The New Job

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05:30, the red L.E.D. light glared as the ’89 Mustang roared to life.

“Damn, I’ve got to hurry!” she muttered out loud as the undercarriage scraped loudly on the driveway. With a grimace she raced off down the street flooring the 5.0 liter Ford engine the tires screeched on the asphalt. ‘Settle down.’ Carol thought to herself. ‘All I need right now is a ticket.’

She hated driving the highways. Too much traffic. So down the backstreets the little maroon Mustang ran. Her heart keeping pace with the RPM’s. ‘You’d think I was back in high school.’ Letting her heart get the best of her. Carol’s mind reeled with anticipation of what lie ahead.

It had been a little over a year ago, last September to be exact, Carol was hired as the office manager of a specialized unit. Having worked for another division in the city she decided to challenge herself further when a position came available to work on this new police unit. A task force. She remembered back to the excitement of her first day. The lieutenant had given her a quick tour of the offsite location and she was settling into her new desk. was discussing her new responsibilities when he walked in.

Startled at first, because of his appearance, he was tall, muscular, with a full beard and his long brown hair hung loose across his shoulders and down his back. He was wearing a white T shirt, blue jeans and motorcycle boots. Her first impression was that he was homeless or maybe a biker, perhaps a homeless biker. Her assumptions had been tainted by the clean cut appearance of the lieutenant. Never in her wildest imagination would she have guessed the guy walking in the door was a cop.

“Steve, I’d like you to meet our new office manager, Carol.” the lieutenant introduced.

“Good morning, welcome to the unit.” As the words spilled from his lips his blue eyes seared into her soul. As their hands touched her heart skipped a tune she hadn’t felt since high school. She knew immediately, if he were to ask, she would give herself to him.

‘Good god…” The voice inside her head rang. “how can you even think that. You’re married.’

At every conceivable opportunity she would flirt with him. He seemed to play porno izle along but he never really seemed interested. At night she would go home frustrated. Lying in bed she wondered what she could do to make him take notice. ‘Maybe, just maybe, if I greeted him naked when he showed up at the office.’ Months passed.

Having resigned herself to self-fulfilled fantasies she was surprised one day when out of the blue Steve asked, “Would you like to go lunch today?”

Carol’s mouth dropped.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” He questioned.

“No, no, I want to!” Sounding a little to excited. “You just threw me off guard.”

Steve smiled. “If you’re sure? Let’s go in an hour.”

Carol was elated. There may be a glimmer of hope yet. Usually she ate lunch alone. In the lunchroom. The guys rarely brought lunch. They always went out… together.

She had a pit in her stomach. ‘Should I just tell him how badly I want him?’ Carol grabbed her beige coffee mug and headed for the bathroom hoping she didn’t throw up. Though she still felt young, the mirror told her she was a thirty five year old, blonde, mother of three. A husband who paid more attention to work than her. She felt trapped. She needed to feel attractive. She enjoyed the stories the guys would tell when they came back in from the streets. It gave her a sense of adventure. Now she wanted more.

‘But what if he wasn’t interested?’ She resigned herself to just being happy he asked her to lunch that late summer day.

He drove the two blocks to the restaurant. Chit chat mostly. ‘How is your day? blah blah blah.’ Carol noticed Steve acting different… quieter. She read into his behavior as prepping for the teasing he would get from the other guys when they returned. But now as the waiter sat them at their booth she was glad to have him all to herself. Short of fucking him in the car ride over she wanted it to be his move.

After receiving their menu’s and water Steve broke the ice.

“You were in a dream I had last night.” His sparkling blue eyes looked down at the table.

Carol’s mind reeled, “Oh yeah, and what was it about?” ‘This sounded promising since he had been porno in her dreams every night and day.

He hesitated for a long moment, and by his body language she could tell he was uncomfortable.

Lifting his head he looked into her sparkling green eyes. Though hundreds of people had opened their private lives to him, he was still unsure if should step through that door to vulnerability.

“Oh come on, I really want to hear about it.” she begged.

‘It’s now or never.’ he thought to himself while taking a deep breath he continued. “Well I really don’t remember much except for the ending… and it’s kinda dirty…” He paused to take a drink of water to quench his parched mouth.

“I’m a big girl, I can take it.” she prodded excitedly.

She had never seen this side of him. He was usually so… guarded. Now she sensed a different side. One that might reveal something deeper about him.

He looked deep into her eyes and began, “Well you and I were together on a motorcycle trip…riding… somewhere… can’t remember where…exactly…”

While he stammered she thought to herself. ‘Oh I’ve dreamt of riding something too.’

“or really anything… except for the ending when I woke up.”

“And…” she continued to prod.

“Well…” he took a deep breath. “..what I remember is you giving me the most incredible blowjob I have ever experienced…”

Speechless. For the first time in her life she was speechless. She started to cough. “Ahem.”

His eyes went to the table as he finished. “…and I woke up with cum all over the sheets.”

Quickly Carol blurted out, “Mmm, sorry you had to waste it.”

Now he coughed out loud, looking up to see her grinning from ear to ear.

“I hope you don’t think too bad of me.” he pleaded.

She seemed puzzled. “Why would I think bad of you?”

“Well I know you’re married. Doesn’t it bother you that I would have these kind of dreams?”

“Bother me, hell I’m thrilled.”

“Really? Even if its about…?” he hesitated.

“Blowjobs!” Maybe a little overzealous she proclaimed loud enough for surrounding ears to hear.

Simultaneously they both ducked down in their booth wondering rokettube who might have overheard their conversation.

“Shhh… not so loud.” he laughed quietly.

When it appeared no one was looking their direction she whispered back.

“But I do enjoy giving blow jobs. I like being in control.”

“Well… okay then…” he caught his breath. “ that that’s out in the open…”

“So now that you know I love oral sex what about you?” she prodded.

“Geez Carol I didn’t expect this conversation over lunch.”

She smiled. “You opened the door. I just thought I’d make myself at home.”

Seeing that she wasn’t shying away from this topic he proceeded. “I have always had a preference for 69.”

“Mmm, really? So you like giving oral sex as much as getting it?” she asked.

“Absolutely! Don’t you enjoy receiving it?”

What had started as a trickle was now a full blown flood between her legs. For nights she had dreamt of his tongue exploring her nether regions.

“Uh yeah.”

Steve dug deeper, “So are you a spitter or a swallower?”

She watched his eyes light up when she said, “Mmm, definitely a swallower.” Pursing her lips.

She could tell from the long pause that his mind was conjuring up all kinds of naughtiness. This excited her more.

He squirmed in his seat. Never before had he ever had a conversation like this with a member of the opposite sex and he was enjoying it.

“Do you like being on top or bottom?” She prodded.

“Bottom… and you?”

“I love being on top..” she quipped. “like I said I have control issues.”

He took another drink of water before asking, “Enough of what I like what’s your favorite position?”

“Hmm..” she thought for a while. “Next to sucking cock I would have to say I love it from behind.”

Lost in her eyes he created a mental picture of Carol on her hands and knees. Holding onto her luscious hips as he rammed his hardness into her.

They continued talking like old friends for over an hour.

“We gotta get back to work. People are gonna talk.” She was now convinced that he wanted her as well.

What really stuck in her mind was what he said as they left the restaurant.

“If you’re ever interested, I workout at the office every morning afterwards I’ll be in the shower. The door is always open.”

Always having the last word Carol said, “you never know.”

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