The Payphone

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Midnight on a Friday. You’re at a payphone outside a restaurant. It’s dark. It’s hot. The air is thick with humidity. You’re there to check in with me.

You’re wearing next to nothing. You’ve been drinking, so you’re feeling relaxed. The heat is making you sweat. The sweat traces the outline of your nipples. They’re hard. They’re clearly visible. So delicious….

As we talk, you glance over your shoulder to see a group of five guys coming out of the restaurant. They’re handsome – early 20’s, attractive, dressed in khaki’s and button down shirts. They notice you.

They’re waiting for a cab to take them back to their hotel. You see them staring at you, talking. I ask you what’s happening. You say that a couple of them are approaching you. Mmmmm. I reach down and unzip my jeans. I listen.

They ask you who you’re talking to. “I’m on hold”, you say. They ask you stupid questions. You give them stupid answers. Their eyes travel up and down your body, stroking you as I begin to stroke my cock.

“What are you up to tonight”, one of the boys asks. He’s cute, preppy. He looks to be about 22; he’s in good shape – very clean-cut. He looks like a little rich boy. He is.

You’re not sure what you’re going to do, you say. You have no definate plans. You hear my voice whisper into your ear… .”Ask them why they want to know”.

You ask. They tell. They’re staying at a hotel down the road. They were just wondering if you’d be interested in coming back to the hotel with them – just to hang out, they say. They have this great suite – a nice bar. The hotel has a nice hot tub that’s open real late.

“What maraş escort do you think I am?”, you say teasingly. They get nervous and begin apologizing to you. “Oh, it’s not like that”, they say. “We’re not psycho’s or anything like that. It’s just that…..well, you’re very pretty. We’ve been stuck in training all day. We’re kind of sick of it just being the five of us.”

“And how do I fit in?”, you ask.

“Well, we’d just like to have you come back to the hotel, hang out for a while, drink with us, and then – when you want to leave, we’ll hail you a cab”.

You smile. Your eyes look down and then back up. “I don’t know”, you say.

“Please”, they say. “We won’t bite”. Again, you hear my voice……. “Tell them that you’re old enough to be their mother, but then smile”. You tell them and they ask again.

“Ok”, you say. I hear the cab pull up. I hear them getting in. I hear them call to you to come get in. “Where will I sit?”, you ask. I hear the boy say “You can sit on my lap”.

You hang up the phone. My mind races. My heart quickens. My cock is hard in my hand. I get up and go to the window. It’s hot in my room. I look up at the moon and close my eyes. I see you sitting on this stranger’s lap. I see you in your short dress. I see it hiked up. I see them stealing glances at your bare thighs. I feel them getting hard. I feel how incredibly hot it must feel in the backseat of that cab. Mmmmmm.

An hour passes. The phone rings. It’s you.

You’ve been drinking in their hotel suite with them. I can hear the drunkenness in your voice. You tell me that mardin escort you’re sitting on the couch. I ask you where they are in relation to you.

Two of them are on the couch with you, on opposite sides, you say. Mmmmm. Two of them are sitting on the bed and one in a chair. “Ohhhhh”, you sigh. “They’re kissing my neck”. I hear you kiss one of the boys. I hear the sound of lips on lips, lips on skin. You tell me that the two on the couch are unzipping their pants….they’re taking out they’re… “Ohhhhh, god” you moan. You tell me how they’re hands are under your …. “Ohhhhh”.

You tell me how they’re undressing you. You tell me how they’ve all stepped out of they’re clothes – you’re all naked. You tell me how they’re sucking your breasts, kissing and licking their way down your body. You tell me how their fingers are inside you.

I listen as you tell me how one of the boys is on his knees. “Mmmm”, you sigh. He’s eating your pussy. The two boys from the bed are standing next to him, with their cocks rubbing all over your face. I hear them rub against the phone. The kid to your left is licking and kissing your ear and neck. The boy to your right is busy with your nipples.

I listen to you suck both their cocks into your mouth – at the same time. I listen and whisper into your ear. I ask you if you’re enjoying your new friends. I tell you to treat them to a good time. “Ohhh, I’m coming” I overhear. I hear the other kid say the same thing. I hear them tell you to tilt your head back and open your mouth wide – to stick out your tongue. I close my eyes and see them cum into mersin escort your mouth. I see it splash your lips and dribble down your chin.

I hear you cum. I hear the boy sucking you deeper into his mouth. I hear you cry out.

“Get on your knees and face the couch”, one of them instructs. You can’t say no. The two guys on the couch sit close together and tell you to suck their dicks. You do.

You tell me how the other boys are taking turns fucking you from behind. I hear their balls slapping against your ass. I hear them spanking you with every thrust.

I close my eyes again and see the two guys cum in your mouth. I see you swallow and lick your lips. “Mmmmm”, you say. I hear them tell you to get up. They call you over to the bed. They tell you to bend down over the edge of the bed. You feel the sheets beneath your breasts.

“Mmmm. You are such a delicious black whore”, one of them says. “We’re not done with you yet”. You don’t say a word. You can’t think. I hear the one man say “Do you like to be fucked in the ass?”. You can’t speak.

“You love it, don’t you?”.

“Ohhhhh”, you let out. He tells you this time: “We’re going to fuck your ass, one by one. You want that, don’t you? You want to feel us deep inside you”.

Finally, without thinking it, you reply “Yessssssss”. “We can’t hear you. What did you say?”.

“Yesssss. Oh, god. Fuck my ass. Ohhhhhhhh”…….

I sit in the darkness of my room and listen to you taking these boys deep and hard. I listen to you moan. I listen to you grunt. I listen to you beg for more. I listen to them pounding into you. I listen to them spanking you. I hear each of them cum all over the back of your ass. I hear you tell me how you’re rubbing the white cum into your skin. You love the thick creaminess of this lotion.

I listen to you wish me goodnight. Just before you hang up, I hear you say to them “Ohhhhh. Who’s next?”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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