The Next Tryst

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Two painful weeks go by, and you’re back at the hotel. I’ve stayed there a few times, now, and I’ve convinced the woman at the desk to give me something of an upgrade even though I don’t have enough points. You walk into the room to find me already in a robe. I lead you past the closed bathroom door into the bedroom area where we come across a larger bed. As we kiss hello, our tongues becoming re-acquainted, we are working together to bring you to a similar state of undress; and once we succeed I push you back on the bed, on top of the comforter.

I have an agenda. Wasting no time, I quickly trail down to your neck. I’m not so impatient with your nipples–on breasts which are amazingly firm for your age–but even they only get a couple of minutes each. I nip and lick my way down, stopping to tongue your bellybutton as a reminder of our first evening together. My urgency has heated you up to no end, and I can smell how ready you are. I bathe your pussy with my tongue, starting at the crevasses of your thighs, going in circles around your lips and still enjoying the light hair down there, before zeroing in on your slit. As I fuck you with my tongue you being to buck up into my face, sliding your crotch down to get me close to your clit. But I make you wait a little while, going around your hole in wide circles, before popping up and latching my lips to your clit. Simultaneously I get my middle finger into your pussy and curve it up against your G. You cum immediately.

I barely let you descend before you feel my cock inside you, and I’m riding you. Hard. You’re sucking your juices from my tongue and you cum for the second time very quickly. I slow down a little and look right in your eyes. I pick nipple at random and start to suckle. Slowly, over two or three full minutes, my sucking and fucking come to a stop. I look back to find a question in your eyes and just give you my eyebrows. I slowly stand up from the bed and reach out my hand. Confused, you take it, stand up, and follow me.

I lead you into the overlarge bathroom, where you see that I’ve laid out supplies at key points. You walk over to the hot tub, noticing a series of bottles which I’ve intentionally turned to keep the labels from view. “That’s for later,” I whisper, and pull you into the roomy shower and close the door behind us. You spy an actual, fresh loofah sponge and some scented soaps along one shelf. I turn my back on your quizzical look to bear the brunt of the inhospitable water, and when I turn around with my wet hair and pointy cock to direct you under the stream, you’re having none of it. “Your plan can wait,” you say, as you drop to your knees and work your magic. I am in no position to argue. My plan CAN wait, especially given how close I am to cumming after the last round. You take some of the soap in your hand to make my balls extra slippery as you roll them around, working your magic with your tongue. You feel me tense and pull back so altyazılı porno the head of my cock is in your mouth and swirl your tongue around it as I explode into you. My orgasm is so powerful that I have to reach back to keep myself from falling, and when I recover I pull you up. A stray bit of my cum is at the corner of your mouth and the back of your hand is making its way to your mouth. I rush my mouth to share it with you before you can wipe it away.

“No more distractions,” I say. I stand you under the water to rinse you, get the sponge and cover every single bit of your skin. I start with your feet, holding each one in my hand as you lean back and caressing it gently with the sponge, which is softer than you expected. Scrubbing in small, insistent circles, I wash your leg, stopping just below your crotch, and repeat the process on the other leg. When I reach your pussy I pause momentarily to gaze, then continue to wash you. I lift and separate the folds of your beautiful center and wash very carefully. Turning you around, I repeat the process. Then I stand you up, your back to my front, and gently wash your back, going around every crease of your frame, and reach to lift your arms and continue. I turn you around and bring the sponge back down, unable to stop myself from taking a few extra swipes at your clit. As I make my way back up your belly, I lift each breast and wash underneath very carefully. I scrub your armpits again (you make a mental note to ask about my fascination with them at some point) then the fronts of your arms. As I stand in front of your face I drop the sponge and get a different bottle of soap. Very gently with my fingertips I rub the creamy lotion into your skin. I focus on the areas in front of your ears seconds before rubbing into your shoulders.

The shower is more than full of steam by now. It’s working with the soap to ease your muscles. Slowly I make my way back down the front of your body, and again I wash your pussy but this time I avoid your clit. You moan gently but you don’t stop me; you can’t wait to see where this is going.

At your feet again, I spend even more time. First the calves, then the ankles, then each toe. I go back around you and come up your legs again. I wash your ass just as carefully this time and gently rub each muscle in your back on my way to your head. I scrub your scalp with this soap, my fingers working very gently through your hair, and your cheeks and forehead tingle in response. Finally I turn you around and kiss you with a closed mouth. I lead you out of the shower and bid you to dry yourself and exit when you’re ready.

You take your time, and are unsurprised when you find me standing right in front of the door as you open it. I lead you back into the bedroom where the covers are gone and rose petals cover a silk sheet. Candles light the room, and in the shadows you see the shapes of more bottles. I bid you to the bed face down. mobil porno At the head I’ve taken some towels and made a makeshift massage pillow. You breathe in before lying down, the soft scent of roses and lavender and the cool sounds of the ocean are just at the edge of your senses. Your breaths are slow and deep. I wait half a minute for you to acclimate, then I re-position your arms and legs just a little to allow you to relax. You feel warmth between your shoulder blades, followed by my hands. With warm oil I’m massaging you for the third time, easing the rest of the tension from your shoulders at the neck, then under your shoulder blades, then down your back. The cheeks of your ass get a similar treatment, as do the backs of your thigh joints. You have little sense of time, but you still wonder if maybe I didn’t languish there *quite* enough when I move to back to your right shoulder and massage its outside, going down your arm slowly and intentionally. I spend good time on your hand, ending by rubbing each section of each finger, then I graze just one finger back up your arm and repeat the process at your other shoulder.

After your left hand is finished I move to your leg and rub the outside, just as slowly and deliberately, lifting it as necessary to massage every muscle. Your foot gets another extravagant massage and I repeat the process on your left leg.

After your left foot is completely relaxed, I start to work on the insides of your legs, going back and forth and spreading them a little more every time I switch between them. My touch is lighter the higher I get and you are tingling with anticipation when I finally get to the goldmine. You’re surprised when I pause, but then you realize that I’m lifting your hips ever so slightly to slide a nice, firm pillow below your belly. (You don’t know it at the time, but later I tell you that I spent the next minute licking and sucking your juices from the sheet.) I’m almost ready to get to work. I pull the sheet and you slide, all of a piece, until your legs are hanging down gently. There are pillows under your feet where they land. If I’ve done my job correctly this is the most comfortable you’ve ever been.

I kiss your thigh and you exhale deeply. I continue with slow kisses on the outside, not really getting any closer to your center, until finally you feel my beard graze one of your pussy lips. All of my work with the gentle perfume is nothing compared to the raw power coming from your pussy. I lap slowly, gently, at every fold. When I lick inside you this time it’s different. Is my tongue longer or are you just that much more open? I suck what would be the bottom of your pussy, with my chin against your clit, and you feel that little bit of stubble that’s impossible to shave. You cum softly against my chin; and when you’re finished I make my way down to service your clit with my lips and tongue. I suck your clit into my mouth and just hold it there sex izle for a second, massaging your ass again with my hands. I start lapping at the tip of your clit while it’s inside my mouth, going as softly and as slowly as possible, helping you to build to this climax as much as I can; and when you get there it was worth every second. I help you to ride it out and then I let you decline a little all by yourself. You have the sneaking suspicion that I’m not done, and you’re right. I go back to the bottom of your pussy and lick up and out of it, to that little bit of skin. You squirm just a little, and I reach up to hold each of your hands in one of mine, very gently. Barely audible, I say, “Relax, lover. Fabian is here. No harm will befall you.”

Silently, you acquiesce, and my tongue makes its way up to your ass. Even now I don’t just dive right in. I graze along the insides of your crack, and come back out to bathe your cheeks in light kisses. Instead of circles, this time I go side to side, but your cheeks are still mostly closed; my kisses are just at the very top of the crack.

Now you’re anxious for what’s next. I rest my face in the small of your back and kiss once there, dragging my tongue down into the top of your crack, and I swirl my tongue in your divet. Finally, you feel one hand spread you, exposing your beautiful rosebud. Still holding your other hand, I begin to kiss and lick the depths of your crack. I haven’t gotten to my goal and already you’re moaning against the pillow. I actually hear a drop as it falls from your pussy to the sheet below. That wasn’t my intended trigger, but I’m so excited that I begin with your asshole. I flatten my tongue and hold it there for a second or two before gently stroking up and down, then side to side. You squirm more deeply, pushing yourself into the pillow rather than pulling yourself away from me. After yet another lifetime in a sea of eternities I get to your rim. My tongue glides along each tiny bump, and at every tiny movement you experience a sensation which is utterly new, and utterly fantastic.

So lost were you in the sensations brought forth by my tongue that you didn’t even notice when I let go of your other hand. I’m now inside your pussy with two fingers. One is breezing around your cervix while the other pushes again on your G spot. My thumb touches your clit. Your ass opens and my tongue begins to fuck your tiniest hole. And you cum. You cum so hard that for the first time in your life you squirt fluid . Normally I might stop to make a point of consuming it but not now. My tongue fucks you and you keep coming, extending into the final eternity every single moment of this experience. Finally you are breathless, utterly limp and relaxed. I extricate myself slowly and step back. You are so calm and so beautiful that I can’t even bring myself to cover your form. I sit in a nearby chair and close my eyes.

Minutes go by and you begin to stir. You turn your head toward me and sigh very slowly. “I’m so glad that I don’t have to rush away this time,” is the first real sentence you’ve been allowed to utter since you arrived.

I smile, as content as if I had had that orgasm myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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