The Note

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Looking at the clock above the mirror you see there is still another 15 minutes to go. You lay back and let the heat soak through you. The note in the envelope at dinner was very specific; wait at the table for 10 minutes then head up to the bathroom. The bath was full of bubbles and steaming hot to the point of it almost being painful to get in, however you had to soak for 30 minutes so there was plenty of time to get used to it. By now the water felt perfect, your body tingling partially from the heat but as much from the wine, a glass of which, along with your thoughts, had been your only company in the mellow light of the candles along the edge of the tub and the night glow coming in through the skylight. The meal had been light but plentiful and the ambiance intimate; the company was perfect and the wine along with the conversation, eventually turning to the erotic, had flowed. You found yourself wondering about the night still to come as you enjoyed the rest of your lazy soak and the end of the wine; there was nothing to get up for in the morning and you just knew from experience that the night would last until dawn, by which time both of you would be both physically and mentally drained — a perfect state to be in to enjoy Sunday morning in bed.

Time up! You climb from the bath, barely dry off and wrap yourself in a robe before walking to the bedroom. As you half expected, you’re alone; the room is warm but there is a gentle breeze coming in from the warm night air. Candles are lit and dotted around the room but other than that, there is little light, again just the ambient light from the night sky through the window. The large bed is neatly made with just a single Egyptian white cotton sheet on the top, turned over at one corner. A single pillow is centred at the top of the bed. Two silk scarves hang from the top corners of the wrought iron bed-head, tied to the bed at one end, with a simple loop at the other; an eye mask and a pair of headphones lie on the pillow. There are no more instructions but you can work it out for yourself; you slip out of the robe, your body still slightly damp, not wet, from the bath and the heat of your own skin. You slide under the sheet placing the mask over your eyes and the headphones over your ears. The candles obviously aren’t for your benefit! You don’t recognise the music but it is relaxing and mellow and quiet enough not to distract your train of thought. Two out of your five senses are now inoperable, the thought thrills you! You reach out to your sides and feel your way into the loops in the scarves and with a gentle tug you feel the material tightening, just enough to hold you but not enough to hurt. You realise it would be a struggle to get out now but you have no intentions of moving anyway — this is all for your benefit. You have no idea if you are still alone or not; there is nothing you can do now but wait. In the mean time your thoughts turn to what the night may bring! You are now at the mercy of me and unwittingly, it’s all your own doing!

Your mind is deep in erotic thoughts when from nowhere the breeze seems to pick up; does that mean you’re not alone in the room anymore or is it just the late night summer air picking up? nothing happens and you go back to your private thoughts; part of you wishes you hadn’t tied your hands so tight, you really would like to touch yourself — but you can’t, the note said so and for all you know, I may now be watching you! It’s said that people who lose their sight or hearing develop a sixth sense; you’re sure something is happening, but what?

The Escort bayan first you know is when the sheet starts to move; as soft as it is, you feel every fibre of the hem move away from your neck, down to your shoulders. You barely know what is happening but you can feel the material move; you’re not even sure it is happening to start with. Only the cool breeze against your exposed skin tells you for sure that the sheet is definitely slipping away down your body. Your toes feel it, your knees feel it and your sensitive and hardening nipples feel the cotton moving slowly down your body. Now you know I’m in the room and I’m slowly but surely stripping you naked; the hem of the sheet feeling like silk as it smoothly slips over your flesh leaving you more and more exposed; your lack of senses due to the eye patch and earphones ensuring you feel every inch of movement. You strain to hear my voice, my breathing — even your own, but there’s nothing; no evidence of my presence other than the thin material that once offered you some protection now leaving you completely exposed. You allow yourself a small but smug smile; you’re the one being teased here but you know you look damn good and you know that I am there as turned on as you are by the whole scenario — who’s teasing who now? You lie there naked in the warmth feeling the slightly cooler air wash over you, wondering what I’ll do next as you struggle to sense anything going on in the room. Again you lie and wait, feeling nothing physical yet realising a sense of eroticism in the room you’ve never felt before. Tied to the bed you’ve never felt so naked, so on-show yet every nerve in your body is tingling with pleasure and anticipation of what is to come.

Your head flinches as if in defence to an unknown intruder as your heightened senses react to something close; you have no way of knowing what’s there but you relax — you trust me implicitly. Naturally and beyond your control, your mouth pouts as my lips gently brush against yours in a tender kiss. There was no way of knowing I was there yet somehow, you just knew — but the moment is gone! There is no movement in the room; it’s like I was never there. Yet somehow you feel me looking at you, adoring your naked body lying there in front of me, and you know that you are completely at my mercy; the realisation of this sends shivers down your spine, through your thighs and deep into the very centre of your sexual being!

You wait!

Something soft; a feather, as light as a butterfly, brushes against your thigh. At least you thought it did, but it stops — maybe it was nothing. Then again against the side of your chest; something definitely touched you. Your remaining senses are working overtime but you know you felt something. You try to slow your breathing but it’s no use; the atmosphere is charged and you’re being carried along against your will, the sound of your heart is pounding inside your head as every part of your body strains to know what is going on.

Again nothing.

Again you wait.

The breeze against your skin suddenly feels different; there’s a warm breath across your throat; was it me or were you imagining it? Your whole body is now more alert to every change than it has ever been; you’re sure something stroked your calf, touched against your wrist. There’s a feeling in your lower belly but you know this is nothing on the outside, this is purely from within. Your breath is now quick and shallow, your pulse fast as your skin begins to gloss over. Gone is the dampness of the bath, this is Bayan escort your own moistness forming across your body.

Then you feel a kiss, you know it’s a kiss, there’s no mistaking it, high on your chest. You plead quietly but not quietly enough for the same kiss to caress your breasts.

I stop!

You wait.

Still you wait, feeling punished, for what you don’t know!

There’s movement on the bed; where next? The same feather, if it indeed is a feather, as before is now tracing down from your neck across your shoulders, down the length of one arm, back up. It pauses. It runs gently down from your upper arm, down your side to your waist, across your midriff to the other side and back up, this time encroaching on your breast. You feel your nipples react instantly to the touch as the feather? brushes across your cleavage to your other breast. Involuntary you squeeze your thighs together as you try to calm the ache building between your legs.

I stop.


You wait.


You daren’t move, even your thighs stay still as you realise you’ve done wrong. Firm yet gentle hands grasp your legs and move them shoulder width apart; something is placed between your knees; a pillow or a cushion! Bastard! Now there’s no way you can ease the ache threatening to overwhelm you from within. You feel even more exposed and vulnerable — you also feel far more aroused than you ever thought possible. You are enjoying the lack of control; you want to be at my every whim. You now realise that there is nothing I can do that won’t make you feel on a high. You want to be my whore and treated as such! As your legs are now apart you feel the moistness inside of you start to seep out, you know I can see the glisten of your juices — you want me to see, you want to be my slut!

Your one remaining powerful sense, feel, tells you that I’m close by; you’re convinced I’m close to your pussy. You desperately try to squeeze your legs together but to no avail, you feel the slow trickle of your wetness leave your pussy and run down the crack of your backside to the bed. Can you feel the warmth of my breath nearing your inner thighs or is it just hope?

You feel a kiss on the bridge of your foot, definitely a kiss. Then up your calf, the smoothness of my lips trace a line up your inner leg pausing at your knee. I kiss up the length of your thighs one at a time. You feel me getting closer to your sexual nerve centre and push your hips up to meet my mouth.

Not this timeI

I stop.

You rest back down.

We wait.

I carry on; my lips very gently caress the small of your belly just above the line of your pubic hair; first dry, barely brushing your skin. Then damper, firmer like a real kiss my mouth explores one of your most sensitive erogenous zones. Your breathing becomes more laboured almost panting, you think you can actually smell the musky aroma of your own excitement — you know I can!

You feel the bed move as I again stop just when you least want me to, you feel me near you, my breath against your face, your own breath against my face. You purse your lips and lift your head to meet me, this time I don’t stop. Instead I kiss you — very tenderly; letting you know that although I’m teasing you, frustrating you, infuriating you, it’s all for you and your pleasure. Not for long though as I move off again.

A feeling on your belly, as alert as you sense of touch is, it is so subtle that you’re not sure it’s hot or cold, but you know it’s wet. It’s cold Escort and it moves up from your belly button to your chest, then down to the top of your pubic hair — it’s an ice cube, leaving a trail of cold water up your body. You feel my mouth, warm and soft; follow the same route, brushing against your skin. Pausing to touch your belly button with my tongue before it moves on up the now perspiring channel between your breasts.

I pause.

Another movement on the bed by the pillow; instinctively you know what is happening and you turn your head to meet me. Your lips gently part as I offer my hardness to you; you know better than to take too much, instead you kiss the wet, sticky tip, pausing for a moment before running your tongue around the head, tasting for yourself the proof that you’re not the only one tuned on by the game.

Having made my point, I pull away.

My mouth moves sideways; first across one breast then the other, stopping to kiss each nipple in turn. The feeling almost hurts! I take a nipple into my mouth and gently roll it between my lips; it hardens to my touch. I bite very gently and leave it wet before moving on to the other one. I blow across both nipples and watch in awe as they stiffen even more in the warm evening air. Your breath shortens, quickens, as you feel yourself starting to lose control. Your chest reddens and your breasts swell and firm up even more that normal as you feel yourself close to climax, the heat in your pussy becoming unbearable.

I don’t stop.

I trace my mouth back down the centre of your body; tonguing, gently kissing down your cleavage now positively heaving with desire, pausing briefly at your belly button before again concentrating on your lower abdomen.

I move on, lower. You try, but fail, not to moan.

I kiss my way down your pubic mound, nibbling the short neat hair as I go. Your moans grow loader and more intense as definitely this time, you feel my warm breath against the smooth outer of your pussy. As lightly as I can, I kiss between your legs, either side of your swollen puffy lips. Very softly, maybe too softly for you to feel, I run a finger from the top of your moist opening, down between the velvet like feel of your lips and across the tight but sensitive entrance to your ass. Not too softly for you to feel at all — my finger is soaked; I hold it up to your mouth and you suck greedily, savouring every drop. You open your legs as much as you can; this time I help you, holding your thighs wide as you bend your knees up toward your chest.

My lips meet yours! My tongue gently slides along the length of your open, wet lips, down between your legs as far back as your juices have run; lapping gently at your clitoris before probing deep, deeper into your moist depths. You give up any semblance of control as my mouth works harder, faster, sucking the swollen fleshy folds of your pussy, working your engorged clitoris, my tongue digging deep into you as your whole body convulses as if in a state of electric shock. You can hear your pulse thumping, your body is covered in a thin film of sweat and you twitch and writhe as you explode into the most intense of pleasures; your pussy almost pouring as I try to catch the full force of your orgasm in my mouth.

You collapse in a heap. I join you.

Your body eventually calms down, your breathing slows and you relax, exhausted. I take off the headphones, slowly lift off the eye patches as you squint in the dim glow of the candles around you and untie your wrists. I lie next to you, reach for the sheet to cover us and pull you to me. We kiss passionately but tenderly, both of us excited at the thought of where the night will lead. You rest your head onto my chest, I hold you gently but tightly against me as you drift back down to earth!

We rest.

For now!!!

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