The New Neighbors

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About 18 months ago, the Campbell’s, our neighbors since we moved to the neighborhood three years ago, put their house up for sale. My wife Brooke and I were anxious about who might move in as the new next door neighbors. Sam and his wife Donna were a little older than us and both of their kids had left the home.

Donna had wanted to downsize now that the kids were gone and informed Brooke and I that they were moving. We had grown extremely close to both of them and they practically treated us like family. I am 31 and my wife is 28. We have both talked about starting a family of our own but my job keeps me traveling and I wanted to settle down a little more before we started raising children.

The house next door sold really quickly and we were excited to see who might be moving in. We were both surprised as construction trucks pulled up days later and began digging up the back yard, putting in a swimming pool, pouring concrete, building a large deck in the back, and ripping up carpet inside to lay hardwood floors, tile and granite. It almost seemed like a new house.

We were both disappointed later when a tall wooden fence was installed all around the property. Our initial reaction was to think our new neighbors were already creating barriers. Later we learned it was just privacy issues and a requirement with the pool. Or more to the point, both neighbors enjoyed their freedom of relaxing by the pool in whatever state of dress, or undress, they desired without neighbors complaining.

It was perhaps two weeks after all the improvements were made when I pulled up in the driveway seeing Brooke in conversation with a striking brunette. My wife introduced me to Cheryl, our new neighbor. I tried hard not to stare but was struck by her immense beauty. While Brooke told me later Cheryl was 32, just a year older than myself, she was a striking contrast to my rather petite wife.

My wife Brooke is a beautiful woman herself. She’s only 5’4″ but boasts a 35C-26-34 figure with long silky blonde hair down her back and blue eyes. I was smitten the first time I was introduced to her by mutual friends just after we both graduated from college. Cheryl on the other hand was a good 5′ 8″ and I would later learn 36C-24-35. She had shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, dark skin, and a dazzling smile.

Cheryl invited us both over for Saturday night where we could meet her husband Ron. It was a warm spring evening when we walked over. Cheryl met us at the front door and neither Brooke nor I could get over all the changes they had made in their new home. Cheryl was dressed in short white pants and a yellow top. It wasn’t hard to notice that she was braless as her nipples were erect as they pushed at the thin fabric. She was barefoot and het toes were painted a dark burgundy, which capped off her dark firm legs. I did my absolute best not to stare hoping my wife would not notice my interest.

Ron was already on the deck tending to steaks, hissing over the open flame of his grill. I’m not sure what I expected him to look like, but was startled by his big presence. Ron stood 6’2″ and weighed perhaps 220 or so. He gripped my hand in a firm handshake and encouraged me to have a seat on the deck. Like Cheryl, he too was casually dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, standing barefoot on the deck. Dressed in my trousers and polo, I felt a bit overdressed for the occasion.

Cheryl brought us both beers and I really felt comfortable with Ron. He was defiantly a guy’s guy as we discussed his love of athletics and the outdoors. He had played baseball on a scholarship in college and played a little minor league ball before he hurt his shoulder which sidelined his playing days. He was in sales now and “reped” a line of men and women’s sportswear working mostly with colleges, universities, and athletic retail stores.

Both of us left their house that night relieved at our fortune in getting neighbors like Cheryl and Ron. There was a definite chemistry between the girls and I really enjoyed Ron and his company.

Over the next few months, I noticed subtle changes in Brooke as she spent more and more time with Cheryl. While Brooke was always a very attentive sex partner as well as a devoted wife, she had been limited in her sexual experience when we married. I knew she dated several guys both in high school and college. Actually quite a few. But she told me she had only been to bed with three. Two were long term relationships and one was a one night encounter that had been totally unlike her, but she got caught up in the moment.

I suppose it was mid-summer when she purchased some very revealing and sexy swimwear with Cheryl. Brooke owned a couple of modest bikinis but most of her other suits were of a one piece variety. I nearly dropped my jaw when she walked out in a bikini top that seemed to barely cover her breast, exposing much of her flesh as well as a bottom that left a great deal of her gorgeous ass in plain view.

When she removed the bottom to try on another for me, I Afyon Escort could not help but notice that she had shaved her pussy bare. Brooke had always trimmed her bush in a little rectangular strip up from her vagina. But now it was smooth as was the hair around her little rosebud in the back. When I questioned her about it, obviously very appreciative of her new look, Brooke stated that our neighbor Cheryl informed her with the new suits, she needed to lose the pubic hair. Brooke said that Cheryl was actually the one that shaved her.

I had to admit to getting a hard on thinking about Cheryl shaving my wife. I assumed that Cheryl too must be shorn down there which only left me hornier.

Brooke also ditched many of her panties in favor of thongs in a variety of colors and tops and shorts that seemed to be much more risqué. I knew that Cheryl was a big influence on my wife’s new wardrobe as the girls spent a great deal of time together, laying out by the pool, shopping, or just hanging out. As I do quite well, Brooke has taken substitute jobs as a teacher but lately she seemed to enjoy the time off at home. It hasn’t really been necessary for her to work and she really takes advantage lounging out back with Cheryl or shopping when the two felt the urge.

I travel a great deal so it was comforting to know that Brooke was spending time with Ron and Cheryl and they were right next door in the case of an emergency.

It was late into the summer when I noticed a sharp increase in Brooke’s sexual appetite. We had always enjoyed sex and it was not uncommon to make love at least once or twice a week. Lately however, Brooke was practically ripping my clothes off when I walked in the door. Already dressed in some skimpy attire, she would meet me at the front door with a drink and a kiss. Sometimes we made it back to the bedroom but often she jumped me right there on the den couch or sometimes right on the floor.

While it was never difficult to get her aroused, lately I noticed how wet her little pussy always seemed to be. Brooke always enjoyed giving me blowjobs and having me go down on her as well. But now she couldn’t wait to have me eat her pussy. That was another thing. She had become much more vocal. While before she might ask if I would “do her with my tongue, or would you do me down there?” now she almost commanded that “I eat her cunt or lick her little pussy.”

While I suppose I should have been shocked, it just made me that much more excited to hear her using such strong language and I liked her taking a more dominant role in our love making. It seemed she enjoyed having me lay on my back as she sat on my face or rode up and down on my cock.

One night in bed, after a bout of heavy sex play, she asked if she could shave me too. She showed me some magazines of men who were shaved bare along with their partners. I was more shocked that she had magazines than her request.

Not that I am a prude or anything. I had my share of men’s magazines as well, but often tried to be discreet assuming she might not like them out. In the past she acknowledged them, and understood boys will be boys, but I was never aware she took any interest in them. Brooke told me the magazines belonged to Ron and that Cheryl had given them to her.

It didn’t take much coaxing as she played with my cock and told me how much she wanted to give me oral sex without all the hair and how much I had enjoyed her smooth new look. In a matter of minutes we were in the bathroom with her trimming my pubic hair and then shaving it off altogether. She even shaved around my ass and while I do not have much hair on my chest, she asked if I would allow her to wax my chest as well.

I wasn’t real sure what that entailed but soon found her applying strips of wax on my chest and around my nipples, jerking the hair out. It smarted at first but I have to admit, I really enjoyed the tongue bath I received later. Brooke has always played with my nipples which I find very sensitive.

It was maybe two weeks after she first shaved me that we four were over at Ron’s enjoying the summer night when he said he wanted to take a little dip in the pool. We had all been drinking mixed drinks out on the deck, when he simply pulled his t-shirt over his head, pulled down his shorts, walked over to the pool and jumped in. I was shocked when Cheryl wasted little time in standing up and removing her clothes as well.

It was the first time I had seen her gorgeous tits which were capped off by two dark erect nipples which stood out like little erasers. She eased her shorts down, along with her thong, exposing her naked shaved pussy as well. I had assumed she was shaved bare like Brooke. Before she walked over to the pool, she reached out and lifted Brooke from her chair.

I suppose I was still in shock from Cheryl undressing earlier when Brooke slipped out of her clothes and slipped into the pool with Ron and Cheryl leaving me sitting in my chair aghast. They taunted me for several minutes Afyon Escort Bayan before I actually overcame my modesty and removed my clothes as well. I was a little self conscience about my shaved crotch until Cheryl complimented me on my smooth look. I was still taken back that my wife had joined them with absolutely no hesitation. She seemed completely uninhibited around our neighbors.

I had always felt that Ron and Cheryl were a bit on the exhibitionist side but this really surprised me. I had secretly been fantasizing about Cheryl since we met, stealing glances, and noticing those times she went braless or dressed in skimpy attire. Now here she was naked in all her glory. She was hotter than I imagined if that was possible.

Minutes after we all entered the cool water, Ron walked up the steps of the pool to refresh his drink and I noticed for the first time he too was shaven bare. The thing that startled me though was his size. While I’ve always felt I was no slouch in the package department, Ron’s cock must have been seven or eight inches long and much thicker than mine. I’ve never measured it but I assume my cock is a good five inches.

While nothing sexual occurred that night, Ron and Cheryl did cuddle and kiss in the pool. Once when Cheryl and I were in a corner talking, I couldn’t tell what was going on at the other end with Brooke and Ron, but I noticed they seemed to be really close. I know they were not kissing but I did wonder if something was going on under the water.

Before we got out, Cheryl moved behind me, to pull herself out of the water and her bare breasts moved across my back, her nipples sliding across my skin. As she sat on the side of the pool, her pussy just a foot from my face, she spread her legs and gave me a good view. It was not lost on her what I was looking at as she spread her thighs and dipped a hand down, parting her pussy lips and then staring right into my eyes. Her pussy was simply gorgeous.

After a few moments, I averted my gaze to locate Brooke, hoping that she didn’t see my fixation on our neighbor’s twat. As I walked up the steps myself, I became suddenly conscience of the massive hard on Cheryl had given me. Cheryl smiled, noticing my embarrassment, and then leaning into me said,” Looks like you liked what you saw sweets. Maybe if you play your cards right, you can sample it someday soon.”

Brooke and I went home and had awesome sex. We were both as excited as we had ever been as she sucked my cock and then thrust up and down on my stiff member.

It was not long after that late night encounter that Brooke introduced a new twist to our lovemaking. One evening after we had taken a shower together, something we had always enjoyed doing, she gave me a blowjob, sucked on my balls, then did something she had never done before. I was lying on my back and she asked me to raise my legs and hold onto them at the knees, exposing my ass. She then ran her wet tongue all along the cheeks of my ass and then to my asshole.

Certainly I had often licked her ass when I had gone down on her, but she had never done that to me. I couldn’t believe the sensation as she tickled my butt with her tongue and then probed and pushed into my hole. It was out of this world. After slobbering all over my asshole, licking it for several minutes, she pushed a finger in.

I had played with her ass before too but on the one occasion we tried anal sex, she indicated it had hurt and we stopped. I never tried again. Now here she was pushing two, then three fingers into my backside. I enjoyed the feeling particularly as she sucked on my cock and balls. Over the next few days she repeated this and I really began to enjoy her probing my ass with both her tongue and fingers.

One night she asked if she could use a vibrator on me. We had gone this far — why not? Pretty soon, vibrators and dildos were a standard part of our lovemaking. We used them on each other as her assortment of toys seemed to grow and grow until one day she introduced a strapon.

I can’t tell you how turned on I was the day she had me sucking on her cock and then bending over the couch as she fucked her little bitch. As crazy as it may sound, I was so excited looking at the flesh colored dildo hanging from her waist. She really seemed to get off fucking my ass while calling me her “little cock sucker and bitch.” She began referring to my ass as my pussy and reveled at having me beg her to “fuck my little pussy.”

One night while she was fucking me in the ass, my legs wrapped around the small of her back, she asked if I ever fantasized about being with another woman. Maybe being with Cheryl. I was scared to answer. I had thought about it often, but do you admit to your wife you think about fucking someone else, particularly your neighbor?

After prodding and a great deal of pounding, I admitted, yea, I sometimes thought about it but would never, ever be unfaithful to her.

“What if I said it was okay? What if we did it together?” Brooke Escort Afyon said, her voice in broken syllables as she moved her cock, fastened to the strapon, deeper and deeper into my ass.

“You meant the three of us,” I inquired almost beside myself at the thought.

“Cheryl told me she and Ron are swingers. They have sex with other people. I mean they are committed to each other but they just enjoy sex. Would you ever want to do that? Would you ever want to have sex with them?” she went on.

“Would you?” I questioned back.

“I don’t know,” Brooke answered. “I mean I love you. I love you with my whole heart. But I sometimes think about it,” my wife said as her head tucked into the side of my neck. Her silky blonde hair lying across my face as she kept grinding her hips into my ass which felt on fire.

“I think I would sometime. I mean if you would want to,” she confirmed as I felt my orgasm building. She had reached down and was stroking my cock, slimy in lube that she had coated on it earlier. Hearing her confession, I shot a load of cum that splattered on the pillow beside my head, on my own face, and then across my stomach.

We both laughed at all the cum. She eased out of my ass, my gaping hole still beckoning her cock as she wiped up some of the cum off my stomach with her finger and drew it to her mouth. She did that several times, savoring my sperm and then eased her soft finger onto my face which still had one little load from earlier. Then she did something that she had never done before she wiped the salty load on my lips and then lowered her mouth to mine.

I could taste both the semen she had placed on my lips as well as the sperm she had tasted earlier as we embraced in a hot, sweaty kiss.

She didn’t raise the issue of having sex with Cheryl or Ron again but continued to demonstrate a strong sexual appetite. She continued to introduce larger and larger dildos into our anal play and seemed to enjoy me now using them on her as well. I was startled at just how much of the dildos she could now accommodate in her pussy as well as her ass, as my cock had hurt her the one time we had attempted anal sex.

I also noticed how loose her pussy seemed to be. While she was a small girl and her pussy was always very tight around my cock, her vagina seemed to have been stretched by all the large dildos she was masturbating with. She used to complain how large my cock was and now it seemed to get lost in her cunt. Instead of clamping down on my cock, she would often slide off. Something that had never happened before.

She was constantly having me go down on her and always seemed to be excited at the thought. While we had used lubricants in the past, her little pussy always seemed primed and ready to go. Before long, I was accustomed to shedding my clothes at the door and laying down on the floor, bed, or couch as she placed her hot wet cunt down on my mouth. I savored her juices and would often just masturbate myself as she faced my feet, grinding her hot box into my anxious mouth, while plunging one of her big dildos up my ass.

One afternoon after I had cum into her hot pussy, she begged me to eat her. Before I even had time to object, she crawled up over my chest and sat down on my face. At first my salty load barely trickled out. But she spread her pussy and began pushing it out. It was all I could do to swallow as fast as it was coming out. Actually it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and after a while, I began to enjoy it.

Brooke really got off on it and rarely missed an opportunity in the future to have me suck the seed back out of her cunt. She said we shouldn’t waste it and she now always had me clean her up after I deposited a hot load in her pussy.

As the weeks passed, while I still fucked her occasionally, we spent more of our time with her fucking my ass with her strapon or dildos, having me eat her pussy or ass, or beating off on her titties or in her mouth as she gave me a wet blowjob.

I had grown accustomed to little surprises by Brooke, so it should have come as no shock when one night she met me in the den with her t-shirt tied in a bun at her waist and her little navel pierced. She was wearing one of her little bikini bottoms, which did little to hide her plump little pussy lips below.

She informed me that she and Cheryl had been out earlier in the day and passed by a tattoo and piercing shop and our neighbor suggested she get it done. She said it made her feel a little naughty and even had thought about getting a tat while she was there.

Later as she sat on my face while going down on my cock she asked what I would do if she got a tattoo on her tit or maybe on her ass or pussy. I didn’t even reply as I shot stream after stream of cum, thinking how slutty my wife was acting. She was simply not the same girl I had been married to just months before.

This past October, Brooke informed me that we had been invited to spend the weekend at Ron and Cheryl’s mountain retreat. The leaves were just turning and the view was spectacular. Their home was a split level overseeing the ski slopes but was secluded from any other traffic or houses. While there was satellite for the TV, cell reception was limited which allowed for total peace and relaxation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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