The Office the Job Review

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I call you on the phone I have you Becky come to my office. I Robert inform you that I am thinking of firing you. I remind you that your job is at will. You ask me if there anything you can do. I inform you we can have a private agreement not job related but state I would be better off just to give you a letter of just a medium recommendation as you have make serious spelling mistakes and other serious job errors. I tell you I have to make cutbacks and can only keep certain people

I tell you that you are very pretty and hate to see you go. You look sad with tears in your eyes and asked me again if there is anything you can.

I ask you if you would like to meet me after work at restaurant and that nudity will be involved and asked you sign an agreement not job related to work that as girlfriend you agree to be viewed naked and spanked. You sign the agreement. I give you the time and give you a hug and slap you on the bottom. I ask you to wear Escort bayan a short skirt later and thank you for stopping by.

Her point of view

I want to keep my job I feel nervous and excited about meeting you later. I do not know what will happen there. Later I leave the office and get ready to meet you

I follow your instructions to go bra less and leave off my bra with my C breasts that have large areolas and leave a couple of buttons on my blouse unbuttoned and put on some sexy black panties with a special panel that is almost transparent. I then put on black skirt, which is very short which I can hardly sit down in with out showing everything. I put on a drab of makeup and touch up with lipstick. I get ready to leave. I remember I have sent you an email of my bra size that I shaved my pussy as you required and also sent personal information. I go out he door and drive to meet you there.

I drive out to the restaurant and then go inside I see you at always back at a table.

His Bayan escort point of view.

I see you walking towards me I see your blond hair and your pear shaped breasts and know you have sexy heart shaped ass. When you get closer I have you have a seat. I speak to you and welcome you. I then ask you your bra size? You answer me that you have a C cup. I then ask you in a loud voice how often you masturbate? You look so embarrassed as people have heard you mention four or five times a week. I see some guys smiling

I ask you to return without your panties and to shorten your skirt so I can see your shaved pussy when you sit down. Also I want you to unbutton more buttons so most of your breasts will be exposed

Her point of view

I feel so embarrassed by you asking very personal questions and so loud about me masturbating. I then excuse myself and go down to the ladies room. I see another woman with black hair as I go into a stall and remove my panties. I unbutton most Escort of my buttons so most of my breasts are exposed.

I feel nervous so I pee splashing into the toilet. I then wipe myself and go out and wash my hands. I feel the cool air around my pussy and bare breasts and feel my nipples getting hard then go out the door and back where you are. I am getting closer when you ask me to put my panties on the table folded, which I do. You ask me to bend over to show me my ass move around so other men will see it too. I feel your eyes on my ass cheeks and I know you can see my pussy lips and I feel so embarrassed and I as I turn I know the two men can see my ass and cunt lips too. You then ask me to squat so you can see my pussy and I squat down and then my bare pussy is exposed so you can see it and I getting wet being so exposed and controlled by you. You then have me turn so the two men can see my pussy lips too and I am really embarrassed.

You then have me have a seat and motion for our drinks. You can see my breasts and also my bare pussy as I am seated as you seat me.

Then we get our orders in. as the male waiter can see most of my breasts and my pussy. You mention that we will be going down to a room for the rest of the dining. You have me come with you.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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