The Other Woman Ch. 02

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Bank internal auditor Connor Cooper (43) sat in Beaumont’s Café waiting impatiently for his boss’s attractive PA with a great ass to join him for early lunch and to hopefully plan their first assignation.

Their mild flirtation had suddenly escalated on a phone conversation with Connor catching Julia Rogers by surprise and she confessed to thinking of him when masturbating.

To Connor that suggested they were ready to take the next step.

But where was she?

The minutes ticked by and he avoided the temptation to keep looking at his watch. He imagined the few people in the café were looking at him sympathetically thinking his wife had stood him up.

Suddenly Julia was beside him smelling lovely and looking gorgeous in a pink sundress with a low front that displayed the top rounds of her breasts and her hair was in a ponytail.

“You don’t look a day over thirty,” he said, standing to greet her.

“Oigod Mr Charmer; I turn thirty a bit more than that in four months.”

Connor kissed her softly on her full lips and it was she who pulled away.

“You’ll make me horny,” she said, and attempted to slow her breathing rate.

“I’d accept no responsibility for that,” he teased, and pulled out the chair for her.

They both decided red wine and Connor ordered a bottle of popular California pinot noir.

“Hmmm this is a quality drop,” Julia said.

“For a quality lady,” Connor said softly and watched the blush fan her face.

Their eyes continued to lock as she said in a most unexpected refrain, “Are you after my pussy?”

For a moment the somewhat conservative Connor thought he’d misheard her but then watched as her left eyebrow arched and then noticed the tip of her tongue appear between her lips.

Jeez, she was coming on to him and he said cautiously, “Uh-hah.”


He squirmed and said, “If it’s available.”

‘When and where would you like to fuck me?”

Connor was close to being out of his depth. He’d expected to initiate a discussion beginning by asking should they take their relationship a little further toward the inevitable. He’d thought Julia would play it cool and not ask what he meant by saying ‘the inevitable’.

They’d then pussyfoot around perhaps a little shyly, until now both attempting to hold back on a full and explicit discussion. But on his landmark phone call to her Julia obviously had decided to bring him screaming and kicking into the real word, discussing engaging in adultery as if they were discussion um the weather.

Okay, well perhaps he was up to that.

“As I see it we have three options,” he said after a gulp a wine.

“One – we fuck until we drop to get it over with and then continue on our separate ways.”

“Two – we organize getting together periodically like two sensible but horny adults whenever one of us wishes to reconnect and conceivable such a cozy relationship could continue for years until one of us decides to end it or alternatively we get caught and hung out to dry.”

“Three – we both tidy up loose ends, consult with our attorneys to prepare for possible legal consequences and run away together.”

Julia looked somewhat startled.

“What’s wrong?”

She said she hadn’t thought about it in such detail.

“I probably worked on this while you were masturbating.”

She almost choked on her giggle and said she’d merely thought they could go to a motel and rip one off.”

“And then what?”

“Return home without smelling of sex.”

“Okay that’s very basic but workable and of course that allows for return motel visits. I guess that slots into my Number 2 option.”

“Yes because I’d like you to have sex with me fairly regularly and I wish to accomplish that without wrecking my marriage as I have a husband and our 14-year-old daughter to consider.”

“Yeah and that’s why I favor Option Two in my situation,’ Connor said, realizing they were discussing adultery with no sense of guilt as if they really were discussing the weather.

A waitress arrived to take their order as the kitchen would open at noon.

“You didn’t watch that young waitress’s butt as she walked way.”

“I was too busy thinking about your butt,” Connor said glibly and that earned him a big smile.

“Well what’s the plan?” he asked, not overly keen about the possibility of being seen with Julia at a local motel by anyone who knew them. They had to do better than that.

“My father is a boat-builder overlooking Jamieson’s Marina; I was Julia Jamieson before my marriage. We could use the company’s demonstration cruiser as it’s never used at nights for client demonstrations.”

“But your dad would have to know about us.”

“All he needs to know is when I want to use the cruiser to entertain a guy who should remain anonymous. Two years ago I was told dad was down at Princess Zelda I went aboard and found him in the stateroom with his bare ass bouncing in the air. I knew that it couldn’t be mom as she no longer goes boating.”

“I poured myself a drink and sat the salon erotik hikaye oku and soon they came out, both nude. I recognized her as the wife of the owner of the boat chandlery business that dad deals with. She didn’t turn a hair and asked would I like coffee but I said no thanks and then discussed with dad than mom had come up with the idea of the extended family going on a cruise out of Miami that summer.”

As I was leaving dad asked me not to mention he was having a fling with Annette. I said what he did with his dick was no business of mine but he should remember to treat his daughter lovingly whenever she asked for anything. He’s done that and my latest request will be to use the Princess Zelda for my own sexual gratification.”

“We’ll arrive after dark in a small rubber inflatable dinghy and board at the stern away from the bright lights. He’ll advise the night security guys about you and me will be on Princess Zelda and have requested privacy.”

“Christ that’s far better than going to motel for short-term use of a room.”

“Indeed and food and drink will be available and full bathroom facilities of course. Say thank you darling.”

Connor grinned happily, “Thanks darling and I mean it.”

Their shrimp cocktails arrived and Connor said “When?”

“As soon as you wish darling; I can’t wait to get at you.”

The waitress only just managed to avoid dropping Julia’s starter.

* * *

“Wow this is some boat,” Connor said as they approached the stern of the Princess Zelda.

“She’s sixty-nine feet. Her role is to impress would-be buyers showing what a luxury craft looks like and how she glides through the ocean even though most will settle for a smaller boat because they don’t intend spending between $1.5 million and $2.5 million, depending on the range of fit-out costs.”

“You appear to know a lot about boats.”

“I began working here at weekends from the age of seventeen and that continued during my years at college and then I worked fulltime right up to my marriage.”

They entered the aft stateroom (Connor was told boat’s didn’t have bedrooms).

“I want to play with your tits,” he said as that broke away from increasingly hot kissing.

“Be my guest; I want to jerk you off. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately.”

“Are you over-sexed?”

“Probably,” she laughed.

“For some years my husband couldn’t get enough of me but this his infatuation with alcohol took hold and his demands for sex decreased incrementally. It became almost hopeless in recent months and, well…”

“You were introduced to me.”

“Yes Connor and I immediately thought I’d like you to fuck me and regularly.”

“And here we are,” he said, watching Julia pull up her top and pull down her bra to expose her tits after she’d locked the door.

“They look great,” Connor said, licking his lips and sinking his head onto them. He felt a hand on his rising cock and then heard the sound of a zip being pulled.

Slowly he backed to the bed and fell on to it.

Julia then showed enterprise. She disengaged temporarily, removed her panties and climbed over him to sit over his face and she bent over and took his fat cock into her mouth and began slurping, indicating she’d done that maneuver before.

Connor began sucking and tonguing an already naturally lubricating pussy and after a while drew a finger over her butthole, expecting a reaction, possibly a severe one, from her but all she did was to slide her ass back and forth sideways.

Encouraged he worked a finger in while keeping up the tempo attending to her now sloppy cunt.

Oh boy was he in his element, Connor thought and then tasted a small release into his mouth and the excess dribbled over his face.

Eventually he erupted and she didn’t pull away until she was coughing and spluttering.

“This is wet preliminary sex at its best,” he enthused.

“I became excited having control over such a big dick,” she said, spitting into a towel she’d earlier placed on the bed.

Connor rolled Julia on to her back and munched her tits and waggled them with his hands. She grabbed by two tuffs of hair by his ears as if she felt the desire to hold on tightly.

Hold on from what; he had no idea.

When feeling his dick was solid again he reached from a condom.

“I don’t require you to use a condom for vaginal sex,” she said.

“Ah bare-back eh? Good one,” Connor said as if he’d never experience it before,

They spent the next three hours banging away passionately and taking spells to snack and doze.

Finally Julia, playing with Connor’s left nipple, said she felt sated and he said “Me too.”

“What do we call what we have been doing?”

He yawned and said the name for it was rutting.

“Do you think our carnally-inspired relationship will advance into mutual love?”

Connor said, “That’s the possible next big step and it should worry us.”

“Why because we are married and have families?”


Julia picked up his sticky erotik hikaye and flaccid cock and dropped it, saying yuck.

She said, “What now?”

“We return to our homes and pretend nothing like this has happened.”

“No I was thinking of the development of our relationship.”

Being a specialist accountant with a conservatively-tuned brain, Connor answered that without any delay.

“We came together purely to get some sexual excitement back into our lives.”

“Yes I agree.”

“Then our options are to walk away from that now; or continue on with restraint or to accelerate on lustfully and risk ruining our presently stable lives as well as the lives of others.”

“Hmmm and that’s what I’d been thinking since you began stoking my fire.”

“Julia what do you think we should do?”

“We are two sensible people aren’t we?”

“I believe so.”

“Coming to this boat occasionally for a rutting would be great but to come here say twice a week would be rather tiresome because it’s not dead easy. I’ve also wondered if we could balance the act by developing it into a full-blown romance without unduly risking being caught and our secrete association becoming chaos.”

“I’m pleased to hear that Julia because it tells me you understand our situation clearly.”

“Okay now it’s your turn.”

“I’m all for romance developing,” Connor said, stroking her hair. “I now possess fine feelings for you and I admit being taken into the arms of a younger woman appeals to my ego immensely.”

“You mean a younger and great looking woman?”

“Yeah and she has great tits and an erotic butt.”

“An erotic butt, what’s that?”

“It’s trim, very firm and moves sexily.”

“Then why didn’t you plug me anally.”

“Because good things get better for those who wait.”

She giggled.

Connor said he believed the best answer was to keep their affair at a low level and to manage it carefully.

“I’ve been thinking perhaps our best option would be to rent a small back street apartment to become our Chamber of Sex.”

“Oh you made was no mention of romance.”

“Romance would develop as there would be downtime and socially we could move about discreetly.

“That sounds good to me and would provide a system that regulates our double lives. I could contribute to the rent.”

Connor said, “It’s good to have agreement and we should evolve our new life rather than rush into it recklessly. With good planning and good practice we’d reduce the risk of our deceit being exposed.”

“Oh are you in this for the thrill of the possibility of being caught out?”

“No darling, my focus is charming you and your delicious cunt.”

“Oooh and I’m into this with the expectation of being made to cum like a river.”

“Wow Julia and please always that mission on your mind.”

“Have I pleased you as a new fucking partner?”

“Julia you were amazing and that enlightenment for me began when you revealed yourself to be the world’s best cock-sucker.”

“Oooh a supreme compliment er I think. As for your performance I have to say you brought me almost to my knees in total fulfilment; generally it was so beautiful. Just member this: I simply adore having my ass licked and proved with a tongue.

* * *

In following weeks their relationship between Julia and Connor developed. At the bank they avoiding touching and their verbal intimacy was kept to no more than friendly banter.

On one occasion when Connor responded to a call to help Shayne with her fortnightly report to the board she asked was he still interested in Julia.

He nodded and she smiled and said they were doing an excellent job keeping it under the wraps.

The couple had little problem getting together.

Connor’s wife Katherine appeared to have no interest whenever Connor said he was going out. Her stock reply was if he was late returning he was not to wake her if she was asleep in her chair in front of TV.

Julia had an even easier time. Their daughter was usually at boarding school and whenever Julia said to her husband she was going out his response was he would go out for a drink and to enjoy the company.

The sex for the couple continued to improve as they adapted to each other; Julia remained the best cock-sucker in the world in Connor’s mind and she’d bestowed a similar accolade on him about his expertise in licking her ass.

Once she observed, “We are going at sex like animals” and Connor’s considered response was “Who says animals don’t enjoy sex?”

They went to the movies and occasionally to a concert, booking two seats with Connor arriving as the lights dimmed and they’d depart separately and meet at a back street restaurant where they believed none of their friends or associates frequented.

Connor signed up for an ideal rental apartment at ground level that had two parking spaces beside it and Julia sniffed when she inspected it and said it would do and began opening windows.

Eventually their almost-bursting passion subsided, porno hikayeleri as they knew it would, and their enjoyment at being together become comfortable routine.

Their relationship was exposed to their spouses in a most unexpected manner.

* * *

One Saturday morning three months after renting the apartment, Julia and Connor went to home improvement warehouse at a suburban center staging a one-day clearance sale from 10 am to 10 pm.

Julia wanted three floor rugs to add color to the apartment and to partly conceal the grubby wooden flooring in dire need of restoration.

Connor took the rugs to the car and returned as Julia was looking to locate some inspired purchases.

He found her alongside three other women looking at an array of floor ceramic vases. He’d forgotten what she was wearing but could tell it was Julia because she was the only one with a slim butt.

Connor arrived beside her and squeezed her butt. Julia didn’t look at Connor because she knew it would be him.

As the other women drifted away Julia pointed to a 32-in high pink and green ceramic vase and said, “I want that one.”

Connor said horrified, “But it’s pink.”

“Yes and that’s my favorite color.”

Well they were still finding out things about one another.

Neither of them noticed a lurking guy clutching a hi-spec video camera.

Julia lifted the vase and said he didn’t have to like it and could always look the other way.

Connor sighed and decided to buy it for her as a gift.

He went to take it from it.

She cried “Don’t you dare break it” and pulled it away from him.

“Well you buy it; I’m having nothing to do with it,” he gruffed.

That night the respective couples were at home seated with their spouse watching the end of TV news when a retired news reader Sam Little appeared on-screen in his brief slot titled Sam’s Around and About.

In the Cooper’s home Katherine said, “Oh look Sam’s at that clearance sale at the Wyatt’s Home Improvement Warehouse where you said you went today looking for a new chair for the home office. You might appear on TV.”

Connor, who’d been attempting to figure out how to get Julia away for a dirty weekend without raising suspicion, became immediately focused on TV. Christ it would be a miracle if he appeared on camera when Sam had all morning and most of the afternoon to capture a couple of scenes in time to make that evening’s news segment.

Miracles do occur.

They watched Sam’s clip of a fat woman’s struggle to sit in a tub chair and then had to cry for help to be extricated. Sam’s comment was left to the end when he said in the voice-over, “That woman will be reminded of her folly in the morning by her tender hips.”

Connor then watched in horror as the second clip showed Julia and him apparently fighting over that pink vase. Sam’s embarrassing comment started at the outset: “Here we watch a couple who were acting more than compatible minutes early engaging in a warlike struggle. She just loves this pink floor vase for their bedroom while he’s attempting to grab the wretched thing and smash it to smithereens and most of the male population would approve of that reaction. The next screenshot showed Julia and Connor waiting at a counter as their pink vase was being wrapped and Connor’s hand reached down under her short dress and pulled it up exposing her panties as he squeezed her butt.”

“Connor you disgusting pig,” his wife gasped and then yelled, “Who the fuck is she?”

He slumped into his chair attempting to get his brain to function.

Meanwhile, some seven city blocks away Sam’s brief shot had another family in crisis.

Julia was doing the ironing in the kitchen and her husband was on to his third bottle of beer at the table and they both had focused on TV. They enjoyed watching Sam’s usually wry recording of people in the city doing odd things and oblivious to his camera.

Julia sat mutely and horrified as the clip focused on her and Connor unfolded and she watched her husband eyeing it intently.

Frank belched to break the silence and said, “Well what have you to say for yourself?”

“There is no need to explain anything because that guy just attempted to hit on me at the warehouse and then try to take the vase from me. He followed me to the counter and that film clip stopped too soon otherwise you would have seen me er slap the mother-fucker and then yell for security.”

“Oh yeah tell me something I can believe. If that had happened Sam would have filmed that and rushed back to the studio after a quick interview with you and submitted that clip as a local news story. Did Sam interview you?”

“No,” Julia said sullenly

“I thought not. Well until recently you were regularly pestering me for sex and then that need suddenly dropped off. I became suspicious and checked your handbags and what did I find?”

“Used handkerchiefs?”

“In one I found condoms and a bottle of lubricant recommended for anal sex. We both know I never use a condom and can’t bear the thought of getting even a finger near your asshole. And so what does this mean?”

Julia said tensely, “It means we have reached the point that demands a confession and deep and sympathetic understanding.”

“What you require me to understand deeply why you allow some guy to fuck your butt?”

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