The Office Temp’s Daydream

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Big Dicks

You’re sitting at your desk daydreaming a little and thinking on how you finally had to give in and start working part time in an office but that things aren’t really that bad. It’s only a very small IT company and the director, Rich, is quite friendly, a good laugh and fairly dishy too. You even suspect he enjoys a ‘smoke’ too! The work isn’t too bad, mostly accounts and a bit of typing emails and there’s an informal and relaxed air about the place.

All the same it is a sunny Friday lunchtime and meeting your friend for a drink didn’t help your resolve to work much, most of it is done anyway, so you’re just sitting there waiting the minutes and daydreaming. You wonder if it’s worth asking if you can go early and make it up next week if necessary…

You stroll into Rich’s office and he seems to be very focused on something on the PC, with the informal relationship you’ve fallen into with him you walk round behind him when he suddenly spots you and quickly presses a couple of keys.

‘Oh yes and what are you doing?’ you ask flirtily and not to mention some genuine curiosity.

‘Errrrr nothing much really. Just having a browse around, killing time’ he replies a tad shakily.

You look down and immediately notice the outline of a very stiff cock pressing against his suit trousers as if trying to get a better look at the screen. The sexy sight sends a shiver through you and you notice you’re staring longer than you should. The hot sun shining through the window feels good warming your back and bum through your white blouse and tight black skirt. The moment seems to become an eternity as you’re unable to tear your gaze away.

‘Ahem’ Rich tactfully coughs and your look springs back to meet his. You notice a lopsided grin and he obviously sees the humour in this rather than being annoyed.

This time it’s your turn to struggle with words and no coherent sound comes out of you for a few seconds.

‘Must be a very interesting nothing!’ you finally retort a bit defensively.

‘Okay it’s a fair cop, I was looking at some naughty ladies m’lud’ he winks at you with his deep brown eyes.

‘Lets have a look then’ you demand fearlessly.

‘You really want a look?’ he reiterates.


‘Okay’ he says a little nervously though a glance confirms the bulge in his trousers seems to have grown since you first saw it.

Rich deftly clicks the screen and a set of thumbnails of a couple undressing each other and having sex fills the screen.

‘You click the mini picture to see the full thing’ he offers helpfully.

You look along the pictorial story and see a picture you fancy, the guy is pulling the woman’s bra aside and sucking on her nipple while she strokes his hard cock.

‘That one’ you point.

Rich double clicks the pic and slowly the full size picture fills the screen and you devour it hungrily with your eyes. You move closer to get a better look and feel your pussy twitch at the first physical erotik hikaye oku contact between you as your shoulders brush together.

‘So this is what you get up to all day, you bosses are all the same’ you giggle.

‘No, not all the time ya cheeky sod but I just got a bit horny with the hot day and nearly being the weekend I thought what the hell.’

‘Yeah me too’ you reply dreamily and immediately wish you hadn’t offered so open a comment. At least not so casually anyway.

‘Really now?!?!’ Rich looks wide eyed and you see the first glint of lust in his eyes. He looks deep into your pretty blue eyes and it’s almost like a physical contact because as his eyes run lingeringly down your body you feel your nipples stiffen as his glance runs over them and your pussy tingles as they run over your skirt and appreciatively down your stockinged legs.

You feel compelled to lean over his shoulder and kiss no matter what the reaction or consequences but the kiss is returned instantly, tongues flicking and mixing and you kiss deeply and passionately. The kiss lasts and our hands start to run each other, just rubbing over the surface, teasing and exciting. You feel his arm go round you and his hand stroking your bum through your skirt and the heat building inside you and the accompanying wetness that tries in vain to cool it.

Finally you pull apart and look into each other’s eyes.

‘You’re so hot Claire, it’s really tough having you around sometimes because when I watch you it isn’t easy to hide a big hard on in a baggy suit’ he confesses.

‘Maybe you shouldn’t try to hide it anymore’ you say very sultrily and suggestively.

Without a word his hands go to his zip and very slowly pull it down before he skilfully slips a hand into his flies. There seems to be a bit of a struggle because his cock is so hard and rigid making it hard to extract but finally a thick 7″+ cock is produced and stands like a pink pole against the black trousers.

A small sigh escapes you and you lick and bite your lips a little, staring at the hardness.

‘Can I touch as well as look?’ you ask huskily.

‘Oh god please do!’ he sighs immediately back.

You reach down and run your soft fingers and nails along the length of the hard cock all the entire way down before also extracting his sexy balls from the trousers, which seems to make his cock look even longer. Lazily you start to run your hand up and down it’s rigid length, watching as Rich gasps and grabs the arms of his office chair.

‘Fuck, that feels soooo good’ he gasps as you tighten your grip and little and slowly wank off the long erect penis in front of you. The first drop of pre-cum forms on the smooth knob and you need to taste it.

You sidle in front of Rich’s chair and he seems to understand completely what you mean to do as your lust filled eyes meet and you kneel under the desk in front of him.

‘Ohhhh fuck yeah’ he almost shouts as your mouth slowly evelopes güncel sex hikayeleri oku his tip and sucks down his pre cum. You suck and tongue and lick the hard knob making him squirm and grip the chair even tighter before sliding your hot mouth down and taking as much of his throbbing dick into your mouth as you can.

You look up and notice he’s alternating between looking at the sexy pictures on the screen and you sucking his cock. When he sees you’ve caught him he looks slightly guilty.

‘It’s okay’ you say ‘ Carry on looking as if you were before I came in only now you can have your cock sucked whilst you do it.’

His hand moves to the mouse and starts to click on pictures as you start to suck that hard cock for all you’re worth. You mouth running up and down the whole length then pulling it out and licking the underside, pausing to tease his foreskin. Your fingers are stroking and caressing his balls occasionally you run your fingernails across them making him squirm.

You feel his hands go through your hair and stroking your face and look up. Your eyes meet and the electricity is frightening.

‘You stopped clicking’ you say whilst teasingly licking his hot knob.

‘I’d much rather watch you sucking my cock babe’ he replies totally honestly and lustfully.

With this you lunge his whole cock in your mouth and suck it mercilessly making his throw his head back and gasp and swear. Your hand encircles the stiff base and you wank him in unison with the sucking looking up into his eyes and seeing the desperation and rising passion in his face.

You can’t take it anymore and reach a hand down under your skirt to the soaking gusset of your silky panties. Your finger immediately finds your stiff clit and starts to rub in unison and with the same fury as you’re sucking the hard cock in your mouth. He sees this and watches mesmerised as your hand flashes too and fro under your skirt. It’s all just too much and you feel your hot cunt start to twitch and contract with an approaching orgasm. Rich looks into your flushed face and sees this getting him even harder.

‘Oh yes Claire, make yourself cum while you suck my cock, rub your clit for me baby, rub your hot pussy while you suck that hard cock oh fuck yeah suck me babe suck me, make me cum’ he moans and curses wildly. The dirty talk, the atmosphere and the whole situation not to mention your fingers rubbing your wet cunt have you hotter than you can ever remembered being before. You feel your orgasm rushing and pull the hard cock out of your mouth.

‘I want your cum!’ you demand ruthlessly.

‘I want it now, I want your hot spunk in my mouth when I cum c’mon give it to me, give me your hot cum’ you gasp sluttily pulling the hard cock from your mouth and wanking furiously.

‘Oh fuck yeaaah, gonna give it to you baby gonna cum for you’ he cries helplessly.

You mouth reaches down and your lick and suck his hot balls whilst never slowing the pace sikiş hikayeleri of your hands. This is the final straw and he releases your breasts and grabs the chair arms white knuckled and desperately. You quickly move your head back, feeling the surge in his balls, his cum travelling from them. You open your mouth and stick out your tongue in front of his fucking hard cock to catch the cum. Your eyes lock with an animal intensity and you feel the first hot splashes of his cum on your tongue and cheeks as you pump his hot thick cum into your mouth and over your face as he writhes and howls glaring at the white cum on your sexy pink little tongue. You take his knob in your mouth and suck on it ravenously, drawing the rest of his spunk from out of his balls as he grips your hair and fucks your soft mouth extending his orgasm. The taste of having a hot cum covered cock in your mouth is too much and you thrust a finger inside your hot throbbing cunt and find your g–spot where one touch send you over the edge as you writhe and moan and swear as your cum soaks your hand and panties.

Gradually you slow your caresses of both of you and his touch becomes more tender and gentle as he strokes your hair and face. You feel the heady warmth inside of you both and relax looking at each and a nice feeling of having been a bit naughty.

‘Hmmm that was sooo fucking good’ he breathes relaxedly.

‘Sure was’ you breathe licking along the length of his cock and sending surprised shivers through his body. You relax together in the sun a while tenderly kissing and nibbling at each other. Gradually the tender starts to turn to passion again and you can both feel the excitement and lust start to rise again. He looks at you and smiles and very cute smile, stands and offers you the chair….

‘Hmmmm yeesssss’ you pre-empt.

‘I think it might be your turn’ he husks…

‘I said I think it might be your turn?’

‘Hello? I think it might be your turn Claire?’

‘Yooohoooo, are you there?’

You snap out of your daydream and realise you must have instinctively pressed the intercom and said yes without having any idea what the question is.

‘Errrrm my turn?’ you answer barely collecting your thoughts.

‘Yeah, I made the last tea, do you want one or not?’ he replies a bit puzzled.

‘Okay’ you say and click off the button.

Coming to your senses you feel the sticky, warm wetness between your legs and realise one of your hands is under your skirt which gives you a bit of a girlie giggle.

‘A cup of tea and a ciggie I think’ you say aloud to yourself.

Whilst the kettle boils you think back on your daydream. I wonder if his cock looks anything like that in real life you ponder and have to resist the urge to touch yourself again when you start thinking what he was about to do to you, about how good a skilful tongue would have felt just then. You think how sexy and real it all seemed…. and how lucky you were not to get caught rubbing your pussy in the office. Or should that be unlucky perhaps?

‘Maybe I should go and ask for the afternoon off after all’ you say again aloud for your own benefit and because it’s sounds like such a good idea all of a sudden.

‘Hmmm maybe I should’

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