The Neighbor’s Wife

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Thanks to ‘LadyCibelle’ and my man ‘Techsan’ for their editing of my stories. They help make it a good read.

I read story after story about spouses that cheat on each other. I know all about the double standards and how a lot of husbands cheat on their wives also. I’m a guy and I’ve heard all the reasons that guys give for cheating. I’ve asked a number of female friends why they believe women would cheat.

The number one answer I heard was that the woman never loved her husband in the first place. It might have been a fear of being alone or a marriage to get revenge on an old flame. Some were baited into marriage by friends and relatives. I guess that was before the statement “Just say no” came out.

Another reason frequently given was that she did love her husband but he cheated and she wanted revenge on the spouse or that the husband never showed interest in her anymore.

The most important thing I learned was that if the woman loved her husband and he showed interest in her regularly then these wives very rarely cheated. The women told me that this stuff about cheating because they wanted to try bigger dicks or strange dicks was a crock of shit. Most women said it was how you used it that counted. Why did I think there were so many lesbians or bi-sexual women if size was everything?

The third reason for cheating was scary to me. It was husbands’ fantasies or wanting three-ways or swinging and group sex. The women told me that once you crossed that line of reality the incidents of cheating greatly increased.

Trust, marital love, lying, and respect all seemed to diminish with the playing out of fantasies.

That got me to thinking about all the stories I’ve read about real life situations that could have been avoided if trust, communication, and respect were used. With all that said, I will tell you one of the stories of a cheating husband.


My name’s John and I was a cheating husband. After twelve years of marriage I thought the grass was greener on the other side of the street. I am a department manager in a large factory in our city. I was kidding around with one of the temp girls in the office. I was in my thirties at the time and seeing this young gal strut around the office was great eye candy. She made me feel younger. Why wouldn’t she, seeing she was about nineteen and paying attention to me?

The joking around got a little more serious and why I did it is now something I’ll always regret. I asked her out and she accepted. I made an excuse to my wife about why I would be home late. I was thinking with my dick. The temp and I went out and we had sex in the car. It felt good that I was once again the stud. When I dropped the girl off at her car and went home, I began to feel bad. I knew it was wrong and said to myself that I would never do it again if I was lucky enough to get away with it.

I walked in and my wife didn’t suspect anything. I felt relieved as I took a shower. I thanked God that I didn’t get caught, like God saved me from my own stupidity. I told myself never again would I be that stupid to jeopardize my marriage.

Julie – that was the temp’s name – didn’t work for the next few days. That made it a little easier on me. She showed up the following Monday and asked me why I didn’t call her over the weekend. I explained to her that the date was a mistake and I was married which she already knew. She explained that she didn’t love me but that she just liked to play around. She closed my office door and locked it and came around to my side of the desk. She took my hand and put it on her thigh. I couldn’t help it as I slid my hand up her thigh to pay dirt. She had removed her panties or didn’t wear any, I don’t know which.

I wanted to say no but I guess I was too weak as I slid into her sex and started fingering her. She reached over and unbuckled my belt and unzipped my trousers. She got off my desk and then, while facing me, slid my cock deep into her sex. I should have tried to stop but was too far gone as my pole slid deep within her and she rode me to climax. When we got done I told her it would never happen again. She looked at me and kind of snickered. She must have had her own agenda.

We did do it a number of times. I was too stupid to say no. I know I’m not the only man that has ever fallen to temptation but I ruined my marriage over it. One day Julie was at my front door. My wife answered it and Julie told my wife that she was my girlfriend and that she thought she was pregnant. My wife yelled for me and when I entered the room the shit hit the fan. I couldn’t deny anything other then I didn’t love Julie but it was just about sex.

My wife of twelve years was in tears. It was the lowest point of my entire life. I hated Julie at that point but could I totally blame her? She told us she didn’t want any kids but she expected me to pay for her abortion.

My wife Kara was totally disgusted with me. She loved kids, we had two of Afyon Escort our own both girls, one was ten and the other eight. Here I was paying to abort a child. I agreed to the terms and Julie left. My wife told me our marriage was over. She told me she suspected something was up because of the way I was acting lately. She said a woman can tell if her husband is a cheater. Something about their actions after they cheated.

I packed a suitcase and moved into a motel until other plans could be made. I tried calling Kara a number of times but she told me over and over that she could never trust me again and was going through with the divorce.

We got divorced and I really regretted it. I really loved my wife but I guess I didn’t respect her enough until it was too late. Julie had her abortion and I asked for a transfer to another plant. It was granted and now I lived about fifty miles from my ex-wife and daughters. I went and picked up my daughters every other weekend and tried to make any school functions they were in. At the beginning they were there every other weekend, but as they got older I saw them a lot less. When they became teenagers they wanted to spend more time with their friends, so I saw them even less. I did my best to stay on speaking terms with Kara for the sake of the kids.

Kara got remarried after about five years to a nice guy named Bob. The day she told me about their getting married I had to go get drunk. I ruined my life for what? A strange ride in the hay. I will never completely get over Kara. I guess I was hoping that time would heal old wounds and that we might get back together, but now I knew that is was never going to happen. She told me that she will not get completely over me either but after what I did she could never trust me again.

That all happened about twenty years ago.

I now live in a condo in a nice area. I date but could never get interested in marriage again. At my age, in my mid-fifties, I figured that was how I would spend my remaining years. My daughters were married and on their own now. I would keep in contact with them and go see them every so often but it always reminded me of what a fool I was and what I had lost. My ex-wife was living her new life with her husband and according to my daughters he treated her with respect. Then there was me. I spent time in the evening at the pool at our condo. I met a number of neighbors that were really nice people. I even went out with a few of the divorced women but nothing materialized. With some I had sex but I wasn’t up for exclusive dating although with most of the women, we remained friends.

There was one gal at the pool who always struck my fancy. The funny part was that she was probably forty-eight to fifty years old. She was neat and attractive. Pam was her name and she seemed to be always smiling and so friendly. The problem was she was married. Why, of all the women that I was attracted to, did she have to be married? Her husband, Nick, came down to the pool one evening and introduced himself to me. He seemed a nice enough guy but I really didn’t have an opinion of him yet other than I had a light crush on his wife.

One day after work I went with a few friends to a local lounge. Lo and behold there sat my neighbor Nick with a young gal around twenty-five. I could see him putting his hands above the woman’s knees and knew where he was headed. I remembered I had been there myself and it cost me my marriage. Nick looked up at me and just winked. I couldn’t believe this guy. He had a wife at home whom I would love to shag and he’s out here playing around. He wasn’t even trying to hide it.

I guess I started to dislike him at that point. He was doing the same thing I did and I knew what it did to my marriage. When I got home I wondered about mentioning to Pam that I had seen Nick. I didn’t want to get involved in their personal business so I was at a stalemate as to what to say or do if anything. Usually it wouldn’t have bothered me but Pam was such a nice person that I hated to see her get hurt. It made me think of Kara and how I had hurt her.

I decided not to be a snitch right then even though I wished Pam knew about her husband’s extra-curricular activities. That’s when I remembered something that my ex-wife Kara had told me. She said that a woman knows if her husband has been cheating on her. So I wondered if Pam knew but wasn’t talking about it.

After Nick got home he came up to me at the pool and told me that he was just getting a little on the side and that nobody was getting hurt. I asked him about Pam and he told me what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her. Then he left for his condo.

As I was talking to Pam the next evening she was telling me about her life. Nick was her second husband. Her first husband of seventeen years was killed in an auto accident nine years ago. She had three kids who were all grown up and lived in another state now. She had met Nick about two years ago and he asked Afyon Escort Bayan her to get married. Since she was alone with all her kids out of the nest she thought Nick was a nice enough person and they got married the following month. Then he was transferred to this state and she kind of missed her family but wanted to be a support for her husband.

She was a grandmother now and didn’t get to see her kids and grandkids often enough. I asked her how old she was and she smiled at me and said fifty-eight I was shocked when she told me this. She was two years older than me. She said that Nick was fifty and that they had different tastes. She didn’t realize it until after they got married. “I guess everyone puts their best foot forward until they get married,” she told me.

She asked me about myself and I don’t know why but I told her everything. About the affair I had and how it ruined my marriage, my kids, my job and moving away, I even told her how easy she was to talk too and that I wished I had met her two years ago. She just smiled at me. Damn, I wished I knew what she was thinking. I was getting nervous because I knew I was slowly falling for her and should not get involved with her seeing she was married, even if it was to an asshole. The funny thing is all my thoughts about her were in my head and we didn’t do anything wrong.

Her cell phone rang and she said it was Nick, that he was working over again, that he would be home late and not to hold supper for him. I asked her if she would have dinner with me. She said she would love to but that it wouldn’t be right. She was a married woman and had to act as such. Dammit, I know her husband was out having an affair and she couldn’t even go out for dinner because she didn’t think it proper. I knew in my heart that she was right. Later she told me she had known I had feelings for her and that’s why she didn’t go out for dinner. There was nothing wrong with eating with a friend but if you know there was a chance that it was more than dinner you should refuse.

I asked her if I ordered Chinese takeout would she eat with me out here at the pool? She agreed that would be fun and I borrowed her cell phone and ordered in dinner. The food was delivered and we ate and kept talking late into the evening. Neither of us even paid attention to the time. Our time together seemed right. She looked at her watch and said, “Oh, my God, it’s 10:00pm, I better get in before Nick gets here.”

She thanked me for a wonderful evening and said maybe we could do it again some time. I told her anytime was alright with me. From that point on we spent evening after evening together. Always in the open and never anything sexual even though I think we both knew we wanted it to happen. One day we ordered a pizza and as we were eating it she told me she had to tell me something. I looked up at her beautiful face as she told me something that I already knew.

“Nick is having affairs. He has been having them for quite awhile. I’m lost as to what to do. I don’t want to stay married to him because I don’t really love him and probably never did. I can’t keep ignoring his infidelity. I tried my best to be a good wife to him. I left my family to move here with him. I’ve never cheated on him even though in my heart I have feelings for someone else. I’m scared, John, I don’t know what to do,” as tears began to roll from her eyes.

I held her gently and let her cry on my shoulder. This was the first time I held her and it felt so good, so right. I wanted to comfort her. That’s when I thought about what she said. “…even though in my heart I have feelings for someone else.” I needed to know if that someone was me.

“Pam, I need to know something and I’m sorry for being so forward, but is that someone else me?”

She nodded her head and said, “Yes, John, it’s you. I’m so sorry. I’m a married woman and shouldn’t be talking to you like this.”

I kissed her. “Please, John, don’t. I’m married and even though he’s cheating on me I can’t do it. It’s wrong.”

“Pam, after Kara I never thought I could love another woman but I do. I wish I knew what it was about you but I think it’s everything about you, not just one thing. I’ve only kissed you this one time and I want more, a lot more. I want to make love to you, Pam. Not just have sex but I want to make love to you.”

Pam got up and ran to her condo. I didn’t know what to think. We both told our intimate thoughts to each other and she left. I had tears in my eyes as I walked back to my condo. Tomorrow was Saturday, maybe everything would be different tomorrow. I love another man’s wife and I know she has strong feelings for me. Where do I go from here?

The next morning I got up late. It was a horrible night’s sleep. Thought after thought of what to do ran through my mind. There was a knock at the door. I opened the door and there stood Pam.

“John, we need to talk. May I come in?”

“Oh, my God, of course you can Escort Afyon come in. I was so stunned to see you at the door that I was lost for words. Would you like a cup of coffee while we talk?”

“That would be nice. John, I’m leaving Nick. We had our talk last night and he admitted to the affairs. We are getting a divorce as soon as possible. We had a pre-nuptial agreement so there is no problem financially. My problem is you, John. I need to know exactly where you stand so I can get on with my life. Last night you said you wanted to make love to me. Why, John? I’m an older woman and as Nick pointed out there are a lot of young chicks out there who are willing to give out the goodies.”

“Pam, Nick’s an asshole. I made the mistake of an affair many years ago. I’ve never found another woman whom I felt so comfortable with until I met you. We have so much in common and love a lot of the same things. You are the easiest person to talk to and I can’t picture going through my life without you being a part of it. If you leave Nick, would you consider marrying me Pam?”

“What? You want to marry me? My God, John, we haven’t kissed but once. Are you sure about this? John, I can’t believe what I’m about to ask you. Believe me I have never asked this before in my entire life. You see, I think I love you too, John, but I want to make sure I can make you happy sexually. Will you take me to your bed and make love to me, John? I need to know that the feelings we have for each other are for real if I’m going to get married as soon as I get divorced. I have to try and explain this to my kids. Well, John, what do you think?”

“Yes, there is nothing or anybody I want more.” With all that said we went to my bedroom in the middle of the day and made love.

She had the body of a much younger woman. I undressed her and laid her on my bed. I kissed her and then worked my way down to her breasts. They were soft and nice and squeezable. Her nipples became hard as I sucked on them. As I was sliding my hand over her tummy and down to her mound I heard her whispering to me that she hasn’t made this kind of love in over thirty years and it felt so good.

She was wet to the touch as I slid two fingers into her moist valley. In no time at all she was humping my fingers. I felt her climax on my fingers. I went to the end of the bed, removed my clothes, lifted her legs up and mounted her. So warm and moist as I push my cock deep within her. She was giving as much as she was getting. It’s like two people from nowhere were meant to be together. It felt so great as I came with blast after blast, coating her insides with my juices. I saw tears running down the side of her face. I knew then that we were meant to find each other. No one else mattered at that point. We knew we would be together forever.

She moved into my condo and Nick sold his and moved elsewhere. I have never seen him since Pam and I were together. I had to think what a giant mistake he made. A woman, a wife who gives of herself so fully and he’s out scouring the bars for someone else. All I could think was his loss and my gain. It’s like I had a second chance at love.

We were going to have cutbacks where I worked and they were offering early retirements. Pam and I talked about it and thought about the wonderful life we could have together. We could visit our kids and travel where ever we wanted. I took the retirement and as soon as Pam’s divorce was final we got married.

She wrote to her kids and I wrote to mine. Mine were happy for me because they didn’t want me to be alone. I told them we would come and visit them and they could meet Pam.

Now Pam’s kids were totally perplexed about their mother getting divorced and then remarried to someone they never met. I told her to tell them we would be there within the month so they could meet me and maybe put their mind at ease. Pam was so happy about that. She said she really missed not seeing her grandchildren.

One day I surprised Pam. I told her I sold the condo and we were moving. I remember her getting worried at first wondering if she made the same mistake all over again until I told her we were going to move to the town where her kids lived and that she no longer would have to miss her children and grandchildren. She could see them anytime she wanted.

She began to cry again. I told her I was going to live the rest of my life with her and we would die making love like newlyweds. Our life couldn’t be happier. We were just two people looking for happiness and found each other. We would do everything necessary to see we kept our marriage alive and enjoy it.

We will be traveling to see my kids in about a week. Then we promised her grandchildren that we would take them somewhere. They didn’t care where as long as they could see their grandma. The whole family considered me the grandpa too. Her kids later told me that they thought their mother marrying Nick was a mistake but they wanted her to be happy. Her daughter said since her mom and I have been together that she has never seen her happier. She seemed to glow when the two of us were together.

As far as our lovemaking goes, we always make time for one another and making love is at the top of both of our lists.

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