The Naughty Babysitter

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Big Tits

When I was eighteen and just about to start college, disaster struck. My father became gravely ill and was unable to work. As a result, our family quickly fell into financial hardship. My mother did all she could to keep things afloat and put on a brave face, but the bills were piling up fast and it was obvious that our family boat was sinking.

My world changed overnight. Before then I never worried about money. I led a very sheltered life.

I contemplated dropping out of school and getting a full-time job to help my family, but my father was strongly against this. My father wanted me to have an education so that I would never have to rely on a man for support. Wise words back then.

Church people and neighbours, bless their souls, began to help out in any way they could. The church took up a collection; people dropped off groceries, etcetera.

Another way people helped was that they began asking for me to babysit. Of course, I was eager to do my part, so I began babysitting whenever I had the opportunity. Because I was older and they knew my father was out of work, they paid me very well.

One evening, I was asked to babysit for a young couple. I knew the husband, Jeff, from when I went to church years ago. He was much older, so I never really knew him, only of him. I did recall that he was cute, and all the church girls made a fuss over him.

I readily accepted the assignment as I was eager to do whatever I could to help out my family. I was also curious to see what Jeff looked like now after all these years. At the time, I was eighteen and Jeff would have been about thirty.

That evening, Jeff came to the house to pick me up. During the drive back to his apartment, I couldn’t help but notice him looking me over. He said he remembered me when I was a child and that I had matured into a lovely-looking young lady. Back then, I never wore a bra, and it was obvious from the looks Jeff was giving me that he had noticed.

I found it flattering that an older guy would look at me that way. We made small talk for the entire drive. He seemed very nice, and he was still as good-looking as I remembered.

We parked out front and took the elevator up to his floor. He was silent in the elevator, but I could feel his eyes undress me. I began to feel a bit uncomfortable, but then again, maybe it was just my imagination.

When we arrived at his apartment, Jeff introduced me to his wife, Cindy, and their two kids. Cindy was very attractive and quite lovely; they made a stunning couple. I guess it was just wishful thinking that he was looking me over. I had nothing on Cindy.

The evening went well, and upon their return, Cindy instructed Jeff to drive me home. As soon as I got into the car with Jeff, his demeanour changed. He began asking me personal questions, maybe even inappropriate questions.

He wanted to know if I had a boyfriend and how long I had been dating him. He started making sexually suggestive comments. The entire time he was driving, he kept glancing over at my breasts. My nipples were now getting hard and swollen from his suggestive overtones and looks. I was feeling somewhat aroused but also uncomfortable with the conversation. I remained sweet and polite; after all, he did know my father.

Then he Otele Gelen Escort asked, “I hope you are on birth control.”

I’m not sure why I responded, but I did. “Yes, I am.”

I guess I was proud to confirm his suspicions that I was indeed sexually active. At that age, I was rebellious when it came to the church, so maybe that had something to do with it. Or was it because he was good-looking and I wanted him to know I was sexually available?

As he was interrogating me during the drive, I began to have naughty thoughts. For any number of reasons, I knew he wouldn’t make a move on me. Besides being married to a beautiful woman, he was a good Christian, heavily involved in the church, and on top of that, he was friendly with my father. So I played along with his sexually charged overtones just to tease him, to lead him on, and to show him I wasn’t intimidated by him.

The next thing I knew, he made a hard right turn into the back of a shopping plaza. It was late, vacant, and it was dark. I thought maybe he was taking a short cut, but instead he pulled into a dark, secluded area and turned off the engine.

I knew something was about to happen, but I didn’t say a word. My mind was racing trying to evaluate the situation. He can’t really be interested in me when he’s married to gorgeous-looking Cindy? Or is he? Maybe he just wants to talk. Maybe I shouldn’t have flirted with him.

He immediately slid across the seat closer to me. We locked eyes, and without saying a word, he reached out and slowly slid my top strap off of one shoulder.

I was surprised at this turn in events, so I quietly maintained our gaze. My lack of protest prompted him to slide the other shoulder strap down also. My breasts were still covered by my fallen top, so I remained silent. In anticipation of what was to come next, my eyes fell as I shyly caught a glimpse of his swollen crotch. He noticed my interest as I nervously licked and bit my lips, waiting for his next move.

With his index finger, he ever so slowly hooked the front of my top and slowly pulled down on it. I dropped my head down and watched him as one breast pop out of my top and then the other. He had been fixated on my breasts since the moment he saw me, and now he finally got to see them. He just sat back and stared at my exposed breasts. I continued to sit there perfectly still and in silence as I felt my swollen nipples harden even more as the cool air swept over them.

Was this all he wanted? Did he just want to see my breasts? I honestly thought this was as far as he was going to go.

He probably only stared at them for a minute or so, but it felt much longer to sit there exposed like that.

He reached across with one hand and gently cupped and felt first one breast and then the other. He finally broke the silence to comment on how beautiful they were.

Then he leaned in and began kissing, grabbing, and sucking my breasts. My nipples were rock hard and swollen as he nibbled and tugged on them. I sat there in silence, my heart racing and my breathing becoming heavy. I felt my juices beginning to flow. I was heating up, as was Jeff.

I put a hand on the back of his head and ran my fingers through his Balgat Escort hair as he devoured my breasts.

It was all happening so fast. I didn’t have time to think it through. We locked lips and started to make out. Remember, I was only eighteen and he was a married man. He knew exactly what he was doing. Well, I suppose I did also.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I eagerly kissed him back. The fact that he was married, that I had just met his wife, and that they had kids didn’t seem to matter at the moment. I shouldn’t have gotten myself into this situation, but it was too late now. I was aroused that he wanted me!

He rolled over on top of me and then slid down, kneeling on the car floor between my parted legs. With a flick of his finger, the car seat reclined right back. Then he feverishly began unzipping my jeans and yanking them along with my panties down to my ankles. It all happened so fast. He grabbed me by the ankles and lifted them up over my head.

I never resisted; it all happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to resist or object. I just looked him in the eyes as he reached down and quickly unzipped his jeans. There was no foreplay, no teasing. He pulled out his erect cock and ran his head up and down my wet pussy lips. His head momentarily rubbed my clitoris, just enough to make it swollen. My wetness lubricated his cock.

My young pussy lips parted and eagerly accepted the big purple head of his cock. He wasted no time in entering me. I moaned as his cock slowly parted my vulva and began to penetrate me. I could feel his cock pulsating against the walls of my tight vagina as he stretched it apart. He moaned as he experienced how tight I felt and began moving in and out of me. I had yet to speak a word. I just moaned as he began to fuck me.

There I was in the passenger seat with my legs up around my head, bent in half, as Jeff thrust his cock inside of me. He began fucking me with an urgency. I suppose he didn’t have much time with his wife waiting for him at home.

I could tell he wasn’t going to last long. He grunted and moaned as he violently thrashed his hips into me. I reached back and grabbed his ass and pulled him hard and deep into me. Just as I was getting into it, he arched up, let out a loud grunt, and ejaculated inside of me. I felt his warm semen shoot deep inside of me.

He was just like all the other boys I had sex with up until then. He was only after his own gratification. He wasn’t concerned about satisfying me. The whole thing was probably over in a few minutes, although it did seem much longer.

He quietly got off of me, and we both got dressed and straightened out. He started the car and proceeded to drive me home. He apologised that it was so quick. He said I was so tight, and it felt so good that he couldn’t hold back. He also said he had to get back home, otherwise his wife might get suspicious. I reassured him that I understood and that it was wonderful. I know I lied.

He continued to tell me how sexy I was and how much he enjoyed having sex with me. During the drive home, I was starting to process what had just happened. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel guilty that I had sex with Cindy’s husband, Jeff.

This Büyükesat Escort was the first time I knowingly had sex with a married man. Remember, I lost my virginity to Mark, who was also married, but I didn’t know he was married until the end of our relationship. Strangely, Jeff was about the same age as Mark.

As we pulled into my driveway, he asked me to be his regular sitter.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea; you’re married and your wife seems lovely…I feel guilty.”

But in all honesty, I wasn’t really feeling that guilty. I wanted to see him again. I had fun, and the thought that he wanted to have sex with me was a thrill.

He told me to think about it, then he paid me very well for babysitting before letting me out.

I liked that Jeff was attracted to me and wanted to see me again. He was married to a beautiful woman, and yet he wanted me. I found this very appealing and erotic. At that age, I craved acceptance and reassurance. He knew what to say.

Two weeks later, he called the house and spoke to my father. He asked if I would babysit. He told my father his wife preferred me as opposed to younger teenage girls. She also said the kids loved me.

I agreed. I was looking forward to seeing him, uh, the kids, again.

And so it began. I became their regular babysitter and would babysit one or two times a month. Every time he drove me home, he would park the car in a dark area, and we would have sex. It was always a quickie as his wife was always waiting for him. I found it so hot that his wife was waiting for him while we had sex. During sex, I often teased him that my boyfriend was waiting for me and that he was going to finish what he started. This would drive him wild.

As time went by, I became more comfortable and daring with Jeff. I started giving him a blow job when he picked me up at the start of the evening. I was going down on him as he drove me to his place. He would always stop a block short of his place and exploding in my mouth. He was always worried that he would mess up his pants and his wife would notice. I was always very careful to swallow and lick him clean. Then I would go into his house and give his wife a peck on the cheek. I wonder if she ever smelled her husband on my breath. I had become the naughty babysitter.

I was enjoying having an affair with an older married man. He was very kind and good to me. It was wrong, but that was part of the attraction. This prim and proper church-going guy, who everyone respected, was cheating on his wife with me.

There were a few times when I was asked to babysit when his wife wasn’t there. She occasionally went away for overnight women’s group religious retreats. He would call up and tell my father he was going out and needed babysitting. He would pick me up like normal and then, after the kids were asleep, we would have sex all evening. I started to become quite fond of Jeff even though I had a boyfriend.

This went on for about four months until he suddenly stopped calling. I had no idea what happened or why he stopped calling. I didn’t even have his contact information as he always called my father to arrange babysitting. I couldn’t very well ask my father for his number.

I had grown very close to Jeff without realizing it. I knew he was married but I was still attracted to him and I loved having sex with him. I had thoughts of stalking him. I just wanted to see him again, talk to him. But I never got closure. It just ended.

Have you ever had sex with a babysitter?

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