The Office Ch. 01

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Glasses Sexy

One day at work I overheard this woman Carla telling another coworker how she just broke up with her boyfriend recently, and she was in need of some serious relief. My office is huge with several thousand employees so Carla and I are not really friends but we do exchange pleasantries when we pass by. Let me describe Carla for you; she is about 40 years old with jet black hair, a nice big ass that fills out her tight jeans perfectly, a sweet looking pretty face, and her best feature is obvious the second you see her. Her big tits protrude out of any top she wears, and it’s impossible not to take a second look when she walks by. I am only 24 years old but I have always had a thing for older women, I think it is because they know what they want, and they don’t play games. And what they want is cock.

I am an average looking male with a slightly above average sized cock, nothing huge but nice and thick. I am six foot, about 190 pounds, and it is not uncommon for some female coworkers to come by throughout the day to visit. A lot of times I start to get hard at my desk when these girls come by, because even though they’re just friends, my penis always acknowledges their tight asses and big tits as they come and go.

Getting back to Carla and her little problem, I decided I would try to “accidentally” run into her a bit more often and see if she’s at all interested in me. I signed up for overtime because Carla works late at night a lot, and we became a bit friendlier over the next week or two, always stopping to chat for a few minutes when we saw each other. I would sometimes kind of space out while she was talking to me because I couldn’t stop staring at the fat mounds of flesh jutting out of her top. I usually would see her nipples poking through her shirts too, and I would feel my rod start to thicken in my pants. I hoped she noticed when that happened, and I’m sure she caught me checking her out most of the time, but I didn’t care. I wanted Carla to know I was into her, and I hoped she would gaziantep bayan escort instigate some flirting or something. Every time our conversations ended, I would watch her strut away with that big ass packed nice and tightly in her pants, begging to be touched.

On one particular night at the office, Carla finished early and was ready to leave for the night at the same time as me. As we walked out together, she asked if I wanted to grab a drink or something because she didn’t want to go back to her empty house yet. I made it seem like I was mulling it over, and then I agreed. We took my car, and went to the bar down the block, a small pub where we grabbed a quiet booth and could talk over a beer. Two beers in, Carla began to open up about her ex boyfriend and how she was so lonely now and how she hadn’t been touched by another man since. She became more touchy feely with me, grabbing my hand when she spoke and occasionally rubbing against my leg with her own. My cock was rock hard while we talked, and I was even thinking about running to the bathroom to jerk off when Carla asked if I wanted to drop her off at her house and she could get her car in the morning because she was a bit buzzed. I agreed and we headed out, her in front of me so I could stare at that fat ass and so she couldn’t see my tenting pants.

The ride to her house was quick, we chitchatted about dreading work the next day, and when we got to her place, she asked if I would walk her to the door cause she was still a bit woozy from the drinks. I walked with her to the door, breathing in her intoxicating perfume and possibly the slight scent of something else. She smelled incredible and I wanted to devour her body right then and there. Fortunately Carla beat me to it, grabbing me as we got to her door and kissing me fully on my lips, slipping her tongue into my mouth and everything. I of course kissed back, and I pulled her in close to me so I could feel her huge melons press into my chest. She managed to open her door while still liplocked with me, and we went in and barely made it to her couch in her den. She had my shirt off by then, and I was fumbling with her blouse before deciding, fuck it, and I ripped it off her. The sight of Carla in just her black silky bra and her tight black pants drove me wild. I wasted no time in reaching for those tits, rubbing them through her bra and licking the cleavage between them. She moaned lightly as I fondled her massive tits and she unclipped her bra to give me full access.

I pushed her down on the couch and took a minute to take in the sight of this 40 year old woman’s fat tits, still defying gravity and waiting to be sucked by me. I took hold of one breast and gently blew on her nipple, then I started to quickly tongue it and eventually when she moaned aloud I took her whole tit in my mouth and sucked it good. By the time I got to her other tit, she had her pants opened and I could smell her hot pussy. I slid my pants off and was left in boxers that tented out from my hard dick. She smiled when she saw, and started to rub my cock through my boxers. She then slid her fingers under the elastic waist and slid them off me, leaving my thick cock to bounce out in front of her face. I was dripping precum by the time she gripped me and stuck my head in her mouth. She seemed to focus on my cock head for awhile before sliding further and further down my shaft, while tickling my balls the whole time. This older broad knew her shit, I was dying to fuck her, and i slid her pants down her legs and off.

Was I ever surprised to see bare pussy under her pants. She didn’t bother to wear panties, and I was face to face with a thick bush of jet black pubes. I was in a haze between the smell of her aroused snatch and the sight of this thick forest of black curls. I bent my face down to have a lick, but she pushed me away. She said I’ll eat her pussy later but right now she is in desperate need of my young cock inside of her. I thought for sure I would cum as soon as I entered this hot slut’s hairy pussy, but I managed to hold off for awhile while I buried myself inside her juicy snatch. She was so wet that I kept sliding out, but each time I slid out I would scoop some of her wetness into my mouth and taste her sweetness. She especially went wild when I would scoop up her juices and wipe it on her big tits, and then suck it off of her.

After a few minutes of serious pounding into her hairy hole, I felt her shaking underneath me, and I fucked into her harder and faster as she screamed out in orgasm. Her hot juices slid down my cock and coated my legs and that just made me plow this slut deeper and harder. She must have cum two more times before I felt myself getting close. She must have felt it too because she told me to pull out and cum on her fucking huge titties. Hearing her say that was all it took. I barely got my cock out of her in time to coat her fat tits, her face, her hair, her stomach, her couch, and anything else in the way with my hot white cum. By the fifth or sixth squirt I began to die down and shot another dribble or two onto her face as she had moved in to lick me clean. The sight of her cum covered body had me hard again shortly, and we spent the rest of the night fucking until it was time for work.

I arose around 6:30, my dick still covered in dried cum, and Carla’s fat ass pressed into my body. I woke her and told her we had to get to work, and I started to gather my clothing from around her bed. As I was about to put my boxers back on I felt Carla’s hot tongue come from underneath my balls and start lapping at them. I froze in my place as she took each of my balls in her mouth and sucked on them before taking my whole cock in her mouth. She wasted no time, sucking me hard and deep while also sliding a finger into my ass hole. I must have lasted 15 seconds before cumming in her mouth. She didn’t pull away at all; instead she swallowed every drop I had. When I was done, she smiled and said NOW we can go to work.

If anyone liked this, more parts are cumming about several other coworkers who I’ve been dying to stick my dick into!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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