The Neighbors Ch. 02

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April sat at her kitchen table, her hands cradling a cup of hot tea, as the events of a short time ago echoed in her mind. Her eyes starred at the clear plastic bag lying silently on the table a few inches from her hands. The bag contained a purple vibrator. The same one that she had seen her friend and neighbor using earlier that day. April couldn’t get the image of Cathy, her legs spread and the purple plastic penis in her vagina, out of her mind. She’d never imagined she would experience anything so intimate and personal with another woman.

“I’m not sure what I want to do with it,” she thought to herself. Thoughts of a safe ‘hiding place’ had run through her mind since her friend had insisted she take it home with her. Cathy had referred to it as “taking a test drive” and after thoroughly washing the device, gave it to April for her own personal trial.

If she hadn’t seen Cathy use the vibrator it was clear that April wouldn’t have considered using such a thing on her own body. Dildos, vibrators—those weren’t things that ‘normal’ women used.

“Or are they?” she thought. “Cathy is as normal as they get and she sure looked to be in heaven with it. She even called it ‘Eric’ when she was using it.”

Eric? What would her husband’s reaction be if he found out April had a vibrator? A borrowed one at that! She and her husband had never had a discussion about sex toys that April could remember. A banana when they were first married was the only thing similar she could recall. But that was years ago. And it was just a whim before kids were born. Back in the days when sex was ready and plentiful.

April picked up the plastic bag containing the vibrator and stood up. Putting her cup in the sink, she made the climb up the house stairs to her bedroom. The bed remained unmade and making it didn’t seem important to her to make it at this time. April sat down on the large bed and stared at the plastic toy. Opening the bag, she pulled it out and inspected it. Smooth, round with a head that was, well, a lot like Eric. It had a glans just like a man—although it was smaller and less pronounced than her husband’s.

April sat silently and simply stared at the object in her hands. Without really thinking, she stood up and began to disrobe. Her T-shirt was pulled up over her head and from the reflection in the mirror she watched herself reach deftly behind her back and unhook her bra, allowing it to slip off her shoulders and down her arms. Gravity carried it to the floor joining the T-shirt.

April stood and looked at her topless self in the mirror on her dresser. She’d always wished she had been blessed with bigger breasts—a natural B cup other than the two times post-pregnancy when she was a solid C. Only the dark pink, almost red, nipples altered the white skin of her breasts. April had always been proud of the fact that her small breasts were “perky” as her husband liked to say. Going braless was common given their diminutive size. At the moment April noticed the nipples were already erect and she hadn’t even touched them.

Reaching to her waist, her shorts were quickly unbuttoned and they slid down her legs before she stepped out of them. The also lay where they fell on the floor. April turned slightly and looked in the mirror over her shoulder at her butt. The white cotton of her bikini panties was stretched taunt but not too tight. “I’ve still got a nice butt!” she thought to herself.

Turning so she faced the mirror, she pushed her panties down over her hips and looked at the pubic hair at the juncture of her legs and torso. With the panties at her ankles she stepped out of them and then fluffed her pubic hair. She’d always kept her pubic hair—and her husband was also supportive of her doing so. She knew and read in “women’s magazines” that many women were shaving it off these days but she was comfortable with what was natural. April kept it trimmed so it wasn’t peeking out the leg openings of her panties but that was the extent of her typical grooming habits. The bright orange triangle of hair contrasted greatly to the snowy white skin of her abdominal area.

April reached her left hand down between her legs and her fingers felt her wetness. She wasn’t surprised because after what she had seen in Cathy’s bedroom only a few hours earlier, she knew that getting sexually excited wasn’t an issue. She pulled her fingers from her pussy and looked at her index finger—covered with a sheen of her own juices. The memory of Cathy licking the vibrator clean after she’d removed it from her own pussy reverberated in April’s brain. April moved her index finger towards her face, smelling her pussy aroma on her own finger and slowly stuck her tongue out to lick the messy finger.

“Ohhhhhhh…” she moaned to herself, as she tasted her pussy juice. She’d kissed her husband on many occasions after he’d performed Ankara escort oral sex on her but that was different—this was “April tasting April.”

She reached her right hand back to her pussy and inserted her middle finger all the way into her opening, feeling her juices covering it. Without hesitating April brought the hand back to her face and inserted her covered middle finger into her mouth, once again tasting herself as if it was the very first time.

Reaching to the nightstand, she picked up Cathy’s vibrator. In her current state, she knew that an orgasm was necessary to break the pent-up sexual tension in her body. She looked at the plastic cock—”Eric” as Cathy had called it earlier in the day—but April didn’t care what it was called. Perhaps “Pleasure” was appropriate at this point?

April spread herself out on her bed, opening her thighs and using her left hand to gently rub her pussy, slipping her index finger back between the slick opening. “It’s so wet already!” she thought to herself. She moved the vibrator to her mouth and after hesitating for a moment, deep throated the device just as she’d seen Cathy do previously. It did have a lot of similarities to her husband—other than it was purple, was about eight inches long and would never go soft!

Pulling the vibrator from her mouth, she moved her left hand from her pussy and began to rub her dark pink nipple. The nipple was erect and April used the pussy juice on her fingers to coat it as she gently tweaked it. She had always enjoyed playing with her nipples and from the first time she’d had a mouth and tongue on them, she knew that attention to her nipples was a key to sexual bliss.

As she rubbed the juice on her erect nipple, she slowly inserted the vibrator into her pussy lips. She was well lubricated so there wouldn’t be any issue sliding it in her opening. As she felt the vibrator enter her pussy, April realized she had failed to turn it “on” to actually vibrate. As she slowly pulled it back out of her well-lubricated lips, she decided to simply use it for “in and out” action, at least for the time being. April continued to tease her left nipple and wished she’d been blessed with larger breasts because if she had, perhaps she’d be able to take her nipple into her own mouth, or at the very least, get her tongue on it as she’d seen in a porno movie years ago. But given the diminutive size of her breasts, the practicality of orally pleasing them was simply a fantasy.

As the vibrator moved in and out of her pussy, April made sure the thumb on her right hand gently touched her clit. Each touch sent a short burst of electricity through her body. Along with her nipples, April’s clit was very sensitive and she loved it to be touched with a tongue. It had been a long, long time since her husband had orally pleased April.

April moved her left hand from her breast back to her pussy so she could rub her clit continuously with her fingers. She found her pussy much wetter than it was just a few minutes ago and as she continued to pull and push the vibrator into her opening, she gently grasped her clit with her index finger and thumb. As the movements continued in unison April realized she could feel her vaginal juices running down underneath her and near her butt hole. “I hope I don’t ruin the mattress,” the redhead thought to herself—but she was too far down the sexual road to orgasm to alter her position.

In and out went the vibrator as April imagined the images of Cathy’s pussy receiving the plastic cock in similar fashion. “Cathy looked so pleasant,” she thought to herself. ” I wonder if I would be able to masturbate in front of her like she did me?”

Softly moaning at the pleasure of both the clitoris stimulation as well as the vibrator’s motion against her pussy lips, April began to feel a wave of pent-up pleasure beginning to build within her body. As her left hand moved faster and faster on her clit, she began to move the vibrator in and out in a consistent rhythm. Her toes began to tingle and then they tensed up, along with the muscles in her thighs. She began to feel tense throughout her body but also a very relaxed state of euphoria swept through her at the same time. April began to pull her knees into the air and her pussy began to spasm. She continued to move the vibrator in and out in a consistent rhythm but her left hand left her clit to return to her left nipple.

As she whimpered in a hushed tone, her body began to tense up until she peaked and simply exploded into orgasm! The moment seemed to last an infinite period of time but in reality it was only a few seconds. She shook momentarily and allowed her tensed legs to collapse back on the bed. Both her hands grasped her breasts and rubbed her erect nipples—”Oh how I’d love to have my nipples sucked right now!” she thought to herself.

April remained flat on her Ankara escort bayan back, completely exhausted by the physical waves of pleasure. She remained motionless for several minutes until she realized she was going to have to move at some point. April move her right leg slightly and realized that the vibrator was still inserted well up into her pussy. She reached down to the device and pulled it out slowly. As she looked down past her pert breasts to her lower torso, her right hand held the vibrator up so her eyes could focus on it. Covered in her milky discharge juices, April couldn’t remember the last time she’d been so wet! Maybe Cathy was right and the purple penis really did have some magical traits?

April pulled the vibrator up her body and looked at it closely. She noticed a stray curly pubic hair stuck to it and she used her left hand to pick it off and carelessly dropped it on the bed. And then without hesitation, she took the vibrator and inserted the gooey device into her mouth as she’d seen her neighbor do hours earlier. Her pussy tasted as it always did but it seemed there was something very naughty about having pulled her neighbor’s vibrator out of her own body and licking it clean. She had done the same with her husband’s penis in years past but this was different. A “naughty different” she thought as a smile formed on her face. Her tongue rolled around the grooved knob at the top much like she’d done countless times with a real penis in her mouth. But this was different because nothing was going soft on her.

Pulling the vibrator from her mouth, April looked at it closely and noticed what looked like a few stray marks from teeth. Perhaps Cathy had bit the plastic cock a few times during the clean-up phase after pleasuring herself?

After dropping the vibrator on the floor, April rolled onto her side and reached to her butt. It was wet and she knew it was a combination of sweat and her body fluid that had leaked down her crack. “I guess I’ll have to change the sheets now,” April thought to herself. Forcing herself to get up and out of bed, April stood and looked at herself in the mirror.

“First you watch your friend masturbate in front of you and now you use a vibrator for the greatest orgasm in many years. What’s next April?” she said out loud to herself. She looked herself in the mirror and laughed. “Time for a shower, girl!”

The hot water and soap on her body felt good and April made sure that her entire body was cleansed well including her rear opening. It was a rare thing to insert anything in there—she was an “Anal Virgin” as her husband liked to joke after she’d turned down repeated requests to allow him to enter her butt—however she did insert her finger partially up the opening “just to be sure” everything was clean. Nothing too long or erotic but clearly not a regular event to have her finger entering her anus.

After showering, April walked nude back into her bedroom and saw the pile of clothes on the floor lying next to the vibrator. She realized she needed to get the vibrator cleaned up so she could return it. Bending down to pick it up, she saw that her discarded panties were laying on the top of the pile of clothing she had removed. The panties had fallen to the floor in such a way that the crotch was laying spread open and she noticed the colored discharge on the crotch panel. She had obviously been much more turned on at Cathy’s than she had realized since the cotton had clearly been soaking up the juices and the evidence was clear to her eyes.

“I guess those won’t be worn again today,” she thought to herself. She picked up all the clothing and dumped it in the laundry basket as she entered the bathroom once again to clean up the vibrator. After thoroughly cleaning the self-pleasure unit, she decided to hide it in a shoebox in her closet that would very unlikely to be opened by anyone else in the household.

* * *

That night as April lay in bed, she watched her husband disrobe. While she had seen his penis on an endless number of occasions, tonight was different. She couldn’t help but compare the limp organ to the vibrator tucked away safely in the closet not more than ten feet from her husband.

* * *

The next morning, just a few minutes after the kids left on their way school, she heard a knock at the kitchen door. “An odd time for somebody to be in the back,” she thought to herself. As she carefully walked towards the kitchen to see who might be knocking, she saw the familiar blonde hair of her neighbor. In an instant April’s emotions got to her—”I’m not sure I want to see Cathy right now,” she thought to herself. But knowing that Cathy knew she would be at home; she didn’t have a great deal of choice. She cinched up her bathrobe waist tie and proceeded into the kitchen to open the door.

“Good morning Cathy! I’m surprised to Escort Ankara see you so early. Is everything okay?,” April asked but she knew immediately from the pleasant smile on Cathy’s face that nothing was seriously wrong.

“Hi April. Yes, everything is just fine. I just wanted to come over to see you, and well, perhaps, uh, chat?”

“Sure, come on in. I’ve obviously not had a chance to even get dressed yet. The kids just left so I was cleaning up after their breakfast and was going to shower. But come on in,” April invited.

Cathy entered the house, pulling the door shut as she entered and locking it. She glanced up at April and the two women starred into each other’s eyes—speaking volumes without actually saying a word.

“April?” Cathy said.

“Cathy, I uh…” April opened with at the same time as her friend. They both laughed and Cathy reached out to April and pulled her towards her, embracing her friend and neighbor. As they hugged each other, Cathy patted her friend on the back before pulling back and then gently kissed April on the forehead.

While the kiss on the forehead caught April momentarily by surprise, she realized that it was a reflection of her friend’s emotions. April took Cathy’s hand and held it as she walked her into the family home’s living room where they sat facing each other on the couch.

April began with, “Cathy. I have to tell you that yesterday was a day I will never forget.”

Cathy’s face reddened with embarrassment. “April, I’m sorry about yesterday…”

Cutting her off, April spoke bluntly: “Sorry? Are you kidding? That was one of the sexiest things I’ve experienced. I mean how many people get to see another person masturbate—especially their best friend—and the look of pleasure that swept across you when you had the orgasm was indescribable.”

“Thank you April. I was so worried that I’d gone way beyond the bounds of our friendship,” was Cathy’s reply.

“I have a question for you Cathy. Something that I thought about last night before I fell asleep. Was that the first time you’ve ever done something like that in front of another person?”

Cathy hesitated for a few seconds.

“Truthfully?” she asked.

“Of course. Don’t worry, you won’t shock me,” April replied.

“When I was younger April, I had a good friend who, well, we did a lot of things together. And masturbating in front of each other was one of those things.”

Now it was April’s time to pause.

“One of those things? You mean there was more?” she inquired.

“Oh yes. A lot more. It’s something, well, something I’ve never shared with anyone April. Not even my husband.”

Again April found herself with a paused reaction.

“I’m not sure what to say Cathy. I don’t want to intrude into your life. It’s just that, well, yesterday you seemed so natural about, well you know what! And when you licked ‘Eric’ clean in front of me, after thinking about it last night, I got a sense that it wasn’t the first time you’d done something like that with someone watching.”

Cathy looked deep into April’s eyes. She was torn about her past and an opportunity that was presenting itself before her very eyes. She wasn’t 100% certain if her intuition was accurate but she thought that after yesterday morning’s event and the fact April was now quizzing her, she sensed the time was right.

“April. I’ll tell you the story. But I want to do it my way. And you’ll have to accept my terms. Oh yes, you’ll have to promise that no matter what happens in our lives—if we have a giant fight and you never speak to me again, you will never, ever share my story with anyone else. Not Eric. Not anyone. For any reason. Ever.”

“Of course. You can trust me Cathy. But I have to admit that you’ve got me very curious. How did yesterday morning’s event in your bedroom tie into your past?”

“You have to promise me April. Promise me.”

“Cathy—I promise I won’t tell another soul whatever it is that you share with me. It will be our secret. Sort of like ‘blood brothers’ or something like that,” April said with a smile.

“And you’re agreeing to listen on my terms. You’ll do whatever I say?” Cathy asked.

“Yes. But I admit that you’re scaring me a little.”

Now it was time for Cathy to smile.

“Don’t worry April. No harm will come to you. I just, uh, have an idea of how to tell you the tale of how we got to where we were yesterday morning. And if I ask you to do something, I’d like to know that you’re okay with it and you know that I won’t harm you in any way.”

“I’m good Cathy. Really.”

Cathy edged herself along the couch until she was adjacent to April. She grasped the redhead by the shoulders and gently pulled her close to her until their two faces were inches apart. April knew what was coming but waited to be sure…

Cathy’s lips puckered and gently touched April’s. For a split second April tensed up and then realized not only was her friend not in any way going to harm her but April also realized, “This can be a pleasant experience.”

To be continued…

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