken care of, but I wasn’t sure how well Rosealyin made Savannah feel, but she still painted a sexy picture. Savannah and I held hands as tightly as we could and touched each other with our free hands.

So, it seemed we needed to practice some ‘mother rivalry’ as well. We had each other’s daughters making us feel good, but sure enough, we needed to ensure that we didn’t get jealous of each other too.

We made sure to kiss each other, too, so we didn’t get jealous of each other. Needless to say, we both still had feelings just as they did, but we kept them down the best we could. Nevertheless, after spending such quality with our own daughters, it was on;y natural to feel slightly jealous.

Even so, we weren’t about to give each other shit, but even moved closer to one another. Our hands stayed together and kissed each other even more. Each time we did, our kisses lasted a little longer, so we got the intended loving effect and ran with it.

We still made sure to pay close attention to the sexy young ladies that made us feel beyond incredible with their tongues. We couldn’t keep ourselves together for long because even though we were MILF lesbians, we were still going at it for quite a while, and we’re losing a bit.

Nevertheless, neither of us was about just letting them win. However, we both couldn’t help, but cheat as well. We bought them both up numerous times and kissed them. So, we gave our cherries brief breaks that way, but we didn’t bust each other since we both did.

Neither of us whined to each other for clearly having crushes on each other’s daughters too. It was true as we loved the pleasure so much and gave them such grand intimacy. Even though pussy-eating was the best for intimacy, it was clear that we were far past just being messed up, but we nearly found ourselves jealous of our daughters hooking up exclusively.

We all knew we’d have to deal with it in the best way, our feelings were gonna be out there, and we’d find out what would happen down the road. So, the pleasure was so great that it was terrible, but we were still willing to make the purchase.

With Savannah and I holding hands and kissing, we at least went in with our heads held high. Still, every lick that took place pushed both further in both directions, and surely enough, we were prepared to take it, but I could tell we both still had fear in our hearts.

“Just don’t fall for her, got it, Savannah?”

“Yes, your pretty daughter is good, but not that good,” she added, prior to kissing me. “We’re allowed to have family crushes; it’s not a crime. I can tell that we’re both feeling a little jealous of each other, but we shouldn’t be,” I made clear, bringing out hands up still together. “I think it’ll just keep us as close as hell; sound good?”


“If women could get other women pregnant, I’d impregnate you tonight.”

“Maybe in a hundred years.”

Our daughters pushed our MILF cherries to the edge, and it seemed like we had nowhere to go, but down. So, we both fell back, but kept our hands together. We looked at each other the most we could, but we still had to close our eyes from time to time.

Neither of our daughters went easy on us at all. Whether they wanted to admit it or not, they both desired to prove what confident and sexy lesbos they were. We both knew it, but we didn’t say it, though.

We just gripped one another’s hands and held each other like life depended on it. Nothing and no one could duplicate the feelings, so we relished the delight like nothing else. Neither of us looked back at our daughters, but we were sure they weren’t peeking at us.

We were confident that they had their eyes closed, but at least I felt one hand come away from my thigh. I didn’t view Lena to see why, but she kept going. Savannah and I leaned to each other to kiss each other more times as they ate us out than our first fuck.

Neither of us touched each other with our hands and solely only used our lips. Every time we did kiss, we closed our eyes. Whether it was only a few seconds or twenty, we closed our eyes and let the passion grow.

Needless to say, we both needed to jerk around nonstop, but we maintained a small distance, so we didn’t bump into each other. However, our grips got tighter with each passing minute. With her moving around so much, it got harder not to grab harder.

I felt Lena’s slick tongue going all over my pussy like the pro her mom was. I surely knew I was as high as a kite by then, so she seemed Lefkoşa Escort that way, but of course, I’d get my smoking hot wife between my legs again that night.

Nevertheless, as Savannah and I glared at each other, we had to spark tears on and off. Neither of us began balling, but of course, we were feeling the lust and love colliding to make us go nuts both physically and mentally.

After a few more minutes, we managed just to eyeball each other and not blink. Even with tears still forming and flowing onto our cheeks, we did it and felt to be dreaming. Almost as if we were both getting major surgery at the same time, right next to each other.

I wanted to glance at our wonderful daughters, but I couldn’t. I had to stare at the woman I loved most in the world, well, when it wasn’t Rosalyn. As we got more and more tears on our faces, we felt them when we kissed, so the chemistry got stronger.

“And to think I could’ve gone to another school in the district too, but no, I wound up in your school.”

“And I thought you were a little too nutty at first; good thing I gave you a chance.”

“No kidding, but you found out right away how good I am with my tongue.”

“I did,” I replied, before kissing her. “Just to be clear, though, if Lena didn’t like you, I was out.”

Then we finally glimpsed at them. “I think both of our daughters like us, Savannah.”

“It’s true, we do,” Lena confirmed.

Then we let go of our hands and arched our backs. We felt their heads and watched them ever so closely. Neither of us said a word, but our eyes said plenty when eyeballed them like our lives depended on it.

That time, we got to see our daughters fuck the other one of us. It was still wrong to watch them fuck us, but yet, it was still hot and sexy to the best degree possible. There still wasn’t much to really say, but we both knew there’d be a lot to say later.

Right then, we just sat there and took the pleasure like it’d be the last thing we’d do. We stayed on that defense the best we could, but of course, the longer we waited, the better the fireworks would be.

Both our daughters peeked at both of us moms and eyefucked us too. Yet, they still wouldn’t bring their mouths away even for a second. As both of us were getting closer to the edge, we jerked around a bit more, so they both actually grabbed onto our hands.

“I guess we have taught you both well, you just what to do and when to do it too. Dare I ask: are either of you about to tell me that we don’t deserve all the credit?” Savannah pondered.

They both nodded, but still didn’t stop licking our twats.I was sure I had lost weight because Lena was next to relentless on me, just licking me down there nonstop. I noticed that Rosalyn had roughly the same technique as Lena.

Either way, I couldn’t pay much more attention to Rosalyn and Savannah because I was getting down to the bare bones of my defense. Even with Lena holding my hands tight, she couldn’t keep my juice from coming out.

Or, she could because then Lena calmly rose with me, placed her palms on my neck, and pushed our boobs together. “I love you, step-mommy,” she stated, before kissing me.

“I love you too, Lena; you’re the best step-daughter I could possibly hope for, I swear.”

“Well, you got to taste me early on, so you knew you scored a good deal, now feel my butt, step-mommy.”

“Yes, you know how soft it is, Kat,” Savannah added, getting behind me and reaching down to my pussy.

I indeed followed the order, but then Rosalyn got behind Lena and brought my fingers to her snatch too. “What the hell are you waiting for, Lena? Tell your step-mommy how much you love her.”

“I love you to the moon and back, Kat.”

“Hey, her name should be ‘Mom,’ but it might get confusing, so call her ‘step-mommy,’ woman I love,” Roselyn stated, before leaving a string of kisses on her neck.

“It won’t happen again, step-mommy,” Lena made clear, before leaning down to my tits.

Lena took one nipple, and Rosalyn took the other. I enjoyed feeling Lena’s lips down there for a minute, but then I placed a hand on each of their heads. I looked at both of them closely, and I thought my pussy would cool, but then Savannah began fingering me.

“I love both of our daughters almost more than you now, Kat; I hope you don’t take it personally.”

“S.T.F.U., Savannah,” I giggled.

I took the triple threat the best I could, but of course, it was pitch-perfect in terms of love and doling the pleasure out too. No one served as the ringleader there, and in the end, we were more than a family, but maybe inappropriate lovers.

Either way, I married Savannah, and our kids hooked up and seemed to be on the train to getting married in due time. They proved to be closer than I could ever imagine as I watched them please my nipples ever so slowly.

Savannah kept pushing her bosoms on my back and even dragged them a bit too. Her fingers also kept moving ever so slowly as well, ensuring my juice kept flowing. I didn’t utter a single word for some time, but everyone was good with that.

They just let me take all the luxury the best I could and didn’t expect anything in return. I broke eye contact several times, but no one said a word. All three of those ladies worked together perfectly, and there was no downside, it seemed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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