The Naiive Doctor’s Lesson

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Due to a shortage of key medical expertise in certain areas of my hospital, a reorganisation had to take place quite quickly. I was called up to the consultant’s panel at short notice and told that we were overstaffed in my area, namely the ear, nose and throat (ENT) department, and that I was therefore being transferred, with immediate effect, to women’s medical.

Now, this came as something of a shock. I worked so hard on my particular ENT specialty during medical school and thus had no time at all for girlfriends and therefore I had little if any knowledge of the female body – particularly – well, you know, the juicy bits down below. As a junior houseman for the past 2 years I certainly had no time to conduct explorations southwards in this direction. I thus felt very exposed and vulnerable as I lacked the basic knowledge of ‘lady’s parts’.

I walked out of the administration building towards ENT for perhaps the last time and I must have been looking most downcast. A nurse whose name I knew to be Sarah walked past me in the opposite direction. I had seen her around the hospital but had never spoken to her, maybe just a smile in the lunch queue.

“Hey, has the World ended?” She cried. “What’s up doc? You look like you just lost a 10 million squid lottery ticket. Come and have a coffee and tell me all about it. Come on, I won’t take no for an answer.”

Sarah was a young and busty brunette lady, around 25 years old, with short cut curly hair, cheeky brown eyes, high cheek bones with a most amazingly adventurous and stunning smile. It was this last factor which persuaded me to accompany her to the staff canteen and to buy her a coffee and a pastry. After we settled down, I explained my dilemma.

“I mean, I just don’t know the necessary bits and pieces. I have no idea what everything is called, what it does and I know I will be so embarrassed even just looking at ladies, you know, bits and bobs, let alone having to touch them and put my fingers inside – I simply don’t think I can do it!

“Right, what you need is a crash course in female anatomy and sexual issues. Let me make a phone call.” With that she left me to mope into my coffee and chew on the tasteless pastry. She returned 4 minutes later with a large grin on her face. “Right, all arranged, my flat mate Fiona has got 2 days off and I know she spent last night shagging her boyfriend Neil – he is a para-medic and is on duty this evening so she is free and she has no scruples about her body whatsoever. So, my dear doctor, present yourself at this address at around 7 this evening and she will play the part of a mannequin, perhaps more a rubber sex doll really, and I will teach you all you need to know about ladies ‘bits’ as you call them and show you how to conduct an intimate examination using Fiona’s body to demonstrate. Don’t worry, I shall bring lots of lube – not that she will need too much of that as she is always moist and ready for action – and lots of rubber gloves too so you will have no excuse for not getting stuck right in. See you later! Don’t be late.”

With that Sarah disappeared leaving a small card with her address and telephone number scribbled on the back. Oh dear, I thought, whatever have I done!

I packed up my locker in ENT and said au revoir to the staff I worked with – I was so sad to be leaving them. I went back to my flat, had a shower and a stiff gin to give me some courage and walked the short distance round to Sarah’s flat. She lived on the second floor of a nicely maintained Avcılar Escort Victorian residence which was well appointed and beautifully decorated. I rang the doorbell and pushed the door open when the buzzer opened the lock. Mounting the stairs, Sarah met me at her front door dressed in a white tee shirt, I noticed that she was not wearing a bra and her nipples protruded proudly erect, and a pair of silky blue flowing trousers – overall, she looked rather nice I thought.

“Come on in.” She invited.

Inside, the flat was scrupulous and tastefully decorated. She had a good eye for both paintings and sculptures – mainly, I noticed, of naked men and women!

“Have you eaten and would you like a drink? Yes, of course you would – G&T?”

“That would be lovely, thank you.” I said, already feeling my heart rate rising and my mouth turning increasingly dry at what I was about to be invited to do.

There must have been some tonic in the gin when it arrived, nicely dressed with ice and a slice of lime, but it would have been hard to find. Nevertheless, I took a big gulp to further stiffen my resolve.

“Right, follow me and we will go to see Fiona. Take you jacket off, make yourself comfortable and relax! We girls don’t bite, well, unless you ask us to!” she added playfully.

I did as I was told and followed Sarah into a beautiful bedroom smelling of incense and fresh linen. Lying on the bed, clearly nude and covered only by a thin single white cotton sheet was Fiona. The nurse had short blonde hair, sparking green eyes, a superb tan and the loveliest face I have seen for years. She was wearing rather a lot of hastily applied make up I thought to myself.

“So, doctor, this is my friend and flat mate Fiona – who does have a bit of a confession to make, don’t you dear?”

Raising her hand to shake mine, it was Fiona’s turn to blush – visible and despite the subtle low reddish lighting in the bedroom. Her hand was warm, soft and felt gentle in mine and I was reluctant to release her grip.

“Hi doc. Yes, well, as Sarah told you, my boyfriend was coming around to see me last night – only he got delayed with his mates watching a rugby match on TV then celebrating a victory – and so the 5 of them arrived in the early hours of this morning – all a little tipsy and all feeling rather randy as well. So, to cut a long story short, we all had a bit of a kiss and a cuddle and, well, you know how one thing leads to another – we were all very naughty and spent most of the day bonking – well, them bonking me actually. They haven’t been gone too long and I was going to have a nice shower and be all scented and nice and clean for your examination – but I just haven’t had time and, everything is a bit wet, sticky and gooey down below – but there we go – it will be good practice for you!”

I gulped deeply but Sarah quickly took control. “Right, we will start at the top and work down. Doctor, you are well acquainted with the head and throat areas, so we will begin at the breasts.”

Well, what a place to begin. Fiona owned a quite superb pair of breasts and before I knew it, I was touching, squeezing them and examining them as Sarah directed. Fiona clearly enjoyed the experience and sighed deeply every time I touched her nipples which were by now as hard as nails.

“Any questions?” asked Sarah. “Good, now let’s get you gloved up and move south.”

Before I could say a word, she had donned a pair of light brown medical rubber gloves Beylikdüzü Escort which were long cuffed and reached halfway up her arm. She picked up a further pair and slid them onto my hands, covering these with a second pair of slightly thicker wrist length gloves in a lighter flesh colour tan. She explained that double gloving was standard when there could be a particularly messy scene to be touched.

She pulled back the sheet exposing the remainder of Fiona’s outstanding body and legs – also well-tanned, fit and clearly regularly exercised with a lovely flat stomach and very sexy thighs. Wow, I thought, noticing for the first time a slight stiffening in my own pubic area! Gosh, I mustn’t let the girls see that, I thought – they would be so embarrassed!

“Right doctor, so these are Fiona’s ‘private parts’ generally known as the vulva – although they seem to have been fairly public for the past few hours and I suspect we will see the results of that in a moment. You will see that she is nicely shaven so we can clearly all that we need to. These are her outer lips or labia majora, I want to push those open with your fingers to reveal her inner lips – the labia minora.”

I did as I was told, gently teasing open her fleshy outer lips. I must have pulled a little too hard as the inner lips began to open as well releasing a gush of warm, white creamy fluid onto the fingers of my rubber gloves.

“And here,” pointed Sarah, unperturbed by the flow of stored cum now pouring from her friend’s pussy, “Is the vagina itself. Now, don’t be shy, I want you to slide 2 fingers into her vagina and have a good feel all around to get used to it.”

Yet again I followed her instructions and by now I had a distinctly large bulge in my trousers and was hoping it did not show, but it did feel nice. As I inserted my fingers into Fiona’s soft, warm, soaking wet vagina, more and more cum gushed out covering my gloved hand. She was absolutely full of spunk and clearly had had a really good fuck with her boyfriend and his mates.

Whilst I was exploring, Sarah pointed out her urethra, where her pee pee came out of, then her clitoris which was now fully expose and erect. Sarah explained this was one of the most sensitive parts of the body – she even touch Fiona’s little clit and began to rub it with her own gloved finger. Fiona groaned deeply and gasped as the rubbing became harder.

“Push you fingers in and fuck me with your hand doc please.” She said. “You will find my G-spot on the front wall of my cunt just a couple of inches in, press forward with your fingers there and …oh fucking hell yes.”

By now almost my whole hand was covered in slimy, sticky semen mixed in with Fiona’s own lubricants and natural juices. At the word ‘cunt’ my own willy leapt forward and I thought I was going to make my own mess in my pants. I was now pressing firmly but gently on her G-spot which she seemed to enjoy.

“You filthy, dirty bastard with your hand up my cunt. Why don’t you go the whole hog and touch my shitter as well with your spare fingers?”

“Doctor,” said Sarah, “At some stage, you will have to enter some ladies’ anuses so we may as well cover that lesson as well as we are already in the area. This may be a bit messy.”

With that, Sarah took my free hand in hers and guided my fingers towards Fiona’s now slippery wet bottom and for the first time I looked directly at her pink, puckered little shit hole. It was coated with glistening cum and certainly did Bahçeşehir Escort not need any more lubricant. First, one then 2 of my gloved fingers now slid inside, barely opposed, into Fiona’s most personal area.

“Yes you fucker, stick your fingers into arse and my cunt and finger fuck them both. Ah yes, push into my spunk filled holes and clean them out before you stick your cock into me and fuck me properly.”

Well, this last part came as a bit of a surprise as that action was not on the original menu. However, I have to confess that my own cock was now openly oozing pre-cum and getting very damp indeed. Sarah could see my problem and before I could say “what the fu…” she had my belt undone, trousers down by my ankles and her hands in my undies!

I have to admit that the feel of her smooth, cool rubber coated fingers on my balls and cock was rather nice. In fact, it was delicious and she began to rub her rubbery hand up and down my penis which was now very wet with my own juice, and tickle my balls with her other hand. That was pure sex and with both my hands now well engaged inside Fiona’s warm and sexy love holes, this was a very nice position.

“Argggh,” groaned Fiona, “His fingers are great but there is nothing like the real thing – and he does have a beautiful big cock, so steer it my way girl and get him in!”

I thought this was probably not the best time to admit that I was still a virgin and so I played along, by now so turned on and erect that I felt quite dizzy. I withdrew both my hands from the wet, slippery vagina and anus where they had been quite cozy, the former with a loud sucking sound as the last few ropes of cum ran free from her pussy and down into her anal cleft.

Sarah now guided my cock towards Fiona’s well open and still dripping wet pussy, ran the end up and down between her inner lips and pointed the tip toward the entrance to her vagina. With a gentle push on my back, she propelled me inside the slithery tunnel of love and then mother nature took over and I began to thrust back and forwards inside her with ever increasing delight.

Sarah meanwhile pulled off the outer gloves from my hands and took my left one towards Fiona’s mouth. To my delight, she began to suck on 2 of my gloved fingers covering them with a layer of shiny spit which she delighted in rubbing all over her lips and face.

“Come on doc, fuck me hard, fuck my cunt, fill me with your own love cream and replace the spunk you had on your fingers.” She cried, now replacing those fingers to explore her mouth, teeth and cheeks – a lovely mess indeed.

I was already close to orgasm when I noticed a completely new sensation in my own anal area. Sarah had double gloved her right hand and was now tentatively exploring my own crevasse with one very wet finger, rimming my very anus and then slipping a finger inside to touch my prostrate itself.

“Jesus shit, I need to fucking cum before you spunk doc. Hold on for a few secs before you flood me.”

She reached over to her side table and picked up a pink object with 3 finger like protrusions emanating from it. Pressing a button on the bottom, the little object began to glow and buzz as she applied it to her now much expanded clitoris. The effect was explosive – not just for her but for me too as the vibes moved along the insides of her pussy and into the vagina which also contained my about to explode cock. In fact, we both exploded at exactly the same moment as her cunt contracted and squeezed my penis, Sarah plunged 2 fingers deep into my rectum and bang! I shot my load, by the pint into her and she went ballistic, screaming and shouting the naughtiest things a gentleman had ever heard – but such sweet music as we all 3 collapsed onto the bed in a messy heap of wetness and bliss.

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