The Nurse and the Cop

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I’m at work charting on my computer and the phone rings. I look at the caller ID and it says ER, never a good sign.

I apprehensively pick it up and say, “Hello! This is Amanda, may I help you?”

The person on the other end identifies themselves and says they’re gonna need someone to come down because an ambulance is bringing someone in who delivered on the side of the road. She said the lady had pulled over with her blinkers on and a cop stopped to see if she was ok and helped deliver the baby after calling for an ambulance. I grab my stethoscopes and head down to the ambulance bay. After a few minutes had passed, I see the flashing red coming nearer.

An ambulance backs in and the doors open. An EMT pops out and you pop out in full uniform helping the emts unload a stretcher. There’s a woman holding a sleeping newborn. The infant is wrapped in what appears to be your police officers jacket. The EMT comes over and hands me the chart. I ask what happened and the EMT waves for you to come over. Your face is lit up, full of excitement and energy. As we wheel the stretcher towards the elevator, you tell me about how you saw an SUV driving erratically and pulled them over.

When you approached, you saw the woman sweating and breathing fast and clenching the wheel. You knew without question she was in labor and called for an ambulance. You then assisted her to lay down in the back of the SUV and luckily she was in a dress. The baby was already crowning and within a few pushes was born. All you had to wrap the baby in was your jacket, so you did. At this point we’ve reached my floor. I tell you ‘thank you and well done’ with a smile and wheel the stretcher off to one of the rooms.

I assess the mother and baby very thoroughly. Other than the baby being a little on the chilly side, they are doing remarkably well. I have to draw some lab work and after a while the baby is eating, so I head back to the nurses station to chart.

After a few minutes of clicking away, I hear a deep voice say, “Are they doing ok?”

I look up and see you hovering over the countertop, looking down at me with a big smile. I’m caught off guard a bit as we lock eyes. Now that we are inside with the bright lighting, I really can see how attractive you are. I take a moment too long to reply and you start to frown thinking there’s a problem.

I quickly stammer out, “No they’re great everything’s looking really good.”

After, I touch your hand reassuringly on the countertop. You look down at my hand and lock eyes with me again and your smile returns. “Thats awesome! That was quite a night!” you say with a sigh of relief.

You look down, see all my paperwork and charts and say to me, “Looks like you could use some coffee and I know I could too. Care to show me to the nearest pot?”

“I’d love to but the cafe downstairs is still open. They make a better pot,” tecavüz hikayeleri I say with a friendly smile.

I turn to my charge nurse, tell her im going to go on a coffee run, and I’ll be back in a few. I walk around the counter and extend an arm showing you the direction we will be walking in.

We walk side by side and you push open the double doors for me to walk thru. I quietly say thanks and we walk to the elevator. We both go to push the button but you beat me to it. We both laugh a little.

You shake your head and say, “Where are my manners?” You extend your hand and continue. “I’m Ryan, well officer Smith but you can call me Ryan”.

As I shake your hand the elevators open and we stepped in. “Nice to meet you Ryan. Im Amanda, nurse Amanda but you can just call me Amanda.” I say with a slight blush as you laugh again at me. I push the button and we make our quick descent to the 1st floor and walk to the cafe.

There are a few people waiting to place orders, so we make some small talk until it is our turn. I order a peppermint mocha and you order a caramel macchiato. I hold out my badge to pay.

You push my hand away and say, “Oh no, I got this!” You hand the cashier a $10 bill and tell him to keep the change.

We step to the side and I say, “Thank you, but I should be the one buying you a drink after your heroics tonight.” You tell me that it’s all in a day’s work for a cop.

We grab our drinks and as we arrive at the doors someone swings one door open fast and your drink falls and hits the ground, sending your coffee airborne and landing all over both of our pants. They apologize profusely and people are already helping mop up the mess. You look at my soaked scrubs and your pants and ask if there is a place nearby with extra scrub pants. I tell you that usually in the OB lounge they keep extra scrubs in there for the doctors.

We make our journey back upstairs and past my unit where I quickly explain what happened and tell them Im in need of a scrub change. We walk to L&D where I reexplain the situation and they direct us to the lounge area. The on call doctors are sleeping so its empty right now. We go into the small locker room where there’s a small cart full of navy scrubs.

I ask for your size and you say large. I pull you out a pair of pants and hand them to you. You walk around the corner and I pull out my size.

As I’m pulling off my pants I’m startled when I hear you just behind me saying, “Oh sorry! I just realized I look ridiculous in this shirt and came to grab a scrub top.

I whirl around and my pants drop down to my ankles. You’re standing there sans shirt, just in scrub pants, looking quite flushed as you stare at me in my underwear.

I quickly pull up my pants, grab you a shirt, walk over to you and hand you the top. You point at me and say, “Yours has a few sprays of coffee on sex hikayeleri it. Might want a new top too.”

The way you said it and the way you’re staring at me has me all hot and bothered.

You stand behind me and say, “Let me help.”

I raise my arms above my head as you lift off my top. I turn to face you and you stare down at me, intensely, taking all my curves in, speechless. I blush very hard. As I’m about to turn back around, you put a finger on my chin and lift my head so our eyes lock again.

You slowly lean forward and before know it my eyes are closed and your lips find mine. I immediately wrap my arms around your neck as we passionately embrace. Our tongues dancing in each others mouths as your hands move to cup my breasts. You push me against the locker and break the kiss. Your lustful eyes making me tingle all over. I quickly press myself back up against you, putting my arms around your neck as our lips meet again. I can feel your arms on my back and my bra is unclasped. You pull away and look at me carefully as let my bra drop to the floor, leaving my large breasts exposed. You quickly are pressed against me, your hungry mouth a bit lower this time. Your hands full of me as you lick and flick my ever hardening nipples. I can’t help but tilt my head back against the lockers and tug on your hair.

You eventually find my lips again and I reach down. I can feel a hard pulsing sensation between my legs. My hand finds a very long, very hard erection between your legs. We lock eyes staring at each other for a moment as if asking each other permission to go further. You kiss my cheek softly as if to give the green light. I turn you around so you’re now against the lockers and I sit on the bench in front of you. You slowly lower the scrub pants and your boxers until your huge member springs free. I immediately reach for it and look up at you. We lock eyes and as I begin to stroke you, I hear a small sigh of pleasure escape.

You step forward, just a bit, so you’re now very close to me. I lean forward and begin to lick your tip and down your thick shaft. Your cock twitches and pulses in my hand. Next, I put my mouth on you as far as I can, gagging at your girth. I feel your hand on the back of my head, holding my ponytail as I begin to suck you. In and out, licking and sucking your hard cock, feeling it twitch and hearing you moan.

I pull back as I gag and you look at me and smile. “That feels incredible,” you whisper as you lean down to kiss me.

You pull me up and waste no time in lowering my scrubs and panties. We stand in front of each other just for a moment admiring each others body. You instruct me to sit back on the bench and face you. I do as I’m told. You tell me to put my feet up to so im spread open, exposing my dripping pussy to you. I do as I’m told. You kneel in front on me, mischievously grin and give me a long sex hikaye lick. I almost cry out but i quickly bite a finger to hold it in. You continue to lick my clit, around and up and down. Slow and fast, long licks and short. I moan quietly when i feel penetration. I look down and see two of your fingers in me.

“So tight,” you whisper, looking at me.

Back and forth your fingers go at a quickening pace. We can hear my wetness growing louder and louder and suddenly without warning a stream of hot juices comes from deep within me, drenching your hand.

“Oh my god, you’re a squirter?” You say with delight.

“Only with the right sensations,” I reply smiling.

You’re quickly on your feet and extending a hand to help me up. You lay down, back flat on the bench. Your cock is firm and erect, nearly straight up in the air. You give me a look and I immediately climb over you and straddle your legs over the bench. I reach behind me and hold onto your cock as I slowly lower myself down, watching your eyes grow so big as you feel me clench down around you. I bottom out and sit there, just for a moment. I feel you pulse inside me and I slowly begin to ride you up and down, my walls clenching tight around you. Your hands find my breasts as you flick my nipples. I lean forward a bit and slowly make small circles, grinding my hips into you, feeling your cock hit every one of my walls. I can’t help but moan loudly. I continue to grind a bit longer and a wave of pleasure washes over me as I clench you tight for another orgasm.

“That felt amazing,” you whisper as you pull me forward for a kiss.

I sit up straight and ride your cock as its never been ridden before, juices spraying and walls clenching. Within a few breathless minutes, you tell me you’re about to explode. I lean forward just a bit for a new angle and in just a few more bounces I feel a forceful spray erupt from you deep into me, which triggers a huge spray of my hot wet juices onto you.

I slowly lift myself off of you and stand against the locker, my legs shaking a bit. You sit up and look at me with amazement on your face. I look below the bench at the giant puddle we’ve created.

I jokingly say, “Clean up in the locker room.”

We both eventually make our way to the sinks and splash cold water all over our faces. You grab a washcloth to clean yourself off and we pull our scrubs back on again. We don’t know how long its been since we came in but we know its been too long. Luckily, there’s a back door that leads to the OR corridor and we escape out that way, back towards my floor. As we are about to turn the last corner you grab my hand to stop me. You give me a look that I read as longing.

I tell you, “I know, it was amazing for me too. Will I ever see you again?”

You shake your head sadly “Probably not, I’m usually not up this way. I’m by SFA usually’.”

You give my hand a tight squeeze and kiss me softly one more time. You then walk around the corner leaving me alone. I take a minute and a deep breath, walk around the corner and quietly sit back down at my desk to resume my charting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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