The Pet’s New Job Pt. 03

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This is the final chapter of the “The Pet’s New Job” story. I’ve had questions/comments about the shifts in the story, so I just wanted to let the reader know that there are two story lines occurring here. The sex scenes where the woman is referred to as ‘Pet’ can be considered “Now”, and the non-sex scenes can be considered “Then”.


“Hey John, do you have that file I asked you about yesterday?”

John looked up from his computer at the petite brunette in his doorway. Her short hair framed her face as hazel eyes look at him questioningly, her lips pressed into a friendly half smile.

He smiled back at her and nodded as he started looking through the folders on his desk, almost grateful to have a reason to look away from her body. Firm breasts beneath a low cut top with her toned arms crossed against them, and fitted pants showing the shape of graceful legs as well as an incredible ass.

He found the file he was looking for and held it out for her.

“Hey Catherine, you’ve been here for almost six months now. You know, we’ve never hung out or anything… after work, I mean. Would you like…”

She stopped him before he could continue, her face softening as she spoke.

“John, you’re a great friend here at work, and I love you dearly. But I don’t believe in office romance, it never works out well. So I really appreciate the thought, but I’m afraid that I would have to say no. Hopefully you’ll understand.”

He looked downcast, but nodded. “I understand, but hey… it was worth a shot, right?”

She smiled at him and punched him lightly on the arm.

“Thanks for that. And thanks for the file, Alan’s been asking me for my report on this thing.”

She took the file, and with a wave walked out of his office.

In the hallway she almost collided with her boss, Alan. He was a good looking guy, especially considering he was in his early forties. He was almost two decades her senior, but he was friendly and had a mischievous glint in his eye that belied his age. Over the months they had become quite good friends, regardless of the difference in their ages. They walked down the hallway chatting quietly on the way to their offices.

“So, finally shot John down did you?” he asked with a grin. “As the boss I have to say that I approve of your decision. However as a man I have to ask, why not? He’s a nice guy and obviously adores you.”

She didn’t have to think about it before replying, “That’s true, but he just doesn’t do it for me… you know? Heck, I’d probably break the poor guy.”

As she walked into her office she stopped and turned back around to face him. “And besides, I’ve always had a soft spot for older guys instead.”

She gave him a wink, and they both laughed. He continued on to his office, shaking his head and chuckling.


When she had gone to work this morning, the young woman hadn’t expected this.

She looked down at her own nudity as she sat upright in the office chair. A man walked toward her, smiling but with a gleam in his eye. She wasn’t sure what was about to happen, but she was excited to find out. She could feel her nipples hardening in the cool office air, and could feel her wetness on the leather of the chair beneath her.

“Now pet, what happened last time we were together?” he asked, as he reached up to take off his tie. “Oh, that’s right… you were punished for having an orgasm that I hadn’t given you permission for. Isn’t that right?”

She looked up at him submissively and answered, “Yes sir. I was a bad pet, I realize that now.”

“Yes you were. So now we’re going to try a little experiment.” With that he bent over and wrapped the tie around her wrist and the arm of the chair. He pulled it taut and knotted it firmly.

“Now what else… ahh… here we go!”

As she watched, he bent over behind his desk and unplugged his computer. Pulling the power cord out of the wall he returned to her. “This should do nicely I would think.”

With the cord he tied her other wrist to the other chair arm. Satisfied that she was firmly secured, he stood back to admire his work, as well as taking in the vision of the beautiful brunette naked in front of him. Her pert breasts heaved with her quickened breathing, erect nipples straining outward.

He reached down between her legs and ran a couple of fingers along her slit. She pushed against them, trying to get more pressure but he pulled them away and inspected them with a chuckle.

“Wet already? But we haven’t even started yet.”

Leaning closer to her he reached back down and once again stroked her vagina. This time he didn’t pull away, instead teasing her sensitive lips, up and down. As he went up he would rub her clitoris for a moment, then travel back down teasing her slit.

She started moaning quickly, excitement in her eyes as she bucked her hips trying to get more of his touch. He never increased his speed however, instead for several minutes merely lightly playing his fingers over her. The sensations from his rubbing grew more and more Escort bayan intense as she tried desperately to get more pressure, hoping for more friction to put her over the edge.

Finally she could feel the orgasm beginning to take hold, her eyes started to roll back in her head as an electric fire began to run through her body.

And suddenly it stopped. His fingers jerked back, leaving her bucking against air. Like a light switch the euphoria was gone, leaving behind an aching need.

Her moan turned into a whine as she looked at him, pitiable desire etched in her face.

“Please sir, I want to cum. May I please cum?”

He ran fingers slick with her essence over her mouth and shook his head.

“Not yet, I’m afraid. And honestly, not for a little while yet. But you might still enjoy this.”

With that he reached down with both hands and parted her legs. Kneeling down in front of her he leaned in close and began flicking his tongue across her swollen clit.

The effect was instantaneous. Her head shot back and the moan began once more. Her arms went taut against their restraints and her legs pressed down hard against his hands. He held her legs open with his palms as fingertips teased along the inside of her thighs, all the while his tongue caressed her. He would travel down, tasting her juices, and then lick back up stopping to rest on her clitoris… lightly stroking that sensitive button with his tongue.

He could feel the muscles in her stomach tightening up as she started approaching her orgasm again, and as her moans started to turn to a wail he again stopped and backed away.

Once again her hips bucked against air. Her breathing was quick as she looked at him and said, “You bastard! I was almost there!”

He affected a shocked look. “That’s ‘You bastard, sir’ pet. And besides, is that any way for a young lady to talk? I think we’ll have to do something about that.”

He walked over to his desk and opened a drawer. Reaching in he pulled out one of their toys, a small ball gag. Her eyes widened as he forced the ball between her teeth and tightened the strap around her head.

“There we go. That’s much better. Just so you know, the next orgasm that I will allow you will be with my penis inside of you, so don’t even ask.” He laughed a bit at that and finished, “Well, not that you could right now if you tried. Now where were we?”

He tormented her like this for quite a while. Sometimes using his fingers to almost bring her to orgasm, sometimes his tongue, and a few times a large vibrator. It was maddening for her, so many times getting so close to having the orgasm she desperately wanted and having them ripped away before she could finish.

She whined pitifully as she was denied, large brown-green eyes brimming with tears through a sweat soaked curtain of short dark hair. Those whines would turn back to moans as he would start again, only to be replaced with frantic grunts as he once more stopped. Her arms and shoulders ached from the effort of trying to pull free of the chair arms, and her seat was slick from her sweat and leaking juices.

He stopped and looked down at her. Her eyes were wild with need as she rocked her groin up and down, desperately trying for contact with something to let her orgasm. Her clitoris was engorged and stood out from her shaved mound, and sweat covered toned legs strained against his body trying to close so she could apply pressure with her thighs. Anything to achieve the orgasm she wanted so badly.

He reached over her and said, “Now remember what I said, pet.”

With that he removed the tie from her wrist and turned for the power cord on her other one.

He hadn’t even completely turned before her hand shot down between her legs and started rubbing her clit frantically. Before he could stop her, it was already too late.

Her head shot back over the back of the chair and her back arched as her whining turned into a guttural wail behind the drool covered ball gag. Her eyelids fluttered over white as her eyes rolled back into her head and her muscles locked rigid. For several seconds she didn’t even breath as she was locked in what seemed like a perpetual orgasm, the only thing moving were her fingers still frantically rubbing her swollen button.

Eventually the orgasm subsided and her head fell forward against her chest. Her body relaxed, completely drained. If someone had walked in at that moment, they very likely would have thought her dead.

The man studied her for a moment and shook his head. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”


The car windshield wipers beat a staccato rhythm as they drove down the freeway. The rain wasn’t hard, but steady enough that Alan had to keep his eyes on the road as he chatted with Catherine in the passenger seat.

“Thanks for coming out with me. I know I go to a lot of conferences, but honestly I think it’s a good idea for you to tag along. They’re great for networking if anything, and you definitely pick up on the material quicker than the guys.”

She Bayan escort waved her hands in dismissal as she replied, “It’s my pleasure! I love getting out of the office, and besides I was looking at the agenda for this thing… they have some really interesting panels lined up.”

He shook his head. “I would never have thought that someone your age would use the term ‘really interesting’ about a financial accounting conference, but there you go. You madam, are a weird girl.”

“Yep, that I am!” she said in agreement. Then she rubbed hands together and said, “But can we turn up the heat a bit? You have it freezing in here. Next time I’m wearing a parka instead of a skirt.”

“Freezing? It’s set at 72. I take back what I said… now it all makes sense. You’re actually a 60-year-old grandmother in disguise! Tell you what, I’ll turn up the heat to about 80 or so. I’ll even hurry up so that you can get to the hotel in time to turn on the TV and catch up on your ‘stories’ if that helps.”

She slugged him in the arm, cutting his laughing short with an “Ow! Goddamit, that actually hurt!”

“Good! It was supposed to. Fine, keep your stupid thermostat on its stupid 72 if you want.”

He rubbed his shoulder and started chuckling as he drove on. After a couple of minutes in silence he glanced over at her.

She was turned looking out the window, her face peaceful in the grey light of the overcast day. She was quite beautiful, and again he felt guilty for the thoughts running through his mind. He was married after all, but he was still drawn to this lovely creature. They were only friends, but that hadn’t stopped thoughts and dreams about her. With furtive glances he looked at her, following the curve of her neck down and across her shapely breasts. He could make out the barest hint of her nipples through top, which didn’t do anything to help his situation. He saw her shapely legs showing from underneath her grey skirt, which was pushed up a bit with her hands hidden but moving underneath.

He almost wrecked as he noticed this. He straightened the car out and managed to choke out, “What the hell are you doing?! Are you masturbating over there?!”

She turned to look at him and laughed.

“No, of course not. That looks like this.”

With that she started moving her hands in a steady motion under her skirt, but stopped after just a second. When she saw the shocked look on his face she burst out in laughter.

“Oh my god, you are so easy! No, I was just cold. I have a very warm vagina, so I was just warming up my hands.”

“You… warm… you have… WHAT?!”

“A very warm vagina. It’s true, though I don’t know why. I’ve told you about my experiences with women, so believe me that I know what I’m talking about.”

Alan tried his best to recover, his mental gears slipping a few spokes. The two of them had grown quite close as friends over the months, but this was a new level for them. “Great,” he thought, “another fact that’s going to pop up in my dreams.”

But out loud he said, “Well, ahem, I would imagine that’s just what it seems like to you. After all, it is the warmest part of the human body.”

She rolled her eyes and sighed. “Don’t believe me? Fine.”

She reached out and grabbed his hand. Before he could stop her, she pulled it over to her side of the car and stuck it under her skirt and against her vagina. He could feel lace against the backs of his fingers, as well as the moist heat coming from her. He tried to pull his hand back but she held it firm against her, causing his hand to jostle against her underwear covered slit. He could feel the lace shifting between his hand and her flesh, and he distinctly heard her breathing quicken. He glanced over at her and saw her eyes half close as a flush grew on her cheeks. As if his fingers had a mind of their own, they straightened out a bit in order to feel more of her heat against them.

She suddenly seemed to snap out of her trance and pulled her hand out from under her skirt. As she released it back to him she asked, “Well? Do you believe me now?”

All he could do was nod as she smirked and turned back to face the window. His heart raced as he looked at her. His gaze held far longer than it should have as he steered the car down the freeway, but he couldn’t help himself. He stared hungrily at her now prominent nipples, and tried to catch a glimpse of the warm region that his hand had just explored.

He surreptitiously rubbed his nose, drinking in the smell of her sex. As he pulled his hand away, he was surprised to see a slight glisten to it.


She was still out of it and not paying attention as he busied himself clearing his desk off. She didn’t see as he opened a drawer and pulled out a bundle of restraints, attaching each to a leg of the desk. She did however startle awake as he walked over to her and removed the power cord that bound her wrist to the arm of the chair.

He stood beside her and stroked her hair for a moment, soothing her quietly. “It’s all right Escort pet, you just relax and recover for a bit. You’re going to need to need it in a few minutes.”

His words didn’t help to ease her mind, but his hand caressing her hair did. She relaxed into the chair, closed her eyes and simply enjoyed the post orgasmic bliss still running through her body. She could feel her muscles twitching, jolting her through the afterglow. She knew that she had broken the rules of their game, and that she would be punished for it, but at that moment she couldn’t have cared less.

A few minutes later he tapped her on the shoulder.

“It’s time, pet. Stand up.”

She opened her eyes and pulled herself out of the comfort of the office chair. She could feel liquids pooled below her as she got up, and more ran down her thighs as she stood. She clasped her hands together behind her back and looked at him submissively. With the ball gag still in her mouth she couldn’t say anything, but the question was plain in her eyes.

“Now pet, I told you that you were not allowed an orgasm until I was inside of you causing it. Is that correct?”

He looked at her for her confirmation, and was satisfied with her nod of agreement.

“I was testing you, you see. Possibly a bit mean in how I did it, but it was enjoyable. And did you pass the test, pet?”

He again looked at her for her answer, and a hesitant shake of her head was her only reply. Her eyes were downcast as she waited for her punishment.

He led her over to the desk, and pushed her gently down onto the top of it. She understood his intention and laid down, her back pressed against the cool wood. He took each of her arms and attached them to the restraints.

He spoke while he did the same thing to her legs, “Since you’ve been so greedy with your orgasms regardless of what I’ve said, I’m going to give you as many as you can handle. And quite possibly more.”

He reached once more into his drawer and pulled out a wide leather belt device, which had straps and metal rings attached to it. He took a moment to look at the young woman on his desk, arms and legs hanging down and over the edge of the wood… each bound by a cuff that was tied to a leg of the sturdy piece of furniture.

Her eyes were questioning as he belted the wide strap around her waist. The smaller straps were pulled down and over her crotch and snapped into place. Though she couldn’t see it, a large ring was directly over her vagina.

“You know, it’s amazing what you can buy on Amazon. I didn’t even know these existed until a few days ago.”

He reached back into the drawer one last time and pulled out a large wand vibrator. Her eyes grew large as she looked at it in his hand. Was he going to tease her again?

He reached down and put the head of the vibrator into the ring. The pressure from the straps pressed it tightly against her clit, the touch causing her to moan softly. He stood back and admired his work.

“Pet, this is called a ‘forced orgasm belt’. I’ve been wondering what it would be like for you. Shall we find out?”

Without waiting for a response from her, he pressed the ‘On’ button on the side of the vibrator. The unit hummed to life, and her body jolted awake. She started moaning louder and slowly moving her hips as the vibrator massaged her sensitive crotch.

“Well, that should do it. Let’s see how that works for you in about… oh, fifteen minutes or so. Maybe thirty.”

He turned to leave the office as her eyes grew wide and she started making urgent grunting noises.

He turned back around and told her, “Don’t worry. I think you can handle it.”

And with that he walked out of the office, closing the door behind him. He could hear the vibrator buzzing through the office door, and could also hear her moans growing louder as the unit worked on her. He stood beside the door for a few moments until he heard the telltale sounds of her first orgasm, then smiled and walked down the hallway to another office. “While I’m waiting, I might as well do some work,” he thought. Although he knew there was no chance that he would be able to concentrate on work with what he knew was happening just down the hall from him.


Alan and Catherine once again found themselves at the hotel bar finishing up the first evening of their conference chatting companionably with each other. But the difference this time was that he could barely keep his eyes off of her. He still remembered the car ride earlier that morning, and could still feel the heat of her sex on his hand. While he talked with her about movies and music he thought about nipples poking through a tight fitting top and half closed eyes as his fingers explored lace covered regions.

It was so wrong, he knew. He was a married man, after all. But he was also human, and the young woman sitting across from him had become one of the best things in his life. Though their relationship had been completely chaste until that morning, he knew he had already fallen in love with her long before.

Luckily Catherine was oblivious to all of this as she finished her drink and put her hands down on the table. “Well mister, I think it’s time for this little girl to get to bed.” She stood up and staggered as she did, a bit woozy from the alcohol.

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