The Party after the Company Meeting

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This story runs parallel to my “Night in Old Havana.” There are several references to Characters and action in that story.


The line of cars snaked around the block. They were moving slowly as they discharged the occupants at the front of a repurposed warehouse. David Perry sat in the back of a car waiting his turn to exit. There was a marquee above the entrance “Welcome to the Johnson, Barrett and Cohen Big Top” His car pulled up to the entrance and an attendant opened the door. David exited and started to walk to the entrance to the venue.

“Dave wait up,” said a female voice over the din of car engines and traffic sounds.

David turned around and spied Beverly Brown from his office; the Bayou City office of JP Danny and George are smoking cigars and drinking rum at home. So what do you think that they are doing,” said Beverly.

Before David could respond the waiter approached with their drink order and Calamari. Both glasses were filled with a clear liquid. A small olive sat in the bottom of the vessel. David drained his drink in one swallow and signaled for a refill. He took a piece of the squid and put it in his mouth.

Beverly slipped one of her shoes off and brought her foot up to David’s Crotch “David we are not in a race, slow down.”

David reached down and moved her foot to his building erection and closed his thighs trapping it. She pulled away just as the waiter brought David’s second cocktail, and one for her unasked. David made a motion indicating that he wanted a third round for them both.

He remained asking if they were ready for dinner. David ordered the filet and fried potatoes. Beverly ordered the grilled chicken breast and rice. The waiter left with the orders.

“OK what were we talking about,” said David.

“I believe you and I getting together and making love,” said Beverly

“Was this some plot by you two to seduce Danny and Me?”

“David you are finally waking up, yes I want to seduce you and George wants to seduce Danny.”

The waiter walked up and deposited the glasses of the third round of cocktails and withdrew.

“We could have done that at home we didn’t need to travel?” said David.

“Where would the fun in that be David? Sneaking behind our lovers backs think of the adventure.”

The waiter approached with their dinner and placed the plates in front of them. Another waiter approached with two glasses of wine one white one red.

When they finished their meal they argued on whose tab it would liseli hikayeleri go on. David grabbed the book with the check and wrote his room number on the bottom. He extended his hand to Beverly and they walked out of the Grill leaning on each other, and across the lobby to the Elevators. When the car came they walked in and David swiped his card in the slot to the Concierge floors and pushed the button for floor four.

They emerged from the car and walked down the hall to Rm. 402. David passed the key card through the slot; the lock clicked and allowed them in. Beverly disappeared in the bathroom. David heard the toilet flush and she emerged carrying her shoes and hose. David embraced her and found the side zipper and allowed the dress to drop to the floor. The dress was sleeveless and she was not wearing a bra or panties, so she was completely naked. David looked and admired her blond hair and white skin contrasted by her jet-black pussy.

“You are a beautiful woman Beverly.”

“Are you just going to look, David?”

She crossed over and embraced him. She slipped her hand down his front and her fingers encircled his cock. She was able to unbuckle his belt with her other hand and pull it off. She released his cock and worked on his pants and watched them fall to the floor. Beverly pushed him onto the bed and slipped his shoes off and finished pulling his pants off his legs. David’s underwear was bright green; she looped her fingers in the waistband and pulled them down. She left them at his ankles incase he decided he wanted to move.

With one hand on his cock and another on his upper arm she encouraged him to stand. She went behind and pulled the bedspread down and opened the sheets. She came back and helped David get his shirt off. They got on the bed and Beverly straddled him and with her hand directed his cock into her pussy. The anticipation of the event caused her to stop after she got his cock lodged in her pussy.

She kissed him and brought her head to his ear. “I don’t know about you, but I am here for some fun; and after the week we have had we need some fun. I also know that I can’t replace her in your life.”

David began to move his cock in and out of her pussy and stopped before he went to far. She was a beautiful woman and deserved more than blind passion. He slowly resumed working his cock in and out of her pussy. Her vaginal walls clamped hard around his tool, but he continued move it in and out.

She took the lead kadın hikayeleri and began to make wild movements trying to achieve orgasm. Beverly stiffened and moaned as the climax over took her. He continued to move his cock in and out of her beautiful pussy. He felt a crisis coming on and with a few quick jerks felt his cock filling her pussy. “Don’t you dare pull out David?” she said while gasping for breath.

When they finally revived she whispered in David’s ear “I want another just like that, you were fabulous.

David moved to bring his cock to her mouth and she took the gleaming flaccid cock and let her tongue paint the tip. David rose and left the bed. Beverly followed and they both went into the shower. The warm cascading water revived them both. David slathered the liquid soap over Beverly and began to massage breasts and moved down to her pussy. As he was working on her his cock began to have life again.

Beverly concentrated on David’s cock and helped bring it to a full erection. She directed David out of the bathroom and grabbed a few towels and began to dry him off. She pushed him on the bed and followed. Their mouths met in a sensuous kiss. David’s tongue invaded Beverly and explored her mouth. One hand massaged one of her cheeks; the other held her head keeping them in contact.

David broke the kiss and moved Beverly to allow him to suck on her ample breasts. She moved on her back opening her legs. One of David’s hands started stroking her muff. First one finger then another finger entered her vagina. His thumb rested on her clit and began to work on bringing her off.

Beverly continued to work on David’s cock. She was delighted that it responded and was again ready for action. David rose on his knees and started to mount Beverly. Her fingers directed his tool into her pussy. He slipped in easily and brought his mouth to hers. He sucked in her lower lip and held it in his teeth, while he fucked her. David’s hands were not idle and he massaged her breasts. Beverly was showing signs of cumming again she moaned every time David moved in and out.

“David I want it hard and quick; fuck me David fuck me!”

David felt his climax coming on and the pulled out of her pussy and brought his cock to her mouth. Pushing it though her lips he deposited what felt like gallons of cum in her mouth. He felt her tongue clean his cock and she swallowed his cum. David maneuvered into a 69 position and began to suck on her pussy. He worked her erotik hikaye oku over bringing Beverly to another climax.

There was a pause as they both relaxed and drifted off to sleep. Beverly woke and found David’s cock in full erection. Taking it in her hands, she began to rub up and down its length; the crown popping our with each stroke.

David was awake and moved away from her attentions and maneuvered to kiss her. With one thrust he mounted Beverly’s pussy and their mouths met in an extended kiss.

“Fuck me David with that lovely tool. I love morning wood.”

He was not surprised at her language; having been in countless meetings with Beverly; she laid it down like the men in the office. David rose up and put his hands on her shoulders and moved his cock in and out of her pussy. At every thrust forward Beverly moaned in pleasure. David came down and kissed her. He continued to move his cock in and out of her; withdrawing to almost the crown and thrusting in until there bodies slapped together. Beverly’s vaginal walls clamped on his cock indicating she was having an ecstatic crisis. She moaned and moved from side to side her hands gripping her nipples as waves of pleasure moved through her.

With one fast stroke David shot several loads of cum, leaving her dripping as he pulled out. He moved to a chair across from the bed and watched as his partner rested. His hand moved to his cock massaging his shaft.

“Don’t waste it David, come over here and I will clean it,” said Beverly.

David got up and walked over to Beverly who was sitting on the bed. She reached up and took his cock and kissed the crown. Using her lips and tongue she took all of David’s length. She let it drop when it was clean.

“As much as I would love another round with you, we both have to get packed for our trip home. So I will see you at home.”

Beverly bent down to pick up her dress shoes and hose and started for the door. Just as she got to the door she picked up her bag, and got her keycard.

You know, George and Danny don’t work in the same office like we do. Do you think that we can maintain a professional relationship?”

“I think we worked through it after the trip to the Florida Keys? Besides isn’t time for you to form your own firm?” responded Beverly.

“Do you read minds also?” asked David.

“No but I have heard the chatter in the office, I know a lot of account people who are willing to jump with you if you decide to move on,” said Beverly.

David sat on the bed looking at Beverly. He had been planning to open a boutique shop but he felt the timing was not right. So he was holding on at JP all of the JP&C folks are sleeping off the party and I am just two doors down. Besides what’s a little scandal between friends,” said Beverly as the walked out the door.

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