The Oral Bank Teller Ch. 3

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Cheating Husband

Ch. 3: The Lure Of The Butterfly

If you’ve read the previous two stories about my extra-marital affair with lovely Allison, the sweet and very oral 22-year-old bank teller, I’ll bet you’re hopelessly in love with her by now.

Don’t feel foolish. Truth is, for three delirious, sex-saturated months of my life, so was I.

It made no difference that I was a happily married, otherwise sensible, mature, intelligent businessman—a reformed ex- rock n roller who had never before, and has never since….cheated on his wife. It didn’t matter that I was 20 years her senior; or that she was, in essence, a shameless cockslut capable of unspeakable acts of sexual degradation. No. When Allison called, I didn’t think twice.

The things that were truly important in my life mattered little during my brief time with her: my business, my marriage… the kids, the comfortable life. I risked them all for a fleeting paradise of stolen moments with an unfaithful, cum-addicted bank teller half my age. Was I nuts? Did I recklessly, callously indulge my wildest fantasies, my darkest impulses, without regard for the consequences… just for the warm, seductive pleasure of a young, hot mouth?

Did I literally risk my whole life, and the lives of my loved ones…just for Sex? Could it really have been that simple?

Well, not exactly…..

It wasn’t her unusual beauty. Our little heroine wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous…no, not at all. Beneath that tangle of unruly, shoulder-length red curly hair she had harsh, angular facial features, softened by wide-set, round blue eyes and long, wispy-light auburn lashes—a somewhat confusing, yet slightly exotic look. Her long slender neck appeared gangly above a cotton v-neck blouse; but arched in swan-like gracefulness when she tilted her head back in anticipation of a mouthful of cum. Her face always seemed a bit pale, but it was pretty enough. She dressed in out-of-style polyester pant- suits, long, drab-colored, ankle-length skirts and penny loafers. But the lame clothes couldn’t hide a nicely proportioned, 5″2″ body with perky, peach-sized tits and a firm, perfectly placed ass.

The focal point of Allison’s’ beauty was her small but perfectly shaped, inviting mouth. She had lush, pouty, pink-pillow lips that, I swear, would form a cupid’s heart when she puckered up to kiss the head of my cock. Perhaps I fell in love with that mouth. As crazy as that sounds, I wouldn’t have been the first. Allison didn’t turn many heads, but she intrigued every man she ever met.

She certainly intrigued me. As much of a rogue as I was, I grew very fond of her during the months of our symbiotic arrangement. And what an arrangement it was! Allison got to suck cock whenever she felt the need—and the need arose in her often— and I got to bypass my middle age crisis with an adoring 22 year old kneeling at my feet, swallowing my cum on a regular basis. She needed a man like me to stroke her young, fragile ego and in return I got a willing and accomplished fellatrix to play with for 3 months. It was a sweetheart deal!

But in addition to the magnificent way she sucked cock—and she was far and away the blowjob of a lifetime—Allison was easily the gentlest, sweetest, most sincere girl I had ever met. She was honest and straightforward to a fault. There was not an ounce of artifice in her slim bones, not a devious vein in her petite, shapely body– except, of course, when it came to cheating on her abusive husband. That was a side of her that truly scared me. Sweet, gentle Allison practiced infidelity as though it were a black art.

To every other guy who ever had the pleasure of knowing her, however, Allison was a lovely, uncomplicated wench with a pleasing smile and a willing mouth, always eager to accommodate. She’d rub your back….or suck your cock— whatever you wished. It didn’t matter, as long as it made you happy. This petite, unassuming, plain-Jane, 22 year old bank teller lived to please her lover. She was every middle-aged man’s sexual fantasy.

And yet her attraction was something more than that.

For instance, she was smart and very competent. Whether handling business at the bank or sucking cock in her husbands’ car, she followed instructions to the letter and took great pride in accomplishing the task at hand. She accepted the role of cocksucker without question and with a measure of pride, and required only an occasional pat on the head for her enthusiastic efforts. No expectations, no manipulation, no demands. She was a perfectly submissive cockslut … who always swallowed and never spilled a drop.

I can honestly say that Allison was the sexiest woman I’d ever seen on her knees. She considered it the most important sexual position, and practiced hard to get it right. Her blowjobs were a maddening mix of submissive sex kitten and filthy, hungry alley cat. She could torture a cock with endless, dainty, little girl kisses or she could take 8 inches so deep in her mouth she would lap your balls while you came Bostancı Escort in her throat. On her knees, she was the picture of graceful femininity: looking up into your eyes, tongue outstretched in calm anticipation. But she would get on all fours and lick cum off a bathroom floor if she had to. She truly loved sucking cock-her happiness was dependent on it –and she didn’t question her compulsion at all. In fact at the very core of Allison’s’ behavior was a naive but firm conviction that servicing a man with her mouth was a kind of badge of femininity, a sign of maturity, a passage into adulthood. She presented a stimulating clash of powerful sexual images—a classic angel/whore— yet she was more than that.

For instance, she had a mischievous sense of humor. On the one hand she was very professional and serious doing business in her tellers cage, but she would do wacky things at work that made you wonder about her sanity. An example: she liked to place a dab of fresh semen behind her ear after blowing me on her lunch break. She said that she liked to taste it or inhale the aroma later on at work, when she became wistful. She thought it was so cool to taste cum in public and get away with it. In truth, it was. I watched her do it many times while serving unsuspecting male customers. She’d catch my eye in the teller’s line, then pretend to scratch her ear, and bring her fingertip to her mouth to wet it for money counting. The taste of semen in the middle of the day always brought a devilish, tongue-tipped smile to her face. She considered it a statement of loyalty to secretly eat my cum in front of another man. I thought it was the most wickedly sexual thing I’d ever seen a woman do.

Allison was naive and young and had a lot to learn, but she wasn’t stupid. She knew the effect her mouth had on men. Although she wasn’t educated, she was certainly intelligent enough to have sucked her way up any corporate ladder. She could have married for money. But she sucked cock because she loved to, needed to, and never used her heavenly skills for advantage. Socio-economics being what they were, Allison was perfectly happy being a bank teller. It was a good way to meet men.

Unfortunately she was as much a victim of her obsessions as the beneficiary of their creamy rewards. Most guys she latched on to would have married her on the spot just to have her mouth to look forward to in retirement. Yet she dumped each lover as soon as she found the next good-looking man to obsess on. I knew my time with her would be short, but I didn’t care. I took what she had to give gladly, and look back on my time with her with no regrets.

As lovable as she was, Allison was also a mess of contradictions. A dutiful young wife working hard to supplement her abusive hubby’s income, she was, at the same time, a dedicated cockslut relishing in debasing acts of infidelity. Cheating, for her, evened up the marital score. She went about her infidelity with a self-satisfying vengeance that sometimes scared me. For instance, she liked to let a drop or two of cum dribble from her mouth onto the carpet after blowing me in her husband’s car. Later, she would spot one of these stains while she was driving around town with him and scrape a fingernail through the fabric, gathering up flakes of semen. Then she’d look at him and chew on the dried jism as they talked. What a Bitch! Worse yet, she enjoyed telling me about it. I was glad she was HIS wife and not mine.

That brings us to the husband. Tom was his name. I’d like to take a moment here to thank him for being such an asshole. Thank you, Tom, wherever you are. You were the reason she came into my life in the first place.

She hated him. First and foremost was because he treated her like a kid. He was only 5 years her senior but about as condescending as a man could be. Allison was used to pleasing men, but nothing she did ever satisfied him. His attitude towards her created an unfamiliar seed of self-doubt, which caused her to seek affirmation wherever and however she could get it.

He was overbearing and inconsiderate, didn’t make much money and, of course, was lousy in bed. He mistook her gentle, passive nature for a lack of intelligence and will. Big mistake! She was twice as smart as he was, and once she made up her mind to act, nothing could stand in her way-not even a wedding ring. She made it her business to be the best and most skilled teller in the bank. She received praise and got raises for her efforts. She worked just as hard to be the best cocksucker she could be, and always got her creamy reward for her excellence on her knees. Everyone appreciated Allison. Everyone, that is, except her stupid husband.

His good looks had been the attraction, but now the marriage was just a bad habit and hanging on by a thread. She knew it would never last the minute she realized he would never allow her to suck his cock. That was the second Big Problem in their marriage.

He thought oral sex was dirty and sinful, something Kadıköy Escort only fags and whores did. His idea of sex was to wake her up after coming home from a night out with the guys and drop his limp torso between her legs for a quick 30 seconds of artless fucking, after which he’d roll off and fall asleep. No words, no tenderness, no consideration of her needs. His were always more important and more deserving of deference. Mistake number two! She considered her need to suck cock the most important thing in her young life–much more important than an unsatisfying marriage.

He never understood that. He was older, not wiser. Not even close. She had the wisdom to cheat on the bastard because he truly deserved it. She really didn’t ask for much in their relationship…. just a man to please, a cock to suck and cum to swallow. She truly believed her oral skills would ensure a happy marriage…but he would have none of it. He wouldn’t give her what she needed, so she grew to hate him and learned to get her libido stroked elsewhere. He was a fool. A pompous asshole who drove a cool sports car full of cum stains left by a cheating wife with a wicked sense of humor. What justice! Thanks to Tom and Allison, I learned there really is a God.

And that’s about where I come in.

Allison once confessed to me that before she passed me that first erotic note at the bank, she had never cheated on her husband of two years. She had agonized over her dilemma for months and finally decided that she needed some well-deserved happiness in her life. For her that meant she needed to be on her knees sucking someone’s cock. He wasn’t going to allow that, so the decision was simple. She would find someone who would. I was simply the first of many men who were willing to help her out.

I later learned that our initial encounter in hubby’s car (see Part 1) was a catharsis of cocksucking for her. I didn’t know it at the time but it had been almost 3 years since she had sucked cock. After she reacquired her taste for cum, there was simply no turning back. That explained her visit to me the very next morning for another blowjob not 8 hours after the first (see Part 2). From that point on, for the next 3 months, she would call me at work or pass me notes at the bank. The message was always the same: She needed to suck cock and could I please meet her later. I never turned her down. Shed blow me in my car, or in her husband’s little white Fiero. She truly enjoyed cuckolding him that way. Often, she’d come by my store before work in the morning and suck me off at my desk while I worked the phone. She had a fondness for the lunch break. She’d slip me a note at the bank: “Lets do lunch!” it would say. She would come to the store and sit quietly in the bathroom while I interrupted her patient sucking to wait on customers up front, returning to her waiting mouth repeatedly until she got her lunch- cum and left for work. Sometimes she would apologize, as though she were imposing. Of course, I always had time for her. So much so that I probably came in her mouth 6-7 times a week for the 3 months that our affair lasted.

But as my fondness for Allison grew I found that I wanted to spend more than just an occasional half hour with her. Slut that she was, I knew that she dedicated herself to only one man at a time and I began to think of her as “my girl.” I wanted to explore her incredible sexuality more completely. I wanted to take the time to find more ways to use her mouth, for sure, but I also wanted to fuck her silly– a thought that called into question the very nature of my relationship to her. Up to that point I simply had used her mouth for my own pleasure and never reciprocated. I hadn’t fucked another woman in 12 years of marriage. Eventually, though, I felt this strange need to pleasure her in return…to be closer to her, to hold her tightly and feel her hot, young cunt spasm around my cock… to feel her nails dig into my back and watch her eyes roll up into her head as I slid into her. I wanted to hear from her lips the unmistakable moan of orgasm.

I thought about it for weeks and decided, what the hell, it wasn’t like I had a clean record anyway. I had accepted the sin of my infidelity already, so what did it matter: mouth, cunt. It was still cheating. I had planned to surprise her on this particular day with my ‘romantic’ intentions, but, alas, she beat me to it……….

“Hi-i,” the little girl sound of her voice on the phone chirped one Friday afternoon.

“Hi sweetie, what’s up?” As if I didn’t know.

“Oh, same old, you know, work, work, work!,” she sighed. Chitchat. I knew what was on her mind.

“Hey, c’mon, it’s Friday darlin’…you have the whole weekend ahead of you. I hear the weathers going to be nice. Why don’t you do something fun?” I suggested.

“Well, I know, but….I don’t want to waste it with asshole” she answered, referring to her favorite nickname for hubby.

I didn’t get the hint. We always met during the workweek Göztepe Escort when it was easy to steal a half hour before or after work or on her lunch break. Never during our days off. She understood that my personal time was off-limits.

“Why don’t you go shopping with your girlfriends? I suggested.

“Wow, you know me so well, Michael. I was actually planning to go to the mall with Fran and Amy on Saturday. In fact I told Tom I would be gone all afternoon. But I…I…had another idea.” She replied.

“Really?” I inquired, ” what’s that?”

“Now don’t be mad at me, Ok? And it’s OK if you cant, you know….but…I…I…was wondering….if you…you’d like to get together. You know…like…like maybe go to a …a motel or something? You can say no. I would understand….I know how busy you are all the time, but I..I just want to spend a little more time with you for once, you know?” she spoke hesitantly, almost apologetically.

I had been thinking about this very scenario myself and I was more than ready for it. But I loved to hear her ask for sex. It always made my cock hard. I coaxed her on.

“That’s sweet, honey, but you don’t have to give up your day off for me. If you want I could meet you in the morning for a little while and you could still go shopping later. I could do that.” I offered.

“Oh Michael, your so considerate. Always thinking about me…but….I….don’t get me wrong …I definitely want to know…suck you off….you know I always want to do that….but…but…I want something else…”

“What’s that Allison? She was drawing me in.

” I’ve been thinking a lot about this. You know how much I love sucking your cock…. and making you come in my mouth. God, I love it soooo much! It’s the best thing in my life right now. But lately I’ve been fantasizing about… about something else. Something…different. I think…I think I want you to ….to… fuck me, Michael… I want …to feel your cock in me. I just have this weird feeling lately. It’s strange…and I’m confused, but I know what I feel. I want you to fuck me, Michael. I know we’ve never done it…. and I understand if you don’t think we should, but…but please…. couldn’t we go somewhere tomorrow for a while? Somewhere we could be alone and comfortable? I’ll still suck you off all you want. You know I will. But I really….I really need to be…to be fucked, Michael.”

I didn’t reply right away. I was thinking.

“Michael? Michael? Are you there?” She seemed panicky.

“Yes, honey, I’m here”

She started to backpedal. “I’m sorry, I….shouldn’t have brought it up. I should just leave well enough alone. I don’t want to lose what we have. I am enjoying you so much, I’m sorry for asking you….”

“Allison?” I interrupted her.


“Where are you right now?” I inquired.

“I’m in the break room at the bank,” she answered.

“Are you alone?”


“Slip your finger into your pussy for me,” I ordered.

There was a moment of silence, but no hesitation as I heard her shifting in her chair. Then…

“Mmmm, yes. It feels good, Michael” she described.

“What feels good, Allison?” I played with her. She liked to talk dirty and she liked the danger of public sex.

“My finger… feels so good… in…in my …my pussy,” she whispered huskily. “It’s so wet, Michael.”

“Push your finger all the way in and finger-fuck yourself, Allison.,” I continued to guide her.

“Ohhh, yes, sooo good….mmm. I’m doing it, Michael. It feels sooo good.” She panted softly.

“Now put 2 fingers in,” I instructed the young cockslut. I pictured her finger-fucking herself in the lunch room at the bank, customers all over the place and co- workers busy as bees right outside the door. The danger was as enticing to her as my sexy voice.

“How does that feel? I asked again. I imagined her tight 22-year-old cunt, pink and wet, smooth and unstretched by childbirth. I could feel the hot velvet glove enveloping my 8-inch cock.

“Ohh…Oh god it feels even better…. Oh, yesss….Ohhh!…. I feel so full with 2 fingers inside, Michael. I’m going to make myself come. Do you want me to do that?” She asked innocently.

“No! Don’t come Allison. I don’t want you to come. I want you to feel your fingers. Do you like having 2 fingers filling you pussy”?

“Yes, I do” she whispered in a husky voice.

“Then imagine how good it will feel when I slide my cock into you tomorrow. That’s what you want isn’t it sweetie? A woman needs that. You want to be filled with a thick, hard cock and pounded into the mattress until you scream, don’t you, Allison?

“Yes, that’s what I want.”

“Tell me again, Allison, so I’m very clear on this. What is it that you want from me tomorrow?” My cock was hard and I wanted to hear more.

“I…I want to make…your cock ….hard… Michael… I want you to let me take it out of your pants…and…. and play with it…and kiss it…I want to put it in my mouth and taste it… suck it. …until it’s soooo hard. Then I want you to lay me down and …and fill my wet pussy with your…. your hard cock. I want to feel it… deep in me…I want you to …to fuck me hard, Michael…I want you to fuck me… really hard!”

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