The Pawn

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It’s my wedding day and I’m sitting in the bathroom naked and bleeding. I was just forced to humiliate myself. My parents and new in — laws watched as my “husband” forcefully deflowered me. The verification that I was actually a virgin needed observers.

Here I’m in the “bridal suite” blood dripping down my legs. My husband, Jon, just rammed his huge thick dick into me. I think I fainted from the pain. My sister is here trying to help me get cleaned up. Funny, she’s been married for six months and she’s three months pregnant.

“I wanted to warn you, but Daddy won’t let me get close to you,” Angela whispered. We are nine months apart, my sister and I. We’ve always been like twins.

I was listening to Angela. “Daddy made me marry, like you. We are nothing more to him but negotiation pawns for his business deals. He promised we were virgins. That meant proving it in front of witnesses with men we don’t even know. You were away at school Becka, I never got to tell you everything.”

Angela was crying and holding her pregnant belly. What a sight we made when my mother walked into the bathroom. My mother — she was six months pregnant. Seems my mother was always pregnant. She wasn’t 40 yet. How many more children would my father make her have?

My six siblings include my brother James 20 years old, Angela 19 years old, me — I’m 18. I guess my father took pity on my mother because there is three years between Andy and I, he’s 15 years old, Charles is 12, and lastly Michael 8 years old. My mother was just 18 when she gave birth to my brother.

My mother ran a warm tub of water for me. The warm water helped my sore pussy. As I soaked, my sister and mother continued to be teary.

My mother hugged my sister and told her how sorry she was my father separated her from her girls when we needed her the most. Daddy wanted to safeguard the virginity of his girls. The sooner he married us off the better he felt. The fact he could get a good business deal out of the whole nasty event was a plus.

I stepped out of the tub, and dressed in a second gown for the wedding reception. My mother said after today, it would be sometime before the three of us would be together again. She gave me a small vial with instructions to put three drops on my tongue before having sex tonight. There was enough for three days she said. She also gave me a tube of ointment that helped to lubricant and for pain.

After the make-up/hairdresser freshened me up, the three of us exited the bathroom/dressing room area. My husband Jon was waiting in the salon along with my father and my sister’s husband, Carlos. The men were toasting and laughing with champagne. Trading stories on how they fucked and impregnated their wives. I heard my father say, “keep her naked and locked up for at least a week. Just fuck her brains out. As you can see the women of the family are fertile.”

I wanted to hide in the bathroom. Just lock myself in. My mother put her hand on my back and kept me moving forward. She whispered in my ear to follow everything she did. I watched as she walked over to my father and kissed him on the cheek. She took his hand and stood at his side. I did the exact same thing with my husband who I knew a mere two weeks. Jon responded with a smile. We exited the suite for the elevator, and the reception.

The Wedding Reception

As the cocktail hour was winding down, we the family lined up for the reception line. I didn’t care about any of the guests. They were my father and father — in — law’s business associates. I couldn’t eat, almost having a panic attack. My mind imagined the pain and agony that awaited me at the pleasure of my husband.

As we sat looking over the guests, Jon took my hand and placed it on the growing bulge between his legs. He held my wrist so tight it hurt, so I couldn’t move my hand. He leaned over and told me to smile like everything was fine. Was this my life? I looked up and met my sister’s eyes. She nodded knowingly.

The Wedding Night

About 20 minutes later, Jon led me out of the reception. We made our way to the suite, and I knew my life was over. As we entered the suite I made my way to the bathroom. Jon ordered me to leave the door opened probable figured I’d lock the door. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. As Jon was distracted I put three drops on my tongue from my vial. I undressed and put on the nightgown left for me. I quickly put the ointment on my sore pussy, inserting a coated finger into my vagina.

Jon was sitting up in bed when I entered the bedroom. I could tell he was he nude. He patted the bed and I got under the covers.

“Honeymoon time he said lustfully.”

He ripped off my panties, and told me never to wear them in bed again. Jon got on top of me. He spread my legs until he laid comfortably between them. He gave me my first kiss, my first tongue kiss. The drug worked wonders. I relaxed as Jon played with my vaginal lips. He pulled down the top of the gown. He kissed my neck and Kurtköy Escort then sucked my breasts going from one to the other. He continued to spread my labia. He put one finger in my vagina, then two as his thumb rubbed my clitoris.

“Relax love,” Jon murmured as he tore my nightgown in half. I was beginning to feel warm from what I know now was the aphasic drops.

Jon claimed my mouth with his, his tongue ruthlessly exploring my mouth. Heat exploded in my belly, I moaned into his mouth helplessly. He found my G spot. The juices in my vagina flow as I had my first orgasm. I was wet all over his fingers. Suddenly he withdrew his fingers, and released my breast from his hungry mouth.

“Don’t worry sweet; we will fit together like two puzzle pieces.”

Jon’s penis was thick and long. After I had the orgasm, he wanted his released. Jon entered me in one deep thrust, pass my torn hymen. He didn’t stop until he reached my cervix. He stopped long enough for me to scream with pain. Even the ointment did not help the attack. He pulled out slightly and pushed my knees to my chest. Jon pinned me to the bed, raising my pelvic for deep penetration. I found it easier to keep my arms on the bed for balance. Jon was hitting my G-spot from the very beginning. He use his hands on my clitoris at the same time. I had another orgasm.

Jon came in a gush, sending his sperm into my cervix and uterus. He kept coming and coming, until I felt too full to hold anymore. He kept me in that position for what seemed like hours.

“I’ve been saving my seed for you for months. You’re in for fertile cycle. You should be carrying my baby soon. You don’t know how I’ve watched you, waiting just for this moment. I forced myself to give up sex for all these months. You are going to take all my seed, and not a drop will be wasted,” he hissed in my ear.

Jon is 25 years old, 6′ 6″ and 5% body fat. He is very experienced sexually with all intentions of teaching me what he liked while getting me pregnant. My mother and GYN doctor (a family friend) were very helpful in plotting my cycle for Jon. I had no idea the conspiracy against me.

Day 1

Jon woke me by flipping me over so he was lying on his back. I straddle him facing his feet. Sitting up straight with my hands on his hips, grinding into him slowly for a few minutes, building up intense sensations. Once he got me at the ideal angle, he told me to speed up, letting loose as I vary the depth of penetration. He lean me back, steadying myself until my back presses against his chest. Jon caressed my breasts, stomach, and clitoris. I orgasm and Jon held his penis deep inside me as he spilled more sperm into my cervix.

Jon didn’t stop. He had me lie on my side with him behind me. I lifted my top leg, half-kneeling position, Jon entered me from behind. His penis soon was hard again as he pushed deep inside me.

Jon got to the G-spot-rubbing penetration again. He caressed my curves and stimulate my clitoris. Jon made me climax again! He is very good at what he does. I didn’t want to, but I enjoyed it. The penetration didn’t hurt as much when Jon didn’t push deep. I was tired and sore. I’d hope Jon would give me a break as I fell asleep — again.

I woke to meet bright sunshine. Jon was up already and ordering breakfast. I got up and took a shower by that time breakfast arrived. Jon told me we were driving to West Virginia after breakfast. He told me I didn’t have time to say good-bye to my family before we left. I didn’t understand since I thought they had a suite in the same hotel.

The Trip

We were off to some place I knew nothing about. Jon’s present job was information management. His father’s company had a client in West Virginia. Jon was going to oversee the operation. I’m thinking a month or so, then I can get back to my pre-med studies.

We drove from New York and spent the night in Virginia. We stopped in a quaint restaurant for late lunch before driving to Jon’s family vacation home — just one of many I learned. It was a beautiful house estate. Not many other houses close-by. When Jon opened the door, I wandered around the first floor. I found the very large kitchen with a buffet spread. The housekeeper left a note and said she’d be back early next morning to make breakfast. She said whatever we needed was either out on the counter or in the refrigerator. I nibbled on the antipasto when Jon found me.

He wasted no time leading me to the second floor bedrooms. Jon sat at the foot of the bed. It was the first time I focused enough to realize Jon had on a robe. He commanded me to take my clothes off.

I stood in front of him in my bra and a panties, my other clothes a pile between us on the floor. I wanted to beg him to let me stop, but I knew it’d be useless. My hand went to my bra, unclipping it. I stared at Jon in the eyes as I added my bra and panties to the pile. I stood up straight, naked and unhidden.

I refused to cover myself, to let Jon know I was utterly humiliated. Maltepe Escort It took a lot of will power to keep my arms at my side. I kept my eyes glued to the floor. I couldn’t bring myself to look him in the eye again. Yes we were married, but I didn’t know him. I’d never undressed for a man.

“Get in bed.” That was all Jon said.

The way he looked at me… I pulled the covers up to my chin. Jon walked over and pulled them down to the bottom of the bed. Jon handed me a glass of brandy. I wanted to get drunk and pass out. I gulp the drink and it burned my throat. I’m not a drinker, so the alcohol went right to my head. I felt warm and started to perspire. I felt heat between my legs and very relaxed.

I didn’t know until later that the drink contained an aphrodisiac drug. Great because I didn’t have my vial. Jon got on top of me. He spread my legs until he laid comfortably between them. He gave me my first kiss, my first tongue kiss. The drug worked wonders. I relaxed as Jon played with my vaginal lips. He kissed my neck and then sucked my breasts going from one to the other. He continued to spread my labia. He put one finger in my vagina, then two as his thumb rubbed my clitoris.

Jon made me get on all fours with him kneeling behind me. He plunge inside you, grabbing my rear for balance. A little firm, well-placed stroking of my G-spot opened up a whole new orgasmic world. Jon is very good. He thrust far enough inside me so that his testicles hit your body. After my second orgasm, Jon shot his hot seed so deep inside, I swear I felt it hit my eggs. No semen dripped out as he held me in place for several minutes. He pulled out of me and I fell asleep.

Day Turns Into Night

Jon woke me and it was dark. He walked into the bathroom and its huge walk — in shower. We took turns sponging each other off. Using a loofah amp up anticipation. It was so much hotter when we finally reach skin on skin contact. Jon produced a vibrator. He used it on me. He told me to keep busy sudsing up. I’d seen vibrators before. When I was at school we used to spy on the nuns using vibrators on themselves, sometimes on each other. I didn’t realize the pleasure.

I was boosted into a false sense of security. I began to think Jon and marriage wasn’t too bad.

Jon slowly toweled me off, and applied lotion all over my body. He gave me one of his tees to wear down to the kitchen. That’s when I realized my suitcase was not in the house. Jon distracted me and we went down to the kitchen.

After we snacked on the buffet and wine, Jon sat down in a kitchen chair. He told me to sit on his lap facing him, straddle him with my feet barely touching the floor. He took off the tee as I slowly lowered myself onto his erection. I was afraid he would go deep again. I start by letting just the tip of his penis enter me, then lower myself inch by inch until I allowed him full entry by bearing all the way down on his thighs. He naturally lend himself to languid kissing, hugging, and caressing. I tried to stay in sync with him as he played with my clit. The final reward was explosive – the simultaneous orgasm!

Jon led me submissively back to the bedroom where we fell asleep.

Day 2

The morning came too soon as I woke with Jon coming from the shower. We kissed good morning, and I went off to shower. I realized I had no clothes and was about to ask Jon to get my suitcase. I looked for the clothes I wore yesterday and they were gone. Jon said the housekeeper took them when she brought up breakfast. I wanted a cup of coffee, and that ended the conversation.

After breakfast Jon said it was time to hit the road. “Jon I have no clothes!” He threw me a tee exchanging my towel, saying, “That’s all you need.”

My mouth opened but no sound came forth. Jon left the room and told me to hurry up. OMG! I let my guard down. I started to trust him.

I ran downstairs, barefooted with only a tee. “Get in the car!” I obediently got in the car. With my head turned to the window, I cried silently.

Home Sweet Home

We drove in silence only broken by the radio. We rode for about two hours when I saw the West Virginia sign. It was hilly and desolate. We left the interstate and I saw more and more farmland.

After another 1 ½ hour ride, Jon pulled into a gated subdivision. We drove for another ½ hour before pulling through another electric gate. The two story house was on acres of land. It would take hours may be days, to walk to the nearest house.

Jon jumped out and opened my door. I padded up the steps of the porch in front of him. He took the opportunity to play with my pussy. He stuck his fingers in my mouth to lick off my juices before unlocking the door.

Stepping inside Jon turned off the alarm. He guided me up the stairs after locking the door with a key which he put in his pocket.

“I’m locked in with no clothes. Jon took his suitcase out of car, but not mine.” Thoughts running through my head.

We passed several rooms Tuzla Escort including a nursery. A bright sunny room. Jon said you can look at that later. He pushed me towards the master bedroom.

“I need a shower,” he said putting his bag down. “Hurry up!”

I followed him. He stepped into the shower pulling me with him. Once the tee was soaked, letting he slowly strip it off. Then he played with my breasts, with his fingers and his lips. The warmth of the water plus the warmth of his touch was amazing.

He took the lube from the shower shelf and put some on his fingers. He skillfully inserted two fingers into my waiting pussy. He got my clit erect than took the adjustable shower-head, spraying it on my clitoris and other erogenous zones.

He took me doggie style as I held on to the rail and walls of the shower for plenty of leverage to lean on. His thrusting was like a crazed animal. There’s something primal about being fucked from behind that brings out the animal. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was without sex for years.

Jon came inside me, then he finished washing. I toweled him dry before myself. We lay together in bed exhausted.

Jon woke me with his full erection. He’s crazy-aroused. I lying on the bed face up with a couple of pillows propping my butt. My legs splayed wide, and my arms high over your head holding the headboard. Jon had me wide open. Jon entered me at a higher angle. He moved inside me with slow, relaxed figure-eight motions, so that I felt his whole package—his 9 inch penis plus pubic region.

I came again and again until I thought I’d pass out. I didn’t know Jon had so much semen. Once again he filled my cervix and uterus with his seed. I knew like my mother and sister, I’d too would be pregnant.

Week One

For the rest of week Jon kept me locked up and naked. He never got my clothes from the car. He let me wear a tee to cook. After eating we had sex, and I was nude once again. Our one week wedding anniversary, Jon allowed me to sit outside on the porch. I looked in all directions, and saw nothing but rolling hills and fields. I didn’t understand why Jon kept me locked in the house. There was nowhere to go and no one to see.

I tried to be submissive and please Jon in every way. He is 6 feet 6 inches all muscle. I was a foot shorter. He could over power me at any time. He had another week with me before he went back to work. I’d be alone except for the days he worked from his home office. I needed him to give some moving around freedom — and clothes. May be he’d take me to town. I could only hope. We had two refrigerators and two freezers plus the small fridge in the upstairs seating room. There is a walk in pantry, wine cellar and a root cellar. Jon needed a reason to take me out.

I asked Jon for a puppy/dog to keep me company when he was away. He said he’d take me on long trips, not wanting to leave his pregnant wife alone. I asked if I could have a garden, and he agreed. I had to pay the price — ever ready for sex, pregnancy and anything else he had in mind. Every day there was a new sexual position. Hell sometimes, twice a day. I really wanted to talk with my mother.

The Sex Education

My education is under the direction of my husband. I am never too tired, too busy or too sleepy for sex with him. I drop whatever I’m doing for his pleasure.

Jon has morning erections. So far he’s had me lie on your back in bed and raise your arms overhead against the headboard. He entered me, he told me to bring my legs together as close as possible. With my thighs pressed tightly, his penis will rub against my inner thighs and labia each time he thrusts. I can climax twice before he come.

His favorite is both of us lying on our sides, facing each other. He’s deep inside me. While thrusting, we hold on to each other for friction. The grinding motion stimulates my clitoris until it’s erect. After he comes, he rolls me over on my back while he’s still giving me semen, so I can hold every drop inside. My vagina goes into spasms, massaging his penis back into a hard on. He fucks me again and again.

Jon let me start the garden. I was bending over clearing weeds. Jon came up behind me and kept me bent. I had to steady myself with my hands on the ground. Since I’m not allowed panties, Jon had no barriers. Pulling the tee off, he fucked me naked in the garden from behind. He came once and took me upstairs. Jon bent me over the side of the bed, legs spread. As Jon penetrates me from behind, he lifts my legs from just above the knees, holds them apart, and thrusts, and thrusts until I climaxed then he came again.

I thought the missionary position was the only way to fuck. Jon taught me so much every day. I’m sore but I’m getting use to his big dick and sex every minute.

Once again I am awaken. Jon wants a shower but not alone. He hiss in my ear as he pushes me toward the bathroom.

“Your father was right. You are a good — no a great fuck. Your tight pussy really excites me. Keeping you naked was an awesome tip. I’ll have to send my father — in — law an expensive bottle of scotch. I’ll let my father know he made a great deal. Did you know Carlos kept your sister naked for a month on their “honeymoon?” He fucked her brains out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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