The Neglected Serving Girl

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Annie was ready to scream with frustration. All day long she had been serving drinks and food to groups of knights, travelers, and merchants. Customers at the inn often leered at her or made comments about her body, but some days were worse than others. Today at least a dozen men had slapped her ass as she walked past and a few tried to grab her breasts. One pushed her against a wall and tried to kiss her. A particularly bold drunkard had reached up her dress. His hand was already on her thigh before she jumped away and “accidentally” poured a beer on him.

She hated working at the inn, but that wasn’t the reason for her frustration. Her lover, the inn’s cook, had been away for nearly a month, shopping for spices in the city. It had been a long, lonely time apart. She always found herself aroused when he was away, but the last few weeks had been particularly bad. He had finally returned home late last night, too tired to do anything but go to sleep. She wanted him so badly she could taste it. The unwanted attention from customers was especially galling since she desperately wanted to be touched — just not by them.

She had been sneaking into the back whenever she thought she could get away with it. She was the only one serving today, and he was the only one in the kitchen. Whenever she walked in he would drop what he was doing to kiss her. But inevitably, just as his hands began moving over her body, a sudden shout from the front would interrupt them. She would adjust her clothes and Escort Beylikdüzü run out to deliver more ale. Judging by the wry look on his face, he seemed to enjoy teasing her.

The hours passed, and more men came and went who weren’t her cook. More groping hands to dodge and remind her of the ones she wanted to feel on her body. It got harder and harder to sneak into the kitchen as closing time approached. A rush hit, and the inn was packed with men wanting to get a last drink before going home to pass out.

About a half-hour before closing time she managed to steal a minute in the kitchen. He pressed her against the wall and kissed her passionately. She felt him reach under her dress and between her thighs, finding her already wet. He was teasing her, just starting to slip a finger between her lips when someone hollered for more ale. As she ran out of the kitchen she saw him lick his finger and wink at her.

Finally the inn closed. One by one, the men staggered out the door. Soon she would take her lover back to the bedroom and make good on a long day of teasing. With the inn’s door closed and locked, she hurried to gather the mugs and plates to pile in the sink. She hated having to wash them in the morning, but right now she had more urgent business.

As she bent over a table to grab some mugs, she felt her dress being lifted over her hips. Afraid it was somehow a customer, she looked back sharply and grinned with relief to see her cook. Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan He was undoing his pants, his hard cock already straining at the fabric. He had been in such a hurry to get to her that he hadn’t even wiped the flour from his hands.

She bit her lip and spread her legs as he rubbed the head of his cock along her slit, deliciously wet after a day of teasing. She gasped when he thrust forward, filling her instantly. In her mind’s eye she imagined her hungry pussy devouring him whole. Her lips wrapped tight around the base of his shaft, pulling him ever deeper.

He grabbed her hips and began fucking her. Some part of her brain thanked the carpenter that built this table at the perfect height. Her feet were planted squarely on the floor, legs slightly bent. With each thrust, her thighs bumped against the table edge. Her chest and forehead rested on the table’s surface. Her arms reached across to grip the opposite edge.

She lifted up on her elbows as she felt his hands slide towards her chest. She gasped as he tugged roughly at the low-cut front of her dress, releasing her breasts. He squeezed her nipples, sending a jolt of electricity coursing through her body.

Deep inside she felt a pressure building and her vision blurred as her climax approached. She tilted her head back, and he took his cue to grab her hair. That was all it took, and with a loud groan, she convulsed as the pleasure washed over her. The built-up Beylikdüzü Escort pressure of the last month released with a sudden gush of hot fluid around his cock and down her legs.

He didn’t stop fucking her, and the sounds of their lovemaking were now sloppy, wet and frantic. By the sound of his grunts and ragged breathing she could tell he was ready to cum. Excited, she pushed back against him and moaned encouragingly. She was still seeing spots from her own orgasm.

He cried out, gripped her hips tightly and thrust into her. His weight pressed her against the table, and felt his cock throbbing as he came deep inside her pussy.

“Oh fuck, I missed you so much,” she panted, still catching her breath as he kissed her neck.

“I missed you too,” he puffed, “but it was worth it. They’ve got stuff in the city you just can’t get out here.”

“Oh? Such as?” she asked, not really caring about what sorts of seasonings and herbs he found during his trip away from her.

“Such as this,” he said, placing a simple wooden box on the table in front of her face. He opened it to reveal a fine set of matching gold wedding rings.

She laughed in surprise, started crying a bit, and laughed again when his cock slipped out of her, making a rude noise.

“You jerk!” she laughed, “You’re supposed to get down on one knee!”

“Oh, I misunderstood,” he said sarcastically. “I thought I was supposed to leave you weak in the knees.”

“Well, that too,” she agreed. “What’ll we tell our kids when they ask how we got married? We can’t tell them you bent me over a table and fucked me silly until I agreed to marry you.”

“You’ll think of something romantic, I’m sure,” he replied. “And for the rest of your life, every time you look at your ring you’ll remember this moment.”

And she did.

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