The Office Vamp

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Being a personal secretary can be rewarding if you have the right boss. Jerry could be the right boss if he would just give me the time of day. Every morning he picks up his mail and smiles good morning. The only acknowledgment that I’m alive.

I realize he is a married man, with two kids he adores, but I’ve seen his wife, pretty but she always acts like she is better than he is, I don’t know why he puts up with her. Give me a night with her and I’d make her leave him alone. Hell, she would leave him if sex were all there was to it.

My phone rang interrupting my thoughts. It was him calling me in. I wish now I had worn the blouse that was loose, I could give him a good look at my tits. Maybe a little teasing would loosen him up. As I came in Jerry rose from his desk and came around to greet me. This is strange, I thought. Jerry stood behind the chair an indicated he wanted me to sit. ” Candi, I have to ask a favor of you,” he began, ” I have a business luncheon tomorrow and I want you to go along. I have to meet some people from out of town and I need you there to take notes. I know it’s unusual but it is important to me. Would you be willing to go with me?” His plea was almost a beg. How could I refuse?

“I don’t see why not, where is it we are going to have this luncheon? I need to know what to wear. ” I asked.

“That’s the part I hate to ask of you. ” He said looking sheepishly. ” My proposal for these men is not the strongest, an what I would like is to bring you along as a distraction. You are very attractive, if you were to be there wearing a somewhat suggestive outfit, it might take their mine off what I’m proposing and help me to close the deal, what do you say?”

I didn’t know if I should punch him, slap him or kiss him. He noticed me, he said I was attractive, Maybe he had been looking down my blouse on occasion. “This is just for the luncheon, you’re not suggesting I do anything else are you? I don’t mind helping you out, but I don’t want you getting the idea I anything more than a secretary. ” I would be for him but not for a bunch of horny businessmen.

He assured me it was just this one time and everything was as he said so I agreed. I wonder if his hoity toity wife would agree?

I chose a black leather mini skirt with black stockings, a bright red blouse that had a ruffle down the front, and a low neckline. I was tempted to wear no bra, but instead chose a push up bra. It helps accentuate the ample bust I already had. If I was going to be the show I may as well be a good one. I didn’t wear a lot of make up at work, just enough to cover my otherwise bland look. For this occasion I went all out, I didn’t want to look trashy, but elegant. I wanted these guys to keep their eyes on me, all of me.

When I arrived at the office, I received more than one second look from people in the office. By the time Jerry got in I had a number of visitors stop by on one lame excuse or another, just to get a second look, I had created quite a stir. The biggest thrill was seeing the look on Jerry’s face when he walked in. he asked me if I knew where his secretary was. He didn’t recognize me. Then he came out of the office and took a second look, the expression on his face said it all ” WOW”.

As we walked out together we got quite a few looks some of jealousy, others of disdain, but most were from friends who knew me and they gave me the high sign. I could only guest at the rumors that would be floating around by the time we got back.

On the way to the restaurant Jerry filled me in on the people he was meeting and what he wanted, it was simple, distract them whenever I could, but try not to make it obvious. Then he said, ” Forgive me for not recognizing you this morning. It just I have never seen you looking quite so attractive. I mean as much as you do today, all dressed up and all. ” He was flustered, if he was then I wonder what the others would be like. I reassured him it was okay. I hope that it would lead to bursa anal yapan escort more but then that was my fantasy.

When his quest arrived he got somewhat of a shock. It wasn’t all men; there was a woman with them. She was tall and dressed very elegantly for a luncheon; perhaps they had the same strategy as Jerry.

After the introductions and some small talk, we ordered lunch, and while waiting for it to arrive Jerry made his pitch. That was my cue. I made it a simple gesture dropping my fork then leaning over to pick it up. I could feel the eyes following me. But to my surprise as I leaned over to retrieve my fork the woman took the opportunity to show me she wasn’t wearing any panties. She simply opened her legs and gave me a clear unobstructed view of her shaved pussy. I took the time to admire it, I mean if she wanted me to see it I may as well see it.

When I had righted myself, I looked over at the woman and she gave me a knowing smile. I coyly returned her look and she knew I had seen what I was supposed to. By the time lunch had arrived Jerry had finished his spiel and things seemed to be going well. It was the woman who made the final decision,” Jerry I think we can do business, why don’t you have Candi bring the papers around to my office and then I’ll have them approved by the board and returned to you?”

Jerry looked to me with a plea in his eyes, he had know idea what she was proposing. I did; she wanted me. It was not the men Jerry had to be concerned with, she was the boss and pleasing her would assure him of closing the deal. Jerry had no idea that he was asking me to be his whore and give her what she needed to close this deal. Hell why not it might be fun?

During lunch Jerry had ordered drinks for he and I, I wasn’t sure if it was to calm him or to celebrate. When the others had left, he ordered another round for us. I liked Vodka Collins and Jerry was drinking scotch on the rocks. By the time we had consumed three drinks it was getting late afternoon. We drove back to the office, both feeling a little silly. The drinks had taken effect on us and we were laughing and joking as we all but staggered into the office.

Everyone had gone as it was after quitting time. I didn’t realize we had been gone so long. After depositing my things on my desk I went into the office with Jerry. I was about to ask him if there was anything else when he turned to me and looked me in the eyes. There was such desire there. He took me in his arms and kissed me, the passion of his kiss aroused me as well. When he broke away from the kiss he buried his face in my breast, his tongue licking at the cleavage. I held my head back enjoying the touch of him. I had so wanted him.

With fumbling fingers he tried to undo the button on my blouse. I took his hands and held them, holding him away from me. Then I slowly began to undo the buttons as I swayed to music only I could hear. As the buttons were undone, Jerry was removing his shirt and his pants. He was in a hurry to be in me as his large cock bulged in his shorts.

When I had removed my blouse and unhooked my bra and let it fall Jerry was on me again. His mouth sucking at my nipples, his hands squeezing my tits as he noisily licked and sucked one tit then the other. I let him enjoy my breast; his touch had aroused my nipples to a firmness that made them pulsate.

Finally I broke free again and slipped off my skirt and my panty hose. I wish I had not worn any. Standing naked now in front of his desk I saw Jerry’s large cock was throbbing the head purple and looking like it would burst. I moved over to him and we kissed again. His cock pressed against me as his hands moved to my ass and pulled me tight against his naked body. Then he turned me around and pushed me over the edge of his desk. He guided his big hot cock effortlessly between the lips of my waiting pussy. The feel of his cock sliding in my wet pussy brought bursa eskort a moan to my lips. As he began to pump his cock deep in and out in and out of my hot cunt my moans grew to sighs ands cries of Fuck me Fuck me oh yes yes, harder oh yes.

We were making so much noise neither of us heard the door open. Then I looked up and Jerry’s wife was standing in front of me. When she spoke I couldn’t believe what she said. ” You finally got around to doing her didn’t you. Well it’s about time. ” Jerry never missed a stroke as he held my hips and continued to pump his big cock deep in my pussy.

“Well honey if you’re gonna fuck my husband you better be ready to fuck me as well. ” His wife announced. Then she started to remove her clothes. Now as she was undressing Jerry moved me off his desk and bent me over the arm of the couch. His wife came over and reached under and took my tits squeezing them and pinching the nipples, making me moan. Then she sat on the couch and maneuvered herself so that her pussy was in my face. She held my head and pressed my face to her hot pussy and I began to lick her lips and dart my tongue in and out of her already wet pussy. I reached up and squeezed her nipples. It was my turn to cause some moaning. With her legs spread wide her hips bounced off the couch as the tongue fucking I was giving her made her go wild. I opened her lips wide and nibbled on her clit then slid three fingers in her pussy and finger fucked her fast and deep as my tongue lapped at her flowing juices.

Jerry watched and his excitement grew as well. It wasn’t long and he was speeding up prior to letting his load explode. I could feel his intensity build as he jerked and pulled my ass harder and harder against him, his balls slapping against my pussy. I was building to a big orgasm as well and then as if the world caved in he exploded his hot load as I began to jerk and spasm from the orgasm over taking me. His wife must have been ready as well as she heaved up jerking and pumping her pussy in my face.

When Jerry had finished his spasmodic jerks and was using his hand to jerk the last drops of cum on my ass. I finished licking the juices from his wife’s pussy. She lay back now moaning with delight. It had been a fun day. I sure hope I get a raise out of this.

Chapter two

On the way home from the office I had time to reflect on the days activities. I said to my self out loud,” Candi you have done it now. ” I was committed to carry this thing out. The wild sex I had just enjoyed with Jerry and his wife was only the beginning. They had both liked me and said there would be other times if I wanted. If I wanted, dam right I wanted.

On Monday morning I arrived at the office in a more conservative outfit, but what didn’t show was I was not wearing any panties. I forgone wearing a bra as well. Jerry had told me that he wanted me to deliver the contract to the client’s hotel room before they left town instead of sending it to their office. What he really wanted was for me to convince them it was the best deal and to do that took my special talent, as he put it.

I called to say was bringing the contract over and the lady from the luncheon told me we would have lunch at her hotel room while she looked over the contract. I knew from the sound of her voice it wasn’t the contract she wanted to look over. I told her I’d be there then informed Jerry I may not be back after lunch if things worked out. He understood and smiled his approval, “Perhaps I’ll be here when you get back and we can discuss how it went” I told him I would call before I left the hotel.

Donna answered my knock and showed me in to the room. She had a table set with food having ordered for us both. We sat opposite each other at the table. I gave her the contract and she began to read it. “Please eat. I’ll just nibble on mine, as I look this over. I hope you like it. ” It was delicious crab cakes and a light salad. She had even bursa escort kızlar thought of the wine. I could get use to this life style.

I had finished my food by the time she had completed looking at the contract Seeing my glass was empty she refilled it and hers as well. Then she had me join her on the couch in the room. ” I’m impressed by the terms, and I will give it my full support when I recommend it to the board at the board. Now lets talk about something else. ” She set her glass down and then took mine as well. “I know you saw what I intended you to see. Your being here confirms what I saw in your eyes. Let’s not play games. ” Then she took my head in her hand and pulled me to her and kissed me. Her tongue probed my mouth with a lustful passion. I responded in kind.

As our kiss lingered her hands caressed and fondled me, exciting touches on my breast and her fingers lightly scraping the in side of my thighs made me instantly wet Our hands searched each others bodies and the excitement grew. Finally we broke apart and she took my hand and led me to the bedroom. Along the way I unbuttoned my blouse and when we were at the bed, I undid my skirt and let it drop. Her Mouth fell open and she let out a sigh. “Oh honey you are so beautiful, I want all of you. “

I lay on the bed and watched as she removed her clothes. She caught my look and stopped. Then she began to dance and sway to music in her head. Slowly she did a strip for me. As she pulled her blouse off she flung it over to the chair, then she shimmered and swayed as she lowered her skirt and her panties were next. Now naked she swayed and turned giving me a full 360 look at her lovely body. I was so hot I wanted to yank her on the bed and devour her.

Then she crawled on the bed and lay on top of me. Her breast pressed against mine and our legs parted each pressing pussy to thigh. We kissed again while her hand found my pussy and she slid her finger in my wetness and caressed my clit. I moaned from the pleasure it gave me. Now as she kissed my neck and licked my ear she began to finger fuck my wet pussy. Her fingers rapidly driving in and out in and out pressing my clit and twirling in my wet hot pussy. I began to moan louder and whisper to her, “Yes fuck my pussy, finger me hard, oh yes more, more ooh yes. “

She gave me a good fuck driving her fingers deep and hard, then she turned her body around and her head was between my thighs. Her arms wrapped around my legs and she held my pussy open with her fingers and lapped at my pussy darting her tongue in and out of me. My hips rose up to greet each thrust and my moaning grew more intense.

Orgasms began over taking me. My body jerked and spasms racked me as I heaved up with each new burst. Then with the last climatic surge I collapsed back on the bed, spent. Sensing I had enough she stopped and gently licked the flowing juices from my ass and took a last lick of my nipples and kissed me. We lay in each other’s arms for a while as she stroked my body with her hand.

When I had recovered enough strength I began my own stoking. I began with a gently palm on her nipples, just touching them lightly as they grew firm. Then I took first one then the other and pinched it forcefully Evoking a moan from her lips. Then I wrapped my mouth over her nipple and my tongue washed and flicked at the swollen firmness. My teeth grasped each nipple and pulled it taut and released it then again and again. Her moaning told me how much she enjoyed it.

As my mouth played on her large tits Hand found her pussy and I rubbed the outside of her pussy as she spread her legs in anticipation. My fingers split her lips and found her clit, already swollen and throbbing. I messaged her clit and fingered her hard and deep. Giving her what she had me. She was twisting and turning as she shouted at me to fuck her, fuck her. When she grabbed my head and pushed me to her pussy, I bit her pussy lips and pulled them tight. Then found her clit and nibble it to.

She bounced and flopped as I fingered and licked till her body began jerking and heaving and I knew she too had found the joy of multiple orgasms as well. As she settled down I licked her juicy pussy and then I turned and kissed her a tongue probing deep kiss.

We had enjoyed ourselves. Both satiated we fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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