The Perfect Candidate Ch. 04

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The Perfect Candidate – Chapter 4 – The Initiation

Over the next few days, Scott received many assignments from his Sir. They included tasks like learning certain poses, listening to particular audio files, completing writing assignments, buying and wearing humiliating apparel. All the while, he was instructed to wear chastity at night and wasn’t allowed to ejaculate. He drank his water bottle daily and began to enjoy wearing his uniform.

The tasks caused Scott to build trust in the man behind the tasks. He looked forward to receiving each task, completing them, and then receiving praise from Sir. He saw that he was making daily progress as the tasks became more and more demanding. It filled him with a sense of purpose and he enjoyed the challenge. While he found the whole process a bit strange, he was enjoying The Method.


Sir sat behind his console at his massive oak wood office desk.

It was now becoming clear to Sir that Scott was quickly qualifying himself as a complacent submissive. He was completing all of the daily activities, his behavior was becoming compliant, and he appeared to be receiving the subconscious materials strongly as well.

Unbeknownst to Scott, every night, when he would dress up in his uniform, the earbuds would wait until Scott was asleep before playing hypnotic tracks. These tracks trained Scott’s subconscious mind to obey commands and to immediately adopt a pose as dictated by a particular trigger. Following these commands would fill Scott up with pleasure and a deep sense of relaxation. He could choose not to follow these commands but then he would miss out on these incredible sensations.

It was a powerful loop that was ingrained in his head five hours a night for weeks on end. It soon became an unconscious desire of his that would soon be “discovered”.

Sir stared at the screen.

“It appears he’s accepting the basic submissive training loops faster than expected. He’s already accepting rapid induction procedures. It won’t be long before I can inhibit training without induction. I’ll begin adding additional conditioning and enforcement tracks”. Let’s add “Relaxation, Servitude, Addiction, and Protection”.

He pressed a few keys and clicked update – secretly sending a command to Scott’s earbuds to update his hypnosis routine. Sir laughed, it wouldn’t be long before Scott was his personal programmed slut.

A moan lifts Sir’s eyes to the center of the room. There is a servant – naked, bent over a bench at the waist and strapped down. He’s got a ball gag in his mouth, drool slowly dripping from his mouth to a pool an inch from his face – turning side to side. His arms are bound behind his back with his hands limp above his waist.

Sir gets up slowly, grabs a pair of black rubber gloves, and approaches the boy’s exposed rear end. He grabs both cheeks and is met with the moan of the restrained boy. He reaches down and protrudes one index finger. He spits on the boy’s hole and proceeds to slowly push the single finger into the boy’s ass. The boy tightens and begins to groan. As the finger gets deeper, the sound from the boy gets louder. Finally, the finger gets down to the knuckle and the boy sighs. The man whose hand is skewering the boy removes the gag and pulls the boy close.

“Who’s hole is this boy?”

“It’s your hole, Sir!” the boy says with strands of spit dripping out of his mouth.

“Say it again.”

The man curls his finger and begins coaxing the boy’s prostate.

“Ahhhhh! IT’S YOUR HOLE, SIR!”

“Good Boy” the man growled as he continued to stroke the boy from the inside.

The moaning boy began to work his entire body against the finger of his Master. The Master began to think about his next prize. He thought to himself that today is the day they will meet in person. It is finally time.

The man chuckled to himself escort bursa as his boy toy moaned in pleasure. The next few weeks were about to get very interesting.


Scott showed up to the office as he would any week day. He received strict commands to never be late and never leave before 5pm. Scott had not missed a single beat since the instruction began weeks ago. He was looking fit – having been encouraged to continue working out and eating well by Sir. He had also been instructed to pay attention to his glutes which were beginning to pay off nicely. Even at work in his khaki pants, he was beginning to get even more looks than usual.

On this particular day, Scott was following the instructions by Sir to try wearing his chastity to the office and to wear a jockstrap.

He was at his cubicle in the sale’s pen when he was approached by a courier who promptly dropped off an interoffice envelope addressed to Scott. Inside it had a printed letter on an impressive letterhead from the executive offices upstairs.

Good morning Boy,

I was hoping you could join me for lunch in my office. Please come up as soon as you receive this. My assistant is already prepared for your arrival.

If you need to put this in your agenda, please title the meeting “Professional Development”. Consider yourself booked for the remainder of the day.


Scott couldn’t believe it. He knew Sir was someone at work but he couldn’t imagine it was someone in his own building. He flipped the envelope over to find the sending address – which appears to be a room on the top floor. He’s important, that’s for sure.

Scott quickly shuts off his computer and packs up his satchel. As he turns to leave, a coworker asks “Hey Scott, dipping out early again?”

“Not today, I’m being called up for professional development.”

“Who’d you have to suck off to get that gig?”

Scott scoffs as he enters the elevator.

The elevator climbs up to the top floor and holds itself for a moment before opening its doors. It’s almost as if the elevator knows the anticipation of anyone coming up to these top floors. It’s cooler up here than it is on the sales floor – even the air seems cleaner.

Scott leaves the elevator and enters the corridor. He glances at the envelope – Room 4010. He glances down the marble hallway and begins his trek. Each step of his cheap shoes reverberates with inadequacy as he makes his way down the hall. On the right side, he sees the numbers on the door. The name is unfamiliar but the title is important “Board Member”. Scott gulps and then knocks on the door.

“Come in Scott” is called out from the other side by an old reassuring womanly voice. Scott opens the door to find a modern waiting room, similar to that of an expensive attorney’s office, and a smart elderly woman behind a desk. She had climbed out of her chair and was making her way towards Scott.

“Let me take a quick look at yah”. She stopped in front of him. She reached out and started feeling him under his clothes.

Scott began to resist but she insisted “This will only take a second deary, better me than the guards”.

As she probes his body and lifts his shirt she comments “Good, you’re still working out, now drop the bag and turn around.”

I put my satchel down on chair and then began to turn around. Halfway, she stops me so she could grope my butt.

“Excellent, I see the exercises are paying off. Pickup your bag and follow me”.

With that, she led Scott into a small room in the back of the lobby. It had some hooks and a tiny bench.

She turns to him. “This is where you can leave your bag and your work attire. Inside all you will need is that which you wear to sleep.”

Scott looked at her with confusion – how could she possibly know what Sir commanded he sleep in. She bursa yabancı escort giggled as she shut the door, leaving Scott to do what he was commanded. After removing his shirt, pants, socks, shoes – all he was wearing was his jockstrap and his chastity cage. He felt naked and ashamed but he enjoys doing what he was commanded.

He opens the door to the dressing room and the old secretary meets him with a smile and leads him into the main office.

It is a spacious office – modern and sparse. Lots of whitespace on the walls and some tasteful modern sculptures. In the center of the room is a black leather square – about a meter across at about knee-height. In the back was a large desk with multiple computer monitors. Behind the screens, the head of a figure could be seen.

“Thank you Miss White, that’ll be all”.

“As you wish Sir” the secretary says as she turns and promptly leaves.

“Good, that just leaves us alone Boy. Come closer.”

As Scott approaches he suddenly has the urge to get on his knees and crawl towards him. Scott decides to follow that instinct and move slowly while he makes the transition from walking to crawling.

Sir’s eyes light up with delight. The hypnosis training is settling in much faster than expected!

“Good Boy!” he purrs as Scott slowly approaches the man seated at the desk.

As Scott rounds the corner, the man stands up to his full height.

“Come here boy” he commands while pulling Scott’s head into his groin.

Scott is overwhelmed at this point. Instinctively, he knows what he is doing feels right but there’s no possible way. He was a straight guy. Why was he allowing this man to toy with him like a slave? Why was his head so calm and why is there a fiery excitement building in his body as his face got closer to the man’s crotch.

“Smell it boy, you will love this smell”.

Scott took a deep whiff of the man’s groin – the smell of sweat and seman mixed together into something that made Scott lick his lips.

“Go ahead, undo my pants boy”. He said with a chuckle.

Scott reclines on his knees and reaches forward to unbuckle the man’s pants. He removes the belt, undoes the pants and zipper revealing a bulging designer underwear. As Scott reaches forward to pull down the man’s underwear, his hand is grabbed and pulled away.

“Not so fast boy, you have to earn it out of my underwear. Show me you deserve it”.

With that, Scott leans forward and buries his head into the man’s underwear. He begins slurping and licking the cotton around the man’s junk.

“Show me you really want it boy”

Scott begins moaning and desperately slurping on the man’s cock. He drops even lower and looks up to Sir while he’s sucking Sir’s precum through the fabric. As Scott made eye contact, he realized that he wanted this. What he was doing filled him with pleasure. He exhaled deeply in defeat.

“Please Sir, can I taste it?”

“Yes boy. You may. But you must only use your mouth. No hands.”

Scott looks back down at Sir’s crotch, inches away from his face. He lunges forward, one wrist holding the other behind his lower back, and bites the top of Sir’s underwear. He then leans back slowly, pulling down the underwear and revealing Sir’s incredible cock. The cock springs up as the underwear retracts. Scott looks at it for a second – Sir is very well trimmed – which made the veiny, bulbous, cut cock look even more intimidating. But somehow, it also felt even more inviting.

Scott looks back up to Sir, pleading with his eyes.

“Go ahead boy. Kiss it. You’ve been waiting for this moment. Go ahead, boy.”

Scott looks back down at the cock – pointed right between his eyes. He leans forward, lips pursed, and makes contact with the tip of Sir’s cock. Warm soft skin meets warm soft skin. Scott bursa escort begins to massage the tip of the cock with his lips – slowly kissing it.

“Good slut, you’re a natural. Now use your tongue as well. You’ve earned a taste.”

Scott begins to swirl his tongue around the cockhead while his lips begin to move slowly up and down the shaft.

“MMm, that’s good. Keep doing that boy. I’m going to enjoy training this mouth.”

Sir proceeds to rest one of his hands on the back of Scott’s head – guiding Scott’s face back and forth – while the other hand digs out a phone from his pocket. Scott closes his eyes and continues to focus on pleasing Sir. Why did this feel so good?…

Scott works his way down the cock, slowly bobbing back and forth. Slurping. Swirling his tongue around Sir’s cockhead. He enjoys

Scott was experiencing a wave of comfort he had never experienced before. Here he was, naked with his dick enclosed in a plastic device, sucking the cock of another man. However, he felt as though he had finally found his place. He hears the sound of a camera shutter in between his slurps. Sir must be photographing me.

“Good boy, that’s enough for now”

Scott pulls back and removes the cock from his mouth. A long stand of drool is still connecting Scotts chin to the cock.


Sir puts down his phone and the two men’s eyes lock. They see each other. Men. Creatures. Hungry. Lustful.

As Scott looks up into Sir’s eyes, he sees the determination, the courage to be steadfast in decision, pride, wisdom. He feels weak, small. Sir has all of the power. All he has is the ability to choose how to do the tasks. He can displease Sir with near infinite consequences or he can choose to do it “the right way”.

Scott breaks eye contact and looks back down to the cock. In his peripheral vision, he sees the office. This man has everything I could possibly want. I’m finally in his office, closer than everyone else at the company. This is an opportunity of a lifetime.

“Stand up boy. You’re done for now. MISS WHITE. Go with Miss White.” he dismissively gestures his hand between Scott and the opening door. Miss White scurries in with a black leather strand and a chrome ring in her hands. As the two approached each other, Miss White slings the leather strap over her shoulder and opens the chrome ring with both hands.

“Turn around on your knees, this will only take a second.”

Scott turned around and got on his knees, saw the face of the man who now controlled his life. The man stared at the screen – bits of data bouncing across his eyeballs. His mind was already onto more important matters.


A cold metallic object brushes against Scott’s neck – he quickly realizes it’s the metal ring Miss White was carrying.

Scott looked down to the floor in defeat as the metal ring clicked around his neck. He feels the ring jerk as Miss White secures it with the key and then walks it over to Sir.

“Thank you, Miss White.

Well boy… It looks like you are officially mine. That collar that has been placed on your neck has state of the art GPS and a battery that will last for years. It is made of one of the strongest and lightest metal alloys on the planet. The only way out is with the key – of which there is only one.

The rules have changed. First, now you will stay by my side unless otherwise instructed. Two, you will follow any orders me or Miss White give you without hesitation. Three, you will now be referred to only as “Boy” or “Sir’s Boy”. Four, you are not allowed to speak unless spoken to. Is that understood.

Scott still had his eyes to the floor – so low he could barely see Sir’s shoes – only a few feet away.. He was naked, in chastity, collared, on his knees in front of a man whose cock he just willingly sucked and whose company now essentially owns every Scott has. There was no turning back.

Scott looked up at Sir with resolution in his eyes. Sir caught it and smiled. This boy was going to be something different – what fun. It had been a while since Sir met someone with this much energy.

Wetting his dehydrated lips, Scott opens his mouth and says.

“Yes, Sir.”

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