The Obsession Ch. 03

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Nick’s eyes slowly opened as awareness crept back in. The warm press of Evelyn’s body against his had his libido spiking again. He bit his lip to stop from moaning as his cock twitched, “Down boy,” he muttered. He couldn’t believe he was ready for action again after last night. His nerves buzzed from the sensations and he hardened further remembering how it felt to be with Evelyn.

Now that his eyes had cleared, he could admire the woman in his arms. Her long curly brown hair fanned out behind her, her head resting on his shoulder. He tenderly stroked his hand down her side, she was a beauty. When she looked at him last night with her emerald eyes, he melted, she was alluring. He felt like he was being drawn into something important, but he was nowhere near able putting those feelings into words.

His heart skipped a beat when her eyes fluttered open, first focusing on his face and then staring deeply into his. “Morning…” she whispered huskily.

He groaned, he had to get out of bed now or he’d spend all day with her, he had to go home to get ready for work. “Morning,” he leaned in and kissed her lips softly, then slid out of bed, walked to the living room, and grabbed his boxers off the floor, slipping them on. He groaned as Evelyn’s arm slid around his waist, her lips pressing against his neck.

“Sorry, I don’t have time, Evelyn. I have to go home and get ready for work,” he said, regretting the words as soon as they left his lips.

“At least let me make you breakfast before you leave. Go take a shower, there are towels in the closet. I’ll have a hot breakfast ready for you by the time you finish,” she said, then kissed his neck again.

“Ok, I’ll stay but I meant what I said, I have to get home, my shift starts in three hours.”

“That’s fine. I’m meeting my friend for lunch anyway.”

Nick grinned at her and then walked off towards the bedroom.

Nick’s smile was killer, butterflies fluttered in her stomach every time he directed it at her. Evelyn pulled the silk robe she had slipped on closer together and went into the kitchen, and began pulling food out of the fridge. She grinned victoriously, as she dug out some spicy sausages, eggs and bacon.

Opening a drawer, Evelyn took out the frying pan, and placed it on the stove. The sound of water started suddenly. Licking her lips and groaning, she imagined water caressing every delicious bulge of muscle on Nick’s body, the steam floating around him. She wished they had more time together this morning so she could have joined him. Instead, she cracked the eggs over the sizzling pan and started to cook.

# # #

As Nick rubbed his hair dry, his stomach rumbled at the hot enticing smell wafted from the kitchen. Again, he wished he could stay, but duty called. However, he was certainly going to come back for more of Evelyn. He could very easily develop an addiction to this woman. Drying himself completely, he dropped the towel into the clothes hamper, and then slid his boxers back on.

Walking into the kitchen, he wrapped his arms around Evelyn’s waist and kissed her neck. “Smells delicious,” he growled.

A small tremor passed through her as she absorbed the feeling of Nick pressing up against her, “Mmm, I thought you had to go to work soon.” Changing the subject was a better tactic, “Spicy sausages, I hope you like them,” she said huskily.

He kissed her neck again and said, “Spicy sausages sound great,” then he walked over to the table and sat down.

On her way to the table, she almost tripped as she looked at him, his dimples creasing his face with the smirk it created. It was the water from the shower that still shimmered slightly on his chest that distracted her, and Evelyn barely stopped in time to avoid hitting the table. She felt the flush of blood rushing to her cheeks as they heated. It was crazy how Nick affected her so soon after their meeting, it was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before. More heat filled her cheeks as she realized Nick noticed her staring at him again.

Nick needed to discreetly adjust himself as Evelyn stood at the table staring, her eyes eating him up, the searing gaze hardening him instantly. He grinned when her cheeks flushed brightly. She quickly placed the plate down in front of him.

He was still grinning as he shoveled in some egg, “Damn, these are amazing, what did you put on them?”

“A little bit of spice I had in the cupboard,” she said, grinning.

“Mmm, delicious. I can cook, just not as good as this,” he said, as he took a bite of the sausage. Another groan of pleasure escaped from him as he chewed the meat.

“Where did you get these from?”

“From a butcher I met at the farmer’s market. They’re better then the frozen stuff.”

“I’ll have to go have a look out there next time I’m shopping the stands.”

“Spice livens up everything, don’t you agree?” asked Evelyn, as she finished eating.

Nick groaned, the flirting was another indication she was definitely not as innocent Afyon Escort as he first thought last night. He had to leave before he had her again and was late for work. “Thanks for breakfast Evelyn, I must be off soon,” he said, picking up his plate and taking it to the sink.

Evelyn licked her lips as she watched his back tense. She knew what she wanted to do, but she couldn’t now, it would have to wait. It sucked, but he would be on shift for two days. “I’ll give you a call after I get off duty,” he said with a grin.

He was going to keep making her melt with that smile, she knew it. She walked into the living room and picked up her bag, taking out one of her business cards. “This is my number, and if you ever feel the need for it, I’m sure I can fit you into my schedule for a massage.”

“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind,” he said, as he picked up his pants and pulled his wallet out, sliding her card inside. Nick took a calming breath as he tried to control his body. He could feel Evelyn watching him, and again cursed the fact he had to leave.

Evelyn fought the urge to molest Nick right there. They both had places to be, and if she couldn’t control herself around him now, she knew it was going to be hell waiting until he got off duty. She watched as he finished dressing, and then stifled a groan as he turned around smiling, holding his jacket.

“I’ll call you,” he said, as he made his way to the door.

Evelyn couldn’t help herself any longer, she pushed him up against the door and kissed him hard and passionately.

Nick groaned into the kiss as heat blossomed throughout his body. When he had finally managed to control his response to her, she dumped fuel on the embers, making them erupt back into life. He deepened the kiss, pressing his arousal against her, his jacket falling to the floor. Breaking the kiss, he panted and pushed Evelyn back slightly, “Damn, now that was a goodbye kiss.”

“Mmm, yes it was, be safe Nick,” she said and turned away.

Nick groaned as he watched her walk away in her silk robe. Reluctantly, he picked up his jacket and pulled the door open, stepping out into the hall. It was going to be hell waiting forty-eight hours before he could see her again.

# # #

The first thing Evelyn saw as she approached the cafe was a blur of red, as Natalie crashed into her. “Evelyn! I have so much to tell you!” Natalie squealed, crushing her in a tight hug.

“So do I, and we have to talk…” she said, as she stepped towards the table Natalie had already claimed with her bag.

“You had a good time, didn’t you?” knowing exactly what Evelyn wanted to talk about, the gift she had left for her.

Remembering the heated night made her cheeks flame. Now that she had come down from the high, she couldn’t believe how she behaved. Never in her life had she been the sexual woman she was last night. “It was good…”

“Don’t be shy Ev,” prodded Natalie as she sat down.

“Well he does have a big…” Evelyn blushed again and looked around to see if anyone was watching her.

“I knew he’d have a big hose. What they say about hands and feet is so true.” said Natalie and laughed. “You obviously did have sex with him. I just can’t believe you’re still so shy about sharing the details with me.”

“I know, but you know I’m not like that. When did you have the opportunity to stash that…stuff, in my purse?”

“When Nick was on stage and you were busy drooling over him. Tell me, did you get any use out of that vibrator?” Natalie giggled.

Evelyn’s face turned an even brighter shade of red as she squeaked. The memories of what she did to Nick in the heat of the moment with the small vibrator made her feel light-headed, but it also fuelled the arousal she thought was under control.

“Oh. My. God. What did you do with it? Your face is dark red. Confess. I know something happened with it,” said Natalie, acting genuinely surprised, and leaning further onto the table to try and get Evelyn to tell the sordid details.

“I…I…God, I can’t say it,” stuttered Evelyn, looking around the room to make sure no one was watching them.

“Damn girl, you really went for it. I never once thought you would.” said Natalie, awed, her hand propped under her chin.

“Well, I think I have you to thank for it, if you hadn’t snuck that…stuff into my purse, I don’t think it would have been as hot.”

“Glad I could help, and it does look like you had an awesome time. I certainly did with my fireman. I got his number, and I’ll be seeing him again after his shift.” Natalie was gloating now.

The waiter brought out two coffees and set them down on the table. “I ordered for both of us. Saves us time waiting for it, and since I know exactly what you like to eat.”

“Thanks Nat, so tell me about your date with Christian.” Evelyn was a bit relieved to have the focus taken off of her.

“Oh it was amazing. He took me to a restaurant next to a nightclub. They had a band so we Afyon Escort Bayan had live music while we ate. We’re going to the beach for our next date. He surfs, so we’re going to have a little competition to see which one of us is better,” she grinned. “So, give me some details Evelyn.”

“It was perfect. His father owns an Italian restaurant, and we had fantastic food. But we didn’t get to talk much…we were, um, a little distracted,” Evelyn blushed again.

“Sounds like you couldn’t wait to get into his pants. Christian teased me for hours. After dinner, he took me into the club. It was hot in there, the atmosphere was electrifying not just the fact that it was hot in there, having hot muscle pressed up against you doesn’t help the situation.” Natalie played with her coffee cup, her fingers running over it.”Then afterwards, he tormented me enough until we ended up against his car. Damn, what that man can do with his lips.” Natalie closed her eyes..

“You really did it in the parking lot?” asked Evelyn shocked, although she didn’t really know why she would be. Natalie was so much more adventurous than she.

“Yes it was surprising, but then I got a little payback of my own.” She looked cocky now, “I played with him the whole way back to his apartment.” Her grinned widened further, “Damn Christian is such an animal. I love it. I’ve never had a man before that isn’t afraid to give me everything.”

“What if you got caught doing that out there in public?”

“That was part of the thrill, it was so hot.” She shifted in her seat.

“I don’t think I’d ever be able to do that,” said Evelyn, looking down at her hands in her lap.

“Well you might surprise yourself. You’ve already been more adventurous than I thought you’d ever be,” said Natalie.

The waiter came back and brought their food. “Well… yeah I have haven’t I? I have to work today, and I don’t want to.”

“I would have loved nothing more than to just lie in bed with my hunky fireman, but he had to work too.”

“Exactly how I felt this morning when Nick told me he had to work for two days straight,” sighed Evelyn.

“Two days is not very long. Soon enough, we’ll be meeting our men for our next dates,” said Natalie, smiling again.

“It’s at least something to look forward to,” said Evelyn, as Natalie’s phone beeped.

“Damn, Amalya can’t make it. She says something important came up.”

“I was looking forward to meeting up with her again. It’s been too long since we caught up.”

“I know. She said she’ll be available tomorrow though for dinner.” said Natalie.

“I’ll be there,” said Evelyn.

“I’ll make the time then,” said Natalie, as she picked up her phone and began texting their friend to set up the date.

# # #

The rush of Evelyn’s goodbye kiss still hadn’t completely faded by the time Nick walked into the firehouse. He wanted to carry this feeling with him for as long as he could, his skin charged with electricity at the remembered contact of Evelyn’s velvety soft lips pressing against his. Stopping for a moment and leaning against the wall, Nick took a deep breath to calm the buzz flooding his body. Distractions on the job were dangerous, he knew that.

The heavy backpack slid off one of his shoulders and hung as he walked towards the locker room. When he entered, he looked around expecting at least someone to be in here, then a voice called out to him.

“Morning Nick, did you have a good night?” asked Nicola as she walked around the lockers. When he grinned at her, her heart skipped at beat.

“Yeah I had a good night, what about you?”

“It was good enough,” she said. It would have been good if that slutty bitch hadn’t had her paws all over you, she thought.

“Great where is everyone?”

“Angus is in the living area and Kate is in the garage, but everybody else is still coming in. Some doctor’s assistant called and said Leo is going to be out today with a stomach virus.”

“That’s interesting, he didn’t seem sick last night, but then again, viruses come on quickly and can be very nasty, not pleasant at all.” Nick put his bag away in his locker.

Nicola stood and watched him. She loved the way his muscles moved under his shirt.

Before Nicola could get further into their conversation, Christian walked in with a cheesy grin plastered over his face. “Hey Nicola, have a good night?” He walked between her and Nick to his locker. The spell was broken.

Disappointed, she pried her gaze away from Nick and addressed the other man, “Yes, I’ll go see what Kate is doing,” she said before stepping out the door. That always happens! We just started really talking and we’re interrupted. We will get to be alone soon. I know he wants me as much as I want him. I can see it on his face. The way he smiles at me. She still needed a plan though, some way to get Nick away from all these distractions so they could spend some quality time together.


“Hey Christian, you’re in Escort Afyon a good mood, did you have fun last night. Was she as wild as you thought she’d be?” asked Nick, as he sat down on the bench.

“Oh man, you have no idea. Wild is an understatement, she rocked my world,” he said, then pulled open his locker and put his bag away. Nick noticed his cheeks flushing in embarrassment.

“So you finally found a woman to match your kinkiness,” chuckled Nick. He got up from the bench and propped himself against the locker, looking at his best friend.

“Oh yeah, I think I have, we’re going out to the beach after this shift for a second date, how did you get on with that brunette?”

Lust clouded Nick’s eyes as he remembered her touch and how it felt to be with her. The memories assaulted his mind enough that he had to control the groan that threatened to escape when, and he looked up at Christian, “The same as you, I think, but not as wild as your night, apparently, but wow, she’s one amazing woman.”

“I’d like to know how Leo got on. I personally know the woman he left with, and let’s just say she’s not your average woman,” said Christian with a smirk. “In fact, she’s quite the extraordinary woman.”

“Nicola said that a ‘doctor’s assistant’ called to say he had a stomach virus. Like we’d believe that,” grinned Nick.

“Of course not, he’s tied up I’d imagine. I know Amalya, and she is a wild woman.”

The alarms rang. Nick jumped to attention and Christian quickly shut his locker door before they raced to the garage. The intercom buzzed as they called to each other, “I’m so pumped, I need to do something other than talk to you all day about my sex life,” said Christian.

Abandoned warehouse fire at 95 Junction Road, unidentified chemicals and goods stored inside, proceed with caution, came from the intercom.

“We’ll be there for hours,” grumbled Christian, as they entered the garage and started gearing up.

“It’s at least something to do,” Nick whacked him on the back and put on his bunker pants.


Nicola watched Nick as he put on his gear, and decided the time to approach him would be after the fire call. She’d get him some place quiet in the station and finally get some private time with him. It was obvious in her mind, that he wanted her, with all the looks they exchanged, the smiles he gave her. She knew he had wanted her to bid on him at the auction, and that he, too, was disappointed the slut outbid her. That would have been a perfect opportunity for them to have their dream date without gossip from the other men at the station.

She finished getting ready and climbed onto the truck as they left for the scene of the fire.

# # #

The heavy scent of wood smoke combined with the noxious burning oil sparked the surge of adrenaline pumping through Nick’s veins. He was wired now, ready to go into battle with the demon devouring the warehouse.

“Donovan, Cardenas, you’re on the west side of the building. The report we’ve gotten is that there are pallets of timber involved with barrels of oil stored close by,” the captain spoke through the radio. Thick, black plumes of smoke spiraled up towards the sky, blocking the sun.

“Looks like we get all the fun,” Christian grinned, as Nick looked up at the towering plume with the flames licking out a set of broken windows.

“My kind of fire.” said Nick. He pulled his helmet on and tugged the air tanks up on his shoulders, and then jumped out the truck. Running around to the hose wheel, he picked up the heavy rubber hose, carrying it towards the smashed out window that the streamed billowing black smoke. Adrenaline surged through him as they approached the entrance.

“Ready Nick?” called Christian through their radio.

“Go ahead, let’s fight this bitch.”

The rush of power Nick got from wielding the fire hose as it doused the angry devouring flames was intoxicating. It almost gave him the same thrill as rescuing trapped civilians, but the adrenaline drain afterwards was like a bad hangover. Soon the smoke lessened, allowing them to see the faint glow of the flames inside the blackened shell and through the gaps in the buckled door.

“Proceed inside. Use extreme caution. We need this fire put out. There are confirmed volatile chemicals inside,” ordered the captain.

Once the door had been wedged open, Nick and his crew stepped inside. The heat assaulted him hard and heavy. It was a completely different world inside the burning warehouse. Smoke blocked out the natural light, creating an alien atmosphere illuminated only by the flames, making it difficult to see as they stepped through room.

It was going to be one of those days when they wouldn’t do anything once this job was done. His muscles burned from the strain of keeping the hose steady as they extinguished the timber pallets.

“East side clear,” squawked the radio from inside his helmet as Nick looked around the room. The smoke hugged the ceiling like a malefic being as it crawled towards the broken door and heat shattered windows. Soon the smoke thinned out, as they finished extinguishing the last of the flames. They were lucky the warehouse had stone floors and steel supports, or it could have taken a lot longer to extinguish.

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