The Nutcracker Blizzard

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My wife Maggie and her friend Cheryl had decided to get tickets for the “The Nutcracker Ballet” that was going to be preformed in the city a couple of hours away from where we live. They bought the tickets about 4 months ahead of the show that was to take place between Christmas and New Years.

Cheryl and Maggie had been friends for over 20 years and both had worked hard at keeping there girlish looks. Maggie is about 5’6″, 36, 24, 36, and 120lbs with cute C cups and a beautiful round ass.

Cheryl has been single for a few years since her husband decided the 20 year old intern in his office could provide better for him. She is slightly shorter and thinner with a great set of D cups that had always caught my eye.

Cheryl and Maggie had planned to drive to the city on the morning of the show and stay over night in one of the new high rise hotels just down the street from the opera house where the ballet was to be.

The morning they were to leave, the weather man on TV was calling for snow and poor driving conditions for the morning, and continuing into the afternoon.

“Sweetheart, can we talk you into being our driver?” Maggie called out, “We spent a lot of money on these tickets and don’t want to miss the ballet because of the weather.”

“I’d planned on watching the football game with friends while you were gone, but if you ask real nice I could probably be persuaded,” I laughed, “The hotel will have a lounge or bar with the game on and I can still see it.”

“Thanks honey. I really appreciate your doing this,” she replied, as she planted a big kiss on my lips.

“Pack me a few things in a bag and I will get the Tahoe ready so we have 4 wheel drive for the bad roads,” I said.

We left home late in the morning and drove over to Cheryl’s to pick her up. The snow wasn’t coming down very hard so the going wasn’t too bad. We talked as we drove and Cheryl asked what we were going to do about sleeping arrangements, as they only had one room reserved with two beds for the girls. We decided that if possible we would get another room, or if not Maggie and I would just have to behave in our bed.

As we got closer to the city the snow was getting a lot worse, so I turned the radio to the weather station and heard that now there was a winter storm warning and to expect a lot of snow and wind. We were closer to the city than home by this time so we decided to keep going.

When we arrived at the hotel the snow was blowing and drifting all around us. I went in to check in and found that there were not any more rooms available and they had made a mistake with the girls reservation and booked them into a room with only one king sized bed. After spending some time with the desk clerk, it became obvious that there weren’t any available rooms to be had in the city because of the storm. It was the only room available so we took it.

We discussed the situation as we were in the elevator up to the room. The room they had reserved for us turned out to be a great room. It was a large room high up in the hotel that was a huge upgrade to what we were expecting. It had a fireplace, a large bathroom with a whirlpool tub and a huge double headed shower.

“I’ll take a pillow and a few blankets and sleep on the floor, you girls can share the bed.”

“I guess that will work,” Maggie said.

“This just doesn’t seem right,” Cheryl said. “I think I should take the floor and not split you two up. You did all the driving and deserve a decent bed to sleep on.”

“We’ll flip for it,” I answered.

“What do you mean flip for it,” Maggie asked as she stepped into the bathroom.

“We each flip a coin and the one with the odd coin sleeps on the floor,” I said.

“I don’t get it?” Maggie said

“This is the way it works, we each flip a coin and if you get a heads, and Cheryl and I get tails, you sleep on the floor and Cheryl and I sleep in the bed,” I winked at Cheryl who was looking at me with her mouth open and about to say something.

“If we all get heads or tails then we all share the bed. That’s the only fair way to decide.”

“In your dreams big guy,” Maggie called from the bathroom.

Cheryl, grinning at me said, “Seems like the only fair way to me Maggie,” as she winked back at me.

Maggie poked her head around the corner and said, “Ok you two, what are you cooking up?”

“We’re just tying to solve this terrible predicament we find our selves in,” Cheryl grinned.

“If you have a better idea let’s hear it babe,” I said with a grin back at Cheryl.

“Lets get some dinner, and we’ll go to the show and think about it,” Maggie said as she came back into the room.

The girls changed into the clothes they are going to wear to the show, and we went down to the restaurant in the hotel. The weather has continued to get worse. It was blowing and snowing harder outside.

After dinner I played chauffer again and drove the girls over to the opera house and dropped them off, even though it was only a kilis escort block away. They decided that they could get a cab to bring them back so I wouldn’t have to guess what time to pick them up. I went back to the hotel and found a booth in the lounge and watched the football game.

About 2 hours later they came into the lounge looking like they had been in the artic, with snow clinging to them and shivering with cold.

“Order us some Irish coffees, we are frozen,” Maggie said.

“What happened, I thought you were going to get a cab?”

“We did, but it is so cold outside, the cab wasn’t warm at all, then he got stuck in the snow and couldn’t get away from the curb, so we decided to make a run for it,” Cheryl said.

After a couple more drinks, the game finished and the girls decided that a warm bath might chase the rest of the cold from there bodies. We returned to the room and I started the fire place and turned the heat up so the place would warm up. Maggie got into the shower first, while Cheryl and I chatted by the fire. After about 15 minutes we heard the shower go off and a few minutes later Maggie came out of the bathroom in one of the hotel’s white terry cloth robes.

“Boy that really helps, but I still feel like I’m cold deep inside,” Maggie said.

“I’ll fix you another drink from the mini bar,” I said

“Make one for me too,” shouted Cheryl from the bath room.

I heard the bath water running but not the shower. I finished fixing the drinks, handed one to Maggie, and called to Cheryl, “Drinks are ready.”

“Close your eyes and bring it to me, I’m soaking in the tub.”

I put my hand over my eyes and pushed the bathroom door open the rest of the way.

“I have to peek a little so I don’t set this in the wrong place, I’ll turn my head away and you talk me in,” as I dropped my hand from my face.

My back was to the tub but the mirror was reflecting everything behind me as I stepped in. Cheryl reached up from the tub exposing her breasts as she stretched for the drink. She smiled as she looked right into my eyes in the mirror. She hesitated after taking the glass, before she sat back into the steaming water.

My eyes were wide open and my mouth said “WOW” silently as I turned and walked out of the bathroom leaving the door open.

Maggie was sitting at the head of the bed with the TV remote trying to find something to watch.

“Come and rub my shoulders?” Maggie asked.

I sat behind her at the head of the bed with my legs spread so she could sit between them and lean against my chest. “Are you getting any warmer?”

“A little,” she replied, as I massaged her shoulders, “The shivering has my shoulders all tensed up”.

I worked my hands under the shoulders of the robe she was wearing and found that she had some type of night shirt on under the robe. She sighed, as she sipped her drink and I continued to minister to her neck and shoulders.

“So are we going to flip for the bed, or do you have another idea?” I asked, “I don’t feel right making Cheryl sleep on the floor.”

“I want you beside me to get me warmed up, but that leaves Cheryl on the floor. If it’s Ok with her maybe we can all sleep in this big bed and we can both warm up. That is if you can behave your self!”

“Ok with me, you know I’m the perfect gentleman,” as I reached down and squeezed a breast through her robe. I got an elbow in the ribs as I said, “Did you pack anything for me to sleep in?” I don’t usually need anything as I sleep nude winter and summer.

“No, I wasn’t thinking you would need anything, there’s a clean pair of boxers in the suit case, I packed for you for tomorrow, I guess they will have to do,”

Cheryl came out of the bath room wearing another of the hotel’s robes. As she walked across the room the robe opened enough so her thighs were exposed with each step and her fabulous cleavage showed above the tie.

“Wow that looks like it would feel good,” she said as she watched me work on Maggie’s shoulders.

“Ok, your next.”

The girls switched places and I started to work Cheryl’s shoulders and neck.

“Ok with you if we all share the bed?” Maggie asked as I started to work on Cheryl.

“It’ll be more than ok; I was thinking the same thing, I just didn’t have the guts to ask. Maybe we can warm each other up.”

We talked and joked as Maggie kept trying to find something on TV.

“I think I’ll get a shower now if you girls are done,” I said as Cheryl got up and thanked me for the shoulder rub.

“Go ahead;” Cheryl said with a smile, “If we need anything we’ll keep our eyes turned the other way.”

I got in the shower and was soaping down my body, when I noticed through the shower door someone enter the bath room. I couldn’t tell who it was but about that time another body in a white robe entered. I could hear them talking and giggling quietly as they seemed to be working on there hair, brushing there teeth and so forth. The shower doors kırıkkale escort were slightly frosted but I knew they could make out my body through the reflection in the mirror. I continued to wash myself just as if they weren’t there. I suppose the alcohol was loosening everyone’s inhibitions because my dick was now semi hard and I decided that a surprise was in order. I shut off the water and immediately opened the door and stepped out like I didn’t know they were there.


“Sorry, we didn’t think you would be done yet,” Maggie said as they laughed and left the room looking over there shoulders.

I dried off, but there wasn’t another robe to wear, so I wrapped a towel around my waist and went into the bedroom. The girls were already in bed, one on each side leaving the middle open.

I went over to the suit case and squatted down with my back to the girls to get my boxers. My towel came loose and hit the floor as I stood up.

“Hey, look at that cute butt will you!” Cheryl called out.

“I know it is kind of cute isn’t it,” Maggie responded.

I pulled my boxers on and began to turn around when I realized that my swollen cock was making a tent in the front of them. I bent over and picked up my towel, then turned and using the towel to block there view; trying to be as modest as I could, retreated to the bathroom. I hoped to get my cock to lie back down, as I brushed my teeth, but I got no cooperation knowing that I’m getting into bed with two beautiful women. I decided what the hell, they have already seen me so what difference would it make.

As I came out of the bathroom, Maggie rolled back the covers and stood up. She was wearing a tank top style night gown that reached just below her ass. Cheryl seemed to have on something similar by the look of the straps on her shoulders.

“Get in the middle so we can both get warmed up,” Maggie said.

I began to crawl into the bed when the head of my cock poked through the fly in the front of my boxers. Maggie was behind me and couldn’t see, but Cheryl was looking right at it. As I sat, turned and pulled the covers over me, Cheryl was looking into my eyes with a smile. Maggie followed me into bed and pulled the covers over her.

“Ok, come and get warm,” I said, as I raised both arms and reached for both women, wrapping my arms around the necks and shoulders of each. I pulled them to me and hugged them both tightly. They each lay there head on my shoulders and cuddled close.

“What have you got on TV?” I asked.

“Its HBO, I’m not sure what the name is but it looked interesting,” Maggie responded.

The girls moved and wiggled to get more comfortable as we watched the movie. Maggie’s left arm was resting on my chest taking up all the room there. Cheryl’s right hand was resting on my belly. The TV screen was showing a couple in bed making love. The action on the screen was very hot. She was on top of him kissing his chest as she rocked back and forth on his cock. As she began to orgasm shuddering and shaking, I felt Cheryl’s hand slide down from my belly over the top of my boxers and hesitate when it brushed over my cock as it stuck out the fly in my boxers then continued on to rest on my thigh.

The girls didn’t say anything as we watched the sex scenes, but chatted between them.

Maggie must have been getting excited because she slowly slid her hand down my belly and rested on my hard cock. Cheryl’s breathing would speed up when the action on the TV would heat up and her fingers would slowly stroke my thigh.

Cheryl’s hand was slowly working its way up my thigh, with each different scene on TV, until it was under the leg of my boxers and very near my balls. Maggie turned her head slightly and kissed my neck as she gently pulled on my cock. I ran my left hand through Maggie’s hair as she turned her body towards mine and kissed my neck again. Cheryl’s body adjusted to Maggie’s new position as she watched Maggie kiss me.

Maggie rolled more towards me and released my cock and brought her left hand up my body and stroked my cheek. Cheryl’s fingers on my thigh reached out and very gently caressed my balls.

The girl who had been making love with the guy on TV was now stepping into a hot tub with another girl, both dressed in bikinis. After some conversation the two girls slid next to each other and began to kiss each other.

Cheryl and Maggie were watching intently as the two on TV kissed and caressed each others bodies. Suddenly Cheryl lifted her head and reached over me and kissed Maggie full on the lips. Maggie recoiled for a few seconds looking into her eyes, then reached over me and kissed her back.

Cheryl sat up on her knees and used both hands to hold Maggie’s head and kissed her deeply as they reached across my body. There tongues battled each other for position. Maggie sat up on her knees and placed both hands on my chest as she leaned towards Cheryl.

As I laid there beneath them and watched them kiss I couldn’t kırklareli escort help my self and began to slide my hands underneath there night gowns and found a breast of each. Maggie’s was firm with a very hard nipple. Cheryl’s was heavy, more than a hand full. Cheryl took one hand away from Maggie’s face and pushed the covers back and stroked my hard cock that was sticking through the fly of my boxers. They broke there kiss as I gently pinched and twisted there nipples.

Cheryl reached for Maggie’s gown with both hands and began to pull it over her head. Maggie didn’t fight it at all; she raised her arms and let it be pulled away. Cheryl then pulled her own over her head as Maggie’s hands lowered to my body with one resting on my cock. I took the other and brought it to my lips and kissed it as I propped my head up with a pillow.

Maggie dressed only in her panties bent over and kissed me on the lips. Cheryl straddled my thigh and put her hand over Maggie’s and helped her stroke my cock and squeeze my balls. I could feel the heat and wetness of Cheryl’s cunt as she ground it into my leg. Maggie sat back up and kissed Cheryl again as her other hand reached for her breasts lifting and feeling them. For the first time I got a good long look at Cheryl’s bare breasts. Her areolas were large, puffy and dark in color. Cheryl’s other hand reached for Maggie’s breasts, and began to fondle and caress each.

Maggie broke there kiss and bent over my cock and took it into her mouth. She licked and sucked my member as Cheryl bent over her back and kissed her shoulders and neck.

Cheryl stood up on the bed and pulled her panties down and threw them on the floor. She then stepped over my body and sat on my chest with her back to my head. I could feel her wet pussy dripping onto my chest.

Maggie sat up, released my cock and turned and straddled my legs. She pulled her panties aside and pushed herself down on my cock with a moan. Cheryl and Maggie are facing each other, both sitting on my body. Maggie was rocking back and forth on my cock while they kissed and fondled the each others breasts.

I lifted Cheryl’s hips and she slid back until her pussy was directly over my face. I reached my head up and licked the length of her slit. She shuddered and pressed her pussy down asking for more. I licked the length again and she rolled her hips so that I could reach her clit with my tongue. Her clitoris was hard and long, my tongue could only reach about half way up it. Each time I licked it and continued down to the end of her slit she would shudder and gasp leaning more into Maggie’s arms, her head now leaning on Maggie’s shoulder.

Cheryl’s juices bathed my face, while Maggie sped her rocking motion on my cock. I reached my lips and tongue as far as I could and sucked Cheryl’s clit between my lips. Her orgasm began with a gasp and a shudder then built in strength until she was shaking and quivering from head to toe. This sent Maggie over the edge. She began rising and falling on my cock, with her head thrown back and her mouth open gasping for air whimpering with each exhale.

I could hold back no longer, my cock began shooting my cum into Maggie’s burning pussy. Over and over my contractions pumped my juice, until there wasn’t anything left.

Cheryl collapsed on my right with her head towards the foot of the bed. Maggie collapsed onto my chest and kissed me as my softening cock pulled from her body. Her first taste of Cheryl’s juices on my face made her pull back for a moment then she started kissing and licking them from me. Maggie slid off my body to my left when she finished cleaning Cheryl’s juices from my face.

Cheryl was beginning to stir by then and sat up and watched as Maggie finished cleaning my face. She then bent over and started cleaning Maggie’s juices and my cum from my now limp cock. When she finished she laid her head on my shoulder and we all fell asleep.

I woke lying on my side, spooning Maggie to my front and Cheryl spooning me from the back with her hand reaching over me, holding my limp cock. As I stirred and rolled to my back, both ladies did the same. It was hot in the room with the fireplace still working and the heat turned up. We all lay there naked except for Maggie’s panties without any covers.

“Oh God, what did we do last night,” Maggie mumbled as she tried to wake up.

Cheryl sat up and reached over me and kissed Maggie and said, “I hope you remember.”

“Wow, if I remember right, I just had one of my most secret fantasies fulfilled.”

Cheryl smiled as she lay back down and said, “I haven’t kissed another woman since I was in college in the 80’s.”

“That was a first for me. I’ve often fantasized about it but have never thought I could actually do it,” as she turned to me and looked into my eyes. “What do you think? I feel a little embarrassed with you knowing this?”

“I love you, if you want to experience your fantasies, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to make them happen for you. This was fantastic, one of my favorite fantasies come true.”

“I’m glad you guys are ok, I really like men but, there is still something about a women that stir’s my blood occasionally. Last night I couldn’t hold back, the booze, the movie and watching you guys kiss, was just more than I could contain,” Cheryl mused.

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