The OWLS Club Pt. 21

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The OWLS Club Chapter 21 — The Grand Finale and the future.

Friday came around soon enough.

And as arranged the family along with both Erica and Anita, and Cynthia’s friend Myrtle were all there. The finishing touches were being put in place; a cleaning crew were working inside on all 3 floors. The tradies were all in good spirits, there was a lot of laughter and some were singing.

Each of the family were given a formal document by Erica and from ME Project Managers Pty Ltd. It documented all the work that had been done.

Erica started off by explaining the complexities of working with such old buildings, the heritage listings that had to be kept and what they could and couldn’t do. She, along with Mia were happy with the final outcome and they proudly stated that not much had been ‘left out’ of the original ideas and plans. Some changes were necessary as structural issues arose but were overcome with due diligence and modern building practices and codes implemented.

They were all standing at the foot of the stair case, Erica had positioned herself four steps up the Grand Staircase, which looked surprising like the staircase from the motion picture ‘TITANIC’. Michelle moved closer to Kathleen and took hold of her hand. She looked up at her Mistress and hugged her arm. Kathleen was beaming with pride. Even though she had seen most of the finished building in fits and starts, having her family there and seeing the look on their faces meant something to her.

Erica continued with her general summarizing of the building work, she left the details to Mia. Just as Mia was about to start a phone started ringing. Kathleen put her hand up, apologised and took the call away from the group.

“Hello, Kathleen Ambrose speaking. Hello Jean Paul, what perfect timing. We are doing an inspection of the building. So what is the news?” She asked as she waved her hand to everyone to join her. “Jean Paul, can you wait just a minute, I will put you on speaker so we all can hear you.” She told him.

“Oui Kathleen, of course.” Then once everyone was around her phone she told the Frenchman to continue.

“Ello everyone. We have concluded our investigation into the four paintings you found of your ancestor with Amalie Birkenfeld, who by the way was a ‘colourful’ character. Everyone, I am happy to inform you that the paintings are confirmed to be painted by Comte Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa. We are in no doubt. They are genuine. Everything about those paintings tells us they are real; the paints, the canvas, the frames even. We believe the artist may have taken a little ‘license’ as far as the subjects are concerned. We have no proof that the Princess Amalie ever ventured out of Europe at that time. So most likely your ancestor would have travelled to Saxony or Paris most likely. Ello, Kathleen are you there? Ello.”

The last part of his conversation was lost on everyone as they were dancing around, hugging, screaming with delight.

Kathleen finally returned to the phone. “Jean Paul, we are so excited. What happens now?” She asked bubbling over with joy, her face bright as the midday sun.

“Well Kathleen, this is a major find, an announcement has to be made. Of course we have to decide where and when and by whom.” He told her. “There has already been some suggestions in the arts circles over here, and that some new works of Toulouse-Lautrec have been found and an announcement is imminent.” He explained. “Something this big cannot be kept a secret for long. I expect a lot of interest from our media, I am not sure if the Australian media would be so interested, I am not so sure.” He concluded.

“OK so a joint media announcement then?” She asked. Michelle hadn’t let go of Kathleen’s arm all throughout the conversation and celebrations. She was beaming.

“Oui, Kathleen, but we must act quickly, our spring season starts on the 1st. To get as much publicity out to the public, we need to make a big announcement with the paintings.” He told her.

“Jean Paul, the paintings have been cleaned and are due here tomorrow, I have arranged for two to go to Paris also tomorrow. We could cancel that, then it would it not be quicker if you came here and we did the announcement from our new building?” Kathleen explained to him.

“Kathleen, that is very kind of you to offer such a splendid opportunity, however the French media would never bother to come down to Australie [Australia] kazak escort it would be too far for some of them. Unfortunately the important ones. We need a compromise somehow? I tell you now, I will make my gallerie available to you at no cost, of course, and maybe we could display all of their lettres d’amour. [love letters] and if the girls could come at the same time, I could arrange such things no?” Jean Paul replied.

“Jean Paul, let me talk to my family and I will call you back on this number, yes?” Kathleen informed him.

“Oui Kathleen.” He replied and hung up.

Kathleen clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention, she didn’t need to as everyone was watching her phone call and kind of knew what had just played out. Michelle pulled her Mistress down to whisper to her.

“I think he wants all 4 paintings in Paris along with the girls and the letters.” Michelle told her Mistress. “The French Media will come and I think the Australians ones will all of a sudden become very knowledgeable and involved with Toulouse-Lautrec” as she explained her thoughts.

“This Frenchman may look and sound nice on the outside, but he is only doing what is best for Jean Paul and his gallerie. Believe me Mistress, please.”

Kathleen stopped in mid thought, looked at her young, small mademoiselle. Smiled and then kissed her forehead. “You are so special Mon Chérie.” [my darling].

“Everyone if I can have your attention for a second, that was Jean Paul, he wants to do a special media announcement, he wants to announce that ‘he’ has found four new previously undisclosed Toulouse-Lautrec paintings, displayed in his gallery, in Paris to the whole world. He didn’t mention anything about the Ambrose family.”

Surprisingly it was Miriam who spoke up first. “Is he serious?”

Kathleen shrugged her shoulders. “He may be just trying it on, of course but my Michelle, thinks he is very serious!”

Terry stepped forward, “I don’t speak for the family, our Kathleen does that, but I can read her and I know when to stay clear of her when she is ‘pissed off’ and I’m staying clear of her. I am pissed off too. I think it is fair to say, we can tell this Frenchman where to stick his gallery and his press conference. I say let’s do our own, here in this magnificent building at a time of our choosing.”

Terry got a lot of agreement with his statement and Michelle was nodding furiously at his comment about staying clear when her Mistress was not happy.

Kathleen stood there looking at each one of the family, wetting her lip, before she said anything, her mind racing, weighing up who should be the face of this announcement.

She looked at Mia a strong, powerful young woman, no nonsense about her. She looked over at Emily, family, smiled at her, young, sexy, she is more than she lets on. Miriam, her niece, youngish, a wholesome woman, pretty in her own way, but years of being told what she couldn’t do, never let her reach her full potential. Myrtle, she didn’t know. And then looked towards Cynthia the cold fish, who had opened up her own heart these past 4 months, but it was ALL family.

Kathleen then looked at Erica she too was too close to the family, her business is so enshrined with the Ambrose family name. Anita, she could do it. Has the right connections, some political, mostly business, close to the family, yes, but not too close. She did consider Michelle for a brief second, but knew that using her would only open up a can of worms.

No she thought to herself, Anita it was.

“Sorry everyone, I’ve been thinking. We need someone to disclose to the world that we have 4 Toulouse-Lautrec original paintings, as authenticated by the world famous Parisienne art Galerie Tokade”, Kathleen said.

“Anita sweetheart, who do you know in the media that does a cultural thing?” Kathleen asked her.

“Not sure, I will have to ask around.” She told everyone with a stunned look on her face. Erica whispered to her, then pushed her forward to put her center of everyone’s attention.

“How do you feel about taking the lead role on this?” She was asked. With a shrug of her shoulders, she answered “Fine by me.”

Kathleen looked at Michelle, “Michelle can help you with some details.” Michelle nodded “of course I can Mistress.”

“Let’s not spoil the day by worrying about it. But I do need to cancel the cargo to Paris, rather quickly.” She told them.

“Kathleen, istanbul bayan escort my friend here works for Australian Customs and Excise. Maybe we can take care of that for you, saves you worrying about it. One less thing, so to speak.” Cynthia stated.

“That’s very kind, thank you Cindy,” Kathleen said as she gave her phone to Michelle and explained to her. “The details of the shipments are in an email, filed under TL 2019. Would you forward it to Cindy for me?”

“Oui Madam,” Came the reply.

“Right Erica, we are back in your very capable hands, continue with the tour shall we?” Kathleen commanded.

Cynthia, Michelle and Myrtle remained at the foot of the grand staircase transferring the data required to halt the passage of the two Toulouse-Lautrec paintings to Paris. Rather than sending and receiving an email, Michelle programmed the two phones to just transfer the data. There was a lot of laughter and giggling going on.

Erica took the group up to the top floor. At the top of the staircase a small mezzanine balcony let you look down onto the entrance. On the wall to your left there is a simple sign that says, ‘Sun Deck’ and an arrow directing you to a double glass door into a reception area. This is where you could arrange for your sun lounge or day bed, complete with privacy screens, your bathrobes, sun lotion or scented oils, a masseuse was on call if you so required. With or without a required endings, depending on your membership level. You were issued with a day key or as a gold member you would have your own Beach Hut change room, which is a brightly coloured change room, in the style of those you see on Brighton beach, big enough for two people complete with showers. To the right of the entrance doors was the newly installed 4 person lift, slow, graceful, very art deco in style. It was truly magnificent.

The area was un-womaned at that moment, but Erica and Mia explained that it would be womaned by a select team of professional women; trained in customer care as well drink service was included.

The family looked on and nodded appropriately, considering there was only Terry who hadn’t actually seen the area, or heard how its use was to be utilized.

Then it was Mia’s turn as she took them into the LaSalle à manger du club OWLS, or what will be known as the dining room at the OWLS Club. The sign at the top of the grand staircase was at first sight, an ordinary looking piece of rusted metal signage, however once it was lit up the majesty of it came to life. Back lit, in rainbow colours, the way the lights were situated, made the sign look three times as large, and anyone climbing the Grand Staircase would be drawn to the sign and the lights built into the wall and floor led you to the double wooden doors, gothic in style, but what lay behind those doors was anything but gothic.

Emily was given free reign in what was essentially a basic large square room. What she had done blew everyone away, except Mia and Erica. This was the one room that no one had seen other than the tradeswomen and men and these three exceptional women. How to describe it in a brochure or in plain words, well not even Shakespeare could do it justice. The doors opened inwards as you approached them, you were greeted by a simple lectern that the maître de would control. To the left hand side, there was a small serving bar and 4 service lifts, set into the wall for the food to travel from the kitchen on the ground floor. The room was decorated in what some might call a regal look; dark colours and deep reds. Central in the room was a beautiful crystal chandelier, not too large but big enough to draw your eyes to it. The curtains were heavy drapes, again in reds and golden trim.

The tables were solid and of various sizes, the seating was restricted to keep the level of service at 5 star. Privacy Screens were all placed strategically between tables, which means you can dine with whomever you please and nobody would know.

The wine bar was extensive and high quality. There were American Reds from California’s Napa Valley, from a very generous American woman who had heard of the OWLS through friends who had come across them while visiting the City of Port Adelaide. Of course the Penfolds range as well as the heavier reds from the Coonawarra region. The crisp whites from the Clare Valley as well as the sparkling whites from Champagne and the world class dry whites azeri escort from Riesling grapes from Germany. Some of the wines were exclusive to the OWLS Club.

Mia and Emily were enthusiastic about all the little things that made the dining room unique. As Emily spoke and pointed out various things, some tears appeared, which soon became sobs and the sobs became loud, all the while Mia put her arm around her, hugged her and kissed her head. Emily turned to Mia, whispered to her which put a smile on her face. She then looked up at her and kissed her, nodded, smiled and burst into tears.

Mia took out a little box from her pocket, went down on one knee, took Emily’s hand and asked her to marry her. The family were all caught off guard; no one had even a hint of what was going on. Kathy looked on stunned and looking around for Michelle, who was still down stairs. Miriam, screamed with delight, and with tears in her eyes hugged and kissed her daughter while trying to embrace her soon to be daughter in law. Terry had the biggest grin on his face. Erica and Anita were just smiling, they hugged each other. Anita hid her face in her hands, not sure whether to laugh or to cry. The group all gathered around them laughing and hugging them, Terry shook Mia’s hand gave her a hug and kissed her cheek.

Michelle, Cynthia and Myrtle came rushing up through the doors, having heard a scream. “What happened?”, asked Michelle excitedly, as her eyes were drawn to the happy couple. Kathleen whispered to her “Mia proposed and she said yes.”

Michelle screeched with delight and went running over to them. Laughing and giggling, as Cynthia came up and stood next to Kathy, with Myrtle by her other side. Cindy looked up at Kathleen and with a smile, said to her, “I hope they want a traditional wedding, although I don’t think Emily should wear a white dress, do you?” Kathy bumped her shoulder into her sister in law in a gentle way, and told her, “Why not, you did.” Smiled at her, kissed her cheek and walked off to offer the girls a warm a loving hug. She looked back over at Cynthia who was beaming and hugging Miriam. The older women had loving tears in their eyes, and were smiling. Miriam was shaking her head at Myrtle and told her, “I had no idea. It came right out of the blue.” The noise in the small group was such, that Kathleen missed a phone call from Jean Paul.

Erica made a phone call. Just as everyone was calming down the sweet tones of John Legend came whispering over the internal speakers. And his sweet voice filled the club.

What would I do without your smart mouth?

Drawing me in and you kicking me out

You go my head spinning, No Kidding

I can’t pin you down, What’s going on in that beautiful mind?

I’m on your magical mystery ride and I’m so dizzy

Don’t know what hit me, But I’ll be alright

I’m under water, But I’m breathing fine

You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind

Cause all of me….Loves all of you

Loves your curves and all your edges, All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me….I’ll give my all to you

You’re my end and my beginning, Even when I lose, I’m winning

Cause I give you all of me…..And you give me all of you

Oh ho, How many times do I have to tell you?

Even when your crying, You’re beautiful too

The world is beating you down, I’m around

Through every mood, You’re my downfall, You’re my muse

My worse distraction, My rhythm and blues

I can’t stop singing, It’s ringing in my head for you

I’m under water, But I’m breathing fine

You’re crazy and I’m out of my min…

Cause all of me….Loves all of you

Loves your curves and all your edges, All your perfect imperfections

Everyone had stopped talking and laughing and just listened, Michelle was hugging her Mistress, and swaying with her, as was Erica and Anita. Mia had her arms over Emily’s shoulder and crossed her wrists under her chin. Yes there were tears everywhere. Even Terry and Cindy had their arms around each other, while Miriam and Myrtle were just standing shoulder to shoulder swaying in time to the music.

Mia turned Emily around and as the music faded away, she asked her, “Did you write that for me? That is so beautiful.” Emily slapped her shoulder and hugged her fiancée. Emily showed her ring finger to her mum and grandma. Terry was patting Mia on her shoulder, nodding his head. They were one very happy family.

We all laughed, as the tears in Emily’s eyes and her smile said more than any words could say.

“Oh Mistress, is that not so beautiful?” Michelle said to Kathy, who just squeezed her hand. “That is very beautiful my sweet.” came the reply from Kathleen.

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