The one I met on the internet part 2

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Linda sat there in the waiting room with her Master beside her, he had threatened her with the visit to the doctor if she didn’t relax when he fucked her ass and now he had run out of patience.

He had arranged it all, made all the phone calls and now here she was, her stomach churning and waiting with trepidation.

The receptionist called her name and they both stood up and she followed her Master along the corridor and stopped outside the door that read Dr Southern.

George turned the handle and they both went inside the room, there sat at his desk was the Doctor, he looked up as they entered. “Good morning, please take a seat”. They both sat down.

“How may I help you?” he asked. George started to talk, Linda sat with her head bowed.

“Linda has a problem Doctor” he said, “she has a practically virgin ass hole, I have only attempted to fuck it once but it caused her to bleed and now I feel unless this is sorted that I cannot fuck her, she will not relax and I want to fuck her and I have been told that you are the person that will get Linda the treatment to enable me to fuck her ass. She has been a good slut but this is causing me a problem and will eventually make me get rid of her, which would be a shame as she is very willing and able to gratify me in other ways”

“Well yes George, there are treatments that can solve this problem but is it what Linda
wants?” the Doctor said.

George quickly answered “My slut is here to please me, it does not matter what she wants”.
The Doctor looked at Linda but she kept her head bowed.

“We can start the treatment today if that is your wish, it will be a week long treatment and for that time, you will be unable to attempt ass fucking during that time, I am willing to solve this problem if that is what you both want?” the Doctor stated.

George replied, “The sooner the better, she is long overdue.”

The Doctor reached into his drawer and took out a pad and started writing notes, He turned to Linda “strip off all your clothes” he said.

Linda stood and removed her blouse, braless as usual when she was with her Master, slipped out of her skirt again without panties, she stood naked in front of the Doctor.
“Assume position one” George said. Linda looked at Master questioningly. Did he mean to have her be his slave while she was here in front of this Doctor?
“Position one slut” and she knew by the tone in his voice that yes he did.

She put her hands on her head and spread her legs, this was the position that he had taught her as number one in the time that he had been training her.

The Doctor turned to George, “She is well trained”. George replied “She is a willing learner, we still have a long way to go but I will finish it now if she cannot get help which will allow me to fuck her ass hole”
“Well I will see what I can do” the doctor said.

The Doctor came round to her and with his stethoscope he listened to her heart which was beating fast through anticipation of the Doctor’s procedure which she had yet to find out but knew that it was going to be painful. She was so ashamed that she could not please her Master and stretch her ass hole to take his cock deep within her. He had penetrated her a little but for some reason, she could not take him without screaming out her safe word and she knew that she would lose his guidance if she could not open her ass hole for him.

The Doctor took her pulse and put a thermometer in her mouth, noting down the results on the pad on which he was scribbling furiously. George sat in his chair watching the procedures admiring his slut for standing there so openly naked, knowing how embarrassed she was and enjoying her embarrassment.

“I need an anal temperature reading, do you think she will be able to take a thermometer up her ass?” the Doctor asked George

“I am sure that she could with some discomfort, assume position two slut” George replied.

Linda obediently bent over again with legs spread, knees straight, reaching round with her hands to open the cheeks of her ass, offering the Doctor a view of her ass hole. The Doctor took a slightly thicker thermometer and rubbed on some lube. He slid the thermometer into the ass hole feeling Linda flinch slightly as it went deep. The Doctor could see her ass hole contracting trying to expel the instrument. “She needs to release the hands so that her anus can grip” the Doctor said.

“Ok slut, touch your toes and don’t let that thing come out of your ass or I will punish you and you do not want the Doctor to see how I punish you do you slut?” George announced.
For the first time since they had entered the surgery, Linda spoke, “No Master”.

She released her ass cheeks and she strained her muscles contracting them to keep in the glass tube that was invading her ass.

The Doctor sat at his desk writing notes, asking questions of George regarding Linda’s general health while Linda was bent over with the thermometer in her ass. After about five minutes, the doctor reached into her ass and pulled out the thermometer, noting down the reading.

“Up gerçek porno on the exam table now please” the Doctor said. “Legs in the stirrups and arms above your head”.

“Do as the Doctor says” George ordered and Linda got up on the table and put her ankles into the stirrups and her arms above her head, she knew that she was presenting an open picture of her genitals to both of the men.
“I am going to physically examine Linda now” the doctor said. “I will need to call in a nurse to help” He presses a button on his desk and spoke into it announcing that he required a nurse in his examination room. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door and a nurse walked into the room.

“Thank you nurse, Linda will be having anal stretching treatment but first I need to do a full physical” the Doctor said.

“Yes Doctor” the nurse replied. The nurse went to the cupboards and started to fill a tray with a variety of instruments, Linda could hear the metal hitting the tray as she laid them onto it.

“I think I have everything Doctor” the nurse said.
“Ok, we will begin, do you have a number one plug ready?” said the Doctor.
“Yes” she replied.

The Doctor came alongside the table and felt Linda’s neck and down her body, Linda shivering with her nakedness and the Doctor’s touch. He reached her tits and with his hands started to manipulate them, rolling them between his palms, he turned to the nurse “To save time, if you could do her other breast, then it will not take as long, I do have a line of patients waiting”

“Yes Doctor” So the nurse went to the opposite side of the table and copied each movement that the Doctor administered. The circular movements continued until he reached her nipples and he took the nipple in between his finger and thumb and tweaked it a little, Linda used to this did not move but her cunt creamed a little.

“Her nipples are responsive but she does not seem to mind the pressure” he said to George.
“She is a pain slut, you really do have to grip the nipple to get some reaction.”
The Doctor gripped harder and watched as Linda grimaced. The nurse was following the Doctors every move. Tighter and tighter the doctor gripped and soon Linda was squirming
with the pain. “Good” said the Doctor, “Now we are getting some reaction.”

The Doctor and the nurse continued with the nipple examination, turning them left and right, twisting them totally around until Linda was biting her lip with the pain. He released the nipples to Linda’s relief and moved between her legs, “I need the legs open wider nurse” he said and she cranked open the apparatus until Linda presented her legs to his satisfaction. he pulled up a stool and sat between opening her labia lips, “A responsive clit I see, is this the largest it grows” he asked of George.

George got up from his seat and went over to the table and he peered between Linda’s legs and took her clit in his fingers, tweaked it and said “Yes”.

“It is still a little small, I have seen larger, I can show you how to make it learn to grow larger if you wish” the Doctor said. George said “That would be useful”
“Ok when I have finished the internal and started the treatment, we will discuss it”

The Nurse handed the Doctor a pair of clips and the Doctor attached them to the labia lips and it allowed him to keep open the lips giving him access to her cunt hole. He snapped onto his hands the latex gloves the nurse had already given him and inserted two fingers straight into her cunt, “I thought I might have had to lube but she is very wet already” the Doctor said.

“She always is Doctor, she regularly leaves wet spots” said George.
The Doctor probed and prodded her cunt hole, inserting a third finger and then a fourth before withdrawing and taking a speculum that the nurse was holding out to him. The cold metal slipped easily into Linda’s cunt hole, the sudden cold making her squirm.

“Don’t make me tie you down slut, stop squirming, you know that this is for your benefit” her Master growled.

Linda lay trying to keep still eventually relieved that her inner body was warming up the cold instrument. All three of them were having a good view of her cunt hole.
“Nurse, you have not swabbed a vagina before, if George does not mind, I will allow you to take the swab needed for the laboratory, it will be good for your training”. the Doctor looked at George.

“Of course, I don’t mind” George replied. The Doctor got up from the stool and the Nurse took his place, she took a swab from its protective wrapping and peered into the cunt hole opened wide by the speculum. She had read the books and was hoping that she would be able to put into practice what she had learnt.

The Doctor turned to George, “Your slut may feel some discomfort with this procedure”
“No problem” George replied, “If she does not cooperate then I will punish her.”

The Nurse inserted the swab and has she had read, she reached into Linda’s cunt hole feeling for the cervix buried deep and rubbed it against the flesh, Linda could feel it gay porno digging into her internally and could not prevent herself from moving as the Nurse seemed to be scraping her inside.

“Stop moving slut” she heard George say “You are not to move while the Nurse does her job, you have earned six lashes for that”

Linda was doing her best to stay still as the nurse took the swab and was relieved as she felt it being removed.
“Well done Nurse, although a little brutal, that was not bad for your first time” said the Doctor.

“Thank you Doctor, I really will have to practice a little more” she said.” I have only ever done a penile swab before and the Doctor that was allowing me to practice on him also said I was a little heavy handed”

The Doctor looked at Linda and said” I want you to get on your elbows and knees now and then we can investigate the problem of your anus”
Linda rolled over with the speculum still inside her cunt and got into the position that the Doctor had told her, he was adjusting her position by opening her knees further stretching them wider apart, lowering her upper body so that her tits brushed the leather on the table.
“These marks on her ass, did you inflict them George?” he asked.

“Yes” she answered “She was not a good girl this morning and would not deep throat my cock so I insisted and then punished her for it”

“Right” he said “Lets see just how tight her anus is”

He put some lube on his fingers and rubbed it into the gloves and slowly inserted one finger. “My god, she is tight” he exclaimed, “We could do surgery but I would like to try and stretch it without resorting to anything so drastic, as I have said I would expect you to refrain from
trying anal sex for one week but that does not mean that here will be nothing inside her”

“That is fine” said George, “I know I will enjoy the end result”.
“Number one butt plug please Nurse” said the Doctor and she handed him a small butt plug and using two fingers of one hand he opened the crack of her ass cheeks and shoved the plug
in deep enough to allow the muscles to close round it, Linda let out a high pitched squeal.

The Doctor looked at the Nurse “Did you lube it before I inserted it?” he asked.
“Oh Doctor, I forgot” she replied.

The Doctor opened the crack of Linda’s ass and made sure that she was retaining the plug. He turned to George, “While we are here looking, I need to know approximately how much you would like her to be open, would you agree about the same as the hole that she has with the speculum in her cunt?”

“Oh no” said George, “I want her wider”.
“So if I open the speculum wider until you agree what you would want and then I can prescribe the correct apparatus for her”
“That would be fine” George answered.

The doctor turned the screw on the speculum opening Linda’s cunt wider and Linda was feeling being stretched . When she thought that she could take no more, she heard her Master say” There that would be fine, its a little wider than my cock but it should do”.
“Right, now we know what she has to aim for” said the Doctor. He slowly unscrewed the speculum and removed it from her cunt and Linda’s body relaxed.

The doctor went and sat at his desk, writing up his notes and George started to play with Linda’s genitals. The nurse was re- arranging the instruments.

“May I ask you something Doctor while we are here?” said George
“Of course” he replied.
“Linda accepts her whippings quite well but how do I know when I should stop, although sometimes a little uncooperative, I would not want to hurt her and disable her so that I could not use her again”
“Well, just how red does her ass get?”
“Oh sometimes quite red, especially with the cane, the strokes leave marks that last a few days but I just need to know how much I can give her” asked George.
“Each individual has a pain threshold different from another, take my Nurse for example, I have had to discipline her for being late and she has quite a high pain threshold, she has reached thirty strokes of my crop the last time she was late and was still able to work all day, although she did have trouble sitting down” he laughed.
“I have never tried thirty on Linda” George said.
“We could try her now, you have already said that she must be punished for squirming and I must punish my nurse for not lubricating the butt plug, so we could do it here and now and test Linda’s tolerance”
“Thank you Doctor” that would be very useful.

The Doctor went to another cupboard and produced a crop and a cane.
He gave the crop to George and he took the cane. “Nurse bend over the desk” George watched as the nurse bent over, her elbows lay on the desk, forcing her ass into the air, the doctor lifted her skirt and pulled down her white panties.

George took his position, enjoying the flexibility of the crop as he practise swung through the air. He saw the Doctor swing the cane and caught the Nurses ass hard and he followed suit using the crop on Linda’s ass.

Both men swung until the arms ached and each of their evli porno victims had received thirty strikes. Although the welts on Linda’s ass were less red than the cane had inflicted on the Nurses ass, George was proud that Linda had not cried out with his merciless beating. When the Nurse had cried out at the pain that she was receiving, and as the cane was much more pain inflicting, the doctor had stuffed the nurses panties in her mouth to prevent others hearing what was going on, after all he did not want to frighten his patients away.

When both the men were satisfied with the inflictions that they had produced, they put down the instruments of pain. “Ok, both of you turn and face the wall, I want to see your reactions to the beatings, nurse, tuck your skirt in your waist band. Hands on your head both of you”
George went and sat at the desk with the doctor and he enjoyed the view presented to him of the two bright red asses, the welts appearing more to redden.
The Doctor continued to write his notes.

“Now that butt plug will remain in for twenty four hours, I will give you a prescription to go and pick up another six, each will be bigger than the last, each morning after your morning fuck remove the old one and insert the next size, I will see you again in a week and when you remove the largest one, you will be able to fuck her ass hole for the first time, that I will expect you to do here so I can investigate the after effects, as we are stretching her slowly, she will be open for you from that time and anal sex will not be a problem, she will always close up a little, so she will be always a little tight but your cock will be able to stretch her, I cannot guarantee it but feedback from my other patients who have had this treatment, their partners have said that it is like fucking a virgin vagina each time that they anal fuck.”

George listened intently, he could not wait for that, his slut would please him for a while yet until he was tired of her.
The Doctor continued. “Your slut is slightly overweight and I would like to recommend that you take her to the gym and get her in shape, I would recommend this gym as they have special methods to tone the bust which is what she needs, they will also not allow her to flinch from any exercise that they want her to have, they have ways of making her work, you can of course accompany her and take part and also allow them to exercise her”
“That would be very good Doctor” George replied “I do think that with encouragement Linda could make more of her body and be more flexible for some of the positions that I would want to progress to”
“Her clit as we have already discussed is not very big, there are ways of stretching it, I would suggest that you attach a clip maybe one hour a day and hang weights, you can buy them from a fishing store, progressively making each heavier, this will stretch it and you may stop whenever you wish but previous clients have decided to make it hang below the labia lips, allowing better access to it at all times.”
“Thank you Doctor, I will try that” George said
“If you have any problems, do not hesitate to give me a call, here is my mobile, you may call me at any time and if more convenient for you, I can make a house call and help solve any problems that you may have”.
“Thank you Doctor” George said taking the gyms phone number and the Doctor’s card. He also took the prescription the doctor passed him.
“The Chemist next door, will have the appliances you require for the next week”, he said.
“We will go and get them when we leave here” said George.

Both women were in the same position throughout this conversation. George turned to Linda “You may dress now” and Linda retrieved her clothes and both men watched as she dressed the Nurse staying in her position.
“May I go now Doctor” she said.
“No, I haven’t finished with you yet, stay where you are”.

George and Linda left the room, she walking behind him rubbing her ass cheeks, feeling the heat through her skirt from her beating and aware of the plug deep in her ass.

She followed George to the chemist and he handed in her prescription. There were about six others waiting. They stood and waited for it to be filled, he backed her into a corner and felt under her skirt, checking that the butt plug was still in place and rubbing her ass cheeks, stimulating the pain to the area.

She heard her name being called and they went to the counter, the chemist turned to her, he said “Is the first size inserted?”
“Yes” she whispered.
He shouted over his shoulder, “Ok you can take number one out of the box, she already has it inserted” and he went to the back of the counter and returned with a box clearly marked anus plugs.

She blushed as she saw the other customers looking at her and she hurriedly took the box from him and George led her out of the shop.
They returned to the car and she gingerly sat as George made himself comfortable, he unzipped his trousers and pulled her head towards his cock and forced it deep into her mouth dialling a number on his mobile, she heard him make an appointment at the gym for the following day but that was another story, he came deep into her mouth as he reversed the car out of the parking pace and they drove all the way back with his cock and cum deep in her mouth.

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